K League hardcore restart, Korean Football Professional League did these homework

K League hardcore restart, Korean Football Professional League did these homework
The K-League restarted with an empty court on May 8.Photo / Osports On May 8, after an interval of 69 days, the K-League reignited the battle, and Jeonbuk Hyundai started the opening game of the league return against Samsung Suwon.You must know that South Korea ‘s epidemic reached its peak in February. In more than two months, when the Asian epidemic did not completely subside, why could the K League be hard-core restarted and become the first mainstream football match in AsiaStrictly manage empty games and cancel the handshake twice. On February 23, the South Korean government issued the highest-level warning of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.The K-League originally planned to start on February 29 had to be postponed.After the epidemic has eased, on April 24, the third board of directors of the Korea Football League announced in Seoul announced that the K1 and K2 leagues will begin this season at the empty court of the Jeonju World Cup Stadium on May 8.In order to ensure a safe start, all players, coaches and staff of the K League have received a new coronavirus nucleic acid test, which resulted in a negative result, which provides the first guarantee for the smooth restart of the incident.At the same time, the league also introduced a series of prevention and control regulations: In addition to empty games, in order to avoid contact and the spread of droplets, the K league requires coaches, benches and other staff to maintain masks, prohibit players from spitting, and still cancel the players.The handshake with the referee before and after the game occurs, communication with teammates, opponents or referees is also prohibited, and the celebration action should be placed simply.In addition, a dedicated isolation room, professional medical personnel, and ambulances were on standby in the venue as required by the competition site, and the tea break in the club locker room was cancelled.Each player has mineral water and sports functional drinks corresponding to their names and numbers, which are kept by a designated person.The Korean Football League stipulates that if a player has suspected symptoms during the season, he will be directly eliminated from the game list; if a player or coach confirms that he is infected with the new coronavirus, then the entire team will enter a period of at least two weeks of isolation,At the same time, the tracking data will be collected, and the relevant contacts will also be banned from playing for at least two weeks.In the schedule, the K1 league has also been compressed and adjusted accordingly.In terms of quantity, the 38 games originally planned for the league this season were reduced to 27 games; on the schedule, the game will be divided into two stages, the first stage is 22 regular seasons, and each team will then play 5 single round-robin games.To determine the final season ranking.Replay copyrights are selling well and attracting global attention. According to Korean media reports, the direct economic loss of the Korean sports industry in this epidemic may reach tens of billions of won.Under heavy pressure, the K-League, which has not received much attention globally, is facing a more severe survival crisis.Against the backdrop of scarce resources in international football competitions today, it is a blessing for fans to be able to watch the ball. Even the unloved Belarusian Super League has sold overseas copyrights unprecedentedly.The Korean K-League, which announced its return this time, undoubtedly wants to use its momentum to expand its overseas presence.Since the restart of the K-League in the 2020 season, 36 countries and regions including ESPN, including Germany, France, Italy, the United States, and Australia, have purchased broadcast rights.In order to attract more attention, the Korea Football Professional League has also signed agreements with several overseas video live broadcast websites to serve fans all over the world with English subtitles and commentary.As the first major league to restart since the global professional football match was shut down in the epidemic, although the game was played in the open, the data released by the Korean Professional Football League showed that more than 10 million viewers worldwide watched the broadcast of the K League opener.After nearly two months without watching, the fans poured their long-standing enthusiasm into the game.K-League restarted the opener, 41-year-old veteran Li Tongguo staged a header.Figure / Vision China’s early opportunity to expand exposure, is expected to move towards the restart of the World K League, so that it instantly becomes the focus of football.”After overcoming all kinds of difficulties, the K-League is finally open. We want to bring comfort and hope to the people through football and re-energize the society. This is also the social obligation of the K-League.”” K League President Quan Wujia said in a previous letter to all employees.This really worked.In the news comment area about the rematch, the words “pride” and “show the charm of the K-League” are repeated.”This is our opportunity. The charm of the K-League will be shown to the whole world. Without the huge investment, it is really incredible that such an opportunity has attracted the world’s attention.”Some fans said in an article.Some Korean media even shouted, “The spring of the K-League is finally here!!”Unprecedented exposure has become an opportunity for Korean football to enter the world.A large number of European scouts, the club has the opportunity to observe the K League players up close, and even the excellent local Korean coaches can go abroad to teach abroad.The epidemic has not completely subsided, and there is still a great risk of restarting the league. However, from the perspective of the future development of Korean football or the prospect of Korean players going to the world, the Korean K League has already taken the lead in this “retrograde”.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Han Shuangming proofread Zhao Lin

[Can pregnant women eat cinnamon]_Cinnamon_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat cinnamon]_Cinnamon_Pregnancy_Can I eat

I believe everyone knows that pregnant women have a lot of contraindications during pregnancy. In addition to daily habits, there are many places to pay attention to, so can pregnant women eat cinnamon during pregnancy?

What are the taboos when eating cinnamon?

Let ‘s take a look together.

Pregnant women should not eat cinnamon. Cinnamon is a hot seasoning. Eating too much can easily cause dryness and constipation.

Pregnant women eat hot ingredients such as cumin, star anise, peppercorns, pepper, cinnamon, etc., easily consume water, reduce body secretion, and cause dryness and constipation.

