Xia Jian hung up the phone,Start clothes。Tie Li asked unwillingly:“You go,When did you comeGZCity!”Strong women also have a tender side,Tie Li said,Eyes are turning red again。

Xia Jian touched her head and said:“you’re so dumb!If you miss me, you won’t http://www.szkssk.cn come to Bucheon to find me!Anyway phone you have,Isn’t it very simple?”
“Well!I will come anytime,Don’t tell me you don’t know me then”Tie Li said,Got up and kissed Xia Jian on the face。
Everything is ready,Just when Xia Jian was going downstairs,Gu Yue called,Without waiting for Gu Yue to speak first,Xia Jian told Gu Yue about the phone call by Wang Lin just now。
Gu Yue was stunned on the phone for a while and said:“Ok!Then you go first,I asked Xiaoting to buy you something to eat on the road,Give the room key directly to Xiaoting,I can’t come out,I won’t give you away”
Tie Li heard that Gu Yue wouldn’t come to send Xia Jian,She clamored to send Xia Jian off,This makes Xia Jian very embarrassed,Because he knows,Xiaoting is Gu Yue’s hardcore driver,I will tell Gu Yue about everything。In fact, Xia Jian still knows what women http://www.qqhld.cn think。
“I’ll see you off,Do you feel embarrassed?”Cleverly found this problem,Asked in a low voice。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“You can send it to the gate of your home,Don’t take another step。What is the relationship between Xiaoting and Gu Yue,You are clear。I’m leaving,No need to embarrass between you”
“Ok!I’ll listen to you”Tie Li’s eyes are red,Said a little choked。Women are like this,Sentimentality,Maybe it’s their nature。
At the gate of the community,There happened to be a taxi parked there,In order to reduce Tie Li’s injury, Xia Jian,So he got in,Chao Tieli waved his hand and said:“Let’s go back!Come and play when you have time”After speaking, the driver immediately started the car。
When Xia Jian looks back,,Tie Li covered her mouth with her hand,Painful expression。Suddenly it rained in the sky,The drizzle fell,Hit the http://www.qdwqy.cn glass window。
The driver’s radio is on,A beautiful song《snowman》Infected with a tough guy like Xia Jian,He suddenly felt,The separation between people is also a pain。
When he arrived at Gu Yue’s apartment,Xiaoting has parked the car under the unit door,Xia Jian said nothing,Go upstairs and pack my salute,When he opens the trunk,He was a little stunned,Reserve something delicious,It can be said that it has everything。
“ This is arranged by Mr. Gu,She’s not coming out。Because the quarrel with dad was very fierce last night,If I run out to give you a gift today,May intensify the conflict between father and daughter”Xiaoting stands behind Xia Jian,Speak softly。
Close the trunk,Xia Jian grew up and asked in one breath:“What the hell is going on?”

Suddenly Chu Deirers think,Previously escaped the blood knife from yourself——The blood knife old ancestors,Is the use of snow……

