This really scares Long Mao to death,He thought Xia Jian was going to abolish his leg。Long hair violently crawled on the ground,Kowtowing at Xia Jian:“Boss,I’m wrong,Don’t dare to fool around here in the future,You let me go this time!I don’t need this money”Huang Mao said,Which two hundred dollars have you hurriedly taken out of your pocket,Fearfully handed it over。

Xia Jian took the money from Huang Mao,Asked coldly:“Which village?What is your name?”
“Hejiacun!My name is He Sanshui”Long hair talking,Pointed to a village not far from the road。
Xia Jian raised his head and glanced deliberately,The voice still said coldly:“I know,From today,If you dare to come out and do things on this road,I’ll go to your village to find you”
“Boss,I dare not,Is the boss a railway or a Han road”Tentatively asked。
What shit railway Hanlu,Xia Jian really doesn’t understand these things,He said vaguely:“Eat all”Just this one,Scared Mao Chang almost climbed to the ground。
Xia Jian saw it was almost done,He waved to these people,These bully and fearful guys crawled and hid on the side of the road。
Jump in the car,Xia Jian shouted to the fat man:“Drive!“
“Good come,You sit down“The fat man said happily,The car ran away with a whirr,Xia Jian stretched out his head,Looked back,Nothing unusual,Then feel relieved。
“Damn!You are really a hero today,This road is made by these people so that no one dares to walk the night,I think there should be no problem in broad daylight today,Ever thought,These guys dare to run out and mess around during the day,They deserve it“Fat man driving the car,While laughing happily。
Xia Jian looked back,I saw the fat man’s mouth swelled,He felt a little apologetic,I was so angry just now,A bit heavy。
Seeing Xia Jian did not speak,Fatty dare not speak much,Just keep adding,Let the car run fast。Just ran until the afternoon,The car just entered Chaiyang County。
The fat man parked the car on the side of the road,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“I’m going to the freight company to load the goods in a while,Go straight when you get to the county seat,Let’s don’t do it“
Xia Jian carried the bag,Which two hundred dollars was thrown to the fat man。Fat man sees it,Busy talking:“I can’t charge you anymore,If not for you today,I have lost more than two hundred“
“Take it!It’s not easy for you,Be polite and be careful I beat you“Xia Jian said coldly,He opened the car door and jumped down。
Fat man holding money in his hand,Seeing Xia Jian’s back,One person whispered:“Really a good person,Heroic“
Chaiyang County’s first influence on Xia Jian was a small county similar to Heping City。The building is very old,Not many tall buildings,And the road is very narrow。
Xia Jian first found a restaurant on the roadside,Eat some food first,Then I started looking for a place to stay at night。Many hotels,But he dare not go in。Because of his business, he doesn’t even know the situation now,In case the police issue a general order,Didn’t he throw himself into the net?。

At that time, the Huajun got a giant and labor in the work of the law.,But one is a two-year-old Six suspicion.:“Do you have a chance??”

