Post-epidemic consumption policy: need to guard against consumer environmental risks in consumer replenishment

Post-epidemic consumption policy: need to guard against consumer environmental risks in consumer replenishment
□ Long Shaobo, the author of this article (Executive Deputy Dean of the China Institute of Economic Thought and Practice, Tsinghua University).Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, domestic consumption has shown a clear trend, and the total retail sales of consumer goods in January-February 2019 has shown -20.5% growth rate.With the end of the epidemic and the acceleration of the resumption of production and production, there will be obvious consumption replenishment and potential release, but there will be no so-called “revenge” consumption “overshoot”.In the post-epidemic consumption supplement and potential release, there may be a risk that the consumption environment will deteriorate in the short term and damage the rights and interests of consumers.Therefore, after the epidemic, it is necessary to use the consumption guidelines and supervision of the consumption policy, synergize with other policies and combine the supply and demand consumption policies, and jointly prevent the risk of deterioration of the consumption environment through the formation of policy synergies, thereby better promoting consumption replenishment and potential releaseGive full play to the “ballast stone” effect of consumption on the economy.1. The short-term adverse impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on consumption, and the press release of the joint prevention and control mechanism on March 18 on the promotion of consumption replenishment and potential release fully demonstrated the importance of the current promotion of consumption replenishment.According to the latest statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of consumer goods in this society in January-February 2020 has been growing continuously at -20.5%, a negative growth that is rare in history.Among them, except for grain and oil, Chinese and Western medicines, beverages and other daily necessities still maintained positive growth, other consumer goods have turned into a significant negative growth.It can be seen that affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, residents have significantly affected consumption due to isolation in the short term.Due to the important role of consumption in compressing the “ballast stone” in the national economy, the gradual expansion of consumption growth will certainly have an adverse effect on economic growth.According to the calculation that residents’ consumption accounts for about 40% of the economy, it will bring the economic growth rate from January to February to 0.8 averages.Second, after the epidemic, there will be a consumption “cover-up” instead of “reported resurgence” consumption “overshoot”. However, it can be expected that the end of the transformation of the epidemic and the gradual recovery of economic activities will cause a significant replenishment of residents’ consumptionIt is expected that consumption will return to the medium-high growth rate before the epidemic.In fact, after the end of SARS in 2003, there was a significant rebound in consumption, and the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods rose from 4 in May 2003.The lowest point of 3% rebounded to 9 in July 2003.8%, reaching the growth rate before SARS.According to this calculation, after the end of the new crown epidemic, the rate of growth of residents’ consumption will also be replenished to the level of 7% -8% before the epidemic, and there will be obvious consumption supplement and potential release.However, after the epidemic, there may not be a “revenge” consumption “overshoot” of more than 10% growth rate, which is essentially three: First, the change in consumption growth rate mainly depends on the change in residents’ income growth rate, and will not occur in the short term.The so-called large-scale “revenge” consumption “overshoot”.Consumption is a decision caused by factors such as consumer income, supply of consumer goods, and consumption environment, and its fundamental determinant is residents’ income.Empirical data shows that the growth rate of consumption changes in the same direction through changes in the growth rate of income.As China’s economy has shifted from high-speed growth to medium- and high-speed growth, the growth rate of residents ‘income and the growth rate of residents’ consumption have also dropped significantly to about 7% -8% before the epidemic.During the period of the epidemic, the short-term income of residents may be significantly affected by the wage cuts caused by the suspension of work and production.Second, some of the residents’ necessary consumption has immediate characteristics, and there will be no major “retaliatory” overshoot in the later period.For example, household food, oil, vegetables, fruits, fruits, meat and other foods and daily necessities during the epidemic will not be able to resume a large amount of consumption once in the early stage and will not rebound in the future.Third, new consumption patterns, new formats, and new scenarios have released some consumption, and this part will no longer retaliate.During the epidemic, some non-essential offline scene consumption has been basically satisfied through offline to online mode, and there is no need to report recurring consumption again.Therefore, the consumption of residents after the epidemic is more likely to show a “recovery” consumption rebound, rather than “revenge” consumption “overshoot”.Even so, the intensity and extent of the consumption rebound after the epidemic are very impressive.Due to the serious drop in consumption growth rate in the epidemic situation, the overall rebound in consumption after the epidemic situation may be caused (from -20.5% rose to 8%, which is equivalent to a range of nearly 30%).Moreover, the consumer replenishment field will mainly focus on construction and decoration materials (-30.5%), furniture (-33.5%), cars (-37%), gold and silver jewelry (-41.1%) and other large-scale durable consumer goods industries and catering (-43.1%), tourism