But think about the http://www.xinfusheng666.cn giant bonus here.,I definitely counting,Although it is no weird than the snow,But in front of this old monster,Can play a limited role。
This grain can deal with this old monster,It should only……
After the Chu Deeman hesitated,Sad changed the direction of escape!
“you say……Let’s find the Holy Spirit.,This hometown is dare to catch up.?we……Can you live with the fight??”Chu Deirers have some people who don’t want to talk about it.。
But then the pity should be heard,Also just red face,Continue in the chest,Emit a sound:“kindness。”
Fortunately, the Chu Deiren is not really wanting her to make an idea.……
Seeing a chasing,Already coming to the holy hole,There are still a few giant apes around,After seeing the Chu Dee,Siege。
And Chu Deirers don’t delay,Direct“Steep”Bypass——Although it is still hindered one or http://www.damingweinasi.cn two,After being chased by the old monster, I have been chasing a few steps.,but……The old monster’s body is not as good as Chu Deirers,So under remembrant,Start all the way to kill!
Two humans,A stuffy head,Another one has been killed,“Should you stop?”this problem,Even giant,Can also understand。
Can’t stop too long,But finally didn’t play a negative effect.……
However, when the Chu Deiren approached the cave,The feeling of thriller appears again,And this time,The Chu Deee became more and more clearly to the opponent’s hostility.!
Chu Deirers slow down,Distance from the initiative attack,A bit more than a bit,Hover up,See you from time to time。
See the old demon weird all the way,Chu Deirers shouted to the cave:“Hey,Killing you monkey monkey,I was causing me.!”Even the way to ask yourself,Imitation a few monkeys express friendly call。
However, the Chu deer did not feel that the other party became friendly.……
“Hey-hey,I fled it again.?With your little beauty, you can escape.!”Old monster is approaching。
“I escape, do you dare to chase??”Chu Deiren looked at the hole。
“Not dare,Laozi will only be outside,Listen to your scream when you are shred。”Old monsters clearly know what the cave is,So I got my laugh。
Old monster seems very interesting,Not in the meaning of him with a pity star,So changed the number of ways:“How about I have a condition for you??No need to be adult,As long as you take the small beauty clothes and throw it,Laozi puts you a horse……”
Since thinking that the Chu Deirers will be forced to the road,The old demon is unscrupulous releases pure villain。
But just at this time,Old monsters and Chu Dee people at the same time,Then I seem to feel what?,Even the pity is also surprised,Lift the head from the Chu Dee……
I feel on a mysterious,Slim a batch of people in the world,Chu Deirers are not qualified enough to feel,Still the Tao Fetus has a reaction!
This feeling is less than a year ago,Near Wudang Mountain,I also feel……
Some people 叩 Tianmen?
Actually, it is just this time.?
at the same time,The breath in the cave also has changed……
Chapter 510 Boss
It was also March last year.,Chu Deirers under Wudang Mountain,I have encountered a small scale、Short-term earthquake,Then the Tao Fetus is not only spotted on Wudang Mountain.,And also faintly feel,in all directions、Regardless or near,There are some feelings that have gradually awakened.……
This time,Valley of Emei,Seeing that this old monster is forcing to the road,Similar feelings appear again!
叩 天 do?
Chu Deirers and Old Monsters,At the same time,Actually just at this time,Some people 叩 Tianmen!
the difference is,This time,Obviously not nearby,Even should not be in Sichuan,Chu Deirers just felt vague in the east——Perhaps it is the close、Perhaps http://www.generalsocial.cn it is a Central Plains,It may even be overseas,Unable to determine the location。
The rest of the wakes in all places is also passed,especially……Troubled in front of you!
I still don’t know who is the door.、I don’t know which kind of 叩 天 gate is,But it is clear that it has been successful,In the future, the cultivation of people in the martial arts in the future.,at the same time……All over the world,Will further wake up。
Chu Deiren first felt a big battle,Outstanding from the holy cave——This is not the feeling of the Tao Fetus.,Instead, further wake up the fight,Naturally emitted earnest war。
Even not for yourself,This war has also made Chu Deirers’ eyebrows。

