“If it is a real substance,That is quite troublesome,But this is formed by yin and yang,You can copy it directly in my space.”Spring explanation。

He doesn’t need to understand the structure,Anyway, it is formed by yin and yang.,Directly let the space copy the same one.。
And consumption is also much smaller than the manufacturing real material.,I only need to consume a certain yin and yang.。
“This is your space capability?”Glow night asked。
She also impressed the space for the springs.。
“Be right,I can do anything in my space.,Just pay a certain amount of yin and yang according to the difficulty level,However, my space is not strong.,Some special things are copied and will consume huge”Spring explanation。
“Regrettably,It is almost impossible to make items with air.,This comprehensive understanding of the essence of the substance,Otherwise it can be manufactured,But take out the space will collapse”
Big snake pills remember,The eyes were destroyed before the eyes.,But he has disappeared.。
It seems that this is his space.。
This level of recovery,It should not be consumed too much。
“so it is”Hui night nodded。
No wonder that she feels that the whole space is limited to her.,If it is not the spatial power of Spring, it is not strong enough.,She can’t escape at all。
Chapter 17 Scientific endurance
The eyes of the Quan Wei are never have emerged.,It is not surprising to have such a magical ability.。
On the contrary, this double-eyed is a lot in the use of the battle.,There is no powerful attack ability。
Another kind of pupiness is just mimicing others,Spring with the http://www.fuwangv.cn strongest attack of yin and yang five elements,Other use energy movements are not enough。
It is a disadvantage that that moves.,Needge,If she was used by Spring, she was restricted by Spring.,Otherwise it is difficult to move。
“It is indeed very convenient,Now we can create a large number of seal seeds.,Enhance the strength of the reliance”Yu Village said。
When Chakra in Ninja is completely transformed into Xianke Chakra,Will make the strength of the ninja greatly improve。
It is ordinary endure,After entering the cactus mode,Can also have a comparable strength。
“Not so simple,Ninja in compliance with seed conditions,This requires itself to have a huge Chakra.,Reduce the standard,It also requires a stronger control ability,Otherwise it is easy to be natural energy.”Spring said。
“indeed,General Ninja masters http://www.cndscf.cn the natural energy is really difficult”Yu Village frowning。
“First let the eligible person implant,Then set the limitations of Chakra,Only the standard ninja can go to the sky parliament implantation”Spring said。
“It is best to let Ninja recognize the benefits of Xianke.,This way they have the driving force,No longer attracted to the cultivation of the stem”Big Snake Pill。
“Be right,Before you have accumulated enough Chakra,Try not to cultivate tolerance,And this stage of battle,It is necessary to make up in other aspects,For example, scientific endurance”Spring is watching。
“Scientific endurance?”Yun Village is some unclear。
“so it is,Through rune change manufacturing instrument,Let Ninja can use strong tolerance with its own Chakra,Don’t worry hard”
Big snake pills quickly wanted to understand。
“Be right,This is the purpose of me to study the sealing and styling.,Can have certain combat efforts when Ninja low level”
“But this is not to give up sickness,After implantation of the seal seed,The life of the ninja will grow substantially,It’s not too late to practice.”
“And scientific tolerance,It can also play a strong battle at high levels.,It is a must-have access to the ninja”