and other service industries. These industries are the industries that are most explored under the influence of the epidemic. They are suppressed and frozen consumption. They are also the industries that have the largest follow-up consumption supplements and release of consumption potential.Third, there is a risk that the consumption environment will deteriorate in the short term after the epidemic. However, in the process of gap compensation and potential release in these industries, due to various factors, there may be short-term, aggravating consumption environment and damage to consumptionThe risks of the rights and interests of investors need special attention and prevention.First, the product supply chain problems brought about by the early domestic shutdown and anti-epidemic disease and the current spread of overseas epidemics may cause some products and services to have an imbalance in supply and demand, thereby causing unreasonable price increase and damaging consumer interests.Unlike SARS in 2003, New Coronary Pneumonia has already occurred in most countries around the world, and the external environment has an effect coefficient on its consumption.The supply of upstream components and raw materials for some of these products comes from abroad, and the production of anti-epidemic drugs has been gradually stopped in foreign countries and gradually entered into the supply of some consumer products, resulting in a certain degree of substitution.In the process of consumption replenishment, there may be unreasonable price increases by manufacturers in disguise and sales activities with sub-prime charges, thereby damaging consumers’ vital interests and deteriorating the consumption environment.Second, changes in consumer habits and expectations may increase the proportion of consumer complaints.During the anti-epidemic process, the people who were used to offline consumption turned to online consumption due to the limitations of the epidemic situation, so new consumption substitutions and new consumption habits were formed.Therefore, some online consumption habits of consumers after the epidemic continue to resume, and the proportion of online shopping consumption will increase significantly compared with that before the epidemic.Online shopping has always been a key area of consumer complaints, so it is necessary to focus on the damage to consumer rights caused by changes in the online shopping environment.Third, the closure, merger or transfer of some small companies in the epidemic may cause some complaints to be postponed and concentrated.During the epidemic, small companies in some industries may fail due to capital flow and product sales, mergers or transfers, and problems with products and services purchased by consumers are likely to occur after the end of the epidemic, thereby bringing consumersProblems such as difficulties in safeguarding rights protect the interests of consumers and deteriorate the consumption environment.Fourth, post-epidemic consumption policies need to form a joint force to prevent consumption environmental risks. Therefore, it is recommended that during the process of resuming production and production and for a period after the end of the epidemic, consumption policies need to pay special attention to the risk of temporary deterioration of the consumption environment that may exist in the process of consumer replenishmentIn particular, it is necessary to form synergy through consumption policies to maintain a good consumption environment, thereby better promoting consumption replenishment and potential release.First, make good use of the consumption guidance role of the consumption policy, and improve the consumption environment by strengthening market-level supervision.The highest, through higher frequency and timely release of data and cases of consumption environment monitoring, supervision, complaints, etc., so as to provide consumers with safe consumption guidelines for consumption.At the same time, strengthen the enforcement of the consumer environment, especially in the areas of online consumption and consumer replenishment, strengthen the inspection and enforcement of laws, severely crack down on infringement of consumer rights and interests, and purify the consumer environment.Second, it aims at synergy between consumption policies and other economic policies.For example, consumption policies need to be combined with industrial policies to work together to maintain the consumption environment.For the product problems caused by insufficient parts supply caused by overseas epidemic situation, industrial policies or reorganization are needed to overcome in the long run, but in the short term, industry regulatory self-discipline and market supervision departments are required to conduct sampling inspection and supervision of production substitution.As another example, in the resumption of production and production, the fiscal budget policy and monetary policy need to provide more financial and tax loan conditions for small and medium enterprises to overcome the difficulties, while the consumption policy needs a better geographical construction of business and consumption environment, so as to jointly reduce the factorsThe risk of loss of consumer rights and interests caused by the failure of an enterprise.Third, strengthen the combination of consumer supply policies and consumer demand policies.Under the conditions of epidemic control, the consumption supply policy provides residents with the necessary consumption supply venues, products and services by quickly promoting the resumption of production and business operations of commercial and trade enterprises, thus combining it with consumer demand policies that stimulate consumer demandGood release of consumer demand.Moreover, in areas where the epidemic prevention and control measures have improved significantly, it is necessary to encourage the opening rate of shopping malls, supermarkets, and chain stores, to take advantage of increased market supply, and a variety of consumer competition mechanisms to maintain reasonable consumer prices and protect consumer rights.Sauna Night Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Chen Diyan