Cao Wande now,It is not expected to be in front of the scene.。

But the more you now,In fact, in Cao Wande.。
obviously,Cao Wande now,It is completely unsatisfactory.。
slowly,Take these places。
Cao Wande is not a cold breath。
“hurry up,Do you have a hurry?。”
Cao Wande looked at those people around,It is starting to urge it.。
Cao Wande’s side,Those people around watch this scene,It is a quick attacked to this side.。
The more these people are,In fact, treating these things。
Surroundings,Also suffering。
“President,We think it is,but now,We are not his opponent.。”
“That’s right,Who http://www.2brokemoms.cn said is not?,Such a thing,In fact, we all,It’s not thinking about it.。”
“This is of course,if not,Let’s now,What do you need to toss here??”
The more now,In fact, for these things。
Surroundings,The more you look, the more you are。
And watching this,At this time, Cao Wan De is thinking about saying anything.。
But here,Cao Wande’s。
At this moment,Shen Xuan is suddenly coming here。
“seemingly,Do you want to say something?。”
When Shen Xuan’s words,What makes Cao Wande itself,The more you look, the more you feel that this is very calm.。
And with Shen Xuan is like this,Treat these things。
In fact, Shen Xuan itself,Don’t you。
“Do not,What do you want to do??”
Cao Wande see Shen Xuan,His forehead,Sweat is constantly taken out。
As for Shen Xuan?,Looking at Cao Wande。
Shen Xuan, the http://www.owanbao.cn whole person, smiles,It seems that you don’t put this too much in your eyes.。
“Ha ha,You feel,what else can http://www.pkei8s.cn I do?”
“And you can rest assured,I don’t kill you.。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, treating these things。
obviously,Shen Xuan even,Clear familiarity than anyone else。

This is when Wang Yufei used linear algebra to solve the problem last night,Ideas used。

“What is Cramer’s Law?”Wang Yufei’s gaze at Han Wenle was obviously a little confused。
“So you are really a primary school student?What kind of village primary school?”Han Wenle’s eyes widened,The hand holding the manuscript paper began to tremble unconsciously。
“what?Yes,Daowang Village Primary School。”Wang Yufei nodded blankly,He could see that Han Wenle seemed surprised at this time,But I don’t understand what this serious male teacher is excited about。
Han Wenle’s mouth twitched unconsciously。
to be frank,He still doesn’t believe in Wang Yufei’s words,But from the current situation,He can’t seem to find any flaws……
Suspicion needs evidence,But as a math teacher,Pay more attention to logic。Judging from his decades of work experience and extremely rigorous logical thinking,It’s unscientific。
“Eh,Old han,You came?Xiaofei,Let me introduce to you,Teacher Han is a third grade math teacher,Also the head of the high school teaching and research team in the school。Old han,This is the kid I told you on WeChat yesterday!”
When Hangeul was still in shock,Han Qian’s voice came from the door。
Early self-study has ten minutes before get out of class ends,But Han Qian thought Wang Yufei was still in the office,Came back early。
The head teacher of the rocket class in key middle schools can be so self-willed,Especially in terms of classroom discipline, I can rest assured。After all, where is the learning atmosphere。According to Han Qian,As the head teacher of the rocket class,Her most important task is——Catch puppies,The idea of strangling these children from the beginning。
“Teacher Han,What’s the origin of this kid??”Han Wenle turned around and asked。
“Lao Guo abducted from Lao Liao。”Han Qian replied cheerfully,Then I asked again:“how?You have tested him?”
“Lao Liao?Liao Cheng?Go to Hope Primary School to teach that?”Han Wenle was stunned。
“Yes!How is this kid?Are you talented in math??”Han Qian asked again。
“More than talent!It’s okay to save the Olympiad at this level.!”Han Wenle answered without hesitation。
“what?Provincial Olympiad?High school?”Han Qian was also stunned。
She really did not expect to get such a high evaluation from Hangeul。
If Wang Yufei can be seen by Han Wenle,,Follow him in school to learn more Han Qian is already very satisfied,Who would have thought that Lao Han would be the provincial math team。
“Yes,Provincial Olympiad!If his mathematics is as strong as geometry,It’s enough to be an Olympics coach!”Han Wenle blinked twice,Said。

The crowd is obviously no stranger to Mo Jinqi, a previous frequent visitor,The contempt and sarcasm in the tone is obvious。