“commander,I just started to be a chance.,Later, I have the opportunity, I can’t go.。”
“Because I knew the middle of the way that Huajun specially built secret airports for Americans.,This airport is very large,Mooring at least 50 fighters,So I left the map and facilities of this airport.。”
“Where is this airport??”
“In the mountains of Guizhou。”
“Guizhou!Are you detected to be specified??”
“Yes,I have detected the specific location,But this airport is now not put into use.,It is estimated that you have to wait for three months.。”
“Three months later, the US military fighter will here!you sure?”
“I am uncertainty,But this airport is indeed built.,And used for two years,All facilities are also the most advanced,Designer is American。”
If the three ends, if it is true,This is indeed very important information,Because the multi-party intelligence shows that the US military is likely to attack Japanese local,But because the US military base is far from Japan(At that time, the US military has not occupied the Mariana Islands.),If you take off from China, you can realize bombing.。
Qi Rui, will definitely bring interested intelligence that can cause Junjun.,Thinking is to go, this is the most appropriate。
“You draw the airport position,I will send people to verify。”
“commander,I feel that I should wait for the American fighter to blow up,Otherwise, those fighters will also be moored in other places.。”Now Rui Rui is the time to stay in Nanjing,Also through the identity of San Tail, You Feng, the status of two US pilots.。
“We will study discuss,Your current task is to immediately hand down the airport position and facility immediately.!!”
Is there any of this airport??have,The scale is also enough,Qi Rui knows that Americans will not use it.,They did intend to have a plan in the first two years.,But now there is no such necessary,Now Americans’ airports are in India,Want to bomb Japan,Will take off from India,Come on China,This airport will not be used for the time being.。
Rui Rui said that there is another reason this is a US pilot.,The two American pilots driving the fighters were shot in China.,The pilot is captured after feeding,Say some intelligence that is related to the US fighters may meet American pilots?。
Three tail You Feng went to take a shower,Then change the vendors,He quickly painted the airport and the main facilities.,And made a label。
Junjun Six also sent the information personnel to verify this airport.,It is indeed the same as the three ends,This new airport is not officially put into use.,If the US military fighter used this airport,Then they can implement bombing of Japan.。
Jun Liu is also immediately reported this situation.,Please show what to do next,That is, asking is to blow up in advance or wait for the US military fighter to fry。
When waiting for a reply,畑畑 三 三 佑 丰 办 办,Ask:“Three tails!I have already reported the emperor of the emperor.,Your Majesty is very annoyed,He asked those treasures, you know where?”
“Tibet in a town near Xi’an a year ago,At that time, I listened to Jiang Xing to say that it was going to Chongqing.。” “The emperor hopes that you can wear sin to find this batch of treasures.!”
“commander!This batch of treasures should have handed over Chongqing.,We want to get it again.!”Niwar is grateful!Rudely。
NS802chapter Seventy-sixth
畑 畑 想 想 想 想 想 理 理 理 理 理 理 理,Want to get this batch of treasures,I am afraid that only attacking Chongqing is likely。
“never mind,Hell to rest well.,I will notify you if there is news.。”
“commander,I heard that the killing god action group is very rampant.,Is it really a point??”
“Can I still make them so arrogant?,I can use the way.,No matter whether it is a killing, it is or the killing of the god action group, even if they can’t touch their shadows.,They are playing a shot for a place,Especially the killing action team,Today is still in Wuhan,I ran to Xuzhou to kill people the next day.,On the third day, I may appear in Hefei or Zhengzhou.,Occupy area is nervous,They went to destroy our intelligence station contact in the enemy.。”
“commander,If there is an opportunity to make our people mix into the killing group,Because only this is likely to eliminate them。”
“We have thought about any way.,Want to mix into the killing action group,It is impossible at all.,Because it is difficult to enter the killing of the gods,The team members of the Killing Action Group are selected from the temporary group.,So I want to enter the group,Then you must enter the trump first.。”
“Yes,How much I know now, a little killing a group。”
“you understand?What do you know??”