After constipation occurs, pregnant women must hold their breath to relieve constipation, increase abdominal pressure, compress the fat in the uterus, and easily cause adverse effects such as fetal movement and premature birth.

Therefore, for the health of the baby, moms should try to avoid cinnamon, a hot seasoning, in their daily diet.

Cinnamon has medicinal value1. Cinnamon can reactivate the response of living cells to insulin and greatly accelerate glucose metabolism.

Adding 1/4 to 1 spoon of cinnamon powder to beverages or liquid foods every day may prevent or prevent type 2 diabetes.

2. Cinnamon contains phenolic compounds, which has a therapeutic effect on benign prostatic hyperplasia, and can increase the blood flow of prostate tissue, and promote the improvement of local tissue blood flow.

3, Chinese medicine believes that cinnamon is hot, and has the functions of reducing stomach cold, promoting blood circulation, relieving muscles, relieving pain and diarrhea.

Pregnant women with a certain seasoning cannot eat 1, prohibit too much monosodium glutamate, chicken essence: chicken essence, monosodium glutamate is mainly sodium glutamate, zinc in the blood will be excreted from the urine after being combined, excessive absorption of monosodium glutamate will consume a lot of zinc, which is not good forDevelopment of the hypertension nervous system.

2, taboo too much vinegar: about half a month after pregnancy, a large number of acidic foods will reduce the alkalinity in the body, resulting in fatigue and weakness.

Too much vinegar and acidic foods are among the culprits.

And the long-term acid constitution, even if the mother suffers from certain diseases, the most important thing is that it will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and may even cause deformities.

3. Taboos with too much chili: Chili is not consumed too much by ordinary people, and it is easy to get angry and cause constipation. For a pregnant woman, spicy food is easy to get angry, which is not good for obesity.

In the case of early placenta, it should be absolutely prohibited.

Peppers can irritate the stomach, cause constipation, and accelerate blood flow.

[How to make dried chicken breast]_How to make_How to make

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See how the last emperor aphrodisiac

See how the last emperor aphrodisiac

The last emperor Puyi had no children in his life. After liberation, the central leadership once asked a famous domestic hospital to consult with him on this issue, and offered two doses of this recipe . Background story: The last emperor Puyi had no children in his life.

After the liberation, the central leadership asked a famous domestic hospital for consultation on this issue. The medical records recorded: “When the patient became emperor 30 years ago, he had impotence, and he has been seeking treatment. The effect is not good . he has been married three times, and his wives areNot born.

Later, several famous old Chinese medicine practitioners in Beijing also made a diagnosis. Four generations of ancestral doctor Zhang Rongzeng gave two wonderful recipes for Pu Yi: (1) five bucks of velvet antler, up to one or two, long hair slices, and one or two yam.

Cover it with thin silk and soak it in a bottle of white wine.

Three small cups for the day, drink, and soak a bottle.

After drinking, roast the velvet antler for internal use, it will work.

  (2) Agarwood is five or two, woody is one or two, green salt is one or two, Sichuan meat is fried with three or two, the shell is simmered, fried after the wine is soaked, and chives are fried after the wine is soaked, three or two each.

Taken in pills.

It is said that Pu Yi’s illness has obviously improved after taking this medicine.

  From these two seemingly simple recipes, there are two points that can draw our attention: The first is that the impotence should be filled with lean pilose as the first deer antler and yam in the first party, and the two flavor medicinal materials should replace the kidney tonic.

  Chinese medicine believes that velvet antler has the effects of strengthening kidney yang, replenishing qi and blood, replenishing essence, and strengthening bones and bones. It is mainly used for deficiency of blood deficiency, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, impotence and smoothness, and waist and knee weakness.

  Another flavor of yam, also known as Huaishan, yam, yam.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, yam-like Weiping, Gan, non-toxic, beneficial to kidney qi, strong bones and bones, relieving ejaculation and forgetfulness, etc., is also an excellent health food and traditional Chinese medicine materials.

  It needs to be reminded that although velvet antler has a better physical strength for patients who are weak in the whole body and after a long illness, its use also varies from person to person.

Many people regard it as a “universal medicine” to enhance male functions. Once impotence occurs and libido is reduced, pilose antler is used to nourish and strengthen the body.

In fact, male impotence is caused in many ways. Deer antler is only suitable for patients with kidney-yang deficiency. For patients with damp-heat betting or yin-yang deficiency, it will only make the disease worse.

  The second is to supplement Qi and impotence with the second party provided by Zhang Rongzeng.

From the perspective of the prescription, the treatment idea of this prescription is roughly the “Shenxiang Yongshou Pill” in “Fantastic Effective Recipes” written by Fang Xian in the Ming Dynasty and Ming Dynasty, and it is one of the famous Taoist remedies.

  The top four medicines Agarwood, Woody, Chuanxiongzi and Zanzi are commonly used to regulate the Qi machine, while Chinese chives can nourish the liver and kidney, and strengthen the essence.

  In addition, the second Chinese medicine is stir-fried with green salt to transform into the kidney, and the leek seed wine dip is to transform into the liver.

Chinese medicine believes that a person’s sexual ability is not only related to the kidneys, but also related to the liver’s drainage function.

  Yi was married five times until her death, and the formula above should have been used by her fourth or fifth wife.

Although his impotence improved after treatment, his sexual abilities improved, and he was able to live a husband and wife, but he eventually replaced Yuzi.