Summer just talk,Other party。

“and,You should not have such a big hostility for me.,I and ask you,You have returned to China,How many times I have seen it??”
Summer brows。
Some unclear。
The other party continued,“I mean,Not a Bi Bao Bottom,Wearing white clothes,White yarn cover,Have you seen a few times。”
“Ten times。”
Summer has not given the exact answer,He also can’t remember himself.。
The other party loudly,The sound http://www.jzessz.cn is a little bit。
“Ten times……You have determined that ten times,Are it a Jihu bottle??”
Summer is now,Swirring the shock。
“The first time I return to Mountain Cemetery,it’s me。”
She reveals a smile,Appreciate the color of the summer face,Also,“That old,also me……”
I heard this sentence,Summer restrained。
The idea in my mind is even in a flash.。
“So I don’t understand,Why have you had such a big hostility?,Only do you do things for me??”
Not waiting for summer,She continued to smile and struck the flower and Fangxiang.。
Two little girls still have no movement。
The eyes of help look at the summer。
Summer fierce,Forcibly squeeze your smile,I nodded。
This moment of summer,Really cut an unable to describe anger and weakness。
Even if the other party has no hostility,People who don’t hurt http://www.muers.cn here……
Situation is strong。
It is died by people。
He can’t do it hard.。
Have to retreat!
At this time,Fangxiang and Xiaohua have been careful to go to the other side。
She smiles two girls,“You are called Fangxiang,A small flower,Right。”
Fangxiang and small flowers don’t speak,Just nod。
“Do not be afraid,I don’t eat people again.,Are you so afraid of me??”

This is a terrible,There is no guardian of the meat shell,Even if the three flavor in front of the ghost king gate is not more than before.,It is not that Lin Feng can use the yuan to resist the yuan.。

Lin Feng swears,He directly runs Ghost Huangchenon,Suddenly, the meditation is like an unimaginable will run through Lin Feng quartz fifth.,The original quarter-five gods suddenly issued a splendid ray。
Follow the direct recycling。
But http://www.lanjunboxian.cn when I started to have a gathering trend,His god will continue to collapse。
His will become more powerful,Violently running,The splits of Yuan God broke out again,The god of the original continued collapse stopped crash,But there is no condense,Just stagnation in the empty。
“It should be the strength of Ghost Huye Cooperative and the strength of the three-flavored gloomy wind,very good,very good,In this way, I can forge my powerful.!”Lin Fengxin,Hold huge pain,Crazy running ghost。
Three flavor is crazy,It’s like a hundred million blade that is as crazy, Lin Feng’s Yuan God.。
Lin Feng began a new round of hardships。
His figure is gradually drowning in the deep wind of three flavors.,This three-task is more and more horrible。
Starry,There is a star of the sea in a star.,The sea in this large sea presents red gold。
The ancient bell passed away from this Wangyang Dahai.,A common monk walks in this golden ocean。
He followed Arno behind him,Disguise,This ordinary monks are being Brahma。
“My Buddha,This is the bitter sea of my Buddha’s legend.?”Arno excited。
“Bitter sea,Back is the shore,Passing through the sea,Can reach the other side。”Ares also excited。
“good,This is the bitter sea。”Vainatic is quietly looking at this WANG Yang Dahai Road:“But it is not true bitter sea.,This is a bitter sea that came to Buddha.。”
NS1117chapter Take care of the sea
“Is it that the sea is not what I created??”Arno and Afen are smelling the voice。
“Amitabha。”Brahma Gao Xuan:“What is the bitter sea?”
Ares and Arno two people heard,When I want to explain,Brahma is looking to the two:“There is a bitter sea in the heart of the world.,Only only one can reach the other side。”
“Bitter sea in the heart!”Aunt and Arno two people heard the face to show the color。
“The bitter sea in the hearts of all beings,Who can clear it??”Brahman is carrying a double hand:“All right,You are http://www.maruiqi.cn here to protect the law.,This bitter sea is a bitter sea that came to the Buddha.,Inside the dangerous,As long as I can pass the bitter sea,I can reach this side of the other side.,Land to achieve the position of the Buddha!”
“Yes,My Buddha!”Abando and Arno respect。
Brahman I heard a little bit,His figure went to the depths of this golden ocean,The golden ocean is full of strength to destroy the earth.,This is destroyed,The power of Brahma appeared in front of this to destroy the strength of the earth.。
The depth of the sea floats countless flames。
These flames are all golden,Let Aban and Arno two have a horrible color。
“Red lotus!”Arnovi。
“good,Red lotus!”Afguo face mad color,The flame recorded in the Buddha is actually in front of them.,According to legend, even the real Buddha does not dare to contaminate http://www.kskcsc.cn this flame.,Otherwise, I will be burned into the ash.。
The flames in front of the eyes are almost exactly the same as the flame recorded in the Buddhist scriptures.。
Although it is not necessary to record like a Buddhist scripture,But Arno and Arno feel the horror of this flame,They feel directly into it,Their Yuan god is completely burned,Cap。