NS572chapter All jade

Qin Zihu often listened to the pool of Tiecheng and Song Li said the nine brothers,But it doesn’t allow you to ask about him.,Today, this big half night didn’t see the long phase of the nine brother.,However, it can be seen from the attitude of everyone from the scene. This Jiu Ge is definitely a good soul.。
Because of Tiecheng,Su Wenqian and Song Dynasty saw that two trucks entered the pharmaceutical factory immediately canceled the previous receiving cover action.,Change into direct wall support,And the nine brother is the last one。
Therefore, Qin Zihu also said very admire.:“I am also the first time I saw Jiu Ge.,It turns out that he is killing god.,No wonder the Tiecheng and Wen Qian will don’t care for him。”
Qi Lunna,They all see two people on the wall with the moon.,Say:“It seems that you are a newcomer in the jellyfish?”
Qin Zihu also thought that they didn’t look down on them.:“I am not a newcomer.,The devil dispatch army Commander Fujita entered and the big traitor Bausongqi is my kill.!”
Tie Tiecheng wants to stop Qin Zihu has no time,Seeing a few girls are very worship,He is not willing to stop,It is an individual who knows that it is the hardcore.,Several people in this action also use the cosmetic surgery of Jiu Ge Rui。
“sharp!sharp!At that assassination is simply a miracle,We also study this case,You are also one of the participants.,However, there is no woman to help in the case.。”Qi Lianna said,
http://www.sphhjt.cnhow is this possible!Without me, they don’t finish this task.!”Qin Zihu said proudly,She is also true,But she didn’t know if she had gone Qi Lunna.,
“Then can you tell us more detailed??”Qi Lianna wants to know more about the jellyfish,
Then talk about Qin Zihu’s identity will expose,At this time, the pool city has to stop:“Shu Shu,You can be far away in front of these sisters.,Talking to you is the current military Shanghai station!The devil traitor that she killed is more than you have seen.,How do you qualify in front of her?!”
“This big brother is sorry.,I have only worship of you with your hosh jellyfish.,Never have malicious!”Qi Lianna knows that he asked some more sorry.,
At this time, I immediately touched the sniper gun that touched the pool Tiecheng.:“This big brother,I see your sniper gun is modified.,Do you use this shot??”
“good,This is this gun,It is already safe,We don’t have this!You take care of you。”Tie City said,
“Then how do we contact God??”Cold moon asked,
“He will contact you!”
Said that the pool city is pulling Qin Zishi quickly,Taleus after walking:“Are you going to tell them that you are Qin Jia?!”
Qin Zishi shake the head:“Will not,Where is I stupid?!”
“If you are not Qin Jia Miss,Kill Yimada and Bai Songqi, how little girl can help!Don’t forget that the devil has not doubtful to you yet.!”
“Are they not their own??And they all know that you have a jellyfish。”
“They only have heard of our jellyfish,You have not seen them, don’t even know our code.,So remember,Don’t just say anything in the future,Otherwise, no one will act again.!”Tiecheng threatened,
Qin Zihu quickly held the arm of Tiecheng:“I promised not to say it.,Iron city,You should praise me,I kill two devils today.。”
“Zihu,You have to remember,If your identity is exposed,Japanese people have excuses threaten your father.!Don’t easily believe anyone!”Chi Tiecheng,
“Killing God is so powerful, I believe in them.。”
“Since I believe what they have to make makeup,Zihu!Many times I don’t believe in the problem that I don’t believe.,Instead of protecting each other!”
“Iron city,I’m wrong!I will be careful in the future.。”
Zhuang Xiaoman home is Du Xixing,Cheng 5 them look at home care home,Xue Min can’t let them see,So Qi Rui did not plan to put her here.,Come here there is other purpose。
Rui Rui let Song Jian driving outside the yard waiting,His name is awake Xiao Xiaoman, a few words.,Then I took two women’s clothes from her.。
Xue Min was arranged in rushing, which is the previous building of Li Xiaoyu and the Workshop.。
“Big brother,How do you not call us tonight??”Song Jian asked,
“This action, Chongqing sent a special person responsible,In addition, we will be suspected of being suspected of being in the public museum.。”
“How do we do now??”
“She will wake up for a while,We go to the explosion site。”Ritual,
Rui Rui,Restore the current look,Determine a little bit of blood without,This will let Song Jian have driven Donglin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.。
“Long pool,You came!”Qingfei sees a long time to say hello,
“Sunny,You come so fast?”

Qinglong Fury Road:“Don’t know,You guy has betrayed me thirteen times,I won’t teach you painful lessons,You guy doesn’t have a long memory!”