  Yihuo was 61 years old, and the above two parties should be in their 50s. At this time, the physical function is not as good as that of young adults, and it should be said that the best time to treat infertility is missed.

8 bad habits that make your body more fatigued

8 bad habits that make your body more fatigued

“Tired” becomes a word that more and more people are talking about.

Fatigue is not life-threatening, but over time it can turn into a chronic disease.

Recently, according to the latest research by the US Post, some habits that will increase fatigue are summarized. Based on this, we will teach you to avoid the “trap” of fatigue.

  Carbohydrates that are not good for breakfast can be converted into glucose in the human body, and glucose is the main source of energy for the human body. Without it, the good spirit of the day will generate motivation.

A study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that low-glycemic dieters are less likely to exercise and are more fatigued.

Absolutely not enough, the body will divert the energy stored in the muscles, and in the end only the metabolism slows down and the body feels tired.

Therefore, eat enough “motivated food” for breakfast.

Nutrition experts suggest that you can choose foods such as bread, steamed bread, oats, and cereals; starchy beans such as red beans, mung beans, and peas; potatoes such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, and taro.

  Eating too many sweets is a standing food for many people to satisfy their hunger, and many people will be tired if they have not heard of it.

After eating sweets, sugar is easily digested and absorbed at high temperature, and increased blood flow in the stomach will cause reduced blood flow in the brain, leading to sleepiness.

Sweets can also make people gain weight, and fatigue will increase as people become more and more overweight.

It is recommended to eat less sweets and choose nuts, yogurt, fruits and other foods.

  Things are too cluttered. The room is full of clutter, and the tables are full of files . Studies have found that this cluttered environment can make the brain unable to focus and feel tired.

If the decorations at home are too full and placed too symmetrically or neatly, placing only one type of decorations in the same space will give people a sense of oppression and visual fatigue.

Take a few minutes every day to clear up the clutter and say goodbye to the mess.

  American Eyesight Association, which relies too much on electronic products, warns that long-term use of computers can cause computer vision syndrome, symptoms of fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches.

  More and more research shows that continuous playing of mobile phones, computers and other electronic products before going to bed can make people sleepless.

Because the screen of most electronic products emits blue light, its wavelength is very close to that of daylight, and it becomes the human body mistakenly believes that it is in the state of daylight, which inhibits the production of melatonin and disrupts the biological clock.

  Experts suggest that electronic products should be used as little as possible at night, especially before bedtime, and the screen brightness should be appropriately dimmed if needed.

People who have been watching computers and TV for a long time, it is recommended to look out at 20 meters every 20 minutes.

  I like to drink functional drinks Functional drinks are like a micro energy bank, it seems to be able to invigorate the body quickly, but only temporarily.

Most energy drinks contain large amounts of sugar and caffeine, and large amounts are not good for your health.

Studies have found that functional drinks may affect the way the heart beats. If you drink them regularly, the B vitamins can stimulate the body’s excitement, cause nervousness, and ultimately make people uncomfortable.

People with a bad heart are advised not to drink it. Limit it when drinking.

In addition, drink less coffee.

  It is good to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of meat, but if you say goodbye to meat completely, your body will be very hard.

Because meat is rich in iron, and iron is the main component of hemoglobin, it is involved in the transport of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the body.

If you have iron deficiency in your body, especially women, you will feel tired even with a healthy diet.

Beef is preferred for iron supplementation, because it is rich in iron and easily absorbed by the body.

  In addition, when eating vegetarian foods such as kidney beans and spinach, vegetarians are advised to eat vitamin C foods such as oranges and strawberries.

  Excessive exercise Excessive exercise breaks the harmony of the human body, which is less harmful than not exercising.

When you experience a decline in responsiveness, decreased balance, decreased muscle elasticity, uncomfortable eating, poor sleep, depression, diarrhea, colds, etc. after exercise, it is most likely caused by overall fatigue.

Experts recommend that people exercise gradually and exercise their ability while exercising, exercising weekly 2?
3 times, exercise once, rest two or three days, and choose sports according to age, physical condition, etc.

  Abuse of Prescription Drugs A survey by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that approximately 37% of people use five or more prescription drugs, with serious abuse.

Taking drugs such as painkillers for a long time will increase the burden of liver detoxification, cause liver damage, and make the body tired.

  Doctors remind that buying medicines at will, or ignoring doctors’ prescriptions, and increasing the dosage may lead to tiredness, dizziness, decreased concentration, memory loss and other adverse symptoms.

Prescription drugs should strictly follow the doctor’s orders, and never use them without authorization, especially antibacterial drugs and hormone drugs.

Japanese traditional beauty method gives you great gains

Japanese traditional beauty method gives you great gains

The traditional Japanese beauty methods are not lost to the current beauty technology, and you do n’t need to spend too much money. They are both cheap and curative. Friends who are interested can try it.

  Japanese sake cleansing method Add a little Japanese sake to warm water. After removing makeup, gently wash the face.

  It can circulate blood, prevent skin aging, penetrate deep into pores, remove dirt, and keep skin smooth and smooth.

  The salt washing method puts the edible salt on the palm of the hand, adds some warm water to the palm of the hand, so that the salt slowly turns into the hands, and then gently massages in a circular shape on the face.

  Salt itself has a natural bactericidal effect, and has effects on exfoliation and whitening.