Mo Jinqi’s face is even redder,Like a fire,Some can’t stay here anymore,I want to rush out now,He grows up,I’ve never lost such a big person!
He really didn’t expect,Come and help Mo Xiaosheng,I will meet my opponent Zhang Yitang and this bitch!
But in the face of the ridicule of these two men, he was unable to fight back.,He is up and down now,Add up,There is no 10,000 yuan。
Mo Xiaosheng quietly took out his bank card,Threw it into Mo Jinqi’s pocket,Smiled:“Jin Qi,You are too low-key,how,You take a stake in my company,Didn’t you tell them about the dividend payment in the first half of the year??”
Mo Jinqi’s face suddenly stunned,Turning his head to look at Mo Xiaosheng with a surprised face,There are countless question marks in my eyes,I don’t understand what Mo Xiaosheng’s words mean。
Everyone couldn’t help but be stunned,Complexion,Some curiously looked back at Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi,Seeing Mo Jinqi’s expression,I can’t help but doubt。
“what happened?”
Mo Xiaosheng noticed the questioning eyes of people around him,Chong Mo Jinqi smiled:“Yes,You mean,Let me stop talking about it,But now people don’t look down on us,You guy,The only bad,Just too low-key!”
Then he turned his head and called the waiter in black uniform on the side,Pointing to the front of Zhang Yiting and Zhang Yitang,That is, the front position asked:“If we want to sit there,How much do you need to pay?!”
The waiter turned his head and glanced at the front row position,Then looked down at the recorded consumption amount of Mo Jinqi,Chongmo Xiaosheng said:“Mr,If you and Master Mo want to sit in front,At least 70 million needed!”
“Seventy million?”
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Puzzled,“What’s so expensive here?Consumption of tens of millions at every turn?”
He finished,The people around suddenly laughed。
“Soil buns,I don’t even know what place it is!”
“I think he has no money to brush it,For these dudes,70 million is definitely a huge sum of money, right!”
“Calculate according to the pocket money of 20,000,Indeed!”

Xu Xuan keeps moving,Hold on one hand,Dribble with the other hand,At the same time, he used trash talking to harass the other party’s attention。

“what is it call?”
Zaza is not a gentle gentleman like Dayao,Just stay squeezed behind,As soon as he gets stuck,The hand immediately hit Xu Xuan’s light waist,Pinch hard,While responding to trash。
“Shet!They call you scum!!!!”
Xu Xuan turned around,While turning around,The left elbow instantly hits Pachulia’s left chest。
Everything happens between electric light and flint,Two each“Complete shot”。
But Xu Xuan’s feet have always been very cautious,Zaza,The above is okay,Be sure to pay attention to the following。
Now that Zaza is behind me,Xu Xuan is a guy who never suffers,The moment of catch,He immediately closed the ball,With the action of closing the ball,The left elbow slammed into Zaza’s left chest.。
Zaza·Pachulia snorted,Feels so painful,Took a step back immediately。
“He elbows people!”Cole shouted at the referee from the sidelines。
The referee ignored,I didn’t even look at Da Fan。
Don’t talk about elbow people with natural movements,Even if it’s not natural,He can’t whistle。
This is the home of the Lakers,Plus Xu Xuan who holds the ball,League Superstar,Zaza?
Georgia’s superstar?

For ordinary people,Tens of millions,It may be wealth that you can’t struggle for a lifetime!

But for a rent collector like Chu Yi,Just charge a day or two for rent,There are tens of millions!
and so,Tens of millions in interest,Chu Yi really doesn’t care!
“I……”Sun Min cried and said,“Such a large transfer,I really don’t have permission to operate!”
“is it?”Chu Yi sneered again,“In that case,Then give me back both cards!”
“Yes!Yes!”Sun Min quickly handed back both bank cards,It’s like something very hot,“Mr. Chu,you……Don’t transfer?”
“You don’t have permission,I can’t turn it!”Chu Yi said directly,“Look back,I will go directly to the head office in your magic capital area!”
Sun Min、Cai Xiulian was so scared that she sat on the ground again。
After Chu Yi left。
Sun Min hurriedly called his immediate supervisor。
Sun Min’s boss is surnamed Chen Mingrui,Is the vice president of the magic city。
Chen Rui is sleeping right now,The wine I drank last night hasn’t fully woken up yet。I saw Sun Min’s call,He picked it up impatiently,Ask directly:“what’s up?”
“President Chen,When i work in the morning,Accidentally offended a big customer!”Sun Minliandao。
“Offended a big customer?”In Chen Rui’s voice,With some wine,It’s just a little bit,“Xiaosun,How many times have I warned you?We are the service industry,Correct service attitude!Offend big customers,Would seriously damage the image of our first bank!——okay,I won’t say much about you!I know this!If you receive any complaints,I will help you keep things down!So be it!”
“Thank you President Chen!”Sun Min repeatedly thanked,Then said again,“but,The client I offended this time is a bit big……”
“How big is it?”Chen Rui was slightly taken aback。
“He is in our bank,Have one billion cash deposits!and,He seems to be going to transfer all the deposits!”
“what!?”Chen Ruiyi listen,Screamed out of fright,The wine is gone,“What kind of client are you offending??What is his name?”