“Qinglong,You really want to go to Ge Hong Critic!”
“of course!”
Qinglong turned around and left,Suddenly heard the sound of breaking wind behind,Turned around,“Snapped”The sound of,The five fingers of the ancestor Baihu directly inserted into his heart。
“White tiger……you……you……”
The ancestor Baihu said grimly:“Qinglong,You forced me,I have begged you!”
“Ge Hong,will not……Let you go……”
“Hehe……Do you think I really submit to him,Qilin and I will suck Ge Hong sooner or later!”
“you……You villain……I will never let you go……”
“When you say zombies, I play with you for thousands of years,How can I be a ghost。Didn’t you just forget the thousand years,You saved me thirteen times,Thirteen great favors to me,Then fulfill me once,Don’t waste your blood!”
The ancestor of the white tiger showed sharp fangs,Bit into Qinglong’s neck,Qinglong was quickly sucked into a piece of human skin by him。
Baihu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth,Sternly said to the man with the blue dragon in his hand:“Qinglong,I didn’t want to kill you,Know or not!”

Physical resistance,But the most important thing is the game between offense and defense。

Yi Jianlian is also very tired,He followed the main lineup for a whole game。
But the state is not bad,Coach Frank asked,Decided to let him continue playing in the fourth quarter。
If you play well, you must continue playing,Who plays well,Who made more mistakes、Whoever makes more mistakes,This is Old Frank’s“Employing people”。
Nothing else,Like just now, Shaoxia Yang was reluctantly kicked out of the starting list under Frank’s order.。
He is upset,But he can’t。
Old Frank is the person Xu Xuan supports,He can only endure upset。
“and so,Our starting lineup in the fourth quarter is Xu Xuan、Louis、Ingram、Randall and Yi,The five of you are starting。”Frank looked around,Speak slowly。
“I guess their lineup in the fourth quarter will not change much,Keep the rhythm of the third quarter,Don’t mess,We played well in the third quarter,It’s time for the other side to be anxious。”
at the same time,Warriors bench。
Cole is also having an emergency tactical meeting。
Three quarters behind6Minute,This point is almost the same,Just two three-pointers,But the key point is not scoring,But how to keep the opponent from scoring。
The two sides agreed to maintain such a scoring rhythm for the Warriors to be a big defeat.,This is equivalent to turning the superstar players of the Warriors into role players of the Lakers,Compare this exchange,Too bad。
“We only have one way,That is to strengthen the defense,Limit opponents’ points,If you don’t restrict them,Our game will be very dangerous!”Cole didn’t hide it,But to explain the current situation。
“But now the problem is,It’s almost hard for us to restrict each other.”Cole worried。
Don’t say how important Green is,But without him,On the defensive end,The Warriors are really stretched。
Not many people can use it。

I joked:“I’m not abroad,Aomen is the sacred and inviolable inherent territory of China,You are traitorous。”

“Hey……Yeah!I’ll ignore you anymore!”Zhong Manxia spoiled:“I was afraid of your misunderstanding just now,So it’s almost time,Of course I know Aomen is the territory of China。”
I quickly turned away from the subject:“How are you?How are you preparing for the final exam?”
Zhong Manxia said:“I go to study at night every day,Very busy,Okay,Can handle it。correct,How is your career progressing there?”
I answered honestly:“Halfway through now,So far,Some twists and turns in the middle are quite difficult,Fortunately survived。”
Zhong Manxia asked interested:“Can you tell me what it is??I can listen,Maybe I can give you some suggestions?”
I said:“I really don’t want to tell you,But very few people have heard of this kind of investment。”
Zhong Manxia also wants to test if I care about her,Deliberately said in an angry tone:“You said the same last time,I still don’t say this time,Since you don’t believe me,Don’t say anything。”
I feel she is a little angry,Quickly please say:“I don’t believe who else do you believe,Look at me last time I gave you all the dry stuff I got from watching the news for decades,No one else would say,Only told you。”
Zhong Manxia snorted,Said:“I’ll just open your mouth when you lie,What to watch news network for decades,How old are you,And I was not the only one who listened that day。”
I suddenly whispered impulsively:“Actually I said it because you were with me。”
There was a burst of sweetness in Zhong Manxia’s heart,It’s so happy to be valued by someone I like,So softly:“You can talk。Last time you could understand the embarrassment of my parents spending millions on stocks,I can understand your business。”
I said:“Row,Believe me so much for you,I tell you。I do foreign exchange,It’s almost like buying stocks,But the foreign exchange risk is big100Times,I am also afraid of you misunderstanding that I am not doing my job properly so I dare not tell you,Now it’s a risk。”
Zhong Manxia:“It does not matter,Investment is just a means,The key is that you have the ability to invest,I heard Mr. Wang said that he made a lot of money with you last year,right?”
I deliberately shit:“Okay,Just earned20Wan Mi Jin Bar,He will give me some commissions,After this is over,I’ll pick a gift for you。”
Zhong Manxia Road:“It doesn’t matter if the gift is,Just have this heart。It’s not easy for you to have a career as soon as you are freshman,It’s better to save yourself and invest。”
I said:“Do not worry,I know how to invest,No matter how much money,I still have money to buy you a gift,But when I go back, the school may already have summer vacation,So the gift can only be given to you next semester,Maybe you give me your home address,I can send it to you。”
Zhong Manxia’s shy way:“how,Check your account,I won’t tell you where my home is!Let’s talk about it after the summer vacation。”