  Seaweed maintenance method Seaweed has very high nutritional value. Many Japanese women eat a pack of seaweed every morning, because seaweed contains very high iron, vitamin C, and carotene.

  Learn to learn: how Koreans eat seaweed South Korea’s most famous is seaweed rice, and there are Korean shops that make seaweed rice in Nanjing City.

  The specific method of rubbing the face with tofu is very simple: shred the tofu in a thin gauze bag, wash it, and put it in the face.

  Or you can add some flour and honey to the crushed tofu, and then apply it to the flakes. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off to achieve skin rejuvenation.

  The lemon bath puts a whole slice of lemon into a cotton bag and uses it as a bath.

It stimulates the skin’s microvasculature and promotes the movement of blood. Proper vitamin C is a combination of beauty and health.

  Whitening wonderful product: After taking the white lemon afternoon tea, remove the flesh of the green lemon and add ice cubes to transform it into a coagulated shape.

Together with aloe vera made from aloe vera.

  Milk bath pours fresh milk into the bath water, keeping the water temperature around 50 to 60. It is better to add some honey.

  It can improve poor metabolism, has a good moisturizing effect on the skin, and can also be used to treat peeling skin.

  The orange bath collects the dried orange peels and stores them in the sun.

Before taking a bath, just put the dried orange peel in a cotton bag and soak it in bath water.

  The citrus bath is better to soak in the winter. It has a warming effect and can keep the body warm. It is suitable for people with a cold body to soak.

  In the radish bath, the radish is dried in the sun, cut into thin strips after being dried, and put into a cotton bag for bathing.

It has the same effect on treating cold body and citrus bath.

  Multi-purpose: make carrot weight loss juice, squeeze a cup of carrot juice with a fruit and vegetable juicer, drink 1-2 times a day, drink before meals, do not have to control your diet.

  The tea bath will use used or already inedible tea leaves, tea bags in cotton bags, and soak them in the bath.

  Tea will emit a charming tea fragrance, which can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help blood flow, and easily achieve beauty and health benefits.

  Other tips: Iron can improve blood quality and make your complexion look rosy.

  Vitamin C has a whitening effect and improves gastrointestinal function.

  Carotene prevents skin from drying out.

Go to India to learn yoga

Go to India to learn yoga

If Tang Sang did not go to India to learn the scriptures, he might return to the vows, marry a wife, and have children.

Tang Seng went to India to learn the scriptures, and he became first-hand, first-hand, first-hand, and turned into a Buddha.

Any sense of restart, I am afraid that Tang Seng himself also made it clear.

  Going to India to learn yoga is an experience that can keep the fun of the layman or get a first-hand, first-hand, first-feeling experience.

  Going to India to learn yoga is like we go to Paris, Milan, Tokyo because we like fashion, we go to Switzerland, or Switzerland.

  Go to India to learn yoga. On the banks of the Ganges, at the foot of the Himalayas, morning bells and twilights.

  Go to India to learn yoga, meet handsome and wise teachers.

  When I went to India to learn yoga, my memory was the melody of the “Wanderer” and the romance of the caravan. In my mind was the colorful sand flying in the sun.   Go to India to learn yoga, discover where the Beatles follow their spiritual mentors, and experience hippie and post-hippie culture.

  Go to India to learn yoga and live a few days doing nothing.

  Go to India to learn yoga, you have been there, you have seen it, you have your own yoga experience ever since.

  Go to India, take your yogi back to India, worship the master, learn yoga, the master is good, turn to the east and open an Indian original yoga hall.

  Yin Yan (Executive Director of Media Company) Indian School Age: 1-Week Goal-Rishikesh and Mohan Teacher Mohan If I hadn’t met Mohan, I wouldn’t necessarily have learned yoga in India.

  Mohan wasn’t tall, but he had a composure that was dark, his eyes were big, his eyes were sharp.

Especially his voice and pure English are best, giving a feeling of purity and tranquility.

Mohan rarely laughed.

Give you a smile softly and shyly when you are polite, and then reappear soon.

  Following the practice of Mohan, I naturally accepted yoga.

It is completely “drilled” when studying at home.

He never asks students to challenge themselves or even discover themselves, to awaken what they are. What he does is to help you gently and lead you.

  After a few basic lessons, the college arranged for me to learn meditation with Mohan.

  In meditation, a joy of epiphany suddenly came, and the former distress seemed to fade.

Gradually, the mood is getting easier every day, and the thoughts are drifting day by day, everything becomes normal. After the heart knot is unlocked, the long-lost joy is back.

  Surprise: Meet Mohan!

  Learning must follow good teachers.

The first impression is important. Does his image, eyes, and accent appeal to you?

Simply put, do you like him?

  Bringing back Mohan-the first thought: returning from Rishikesh to New Delhi, the peace and purity of the week have been swallowed up by the bustling city.

I was worried that after only one week of yoga practice, I could not resist the torrent of life after returning to Beijing.

I began to miss Rishikesh and Mohan.

I plan to return to Rishikesh to practice with him before finishing the trip, and I hope to study again every year in the future.

  Second thought: Sunshine in New Delhi-why not ask Mohan to go to Beijing for a month?

After he went to China, I can continue to practice, and my friends can also see the real Indian yoga.

  Mohan came to Beijing and I asked my friends to practice yoga together.