He instead knows the Kowloon Ding internal array,See like nine array,In fact, it is a,Regardless of separation or combination,Can operate alone。

Although it is still very rough,Creativity and conception。
At this time,Wang Yixin Road,“Your Kowloon, I know,Even I have seen,Since it is a milestone work,Why don’t you improve upgrade??”
“cough……”Dirie cough,Eyelids,“The design of my array is too complicated.,The refiner is extremely harsh,Previously designed,I think that I will consider,Refining can only find it at all……”Wang Yixin picked up his eyebrows,“so?”
“so……cough,So it is impossible to improve,Unless a new refining material is found,Alternative silver makes a buffer,otherwise……”Wang Yixin is like laughing,“Since you can’t succeed,That’s Human,Whole milestone?”
“this……”I have some ujjuse,Stronger,“I am talking about thinking,Be a way。”
Just finished,Yu Yang can’t hore,“I think it can be used to replace the midst of Silver Sand.,No need to find new materials at all。”
The face is overcast,。
Others are also calculated.,Where is this guy dare to provoke yourself?。
He reveals the color,“Yuyang,are you an idiot,银 沙 确 can independently alternative silver,But how to fuse?
How to connect,How to do fire-filled and fire tin wood?
There is also a mailing method.,How do these nodes comes?,Humph,You a small two-piece TKM,Dare to call me,Idiot。”
After you finish,Feeling,There are many times in my heart.。
Wang Yixin did not speak,But also agree with what he said。
After all, she also saw the Kowloon Ding.。
Anti-view Yuyang,Not an angry,Faint,“The fifth node can save,No need to arrange nine array of law to combine a big array,so……so……so……”He also learns summer,Explore a finger,Mission,Constantly outline。
at the beginning,Dingding still dismissed。
But very quickly,His face has changed。
Stand up after a moment,Look back,Like stupid,not moving at all。
Wang Yuxin next to it also stayed。
Even if you can see it with her level,Yu Yang’s method,seem……feasible?
http://www.xjinsuo.cn finally,Yuyang waved the truth,Faint,“There is also the last few small steps,Then I do not talk about it,Even if it is an idiot,Can also be promoted,Ah,What Hong,What milestone,It’s just complicating simple things.……But it’s a failure、Demagos。”
“you……you……”定 红,Summer blue gluten jump,Both full of blood, like a fire,狠 阳。
“good,very good,I am taught.!”
He bite his teeth to draw a sentence,Step down。
Wang Yixin did not block,Not more than retaining。
Although she cherished,But will not go to the Barnant。
It’s often around you.,I feel enough tolerate。
More thoughts at this moment,Still placed in Yuyang。
“Yuyang,Your thoughts are really high,Great,so amazing。”
Wang Yuxin eyes bright,Surprise color。
Yanyang old face,Sneak over the summer,Dry,“Wang General Management,In fact, this is the idea of Ming Brothers.,He told me……”
http://www.wangxuqing.cnNS3454chapter Buy a house
Wang Yixin is wrong,Summer。

