Cavaliers vs. Warriors Preview: Curiadu wants revenge

Cavaliers vs. Warriors Preview: Curiadu wants revenge
On January 17th, Beijing time, the Warriors (34 wins and 6 losses) will face the Cavaliers (29 wins and 10 losses) at home. This is the second time this season that the Western and Eastern Conference leaders have played this season.After the Christmas War was reversed by the Cavaliers, the Warriors will vow to complete revenge at home.But counting the last season’s finals, the Cavaliers have killed the Warriors in four consecutive games.Returning to the place to win the cup, James will certainly lead his king’s division to fight the enemy, hoping to shine again the champion!  At 9:00 am on January 17th, the Cavaliers vs. Warriors live address. The last match between the two sides was the Christmas War this season. The Warriors were reversed by the Cavaliers with 14 points ahead. Although they lost by only one point, they were reversed.The 4-game losing streak against the Cavaliers (counting last season’s finals) made the Warriors somewhat unacceptable.Even Curry, who always made sacrifices, repeated too few shots (11 times).  However, Sai Weng lost his wits. After this defeat, the Warriors made positive adjustments. Curry averaged more shots per game and averaged 29 points in January.2 points, compared with 20 last December.The performance of 9 points has improved too much, and the shooting rate has also increased from 42 in December.9% increased to 48 in January.5%.Durant averaged 24 matches in January with almost the same number of attempts.5 points increased to 26 in December.5 points.  The most important thing is that the time for the Warriors two big core arrows to play together increases, and the chemical reaction is much better.Statistics show that after the Christmas War, when the Warriors were on the field with Durant and Curry, they averaged 13 opponents per game.6 points, which ranks first in the NBA.Combined punches finally played the power of 1 + 1> 2, and the Warriors’ reforms had achieved initial results.In addition, the Warriors have been in good shape recently. Since losing to the Cavaliers in the Christmas War, they have won 7 of 8 battles. After fighting the Cavaliers, the Warriors have more capital and confidence.  Fighting the knight again, the warriors no longer need to mobilize. On the contrary, the warrior coach Cole is worried about the revenge of his disciples and will affect the state, and he has repeatedly relaxed and decompressed the disciples.In addition to giving the team a day off, Cole also played down the game with the Cavaliers, saying it was just a regular season game.However, the Warriors players are already fighting, waiting for the Cavaliers to fight.Durant called the Cavaliers an enemy, and called the matchup a playoff rating.In addition, this game is broadcast live in the United States, so the Warriors at home, even more want to find a face at home.  Can’t wait to rank with the Warriors, has beaten the Warriors Cavaliers for 4 consecutive games, and gradually became more calm.LeBron James said that while the two sides were not rivals, it was still more dangerous to praise the Warriors than in the past.  Although trying to dilute the tension before the game, but tactically, the Cavaliers are not idle.In the earliest last four games to win the Warriors, the Cavaliers have stated that they will follow the strategy of high-intensity confrontation against Curry and consume their physical strength.However, Curry is also prepared to respond, he said that the Warriors should allow him to use the ball to attack more, using pick-and-roll to create a misalignment or opportunity.  What is good for the Cavaliers is that the recently scored marksman Korver has also been integrated into the team.In the last game, Korver scored the team’s second-highest 18 points, giving the Cavaliers important help.In this way, the firepower of the knight, especially the outside firepower, will also be quite scary.This season, the Cavaliers averaged 33 three-pointers per game, second only to the Rockets, ranked second in the league, averaging 12 per game.Seven are also ranked second.And 38.A 5% three-point percentage made them third.Currently, LeBron James (37.8%), Love (38.5%), Irving (41%), Korver (36.4%), including Frye (44.6%) and Champert (38.3%) all have a big three-point threat, and the Cavaliers will not lose money against the warriors who shoot accurately.  Although the game with the Warriors was the Cavaliers’ sixth away game in 11 days, but after a three-day break from the last game, I believe that physical strength will not become an obstacle for the Cavaliers.Physical strength is no longer a problem, the errors of the Cavaliers invasion and the status of core players are also improving.In the last game, the Cavaliers defeated the King and ended a two-game losing streak. There were only 12 turnovers in the game, the second lowest in January.LeBron James only had 16 points in the last game, but his highest 15 assists this season helped the team out of the losing streak and helped Irving and Love improve their status.  The most obvious improvement in the state is Irving, who averaged 15 per game during the two-game losing streak.5 points, shooting rate is only 26.5%, but the last game won, Irving scored the team’s highest 26 points, hit rate increased to 45.5%.Carrefour averaged 14 in a two-game losing streak.5 points 8.5 rebounds, but scored 15 points in the last game and 18 highest this season.The left arm and right arm returned to normal levels, especially the improvement of Irving’s state in the recent warrior’s two hits on the key ball, which also gave Zhan Huang more confidence to fight the Warriors.  Expected double starters: Warriors: Curry, Clay Thompson, Durant, Green, Pachuliya Cavaliers: Irving, Champert, LeBron James, Love, Tristan Thompson