At that time, the green area of the community and the small stadium in the suntan were all places where we practiced.

  Third thought: Everyone said that Mohan should stay and open a yoga studio.

  Three months after returning from India, “Yogi Yoga” in the Ritan Clock Tower opened-towering ancient trees, twilight morning bell, Mohan stayed to guide the pure and harmonious world of yoga.

  Recommendation: Even if traveling to India, you must first experience yoga, because you can only experience the diversity of life if you first touch the nature of civilization.

Tourists’ attitudes and spiritual journeys are always different.   A 20-day study tour in India “If you don’t go to India or Rishikesh, anyone who has been to India can point you at your fingertips and let you know if you have the scripture.

Wang Nan Professional Yoga Instructor (Teaching in many hotel clubs such as Hong Kong and Macau Centre, Kerry Centre, Kempinski Hotel) India School age: 20 days Target: India-Rishikesh-Direct flight from Beijing to New Delhi, take a train to World Yoga after restThe capital is RISHIKESH.

  There are many passengers on the train.

After an enthusiastic Indian businessman knew my purpose of coming to India, he introduced me enthusiastically about the yoga academies and local conditions.

The first act of my Indian Yoga Quest was opened by an ordinary Indian.

  Soon, my feet were already standing in the holy town of Rishikesh.

I successfully found the yoga college I was going to. It is a magnificent building on the top of the mountain.

Responsible is a kind old man, he told me, Youareverylucky!

Because it’s all the renew they performed late last year.

He contacted me for a place to stay-an Ashram (a place where Indian monks practice) that belonged to the college.

  Registration is surprisingly simple.

  Soon I was led into “My Room”-a spotless white room. When I opened the window, I saw a blue sky, white clouds, green water, yellow sand, a continuous mountain range, not far away.The suspension bridge crosses the Ganges, and the fresh air sings from across the river.

The fatigue of the journey was swept away.

  Courses and Teachers-When I was in Beijing, I participated in a class taught by an Indian teacher, and the results were disappointing.

In this world of yoga, I remind myself to be calm, especially when choosing courses.

  On the day of arrival, I met an Indian yoga practitioner who was studying in various yoga shrines in India. She had 7 years of study abroad experience.

She unreservedly introduced me to everything about Indian Yoga-do not easily follow a Guru (senior yoga teacher), feel it with your heart, understand what you need and what you encounter when you reallyFind what works for you and then attract in.

  As we talked about it, a friend from Sweden with 11 years of yoga experience joined us.

She recommended several teachers to me.

We drank tea, talked about yoga, and talked about our feelings. On the first day of Rishikesh, I was very satisfied.

  It was not bright the next day, and I started my first yoga class in India.

An Indian teacher, one hour of meditation lessons followed by one hour of asanas.

Students come from all over the world. I am the only Chinese.

The classroom atmosphere is very good, everyone is as quiet as a child.

After the exercises, I took a few simple breakfasts at the cafe on the street and hurried off to the next course.

Since my schedule is tight and I want to know a lot, I am almost the busiest person in this town in a few days.

Constantly shuttle between the two bridges on the Ganges to meet different teachers and experience different courses.

All the vendors on the street were familiar with me and greeted me warmly: “HiChina!

  Most of the teachers are native Indians, but there are also some masters from other countries who have unique insights into yoga.

A yoga teacher from Italy, majoring in Kundalini Yoga, has been for more than 30 years.

Said to be Italian, but he could not feel the slightest Mediterranean atmosphere from his body, he completely integrated the world of yoga.

We chatted one-on-one all day. He didn’t charge me a penny. At noon we used some cooked vegetables for lunch.

He told me a lot about his special understanding of yoga.

It is rare to be able to talk about yoga with such an insightful teacher.

I think this might be fate.

  Another is a master from Spain.

Leaving aside his erudition and cognition of yoga, talking about his legendary experience has been enjoyed by everyone at Rishikesh.

The Spanish Guru gave no lessons when he taught, and the students who came to the class only needed to bring a bottle of mineral water or some fruits as the teacher’s reward.

Maybe you have to ask, why go to classes of teachers from other countries at the same time when you go to India to learn yoga.In fact, it was the Indian friends who suggested and introduced me to these “foreign” Gurus. The exchange with them has benefited me a lot. In fact, there is no national border in the world of yoga.

  I have participated in the courses of more than 10 local yoga teachers in India, and it feels rather ordinary, because many of them also teach us foreigners who come to study while studying.

  Fortunately, I made a lot of friends and they made me a lot less detours.

Eventually I found an Indian Swami and followed him for a few private lessons.

Based on many years of yoga experience, the purpose of my trip is clear. Private lessons have the benefits of being tailor-made, and the gains are great.

  Be careful Baba Baba itself means learned people or elders, but no matter which country there are counterfeit goods.

  On the banks of the Ganges are people who call themselves Baba.

They usually stay by the river, take a bath, and bask in the sun. If there is a way for foreigners, they will come over and tell you that they are great yoga masters, free classes and so on.

They do not charge tuition, but they will ask you for a donation, which is usually several times more expensive than tuition.

Indian friends rate them as: a group of useless people.

Be careful not to let them blind you, “foreigner”.

  Attention girls!

I have participated in a local yoga class by a local teacher. His class is very good, but I prefer to touch female students. This is not my own feeling. In short, there are many unexpected things and psychological preparation.