[Eating ginger can remove moisture from the body]_How to eat ginger_How to eat ginger

[Eating ginger can remove moisture from the body]_How to eat ginger_How to eat ginger

Ginger is a very common seasoning in our lives. When making seasoning, putting some ginger in it will increase the flavor of the dish. Ginger is not only edible, it has a therapeutic effect, and it has certain medicinal value.Eating some ginger often can effectively remove the moisture in the body. Of course, the way to eat ginger is also particular. To achieve the desired effect, choose a method that suits your body.

Ginger Jujube and Blood Activating Tea Ginger Jujube and Blood Activating Tea can exert the effect of promoting blood circulation and moisturizing and is a very beneficial tea.

Its method is: after washing the red dates and ginger, the red dates are pitted and cut into small pieces, and the ginger does not need to be peeled and cut into filaments.

Prepare a few dried longan, put them in a kettle with red dates, ginger, and cook for about 20 minutes.

After cooking, pour the tea into a cup of brown sugar and serve without stirring.

Ginger milk lovers who drink milk, adding ginger to milk to make ginger milk also promotes dehumidification.

The practice of ginger hitting milk is: first peel the ginger and wash it, squeeze the juice and pour it into a cup for later use.

Pour pure milk into a milk pan, add sugar, and cook over medium heat.

When the boiled milk is allowed to cool to 70 or 80 degrees, it can be poured into a glass of ginger juice.

Pig’s foot ginger Pig’s foot ginger can be regarded as a gourmet. For friends who love pig feet, it is worth trying.

Its method is: first peel the ginger, wash it, pat it flat, then put it in the sun to dry it for use, cook an egg, peel the shell for use.

After the pig’s feet are depilated and cleaned, place them in boiling water and rinse them.

Before boiling the pan, fry the dried ginger with oil. When frying, you can add more salt. After frying, put the pig’s feet in the pan until the water in the pan is fried. Then mix the ingredients in the pan with the eggs.Pour into a casserole, add water, vinegar, star anise and other ingredients together, and cook for about an hour.

Cola Ginger Chicken Wings Cola Chicken Wings is a favorite of many friends. When making Cola Chicken Wings, adding ginger to it is even more delicious, and it can also benefit the body.

Cola ginger stuffed chicken wings: After the chicken wings are cleaned, use a fork to make small holes on the surface of the chicken wings, and then make a few cuts with a knife. Marinate the chicken wings with white wine and white vinegar for a few minutes.

Ginger is peeled and washed, cut into ginger, and raw soy, old soy, sugar.

Combine the salt into a spare.

When boiling the pan, first fry both sides of the chicken wings with oil until golden brown, then turn it aside, stir-fry the ginger with oil, stir-fry the aroma, pour the crucible and a can of cola into the pan, add the panCover and boil. After boiling, open the lid and collect the juice and serve.

Papaya Ginger Juice Papaya Ginger Juice is a dessert with simple methods and high nutritional value. It is ideal for quenching thirst and dampness in hot summer days.

The method of papaya ginger juice is: pick a fresh papaya, wash it, peel it, dig out the middle seeds and cut into small pieces.

Ginger is also peeled and washed, cut into small pieces, and poured into a juicer together with papaya to squeeze the juice and drink.

[Is instant noodles good for digestion]_harm_bad

[Is instant noodles good for digestion]_harm_bad

Instant noodles are the most popular for work and singles, because it is simple and easy to cook, and it is cheap and has a variety of flavors, which can meet the different tastes of different people.

However, the city is facing many and many rumors about instant noodles, saying that instant noodles are not easy to digest. In fact, instant noodles are easy to digest and are not as scary as the market says.

So today I will tell you in detail whether the instant noodles are digestible.


Instant noodles are easy to digest Instant noodles can be digested within 5 hours.

In fact, experts point out that from the perspective of food cost-effectiveness, a high-quality instant noodle product obviously exceeds hamburgers, quick-frozen dumplings, and other similar fast foods; from the nutritional balance of foods, instant noodles can also be steamed bread, rice and other traditional staples;From a perspective point of view, instant noodles with a brand reputation are also more secure than various stall meals or takeaway boxes.

The “junk food” label that had been pasted on a convenient surface was not only unsupported by evidence, it was an unscientific rumor.


Preservatives in instant noodles There are preservatives in instant noodles, brown tung oil in the sauce bag, and general instant noodles are fried foods.

These are all likely to cause cancer, but these are not heavy metals, which can be eliminated by liver metabolism, which will increase the burden of cholesterol, but generally do not accumulate a large amount of the body, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits containing vc foods can reduce harmful substances.


The danger of instant noodles is high fat: Because most instant noodles are dried by frying the instant noodles, the instant noodles are very high in fat, high fats are bad for the body, and still cause obesity.