[How to drink black tea _ When to drink black tea]

Do you want to use any ring chains? You can also use it to get around the world. You can borrow them from all over the world. You can use the chain to do something like this. Do you want to do something for you?The chains are in a hurry, and they are in a negative position. They are very difficult to handle. They are very rugged, and they are very rough, and they are not so good.椂鍊欙紝涔熸槸璁茬┒鎶€宸х殑锛屽湪鎭板綋鐨勬椂闂村唴鍠濈孩鑼讹紝鎵嶅彲浠ュ皢绾㈣尪鐨勬晥鏋滃叏閮ㄩ兘鍙戞尌鍑烘潵锛屽鏋滃枬绾㈣尪鐨勮瘽锛屼粈涔堟椂鍊欏枬鏈€濂藉憿?绾㈣尪浠€涔堟椂鍊欏枬鏈€濂?绾㈣尪鍐叉场鏃堕棿璁茬┒涓€鑸潵璇达紝鑼跺彾缁嗗鍒欓渶瑕侀€傚綋缂╃煭娴告场鏃堕棿锛屾墍浠ュ皬绉嶇孩鑼剁殑娴告场鏃堕棿瑕佺煭浜庡ぇ鍙剁孩鑼跺婊囩孩绛夈€傚疄闄呬笂锛屽彧鏈夋櫘娲辫尪鎴栭粦鑼堕渶瑕佸ソ鍑犲垎閽熺殑娴告场鏃堕棿锛岀孩鑼剁殑娴告场鏃堕棿鏈€闀夸笉鑳借秴杩?鍒嗛挓锛屼竴鑸湪30绉掑埌2鍒嗛挓涔嬮棿锛屽紑濮嬪啿娉℃椂鏃堕棿瑕佺煭锛岃€屽悗鍑犳场鍒欐椂闂翠緷娆″欢闀裤€傜孩鑼惰尪姹ゆ斁缃椂闂磋绌剁孩鑼舵场鍑烘潵鍚庝笉閫傚疁鏀剧疆鏃堕棿杩囬暱锛屾斁缃椂闂磋繃闀垮氨浼氫娇鍏惰惀鍏诲惈閲忛檷浣庛€備細缂哄け绾㈣尪涓瘜鍚殑閿屻€侀挋銆侀晛绛夊井閲忓厓绱犮€傚枬绾㈣尪鐨勬椂闂磋绌剁孩鑼舵槸缁忚繃鍙戦叺鐑樺煿鍒朵綔鑰屾垚鐨勶紝鐩告瘮缁胯尪涓惈鏈夌殑鑼跺閰氬氨瑕佸皯寰堝浜嗐€傛墍浠ュ鏋滄槸鍦ㄩキ鍓嶅枬绾㈣尪锛屼笉浠呬笉浼氬奖鍝嶄激瀹冲埌鎴戜滑鐨勮偁鑳冿紝鍙嶈€岃兘澶熷緢濂界殑淇濇姢鑲犺儍锛屽悓鏃惰繕鑳藉璧峰埌娑堢値绛夌瓑鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€備笉杩囧湪楗  楠 楗  戗 勫 幫 Kun Juan  璞 淞 貺 貺 貺 貺 貂 沂 沶 濂 鏮 珮  笉 笸 枬 Gong 鮴 阆垮厤瀵硅偁鑳冮€犳垚褰卞搷銆傜孩鑼跺浜庡鍔犺偁鑳冭爼鍔ㄣ€佷績杩涙秷鍖栧叿鏈夊緢濂界殑浣滅敤锛屽苟涓旇繕鑳藉璧峰埌寰堝ソ鐨勫噺鑲ヤ綔鐢ㄣ€備絾鏄渶濂藉湪楗墠鎴栬€呮槸楗悗涓€涓皬鏃跺枬绾㈣尪锛岃繖鏍疯兘澶熷緢濂界殑淇冭繘娑堝寲銆佸鍔犻娆层€傚枬绾㈣尪鐨勫鑺傝绌朵腑鍖绘柟闈㈣涓猴紝绾㈣尪鎬ф俯鍜岋紝鍏锋湁鏆栬儍鐨勪綔鐢紝鎵€浠ュ枬绾㈣尪鏈€濂界殑瀛h妭搴旇鏄湪鍐銆備腑鍖讳笂涔The monkey’s eyes are squeezed, the monkeys are stunned, the monkeys are stunned, the guys are stunned, the guys are stunned, the guys are stunned, the guys are stunned姘斿瘨鍐凤紝鎵€浠ヤ汉浣撲腑鐨勭敓鐞嗗姛鑳藉氨浼氬嚭鐜板噺閫€鐨勬儏鍐碉紝鐢变簬闃虫皵鍑忓急锛屾墍浠ュ 瘨 闾  鏄 揿 揆 渚 渜 渜  殑 菑 叴 唴 銆 傜 傜 傜 鍜 卜 卋 獏 鍏 鍏 鳏 湜The whole world, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, the Chinese people, and the Chinese people.铔嬬櫧璐ㄥ拰绯栧垎瀵逛簬澧炲姞浜轰綋鎶垫姉瀵掑喎銆佹殩鑳冧績杩涙秷鍖栨湁鐫€寰堝ソ鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?