  Making friends: My busyness at Rishikesh is an exception.

The reality is: time is almost ignored here.

Everyone is “busy” feeling the simple, pure life.

Stroll along the Ganges, pleasant scenery along the way, and people returning to nature.

They either sit on the rocks or lie on the beach and enjoy the coziness.

I can meet new people almost every day here, and they will leave me notes to recommend teachers and good books and music.

I always feel that I live in another world, a world full of friendship, love and knowledge, which are beyond the reach of urban life.

  The day before I left Rishikesh in surprise, I went to the source of the Ganges with a German friend and an American friend who lived in the same Ashram, and fortunately entered the meditation cave of a departed yoga saint.

  Practicing yoga on the cement roof at the foot of the Himalayas For those who want to play and learn, the atmosphere of RISHKESH is a little serious. If you are a “mindless”
traveler, you can choose not only the yoga famousLansara.

  Hong Yukun Advertising company Creative staff Indian school age: 1 month Target: Dharamsala Where is Dharamsala?

  Dharamsala and Rishikesh are located in northern India, a small town at the foot of the Himalayas.

The residents are mostly Tibetans.

If you have a LonelyPlanet travel guide, you can easily find Dharamsala.

  Departure-a 14-hour train ride from hot New Delhi, climbing up to the foot of the Himalayas, a royal summer resort called Shimla at an altitude of 2100 meters, and then taking an 8-hour bus to Dharamsala.
  Dharamsala is a small town that can walk the whole town in one day.

  Here, it looks like the East and the West.

Backpackers and yoga practitioners from all over the world choose to stay here for their own reasons, and many people live there for many years.

  Yoga Experience-Dala Sarah Streets, hotel notice boards, you can see a variety of courses on physiotherapy; yoga classes, REKIE, Meditation meditation course, palmistry and footwork course, Tibetan medicine, meditation in dreams, traditional dance instrument singing class, cooking class, and even Thai massage teaching!

Each course is as short as 3 days and as many as 10 days; if you really want to fully experience these courses, you can’t finish it in two months.

  My first choice is an introductory class to yoga classes.

But how to tell the teacher in so many ads resetting on the bulletin board?

Let’s look around first.

  Fortunately, yoga classes here are all outdoors, on a concrete roof terrace at the foot of the Himalayas.

You only need to “pretend” to take a walk, and you can easily observe the status of the lecture.

Of course, you can also ask someone who has already started learning.

After two days, the experience was that not an expert could not see the way, and always felt that each teacher was very professional.

  Thinking about it this way, it is open-minded, anyway, I am just getting started. As long as I can loose my bones and muscles, learning a trick and a half can meet my original purpose.So, I chose a class for 5 consecutive days, and started the course before 7:30 in the morning, before the sunshine was strong.

The teacher is an Indian.

Every spring and autumn comes here to teach, and summer and winter go to the flat sisters to study.

  There are five students from Israel, Italy, the United States, and Germany in the class. I have a total of five people. After the lesson, everyone sits down, before the teacher, with his eyes closed, his arms folded, and a short spell of Brahman,Then start stretching, pressurizing and doing a few simple sun worships, breathing exercises, and meditation.

  I used to take yoga classes in the city.

The classroom inside the concrete wall uses light and music to create the ethereal atmosphere of nature, but it is not short of urban hustle and bustle.

Here, surrounded by high mountains, the comfortable breeze and warm sunshine in the morning caress the whole body, the eagle glances quietly over the head, and the voice of the teacher’s Brahma revolves around the valley . The tight muscles and spirit are like thisIn the still space and time, I feel the natural energy of the billion-year Lingshan, slowly and calmly injected into the body.

  Yoga Habit-After leaving India, the yoga seed in my heart continues to sprout.

I get into the habit of absorbing natural energy anytime, anywhere during the journey, and simply doing yoga.

Even on the mountain, on the sea, in the jungle, on a sailing ship, even in the office, there are often simple actions, even just a half-stroke, but as long as you can stretch yourself, you can feel a sense of rejuvenation.

At that moment, the soul slipped into the country of yoga again to travel.

I always recommend friends who are just starting yoga to go to Dharamsala.

Because at the foot of the Himalayas, let the body and mind be completely left to nature and enjoy the experience of enjoying natural energy, and the tiredness of living in the urban jungle gets a peaceful and peaceful experience!

  Another discovery-living in this idle mountain town for more than a month, besides yoga classes, my favorite place to go is to a small coffee shop in the valley, under the clouds, and next to the waterfall.

  This is a coffee shop that does not appear in the travel book. To find it, you must walk through a rugged and primitive stone road and pass a waterfall of ten meters high until you see a simple and original stone house.Spiritual nature, comfortable and original ShivaCafé.

  A pile of stones painted with various totems at the door; the house was not partitioned by walls, and the simple interior space was connected to the valley stream of the upper floor.

Travelers who come here do nothing and lie on the flat concrete floor casually; or look at the valley in a daze, or sleep, weave bracelets, read books, or go to the valley to pick up stones for painting; orMeditate on the boulders of the stream.

And I often choose a secret corner to practice simple yoga moves in the flowing snoring and fresh air.

Then use the simplest method of “sharing corpses” to take a nap.

The time here seems to flow more slowly than under the mountain.

The soul is also particularly quiet and clear.