Same words,Speak in Shen Huan’s mouth,Just a different taste。

Of course Rihanna is more willing to believe Shen Huan’s words,Instead of believing in that crazy woman。
She glared at Miley Cyrus,Then he said to Shen Huan:“You are a goodBOY,I also like watching you play。But you can’t beat our James,After today,You know what is the strongest in the world!”
Rihanna is the hardest fan of LeBron James。
No matter which team James goes to,She will follow closely。
On the basketball court,She is not a queen,But a complete little James。
But Rihanna said so,I offended Elizabeth Olsen next to me。
Although the two are not of the same level,But Elizabeth is not afraid of Rihanna,“You are not right!Obviously Shen Huan is the strongest player in the world!James cannot be better than Shen Huan!”
“Ha ha,It’s just that he didn’t meet James。”Rihanna smiled confidently,“Let’s wait and see!After this game,Will reveal the answer!”
“What if you lose?”Miley Cyrus asked suddenly,“Dare to bet?”
“What to bet?”Rihanna is not afraid of this young girl。
“If you lose, write a song to Shen Huan,Praise his greatness!”Miley Cyrus Road,“If i lose,I also sing a song to praise James!”
“Although our cafes are different,And I also believe that James will win,But I will still bet with you。”Rihanna thought for a while,“I want to convince you to lose,I also want to convince Shen Huan to lose。”
Shen Huan said he was helpless:“Two,How do I feel about the bets related to me,I don’t have any say?”
Rihanna and Miley Cyrus who were diametrically opposed,Hear words“Flutter”Laughed。
“Shen Huan,You are such a funny kid,It’s totally different from how you feel on the court。”Rihanna smiled and bent down,Gave Shen Huan a hug,“Come on!Although you can’t beat James now,But after he retires,NBAIt’s yours!”

The man on the side looked pale,Look painful。

“Don’t worry,Sit first,What symptoms,Speak slowly。”Liang Minghui quickly let the couple sit down。
“Doctor Liang,I suddenly got a strange disease some time ago,The back burns like fire,All sweat,Feeling particularly irritable,But I started from under the belly,Keep getting cold again,Just like soaking in cold water,Frequent and urgent urination,and,and……”
The man said he looked at the people around him embarrassedly,He lowered his voice and said to Lao Liang:“And I will have a dream once every three or four days。”
“We saw a lot of doctors in our hometown but were not optimistic,So I came to Heyang for treatment,Inquired,I learned that Je Shan Tang was opening today,We rushed over,Please save my husband。”The woman’s voice is urgent and earnest。
Everyone was surprised when they heard this symptom,Half body hot,Half body cold,They have not even heard of this symptom,I didn’t expect to have such a strange disease。
“Come,Open your mouth, let me see。”
Liang Minghui checked the man’s mouth and began to get his pulse,The complexion is slightly dignified,After a while,Smile,Look quite confident,Chongmo Xiaosheng made a gesture of asking,Motioned him to show this patient too,Then he bowed his head and started writing prescriptions。
After he finishes writing the prescription,Seeing that Mo Xiaosheng had been sitting next to him,,Can’t help but laugh,Said:“what happened,Xiaomo,Why not diagnose,Our discussion is not over yet,You won’t give up。”
The crowd suddenly burst into laughter,But no malice,Because just now Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills have completely convinced them。
“Young man with superb medical skills,But still younger。”
“I have never heard of this strange disease,He can’t watch,It’s normal。”
“Yes,This guy is already very good,So many difficult and complicated diseases can be seen clearly,Already great。”
“Looking at the entire Chinese medicine community,So young so capable,I’m afraid I’ll be alone here!”
Everyone did not hesitate to praise Mo Xiaosheng。
Wei Xu could not help but straighten his chest,Seems to be proud of knowing Mo Xiaosheng。
“How good can it be,Didn’t you lose to my grandpa?。”Liang Luo on the side clenched his fists,Unconvinced。

This woman heard,Eyebrows twitched,What seems to be thinking。

“He asked me to make him a cup of coffee with sugar。”
Xiaoli heard,Replied。
“is it?”
“I’ll go clubbing for him。”
“You go busy with you。”
This bald guy is called Brother Manager?
Doesn’t that mean,This bald guy,Is the manager’s brother?
If so。
I am still single?
If I fix this bald guy,Let the manager of the company,Be my big brother。
Doesn’t it mean?
after,I’m at the company,Can keep going?
Precisely because of this one,This woman,So I suddenly rushed to make coffee for this man。
Xiaoli did not expect,The most lazy colleague on weekdays。

Luo Shangjie hurriedly lifted the Jade Guanyin in his hand,Said cheeky:“Mr. Mo,I was just going to buy you true Guanyin。”