Lakers in29After Japan defeated the Pistons,11The games of the month are all over。

The Lakers and a group flew back to Los Angeles from Detroit,3The team announced a day off after being away,Kobe took the opportunity to practice。
Next will be2Home,12month1Denver Nuggets,12month3Japan vs. Sonics。Followed by12month4Go away,Back to back against the Jazz。
It turns out to be back to back to the top war crown team,This schedule is a bit tough。Fortunately, it can harvest a wave of fish belly team Denver Nuggets。
Lost Uncle Mu, they fell from the strong playoff team,Currently in the process,As far as Kobe knows they will be bad for a very long time,It wasn’t until a baby-faced player joined that he became a strong team。
despite this,They still have some good players in the lineup,Their starting lineupPGmark-JacksonSGDal-EllisSFLafonso-EllisPFAntonio-McDyceCElvin-Johnson。
The current star of the Nuggets is small forward Rafonso-Ellis,92Year5Number show,2.03Meter height。Has a good shot,Season average21.9Score7.2Backboard2.8Assist。
Point guard Mark Jackson came out this season10.4Score12.3Assist data,Even more assists per game than Stockton,Now ranked first in the league。
Dal-Ellis is a2.01Mi’s swingman,Average16.6Minute3.6Backboard2.0Assist。
Antonio-McDyess is95year,last year2Number show,Traded to the Nuggets by the Clippers,Excellent physical fitness,have18.3Score7.3Rebound average data。
Elvin-Johnson, the center of the same name as the Magic, averaged this season7.1Minute11.1Backboard,Is a defensive blue-collar insider。
The blue-collar players in the team are good,Kobe even thinks these players are better than opponents in the previous game,No. 1 Pistons in the East。
But they lack a real star,Lafonso-Ellis can only play this data with unlimited firepower,He was just an ordinary starting player in the playoffs。

Shen Huan didn’t hesitate after hearing this,Jaw head:“Then please trouble Uncle Shui to let him come over!Can it work?,Let’s watch it again。”

“it is good!”
A smile appeared on Shui Qingshan’s face。
Old classmates have looked for Zhu Mei several times before,I want to ask Zhu Mei to give Xin Changkong a chance,Let him follow Zhu Mei as deputy。
But in the end it was rejected by Zhu Mei。
Because Zhu Mei is a woman,Can’t stand a man with such a bad character。
Even if this person is his own younger brother,Even if Xin Changqing is his friend again。
Now Shen Huan suddenly has a good opportunity here,Shui Qingshan helped out,Of course。
He didn’t just want to help Xin Changkong,Also because Shen Huan really needs a good director and producer。
Xin Changkong once had such a glorious past,Help Shen Huan make a perfect shot《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Chance of,It will naturally be much bigger!
First406chapter examination
During this time, the tasks of the good master came a little bit frequently。
Shen Huan is afraid of not paying attention,Good master released a mission about Xin Changkong,He will have a headache when it is used or not。
Fortunately,Good master, no convulsions this time。
Xin Changkong neat and tidy,I came to the small noodle shop the next day。