“I’ve been sleeping with wild flowers outside for so many years?”

“What are you making?Dare to say you don’t know me?Why didn’t you say you didn’t know me when you pulled me into the apartment two years ago?”
“Don’t hold me,I want to kill this bitch!”
Walk quickly to the door of the hotel,I saw this magical scene。
A young woman in her mid-twenties is playing。
Two police officers are pulling this woman tightly,Lest this woman really stepped forward and kicked Luo Jinhua who was already miserable again。
The medical staff responsible for carrying the stretcher looked dumbfounded。
The accompanying little nurse was writing disgust and contempt。
The two middle-aged people next to Luo Jinhua are also at a loss,Obviously not prepared for the appearance of this strange woman。
There are a lot of people holding mobile phones and watching,By the way。
Luo Jinhua fell half to the ground and his eyes widened in horror,Keep shouting with a leaky mouth:“Last Deputy Special Gudai,I recognize four specials……”
“Stop it!”See this scene,Chen Fan shouted decisively。
Nima,Can this happen today??
Or Chen Fan’s aura shook the woman,The woman is finally not struggling,But he cried:“Row,Oh shit,You don’t care about this morally corrupt man,Shout at me a weak woman?”

Toast to sorrow:“no, I’m fine!If it’s not you,I’m determined to fail the mission and be hanged back,Why are you so embarrassed to take this best trophy??”

Xu Xuxu gave Du Jueming a glance,Let you pick first and leave the good things to others,Humph,Fairy dissatisfaction。
However, Xu Xuxu did not speak out to stop Du Jueming from planning.,Instead, he said to a toast:“Amin said to you,You just take it,That robe belongs to me!”
A toast to dispel their sorrows and gratefully glanced at the two of them,Excited:“I’m not welcome!”
Turn around:“I have taken this weapon,I don’t want the remaining trophies,Just divide the money between you two!”
Xu Xuxu pursed his lips and smiled,“Amin,I don’t need other things,You can sell it for money。”
Du Jueming said it was very difficult to understand,These moccasins have good properties?
“Xu Xu,Don’t you want these deerskin boots?Good properties?”
Xu Xuxu rolled his eyes at Du Jueming,“Not good looking!Doesn’t match my fairy temperament!”
alright,What you say。
“Then you take4gold,Other things are mine。”
Xu Xuxu originally wanted to decline again,I don’t know what I suddenly thought of,Hehe smiled,No more rejection。
After dividing the spoils,The three of them entered the lobby again to find Lin Zhennan。
Maybe because the preconditions are met?
Lin Zhennan, who had been silent before, finally spoke,“Thank you three for helping me with the Lin family,I am grateful,Be careful,Disrespect。”
After that, I took out three pieces of gold from my sleeve,Into the hands of the three。
【system hint:You got50gold】
Good guy,This character is not finished yet,Most of the rewards are up?