High salt content: A bag of instant noodles contains 7 to 8 grams of salt. The recommended amount in China’s alternative guideline is 6 grams of salt a day, and a bag of instant noodles has a salt content of 7 to 8 grams. High salt can cause high blood pressure, especially on theAt a certain age, you must control the amount of salt absorbed.

Additives: If you make a bag of instant noodles, you will smell some good smells. In fact, there are additives such as big bone pig paste, which are very harmful to the body.

Polystyrene: The bowl composition of large bowl noodles is polystyrene. Polystyrene itself is not heat-resistant. When it encounters hot water, it is often mixed with soup and drunk into the stomach to condense on the stomach wall and cause indigestible food.

Frequent head massage is good for health

Frequent head massage is good for health

There are many nerve endings and tissues on the human scalp. Frequent massage and stimulation of these acupuncture points can greatly help people’s health.

When you work too hard, scratching your head will become clear-headed, let’s take a look at the steps of head massage with Xiaobian.

Hand-to-head massage: adjust skin secretion and eliminate fatigue. Specific operation method: palms inward, fingers open like scratching.

Close your eyes when grasping, your mind is calm and your body is relaxed.

Grab the hair from the forehead, from front to back, through the top of the head to the back hairline; then from back to front, cycle to replace.

When grasping, mainly use the threaded surface of the two little fingers for massage. The other fingers pass through the massage fingernails of the little finger to grasp the scalp, and the movement is gentle and gentle, so as not to damage the scalp.

If you focus on a certain acupoint on the head, focus your thoughts on this acupoint, and grab it during exhalation and stop when you inhale, so that the mind, qi, and shape (grasp rubbing) are all performed simultaneously, the effect is better.

Head massage 5 steps 1 、 Push the forehead first with the thumb or palm on the skin on the forehead of the two eyebrows, gently rub each hand to the left and right sides, and push it back to the center of the forehead.

Alternate hands, rub regularly, more than ten times.

The strength should not be too large, the skin on the forehead does not change to red.

2. Brush the top of the head. Then, put the ten fingers of your hands on the top of the head, and do a combing motion about 20 times from the front hairline along the top of the head to the back of the head. Then press the thumbs of both hands on the temples on the forehead, and the remaining four fingers.Hold the top of the head slightly apart, and use both hands at the same time to perform a linear massage from top to bottom and bottom to top for more than 10 times; finally, press the middle or index finger to hold the Baihui acupoint in the middle of the head and rotate it from light to heavy by pressing for more than 10 timesTimes.
3. Hoe your head, rub your hair roots, then bend your fingers with your hands and fingers to strike the head more than 10 times, then grasp the hair roots slightly, do the combing action from front to back, rub the entire head more than 10 times, or use a comb instead.

4, dry face rubbing with fingers or palms from the eyebrows to the chin and back and forth, if you want axial beauty, you should lift and massage from the bottom up.

Move slowly and rhythmically. Don’t jump fast and slow, evenly and moderately.

5. Tap the face doctor for a warm reminder. Head massage improves the elimination of fatigue, improves the nutritional status of the scalp, promotes metabolism, and regulates skin secretion. It has certain significance.

Get up early every day, do it once every day during lunch break and before going to bed, every 10 minutes or so.

Ear acupressure to lower blood pressure

Ear acupressure to lower blood pressure

Hypertension is a clinical syndrome mainly manifested by increased circulating arterial pressure, which is the most common cardiovascular disease.

  Chinese medicine believes that hypertension can be divided into several syndromes such as liver-yang hyperactivity, but in general, liver-yin deficiency and hyper-yang deficiency are common pathogenesis.

In addition to elevated blood pressure, patients often experience symptoms such as headache, dizziness, flushing, tinnitus, constipation, mouth pain, and other diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and fundus.

  The key measure to cope with high blood pressure is to “focus on prevention”.

The distal, auricular massage therapy has been proven to have a certain blood pressure stabilization effect.

Auricular massage therapy can prevent hypertension, has a good therapeutic effect on mild hypertension, and also has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on moderate and severe hypertension.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the ear is the gathering of the veins”, the twelve meridians are all connected to the ear, and when local viscera and parts of the human body occur locally, they can be reflected to the corresponding points of the auricle through the meridians.

Behind the ear there is a “back-ear groove”, which is located at the back of the auricle, and is a groove running diagonally from the top to the bottom.

Because it has the function of stabilizing blood pressure, it is also called “hypertension ditch”.

  Acupoints: blood pressure relief points, blood pressure points, liver points, kidney points, endocrine points, adrenal points, auricles, auricles.