[Efficacy and role of sesame soy milk]_Benefit_Prerequisite


[Difference between oil and noodles]_No oil between noodles_difference

[Difference between oil and noodles]_No oil between noodles_difference

Everyone should have eaten noodles. We can also eat noodles at home, but we need to make noodles on our own. Some noodles are particular about it. Some people like to put oil and noodles. Some people like not to put oil.There is a certain difference between the two methods of noodles, but there are still many people who don’t know their specific differences. What is the difference between putting noodles in oil and not putting them in oil?

Lard is added during noodles, mainly because lard has the unique effect of emulsifying and shortening.

When noodles are mixed, the grease and flour are thoroughly rubbed, which enlarges the residue of the fat, so that the fat is evenly wrapped around the flour grains. The surface tension of the fat causes the flour to stick together. Because there is no moisture, the gluten network cannot be formed.The dough is relatively loose and crispy.

Method: lard and noodles, first melt the lard into a liquid, put the noodles on a chopping board, put the noodles into a concave shape with four sides high and the middle low, and then slowly pour the melted lard into the concave surface and mix while pouring, When the humidity is reached, try to stir and knead until the surface is soft and does not stick to your hands. Hold it, grab it, and let it loose.

1. Lard is a kind of saturated higher fatty acid glyceride, which does not contain carbon-carbon double bonds in the molecule, so it cannot discolor bromine water, and it cannot discolor acid potassium permanganate solution.