Mo Xiaosheng sweeps the Jade Guanyin,I can’t help but raise my eyebrows,I didn’t expect this jade Guanyin to be real,It seems that Luo Shangjie is coming back to beg for himself,Lightly:“What’s wrong with you,Didn’t you say I don’t need to treat the illness,Why did you come back suddenly?”
“Mr. Mo,I was joking just now。”Luo Shangjie said flatly,I feel miserable。
“joke?Are you kidding us husband and Miss Luo?!”Li Zhen coldly scolded,Slapped a palm on the wall beside,Made a muffled sound,The whole house seems to be shaking。
Luo Shangjie trembled with fright,Pale,Put Yuguanyin in Lao Man,It’s a slap in the face,Then the other hand lifted up and slapped again,Two hands in turn slapped their faces,Said while fanning:“My mouth is cheap,Damn i,Damn i!”
Originally, his left cheek was swollen by Mo Xiaosheng,This one is in such a fan,It hurts his tears came out,But there is no way,Only in this way can I ask for forgiveness from Mo Xiaosheng。
If it’s because he offended Mo Xiaosheng and killed the old man,Then his position in the Luo family has fallen sharply,I guess he won’t give him any money from his mother。
“Too weak,Didn’t you eat??”Mo Xiaosheng glanced at him,Said lightly。
For a villain like him,Mo Xiaosheng has no sympathy。
“Damn i!Damn i!”
Luo Shangjie hurriedly increased his strength,The palm fan made a loud noise on the face,After a while, both faces were red and swollen,There is also blood from the corners of the mouth slowly flowing out。
“okay,Then you fan first,Let’s go in for a tea。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and said to him,He called the reason and went back to the health club with Sun Qianqian。
“Mr. Mo,I’m wrong,I was wrong,You forgive me……”
Luo Shangjie pleaded crying,Tears are already running down my face。
Luo Yilin only felt his chest refreshed after seeing this scene,I didn’t expect the Luo family,There are also times when。

About an hour later,The ferry returned to the coast camp,Dan Dema is currently giving Carlos a big hug。

“Dear friends,I want to kill you!”
“You are actually!”
Carlos was also shocked。
First617chapter Said Fuck Fuck Fucked
? It’s nice to have a local friend。
Although Dan Dema is somewhat unwelcome among the younger generation of night elves in Feathermoon Fortress,But there are so many friends who can’t hold old things。
Such as quartermaster。
Such as quartermaster。
Such as quartermaster。
Shandris.Before the feather moon returns to the feather moon fortress,It stands to reason that the elves will not let Carlos go to the island。
But Dandema leads the way,A dozen clubs followed Carlos and enjoyed an elf-style feast。
“Silithus’s situation is terrible?”

Then he glanced at Shen Huan。

Shen Huan thinks more than them。
Before he asked Kobe to agree to his request,He considered this。
Comeback,Fight with Kobe againNBAArena。
The answer is yes。
If Kobe agrees,Play for another seasonNBA,It doesn’t matter。
Retiring does not mean that Shen Huan is in poor health,Or have injuries,It’s just that Shen Huan thinksNBANo challenge,And playing in the U.S. is a waste of time。
By his character,It’s best to live a lazy life。
Training all day long、Play ball,Such a life can’t be said to be comfortable。
But if it can save the Kobe family,Then it doesn’t matter if you go again。
“if you are willing to,Then I will sign with the Lakers for another year。”Shen welcomes his gaze,Frank way:“But because of his studies,I can only fight1、2Regular season,Then add4Playoffs。”
Kobe’s mouth moved。
Hesitated for a while,He shook his head,“No way,This is not a condition of exchange,I will not threaten my brother。”
Shen Huan was taken aback,Soon I was a little moved。
Black Mamba is stubborn and extreme,But this performance is very warm。
“Leave the contract aside,Can you promise your brother’s most pressing expectation of you?”Shen Huan’s reluctant pursuit,“You must promise me……Think about my magic soup medicine,I have some sensory ability!
Although it cannot be said to be accurate,But with this sign,We must destroy,Can’t let tragedy be yours,In Vanessa,inGIGIHappened to them,right?”