  Massage method: Use the white tiger’s downhill technique (with the index finger or index finger of both hands and the middle finger’s abdomen, massaging the pressure relief groove of the back of both ears from top to bottom.

) Massage the pressure relief groove located on the back of the ear for 6 minutes, with a frequency of about 90 times per minute, with red heat as the degree; twist the ear wheel for 6 minutes, with a frequency of about 90 times per minute, focusing on twisting the tip of the ear; rub the ear forward, frequencyIt is about 120 times per minute; the other acupoints are treated with auricular pressure sticking Wang Wangliuzizi, and 3-4 acupoints are replaced every time, and the left and right ears are exchanged for treatment.

For patients with mild hypertension, oral administration can be taken twice a day in the morning and evening after pill application. For medium or severe patients, the number of interventions should be increased appropriately.

Thoroughly match the soles of Yongquan, rub the Yongquan for 5 minutes, and the frequency is about 180 times per minute.

  Special reminder: Hypertension patients should pay special attention to massaging the back of the ear and pressurize the root of the ear.

  In addition to auricular massage, patients with hypertension should also pay attention to: timely measurement of blood pressure, taking antihypertensive drugs according to doctor’s advice; diet control, weight control; limit salt intake; maintain optimism, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, regular life;Do aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, etc.

Breastfeeding aerobics gives your baby more natural nutrition

Breastfeeding aerobics gives your baby more natural nutrition

1 Slim against the side of the arm, raise both arms and gradually extend upward, then gently lower the arm.

Be careful not to lift your heels.


With both hands clenched into a fist, the left and right hands take turns to strike forward. When one hand is pulled back, the area around the breast will feel particularly urgent, which will help the milk flow smoothly.


Lift your arms horizontally to the left and right to form a line with your shoulders. Try to fix it without shaking, then swing your hands and neck joints.


Bend your left and right hands, put your left hand on the front waist, right hand on your back waist, lift your left arm and wave it backwards, then lift your right hand over your head and back, and repeat.

Famous doctors treating waist and leg pain

Famous doctors treating waist and leg pain

Shi Weizhi, born in 1917, is from Haimen, Jiangsu.

One of the eight majors in Shanghai Traumatology, the fifth generation of ancestral traumatologists, both internal medicine and surgery.

It is one of the first 500 old Chinese medicine practitioners announced by the State Council.

  Shi Weizhi believes that waist and leg pain is caused by labor injury, which leads to kidney Qi deficiency, external evils invade, wind, cold, wetness, stasis, and sputum. The evil of wind and cold bears the brunt.Hair cold syndrome.

This disease is similar to arthritis in modern medicine.

  According to the classification of Shi Shi, the disease is divided into acute phase and rehabilitation phase. The former should be distinguished as Fengsheng or Hansheng; and the kidney yang deficiency or kidney yin deficiency should be distinguished.

  The cold waist has severe pain, can not turn to the side, and has difficulty walking. When it is cold, it is severe, but when it gets hot, it has slow pulses and white fur.

Treatment of cold and pain relief, Huoxue Tongluo, available Di Longshu waist soup: 3 grams of ephedra, 9 grams of angelica, red peony, Chuanwu, frankincense, myrrh, weilingxian, Sichuan achyranthes, papaya 4.

5 grams, 6 grams of Guangdilong, 12 grams of tangle, powder of Panax notoginseng is not fried with other medicines, and it is sent down with the fried medicine solution).

  Fengbi-type low back pain or sore legs, uncomfortable swelling, unsteady walking, indefinite pain, unfavorable bending, lower limb numbness, walking weakness, floating pulse, white fur.

For the treatment of Shufengtongluo and Heyinghuoxue, Shufenghuoxue decoction can be used: Fangfeng, Duhuo, Qinyu, Chihu, Chuanxiong, Weilingxian, Wujiapi each4.

5 grams, 12 grams of self-protection, angelica, Sichuan achyranthes, mulberry parasite, Sichuan continued 9 grams each.

  Kidney-yang deficiency type waist and legs are weak, painful, especially after exertion, fatigue, shortness of breath, pale complexion, clear urine, light white fur, and weak pulse.

The source of remedy is tonify the kidney and strengthen the waist: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Angelica, Baiji, Eucommia ulmoides, Sweet Cistanche, Huai Achyranthes, Chuanxiong, 9 grams of dog ridge, Chuanxiong, Qinhuang, Millennium Jian, Living aloneEach 4.

5 grams.

  Kidney yin deficiency type is weak in waist and leg, fatigue, especially fatigue, flushing, dark circles, yellow urine, red tongue, and pulse.