2. Lard belongs to the “fat” in fats and is a white or light yellow solid at room temperature.

3. The adult will solidify into a white solid oil at low room temperature.

The melting point of lard is 28 ℃?
48 ° C.

Known in the West as Aunt Pig.

Lard has a white or yellowish white color and has a special flavor of lard, which is very popular.

Many people think that stir fry is not fragrant without lard.

Method of making noodles: noodles, skins are filled with dough without fermentation.

This kind of noodles, commonly known as “dead noodles”, is rich in inherent and elastic, and it bites when eaten.

The semi-finished products made from “dead noodles” can be steamed, boiled, or branded.

The methods for preparing “dead noodles” such as noodles, dumpling skins, and coriander skins are as follows: 1. Mix 500 grams of flour with cold water and 250 grams of water.

When mixing noodles, if you find that the noodles are weak, sticky, and easily broken, you can mix a small amount of water in the noodles to adjust the viscosity and increase the elasticity of the noodles.

The finished product made from this kind of surface is white in color and good in taste.

2. Use boiling water and noodles to boil the resulting noodles, that is, hot noodles and hot noodles.

When mixing noodles, boil more than 5% of the flour with boiling water.

Generally, 500 grams of flour is added with about 350 grams of boiling water. The extension of water should be carried out in several times, and the amount of water must be controlled.

Foods such as steamed dumplings made from hot noodles are soft and delicate.

Adding salt when mixing noodles can provide a certain ion concentration, which can improve the opening or binding of protein or starch molecules, thereby affecting the formation of gluten and improving the operating characteristics of dough.

Salt can change the physical properties of gluten, increase its ability to absorb water, condition and stabilize the gluten effect, change the slippery toughness without breaking, and increase the gloss and toughness of the noodles as a result of the increase in gluten strength by salt, making the mouth closed.

Obvious child: love and discipline go hand in hand

Obvious child: love and discipline go hand in hand

New teachers often hear the refusal: “Education of love is unrealistic. I implemented displacement. As a result, the students did not listen, and the classroom order was often chaotic.

“After a thorough understanding, I discovered that these new teachers mistakenly regarded” discipline “as” deviation “, so the implementation of” education of love “cannot implement discipline.

In fact, not only new teachers, but too many parents also see discipline as suspicion.

  Feeling the feelings of children Children are not inherently aware of right and wrong. Concepts of right and wrong must be understood through parental instruction. Discipline is to help children establish behavioral standards and standards.

Parents want their children to follow the rules, but the rules are set by adults, and children do not know why this can be done or not.

  Parents must stop the child ‘s behavior when they break the rules, and tell him that this is wrong, but there is no need to anger or even punish the child.

Attacking a child will give the child such a message: a bigger one can fight a smaller one, and aggression is a means.

  Too many of the most aggressive children in kindergarten come from families who are disciplined through scolding.

If you think about your experience of being discriminated against as a child, few people think it is good.

If parents can feel the feelings of their children, they will not doubt their children.

  Understanding Children’s Characteristics Interacting with children To discipline children, first understand their development and abilities.

Children of every age have some common characteristics and abilities in their development.

Parents should discipline their children according to their development and ability, and set standards for behavioral requirements. Don’t ask children by adult standards.

  For example, a child who has just learned to walk, but is not very stable, and requires him to urinate in a designated place as soon as he wants to urinate, such a requirement is too severe, and it may bring unbearable stress to the child.

Another example is the child who starts to walk. The need for independence increases rapidly. However, every decision is a big deal for him. However, it has extremely strong emotional changes. Sometimes he suddenly loses his temper because of too much stimulation.Especially when visiting in public or at home.

  If parents know that children of this age have such characteristics, they will not be inexplicably or even embarrassed by the child’s sudden tantrums. Instead, they can try to understand the reasons for the child’s tantrums and deal with them in a more peaceful mannerThis situation.

Although children of the same age have developmental similarities, there are individual differences among children of the same age.

Therefore, when parents treat different children, they must first understand him, and then interact with the children according to their characteristics.

