Summer just talk,Other party。

“and,You should not have such a big hostility for me.,I and ask you,You have returned to China,How many times I have seen it??”
Summer brows。
Some unclear。
The other party continued,“I mean,Not a Bi Bao Bottom,Wearing white clothes,White yarn cover,Have you seen a few times。”
“Ten times。”
Summer has not given the exact answer,He also can’t remember himself.。
The other party loudly,The sound is a little bit。
“Ten times……You have determined that ten times,Are it a Jihu bottle??”
Summer is now,Swirring the shock。
“The first time I return to Mountain Cemetery,it’s me。”
She reveals a smile,Appreciate the color of the summer face,Also,“That old,also me……”
I heard this sentence,Summer restrained。
The idea in my mind is even in a flash.。
“So I don’t understand,Why have you had such a big hostility?,Only do you do things for me??”
Not waiting for summer,She continued to smile and struck the flower and Fangxiang.。
Two little girls still have no movement。
The eyes of help look at the summer。
Summer fierce,Forcibly squeeze your smile,I nodded。
This moment of summer,Really cut an unable to describe anger and weakness。
Even if the other party has no hostility,People who don’t hurt here……
Situation is strong。
It is died by people。
He can’t do it hard.。
Have to retreat!
At this time,Fangxiang and Xiaohua have been careful to go to the other side。
She smiles two girls,“You are called Fangxiang,A small flower,Right。”
Fangxiang and small flowers don’t speak,Just nod。
“Do not be afraid,I don’t eat people again.,Are you so afraid of me??”