Lu Hui says:“Decided,Who said no resolution was made at the meeting?Because they went through a collective decision process,So I’m not happy。”

Yes,Collective resolution,Will be collectively responsible in the future。Peng Changyi remembered what he did when he was in Beicheng,Said again:“Then you can express different opinions?Your speeches on the Standing Committee will form the minutes of the meeting。”
Lu Hui sighed,Said:“Ugh,Something you know,Bad climate,It’s not good to say disagree,I disagreed once at the meeting,Invite me alone on National Day,and also,Everyone is blindly behind,No one will speak at the meeting……”
Peng Changyi doesn’t like listening to him,Interrupted him angrily,Said:“All right,So be it,I still have something。”
Peng Changyi feels he has nothing to do at present,Since there is nothing to do,Let’s do the research now。
The Yangtze River Delta is one of China’s three core economic circles,It is also one of the most dynamic economically developed areas in China,Both economic aggregate and per capita economic indicators are in the forefront of other regions in the country。The Yangtze River Delta is close to the East China Sea,Is the highest degree of urbanization in my country、The most densely distributed towns、Regions with the highest level of economic development。The development trend of integration in the Yangtze River Delta becomes clearer,The most prominent is the inter-provincial、in、Complete hierarchy of small cities and market towns,Has formed a closely connected urban agglomeration。The most prominent one is the rapid economic development of the park,Park economy plays a main role in regional economic development。
Peng Changyi and the others mainly visited Suzhou Industrial Park,This industrial park was approved earlier by the state,Many years,Has maintained a sustained and rapid development trend,The comprehensive development index ranks second among national development zones。
And now Kangzhou,Still worrying about the land occupation of a park。
After the investigation,Peng Changyi and the others went to Shanghai Development and Reform Research Institute、Shanghai Information Center conducted learning exchanges。
Visit to the Yangtze River Delta,Moved Peng Changyi a lot,Think of the current Kangzhou,And even Jinan’s development ideas,Overall I feel that the theme is good,The reason for the slow development,Except the location economy is not outstanding,Or the difference in people’s thinking,This is also the main crux of the uneven development of coastal and inland areas,Not a local problem,It’s not an individual leader’s problem。
When people’s ideas have not reached a certain level,You just shouted“Leapfrog development”Also useless。Sometimes not only in vain,And promote growth、Eager for quick success,This question may be a dilemma that is common in inland areas in terms of development.。
After the ten-day Yangtze River Delta expedition ended,Peng Changyi returned home,Because I was thinking about the last time the people jumped and imitated,He called Lu Hua,Inquired about the follow-up handling of the incident,Lu Hua said,At present, Beizhangzhuang has always lived in the city and township two-level work teams,There is no more leapfrog imitation。
The day after Peng Changyi sent a text message to Zhu Guoqing last time,Zhu Guoqing returned a message to Peng Changyi,He said:The incident has been properly resolved,The government and the people have reached a consensus to benefit from development,Please rest assured Secretary Peng。
This text message Peng Changyi has never been deleted from his mobile phone,The more he pondered, the more he felt Zhu Guoqing’s words were vague。“settle properly”,How did it solve it,What measures have been taken,How to appease the hearts of the people,He didn’t say。“The government and the people have reached a consensus to benefit from development”,This sentence is obviously as empty as the previous one。only“Please rest assured Secretary Peng”Substantive content,The subtext behind it is nothing more than,You learn yours,Don’t worry about family affairs。
Peng Changyi gets more funny the more he ponders,He can’t help but smile,I mean to laugh at myself,Ever since,Never asked about it directly。
Peng Changyi follows past practices,After he got home on the weekend,Did not meet with any city leaders,But came to Wang Jiadong’s house with two pots of tea。
Wang Jiadong is washing his teacup,Seems to have just left。Seeing Peng Changyi coming in,He said:“When did you come back?”
Peng Changyi said:“Of course it was last night,Don’t ask such a simple question in the future。I’ll be back at night,If there are no special circumstances,It must be the first day to see you。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“How do I know if you have any special circumstances?”
Peng Changyi said:“Most of the time not。”