  There must be principles and consistent and consistent attitudes to children’s behavior requirements.

Sometimes, children will test the requirements of their parents. For example, when the child first climbs to the TV and looks back at you, immediately lead him away to let him know that such behavior is not allowed.

When he does this for the second time, his parents must do the same as before, otherwise the child will feel a little confused.

  Your child’s memory is short-lived. If you have warned you, you may repeat it. Parents must be patient and keep reminding. Do n’t think that you have said it once or twice, and your child will remember it firmly.

Definitely set the scale of behavior, let the children accept digestion and become his code of conduct.

This will take years of work to complete step by step, so parents must be patient and not rush.

  Regarding the child’s self-esteem When disciplined, the child’s self-esteem must also be taken into account. It is best to deal with the child’s improper behavior in a place where no one else is, especially not in public.

Only when parents respect their children can they develop self-esteem.

Punish your child in public, regardless of other people’s eyes, and your child will feel that their parents do not respect themselves. This makes it difficult for them to develop self-esteem.

A child without self-esteem will not know to respect others.

  The true meaning of discipline children is to make children become independent mature individuals.

Sometimes the parents scold the child, and maybe even the child, because the child does not comply with their own requirements. The parents deeply feel that their authority has been challenged. The parents should always check whether their requirements for the child are reasonable, rather than just asking the child to obey.

  Do n’t forbid children from exploring outside. Children are full of curiosity about the world around them. Curiosity drives them to constantly explore the world around them and use the sense organs to understand the world around them, but they often do n’t realize the hidden dangers.

When young children see something, they pick it up, knock it, beat it, or even bite it.

Therefore, valuable or dangerous items in the home should be kept out of the reach of children.

Minimize any factors in the environment that could have dangerous consequences to prevent harm to your child.

But parents should not forbid their children from exploring the outside world, because this is how they know the outside world, but they should always pay attention to their behavior and stop immediately when they see that their behavior may cause danger.

  Deal with children’s behavior problems with good countermeasures. Establish behavioral standards and restrictions. In addition to understanding the characteristics of children, parents also need to have good countermeasures to deal with children’s behavioral problems in order to help children establish behavioral standards and restrictions.

For example, when a child sees a toy in a shopping mall, they cry and want to buy it. Some parents will quickly buy it to coax the child. As a result, the child will use this behavior to coax his parents.

Some parents blamed their children, seriously hurting their self-esteem.  The better strategy to deal with when a child is crying is to hold the child to a quiet place, let him vent his unpleasant emotions, and then tell the child that something is wrong, or leave the child’s sight, the child looksUntil the parents usually stop crying immediately.

  Experts’ suggestions to let children know that parents love her children need parental care, but also parental discipline.

What the child is most afraid of is that his parents don’t love him well, discipline his children, and don’t be afraid to take back his parents’ love.

To deal with a child’s inappropriate behavior, you must let the child know that the parents still love him, but it is acceptable to take back love as a threat.

  Give your child more hugs. Younger children especially need physical contact with their parents. Give them a hug, let them know that their parents love him, and let them know that they care about him.

  Love and discipline can go hand in hand. Children need to be nourished by love in order to grow up healthily. Proper disciplinary behaviors are good for children. There needs to be discipline in love. Love and discipline can go hand in hand.

I hope that every child can grow up in love and learn to regulate his behavior in proper discipline.

One Fresh Tip in the Workplace

“One Fresh Tip” in the Workplace

A trick, eat all over the sky.