  4 months, as a student professional in India Note: In India, in addition to the holy land known for yoga, many universities have yoga colleges.

Zhu Lingyan Instructor of Beijing Cicada Yoga Studio India Age: 4 months Target: Amaravati, a famous university town in central and western India.

Arrived on Sunday, September 1, 2002. I finally came to the college I was thinking about-the famous university town of Amarawati in the Midwest of India.

  The school arranged for me a single dormitory-a standard bed in a hospital, a small writing desk made of sheet metal, simple washing equipment, and separate bathrooms and toilets.

The school serves two meals a day.

  The course in disappointment on Saturday, September 21, 2002 is the Mid-Autumn Festival today. Looking at the moon in a foreign land, reminiscing about moon cakes in memory, continuing some boring courses: physiology, anatomy, philosophy, and academic words that are so mouthfulBig head.

I feel really tired after a class, I don’t know what this knowledge is useful for.

  Almost a month, the teacher did not teach me some difficult poses, but just repeatedly asked us to do those seemingly simple poses.

As I practiced, I thought, “On these things, I would have been a few years ago. Why are you here?”

“Thinking and thinking, I was anxious in my heart, and the speed of movement began to accelerate.

“Hey, You!

Why so fast?

“The teacher’s tone is a bit harsh, and the dark and black complexion is more easily deepened.

  The initial freshness is gradually lost-is it true of authentic yoga classes?

  On Thursday, October 10, 2002, I gradually understood that more than a month had passed, and I began to understand those profound philosophical meanings.

The softness of the body is also increased under the guidance of the teacher’s correct pacing, and the mystery is gradually unraveled. The original yoga is a lifestyle from the inside out. Practicing any posture and pacing must start from the heart and use the brain to goConquer the rigid torso completely, rather than using extra force to force the body.

  This yoga college is also a hospital. Every day, patients come from all directions, receive physical therapy of the yoga system, or participate in short-term training to completely eradicate the disease from the mind and body.

My teacher is both a student’s mentor and a good doctor for the patients. At 6:30 in the morning, they come to the school on time and serve them with all their best.Learning began to become enjoyable.

  Every Wednesday morning, Wednesday, October 23, 2002, Clean Study heard a vomit sound. Is anyone sick?

After asking the teacher, I realized that students are learning the very important alternation-cleanliness in yoga.

  The first method I learned was JALANETI, the method of washing my nose.

With a small pot filled with water, insert the spout into one nostril, and the water will pass through the other nostril, so that the dirt in the nasal cavity will also flow out.

The other is called SUTRANETI, which uses a small rubber tube to reach out from the nose and then withdraw it from the mouth. It can clean the back of the nasal cavity. This method is best for rhinitis.

  In addition, there is a method of swallowing long gauze, which can eliminate the garbage from the esophagus to the stomach, and the enema method can clear the stool in the large intestine, so that the body can be as clean as a baby, and the food can be efficiently digested and absorbed.

  Monday, November 4, 2002 The Lantern Festival today is India’s most famous Lantern Festival, which is equivalent to our traditional Chinese Spring Festival.

The difference is that after the Festival of Lights, winter begins.

  People would light traditional candles in every room in the house. I was invited by the principal to go to his house for a typical Indian festival vegetarian dinner and dance with the girls in sari.

Suddenly, I felt that I must have been an Indian in my last life, otherwise how could I feel this simple and simple happiness.

  On Friday, November 29, 2002, the leaders received this kind of education fundamentally. Learning became easier and easier. After the integration, the esoteric nouns some time ago became simple.

The teachers began to allow me to borrow some academic books in the library, including ancient books and some thesis produced by previous students.

As I watched, I thanked those seemingly meaningless philosophical theories in my heart. I began to gradually understand the thoughts of the Indian sages, and after understanding them, I could only enter the gate of yoga and discover the treasures.

  Exam on Friday, December 20, 2002 . As long as the certificate is for study, there will be exams, not only China, but also India.

The test consists of a written test, a body posture test, and an oral test.

I passed the exam smoothly.

  The moment I got the certificate, I smiled.

It wasn’t the paper that laughed, but someone finally took my hand through the cloud of yoga that I stepped into. From then on, even if the teachers were not around, I had the most correct guidance, and slowly rely on my strengthExplore the mysteries.

  Tip: As you need to apply for a study visa, you must obtain an admission letter from the college in advance.

And prepare sufficient time and patience for the visa.

Luffa rattan pork lean meat

Luffa rattan pork lean meat

[Raw materials]: 3-5 feet of loofah vine, lean pork 60g.

  [Manufacturing method]: Take 3-5 feet of loofah vine near the root and wash it, cut pork lean meat, cook in the same pot, season with a small amount of salt, eat soup and eat meat.

  [Usage]: This is a 1-day amount, divided into 2 servings.

5 days is a course of treatment, and 1-3 courses are used consecutively.

  [Efficacy]: The medicated diet has the effect of clearing heat, eliminating inflammation, and detoxifying Tongqiao. It is suitable for acute exacerbations of chronic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, nasal discharge, and severe headache.

Nourishing Qi and Blood, 5 Nutritional Soups Recommended

Nourishing Qi and Blood, 5 Nutritional Soups Recommended

Women’s blood is an inevitable process. In daily life, we can use the diet to replenish qi and blood to nourish the skin.