For treating yin and strong water, you can use yin and healthy waist soup: Codonopsis chinensis, Astragalus membranaceus, Angelica, Angelica, Baiji, Lycium barbarum, Chuanxiong, Dog Ridge, Huai Achyranthes, Eucommia ulmoides, Chicken Blood Vine, 9 grams eachWei Lingxian and Qin Yuan each 4.

5 grams.
  Add the numbness of the lower extremities with the certificate, add 9 grams of geranium, Wei Lingxian, and Qin Wei 4 each.

5 grams; full back pain, and even the ribs, with fragrance attached 4.

5 grams, bergamot, turmeric 9 grams each, fennel 2.

4 grams; spleen and stomach fatigue, plus tangerine peel 4.

5 grams, grain germ, malt, ageratum, Pelan 9 grams each; Jiu Jiu, pain like acupuncture, dark red tongue, pulse astringent, armor tablets, Liu Jinu 9 grams each, whole scorpion 4.

5 grams, 1 stick.

  At the same time can be applied with external plaster, during treatment should be lying on a hard board.

  Ke Beisan external treatment of nocturnal sperm take 5 grams of white peony, 10 grams of gallic seeds, dry and grind them into fines, use vinegar and water to make dough into equal portions, apply navel (shenxi point) before going to bed, cover with gauze,Fix with plaster.

Change the dressing once a day for 3-5 days to get the effect.

  Opinion: The top is also called “Wubaisan”.

Chinese medicine believes that nocturnal emission is related to insufficiency of kidney qi. Galla gallica has strong astringency and can solidify kidney astringent essence. It is a commonly used drug for the treatment of nocturnal emission. Paeonia lactiflora is aromatic and strongly penetrating. Applying vinegar to the umbilical eye can help drug penetration.

It has been reported that “Wubaisan” is effective for spermatorrhea and vaginal discharge that are not solid.

  Egg white and white sugar are used to treat chronic laryngitis and 2 egg whites are dispersed. Add 50 grams of white sugar to dissolve.

Take it with a spoon, 1-2 spoons each time, 2-3 times a day.

  Opinion: Chronic laryngitis is similar to the “virtual fire throat paralysis” of traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment is mainly to nourish the lungs and kidneys, and to nourish the throat and throat.

Egg white can clear heat and detoxify, and can cure inflammation, redness, swelling and hot pain; white sugar moisturizes the lungs and promotes hydration, and Zhongyi spleen.

This prescription has a certain relief effect on chronic pharyngitis.

  Quit Smoking Quitting Chinese Herbal Medicine Quit Soup: 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 15 grams of Dilong, Polygala, 10 grams of Agastache, Mint, Licorice, 5 grams of ginseng, decoction, 1 dose daily, 5 times.
Chinese herbal medicine smoking cessation tea: 250 grams of Houttuynia cordata, water decoction for tea, decoction 1 morning and evening.
  Opinions: Houttuynia cordata can clear heat and detoxify; Dilongxie fever, analgesics, and annoyance; Polygala soothe the nerves, expel phlegm; Huoxiang soothes dampness and middle, relieves vomiting, mint clears the leader, improves throat;
The above two parties have a certain relief effect on the withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, palpitation, headache, phlegm and more after quitting smoking, and can be used as an aid to quit smoking.

Diverse men women meet

Diverse men women meet

Men who have a part of their career are most favored by women, but men who pay too much attention to fame and fortune, especially those who are born in the poor but who want to get ahead, often sacrifice their feelings, and choose those who can help them in terms of money, power and ability.Big hand women.

  The first: a very deep man.

  They always look inexplicably painful, cynical, and sinking and venting.

Such people can’t be touched because they live in the self-righteous and miserable world they created, love to die alive, but pursue an unreachable state, and if they leave, it will make women miserable.

They misled some of the girls who yearned for a thrilling love, however, this love was only a flash in the pan.

  The second: men who are overly pursuing career success.

  Men who have a part of their career are most favored by women, but men who pay too much attention to fame and fortune, especially those who are born in the poor but who want to get ahead, often sacrifice their feelings, and choose those who can help them in terms of money, power and ability.Big hand women.
This kind of man’s mate choice is often to pave the way for himself, not a true troubled partner.

  The third: the so-called “prodigal” man.

  They have vast friendships, are unruly, and don’t plan to face a woman all their lives.

But “men are not bad, women do not love”, too many unbelieving girls are eager to try and try to impress them with true love or innocence. This is just wishful thinking.

  First place: big male.

  They like to whimper, they don’t care about women, and they don’t care about women.

If such a person is so apparent, and you also love him, then please take care of the dignity of his big man; but if it is true in his bones, don’t love it.