The day before yesterday,That’s the first day everyone entered the winter training camp and started learning,The organizing committee organized a preliminary examination in the afternoon。

Probably the teachers in charge of this winter training camp have confidence in the children this time,The test questions this time are more difficult。
So generally speaking, everyone’s results this time are not too ideal。
100 points test paper,Mostly focused on80To90Segmented,The same is true of Star City No. 1 Middle School。Except for him and Lu Yuxin,Only four people came,Only Li Zesheng barely reached90Minute,Others are more than 80 points。
The super difficult exam questions also make the real schoolmaster stand out。
For example, a boy named Zhao Yuming from the Junior High School Affiliated to Beijing Minsheng University got the only full score in the winter training camp.。
There was nothing to say about this,Not as good as people,The big deal is trying to get back。
But probably because Zhao Yuming is a very proud person,And speak very straightforwardly,Even speaking badly,Therefore, it directly hurt the sensitive hearts of these children。
Who is not a primary school bully in his own school??
Who doesn’t have a proud little temper??
more importantly,Although I usually feel that my school is bad in every way at school,But to criticize, you must be criticized by your own family!Outsiders want to complain,How old are you??
Then the bars on both sides!
But the reason why the Olympiad is called a competition,Naturally, we have to talk about grades。

Rumors about Yu Jie,She seems to have heard a few words,But her nature is not good, she didn’t even put it in her ears,I didn’t worry about it,Listen to Yu Jie calmly say these now,I admire her for not being surprised。

“Sister Yu,Don’t take these gossips to your heart。”
Yu Jie sneered:“If i care about these,I’ve died eight times in Za Maokeng。”
Yes,The humiliation of Yu Jie,I am afraid it is unbearable for ordinary people。
She looks pretty,Strong business ability,Not humble or overbearing,Long-term interviews with city leaders,Can sing and dance,There are good network resources at the upper level and a social circle that is difficult for ordinary reporters to reach,More rumors are normal。Because the mouth grows on someone else’s body,How to say that everything is controlled by others,The parties cannot control。
Figure this out,Yu Jie was relieved,It’s just that she’s more out of place in the unit。
See her not talking,Yu Jie said:“I can see,You are not a man of right and wrong,I like you。”Yu Jie is very sincere。
“Thank you sister Yu,you flatter me。”Xia Jihan said politely。
In Xia Jihan’s impression,Yu Jie has no friends at work,Rarely even talk to people,I’m afraid the Secretary is the one she talks the most,She might not say hello when she walks across,Her arrogance naturally drew endless discussions。
At work,In this department,She writes the most,The most published manuscripts,But the bonus every time I get is definitely the least,There are always reasons to restrict her,To this,She doesn’t care,I never told the leader because of this,Called over。
According to Shan Yong,She has a good family background and a good material foundation,It can be said that she doesn’t care about these little money。The unit has weddings and funerals,She’s all followers,Never attend this kind of event,Even if the leader has something,She also arrived alone early,The survivors left with various reasons,But there are these entertainment outside the unit,She must be there every time,And generous,Others follow50Yuan time,She has long since followed100Yuan,other people100Yuan Shi,She already200Yuan,Her maverick style,I was jealous of my colleagues。But she doesn’t want to change for anyone。
This is Yu Jie。
Yu Jie really broke her own rules today,Actually said so much to this half-baked colleague,This is unique in the unit。But she likes this little colleague very much,It’s different from others,Restrained、Low-key、diligent、Steadfast。
now,Be able to do your job well,Such young people are no longer seen in the work unit。