The following 5 delicious soups can help you make up for blood, and live younger and younger.

  Qixue Yangyan Decoction 1: Jujube and Huangzi Pot Materials: Huang Zhi, Jujube, Cloud Ear, Ginger Slices Production Method: 1.

Wash the materials. After killing the scutellaria baicalensis, scald it with hot water to remove the mucus, then pick up and wash the cut sections; 2.

Add the Huang Zhi section, red dates, cloud ears, and ginger slices to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat for about 1 hour and serve.

  Qixue Yangyan Decoction 2: Huaishan rabbit broth Ingredients required: Huaishan, rabbit meat, Huangjing, wolfberry, longan, Chenpi, ginger slices Production method: 1.

Clean the ingredients for later use, wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces, boil it with boiling water, remove and wash; 2.

Put the simmered rabbit meat into the stewpot with the ingredients, boil it with water, and simmer on low heat for about two hours before serving.

  Qixueyangyan Soup 3: Lily Beef Soup Ingredients: Lily, Beef, Red Dates, Ginkgo, Ginger Slices Production Method: 1.

Prepare the materials, soak the fruit and soak it in water until it can be easily removed, and then wash and reserve; wash the lily and red dates for future use; 2.

Prepare a clean saucepan. Put the lily, ginkgo, and ginger into the pot together, add a large amount of water, and boil over low heat. Slowly simmer until the lily and ginkgo are rotten. Then add the beef and cook.Seasoned and eaten.

  Qixue Yangyan Decoction 4: Pig’s Feet and Ginger Soup Ingredients: Pig’s feet, ginger slices, dried octopus Production method: 1.

Soak dried octopus for future use, clean and cut the pig’s feet and rinse with boiling water; 2.

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and boil. Turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours.

  Qixueyangyan Decoction 5: Lotus Root Pig Bone White Pigeon Soup Ingredients: lotus root, pork bone, pigeon meat, peanuts, red dates, tangerine peel, dried cuttlefish, ginger slices Production method: 1.

Wash the materials thoroughly, peel the lotus root and cut into pieces, soak the cuttlefish well, cut the pigeon meat into pieces, crack the pork bone, and set aside; 2.

Put all the ingredients together in a saucepan, boil with clear water, and simmer slowly for about 2 hours.

  The above soups are relatively easy to make, mainly due to the troublesome handling of the early materials, and most of these materials are also available in pharmacies and vegetable markets, so it is not troublesome.

As long as we add one or two of these soups for beauty and qi and blood to our daily catering from time to time, the itinerary habits will persist for a long time, and the effect will be good.

Therefore, if you want to be beautiful, don’t be lazy, keep a healthy diet, keep exercising, and often add foods that can help to nourish qi and nourish blood. Health and beauty naturally matter.

  I want to make myself look younger and away from the disease distribution.

Liposuction surgery price


Liposuction surgery price

The price of medical beauty institutions is generally 1500-2500 yuan / part, and some institutions may attract you to liposuction at a low price of 600-1000 yuan / part, and then add per liter according to the amount of liposuction after suckingThe cost of 2-3 yuan, so the price may reach 3000 / part.

Therefore, before deciding to do liposuction, the beauty-minded person must understand the total cost of liposuction. Do it in mind. Do not discuss the cost of liposuction or reset the situation of no money on the operating table.

銆€銆€After several decades of development, liposuction surgery has become a safe and effective plastic surgery, and there are more and more medical beauty institutions that force liposuction. The price of liposuction surgery varies widely. Some unqualified beauty salonsThey also carried out liposuction surgery in private. Their price was generally 500 yuan. A newspaper was reported in the previous report that the liposuction tube used for experimental pigs in the beauty salon was used for liposuction.

So the price is very cheap.

銆€銆€The price of medical beauty institutions is generally 1500-2500 yuan / part, and some institutions may attract you to liposuction at a low price of 600-1000 yuan / part, and then add per liter according to the amount of liposuction after suckingThe cost of 2-3 yuan, so the price may reach 3000 / part.

Therefore, before deciding to do liposuction, the beauty-minded person must understand the total cost of liposuction. Do it in mind. Do not discuss the cost of liposuction or reset the situation of no money on the operating table.

銆€銆€Liposuction is a very simple operation. The simpler the surgery, the harder it is to be perfect.

The effect of the surgery depends entirely on the doctor’s technique, and has little to do with the applied machine, so don’t easily believe in the hype of the so-called advanced generation of liposuction equipment.

銆€銆€How to judge the doctor’s technology is even more difficult.

銆€銆€You can inquire about some relatives or friends who have had liposuction around, or find more doctors and talk to them in detail.

Look at some similar cases they have done, observe the contrast before and after liposuction, and the flatness of the local skin.

銆€銆€Some special parts of liposuction have very high technical requirements for doctors, a small amount of face and calf, to know whether this doctor can place facial liposuction and calf liposuction, to see the effect of liposuction in these areas, if these parts are liposuctionThe effect is ideal, and other parts are even more problematic.

銆€銆€Here to remind the majority of beauty people, the price of liposuction surgery is often proportional to the effect of liposuction.

According to experience, doctors who have just started liposuction technology often attract people to skill at a very low price.

When we first started liposuction technology ten years ago, there were not many people who needed liposuction. In order to skillfully operate the technology, there are many liposuctions. We only charge for some drugs and materials.