  Fifth type: oily men.

  They talked sweetly, a lot of social rhetoric, falsely complimented every woman, shocked to get goosebumps, and felt no sense of sincerity.

However, many girls like this set, they are so confused and smug.

This kind of person usually entertains and entertains, business friends can also be okay, do not take their words too seriously.

  Sixth: Men with too many heterosexual friends.

  They care about every woman, just like a big brother.

Whether there is a true friendship between men and women remains to be explored, but if he treats every confidant or good sister, and a good friend does not take care of the responsibility, he will naturally have no time to take care of you.

The same is the villain, Wu Zhenyu’s Qiankun, Zhang Xueyou’s prince is not as good as the crow


The same is the villain, Wu Zhenyu’s Qiankun, Zhang Xueyou’s prince is not as good as the crow

Undoubtedly, the most attractive of a film and television drama is often a decent character.

However, the relatives are less constrained by the aura of positive-angled frames, but they are easier to play.

The anti-facture images in traditional TV dramas have also been various, some are heart-wrenching, some are extremely vicious, some are incomprehensible, others are very type.

For example, Liu Huaqiang in “Conquest”, Tianshengsheng in “The True Color of Men” and so on.


Liu Huaqiang – Among the actors in the interior of “Conquest”, Sun Honglei’s acting villain is absolutely first-class, and his Liu Huaqiang is already a classic in the classic.

This is a smart villain. First of all, it looks like a model from the appearance, and it has a strong anti-reconnaissance ability. It can be said to be brave.

It is clearly a TV drama that promotes justice, but many people are convinced by this villain, but it is a pity that Sun Honglei is now farther and farther on the road of teasing.


Qiankun – from “The Young and Dangerous People in the Rivers and Lakes” Many people are familiar with Wu Zhenyu, in the “Young and Dangerous People in the Rivers and Lakes”, he played the Qiankun is the anti-No.

The character of this villain is too swaying, arrogant and violent, full of evil spirits, with a little nervousness and small metamorphosis, but also always like to talk about the principle, the whole sentence is constantly, cold humor is endless.

Ironically, this burly figure was finally killed by a patrol officer.

Wu Zhenyu’s performance was extremely mad. He had to say that he played this role too well. Looking at the entire Hong Kong film scene, only Ren Dahua, Huang Qiusheng can control such a role.


Lei Yaoyang – from “The Battle of Young and Dangerous Invincible” Zhang Yaoyang played two villains in “The Young and Dangerous”, one of which is the one of the East Star Five Tigers, Lei Leihu Lei Yaoyang, this character and the crowZhang Yang’s external release is completely different.

Wearing a suit, Sven decent, extraordinary, self-seeing high, like to read the world famous and play the piano.

This villain is really not ordinary. The most important thing is that there is still learning, wine, listening to Mozart’s music, watching people fall from a height, this is a metamorphosis.

Only when he was alone, Hong Xing turned upside down, and he was constantly guilty. He was really afraid of rogues than you, and he was afraid of rogue culture.


Tian Yangsheng – from “Men’s True Color” is true. In fact, Wu Jing’s acting villain pointed out persuasiveness. The image of several villains in Hong Kong’s films in the past is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, such as the “Heart of the Man”.
This is a super robber. This is a mercenary who is born with a calm mind and an extraordinary skill. Even if he is an enemy three, the protagonists who fight are not able to fight back.

More importantly, he is still extremely crazy, there is no such thing as he dare not do, even the police station has to be a pot.

I have to say that this villain is too strong, and it is definitely the most versatile role Wu Jing has ever played.


Prince Edward – from the “Mingyue Zhaojian East” Prince first appeared in “Mingyue Zhaojian East”, Xiao Pingtou, sunglasses, silver pistol, it is too cool and too stylish, this shape is simply not too windy.

Obviously, it is a madman, killing people without blinking, but with deep love and love, this is also his most attractive and attractive place.

Originally, it was only a supporting role, but Zhang Xueyou’s original ecological performance was too exposed, and some people ignored the existence of the protagonist’s dawn.

Because the character was so popular, he later shot the prequel “The Legend of Prince” with his main character.


The crow – from “The Hands of the Young and Dangerous Hands to Cover the Sky” to say the most versatile villains, it is absolutely not a crow, the big gold chain open sweater, the yellow hair oblique bangs, is still a non-mainstream route.

And his character is also unconventional, arrogant, and unpredictable, with a little nervousness. Even the gangs who worship in the underworld are stepping on their feet, which is completely anti-black.

It can be said that this is Zhang Yaoyang’s most distinctive role. The scene of flipping the table is even more popular on the Internet. It is really unbearable to act as a villain.

Spring tonic Yipinghe

Spring tonic Yipinghe

When spring returns to the earth, everything is glory and vigorous, and it is the most active period of human physiology and metabolism.

At the same time, natural yang also began to rise.

In the face of such a beautiful spring, how should we “care for health”

What issues should you pay attention to?

  Spring is prone to dizziness, blood pressure fluctuations due to rising spring temperatures, the body’s telangiectasia, blood running to the surface, lack of blood supply to the brain, coupled with lack of sleep, long-term air-conditioned confined environment, etc.Symptoms of headache and dizziness.

  ”Because of the erratic weather in spring, it is easy to cause high blood pressure fluctuations in hypertensive patients. Some hypertensive patients may have cerebral thrombosis, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and symptoms of palpitation.

In addition, every transitional season, the warm and cold air is quite active and active, causing the weather to change, and when it is cold and hot.

People often get influenza because they don’t wear clothes in time.

Therefore, spring has become a season of disease-prone and contagious diseases.

  The tonic should be based on a peaceful medicated diet. Although the temperature has risen during this time, the spring rains, the weather occurs, the weather is warm and the climate is very unstable.

For those who have chronic diseases in their bodies or who are usually physically weak, in the process of changing seasons in winter and spring, due to increased consumption and uncertain climate, it is easy to relapse. In this case, appropriate supplementation should be carried out.

  ”But the spring tonic is completely different from the winter tonic.

Li Weilin said that the winter tonic is mainly based on cream, which is more nourishing. In the spring, it is not allowed to use winter warming herbs to avoid the increase of internal heat in the case of rising spring temperature and the rise of yang in the body.It is easy to hurt the human body.

  Spring tonic should be based on a peaceful diet.

It is advisable to adjust the food in general, such as chicken, eggs, lean pork, red dates and so on.

Pigeon soup, squid soup, yam soup, etc. are more suitable for spring health, which can improve the lazy body and even the physical strength.

However, for those who are obviously weak, they need to choose appropriate nourishing Chinese medicine to nurse, such as American ginseng, longan meat, Codonopsis, and Astragalus.

“The most important thing is that in the process of burning the pharmaceutical meal, we must pay attention to the uniform combination of the vegetarians in order to achieve the goal of balanced nutrition and better supplement the energy required by the human body.

Li Weilin said.

  Recommended one: radish ribs soup peeled and diced white radish, pour the ribs, kelp, radish and jujube into the pot, stew until the meat is off the bone to eat.

  Recommended reason: White radish is known as “small ginseng”, which can enhance the body’s immunity, has the effect of lowering blood fat, softening blood vessels, stabilizing blood pressure, clearing away heat and detoxification.

In addition, it also has the role of helping digestion. The old people often say that eating radish is the role of this, as well as the role of anti-cancer and anti-cancer, can be described as the king of nutrition.

The nutritional value of the ribs is also very high. In addition to protein, traces and vitamins, it also contains a large amount of calcium phosphate, collagen, bone mucin, etc., which can provide calcium for young children and the elderly.

At the same time, it also has the effect of nourishing yin and yang, benefiting essence and nourishing blood.

  Recommendation 2: Tianma Yutoutang cut the fish head in half, put it into the pot, fry the sides, add Chinese herbal medicine such as gastrodia, red dates, angelica and white peony, cover with water for one and a half hours, season with salt and taste.
  Recommended reason: Gastrodia elata has the benefits of qi and stun, analgesic liver, rheumatism, strong bones and equivalent.

Specialize in neurasthenia, dizziness, headache, Ning Shen Ding, Yiqi Yanggan, Lee waist and knee.

The fish head is tender and tender. In addition to protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, it also has collagen, which can enhance vitality and repair human tissue.

Tianma Yutoutang is especially suitable for women to nourish qi and blood. It has the effect of spleen and spleen, spleen and blood, and is also a health soup for middle-aged and elderly people.

  Recommended three: rock sugar pear water, cut the pear into small pieces into the pot, and pour the right amount of water, burn to the drum when the amount of rock sugar into the water, continue to heat a small fire.

This soup can be added with honey, fresh bamboo leaching, etc., and the cough effect is better.

  Recommended reason: “After the warming of the weather, the body’s significant amount of perspiration increased, and some hidden perspirations also increased, resulting in a lack of water.

Li Weilin introduced that rock sugar pear water can replenish water, as well as nourishing yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the stomach and promoting labor, and is suitable for chronic bronchitis, pertussis, chronic pharyngitis and other complications.