Li Xunhuan’s novels only relied on the sword for decades.
People have me, people have me, they have long skills, and they are rare talents everywhere.
In today’s fierce workplace competition, what is your most powerful weapon?
    Sales skills, professional skills, network resources . Do you have your own “one trick”?
How did you temper and strengthen this trick?
    1 Smart people “eat by their own skills” Xiaoman (clerk) The easiest, most practical, and easiest way to learn is “obedient”.
    Obedient children are flattering.
This is an eternal truth.
In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Qingwen is more beautiful and capable than others, so she can make up for difficult clothes.
At first, Bao Yu liked her better than others, but her temper was too bad, her mouth was not forgiving, it offended people, and she died badly.
And obedient, well-behaved, glutinous rice dumplings have the same good temper, and they got Mrs. Wang’s attention.
Lin Daiyu is the granddaughter of the old lady’s uncle.
The relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter is just beginning to enjoy the same treatment as Baoyu.
How could Xue Baozhen compare with her, she was only the daughter of Madam Wang’s sister.
But Bao girl is more obedient.
When eating, try to choose the sweet and soft dishes that the old lady likes, and when watching the show, try to choose the lively scenes that the old lady likes.
Mrs. Wang’s girl fell into the well. She didn’t mind taking her clothes to the dead, and was more obedient and sensible.
And Dai Yu, with her small eyes and old-fashioned spirit, made people dare not talk to her, and eventually lost her advantage.
    Now, look at the school, there are more student cadres and women than men, because girls are good, teachers like.
If women do not have children, I bet there will be more women cadres than men.
Which leader likes the “scalp” of the scalp.
    But to be effective, obedience is not enough.
You also need to learn to hear out-of-talk voices, and learn to understand what the leader didn’t say, but kept in mind.
For example, leading children ‘s academic performance is not very good, but if he wants to enter a good school, how can he be embarrassed to speak, at most he sighs: If only he could enter a certain school.
At this time, someone understood it and helped him through the levels.
You said, can the leader be jealous of him?
    Such “one fresh move” plainly is a flatterer.
The flattering is actually very boring, at least you must first twist your soul.
Like Xue Baodi, he clearly does not like to eat sweet and soft, but also try to figure out the meaning of the old lady, pick sweet and soft.
Leaders like to sing karaoke, “out” is inexhaustible, and they also sing a broken song that gets rid of dregs, and also sings wildly, but the leader likes it!
Can arrange for leaders to sing, and always insist on listening and singing, and the level of singing is worse than that of leaders to show the meaning of green leaves lined with safflowers. After the leader sings well, they must take the lead to applaud and yell, “Good!
“It is impossible for the soul not to twist.
    Slap the horse, try to figure out the meaning of the leader, “think for the leader everywhere.”
But one person did the opposite, and her “one trick” was to think for herself.
This person is the flight attendant of an airline.
On one occasion, her flight flew to a place in the north late at night. As soon as she opened the cabin and saw the snow on the gangway, she immediately stopped the passengers, so don’t hurry.
She and several flight attendants took out the blankets and laid them on the ramp before letting the passengers down.Later, passengers and companies praised her for her good work and good service.

She told me afterwards that she was doing it for her own sake.

If she did n’t lay a blanket, she would have to accompany the passenger to see the doctor at least if she fell, and she would write a fact sheet to the company, so that she would have to toss at least until three or four in the morning.

So it is better to be tired ahead and save a lot of things later.

    Lame, at best it’s little clever.

Xue Baoyu tried his best to get Jia Baoyu, but Baoyu didn’t love her and tried his best.

“A fresh move” like the flight attendant is really smart.

So smart people firmly believe that “losing money is cheap”-God will not make people always lose money, and there will always be rewards for giving; smart people firmly believe that “eating by their own skills”-the same job is better than others, the company cannot have such employees,So wise leaders value such people.

Please note that it is wise leadership.

If the leader is faint and incompetent, and he is relying on flattery, then you want to get ahead, please twist your soul.

    2 “Do n’t eat real people” Johnny (Director) received a joke message yesterday: “A cannibal went to the restaurant to work, the manager repeatedly explained that he couldn’t eat colleagues, he agreed.

After a few days, he couldn’t help but stole a cleaner and was discovered immediately.

The insight is: don’t eat people who really do things.

“It’s a must!

    Last year, the economy was in a recession, and our company was in a slump. Poor orders were too small to support them, and layoffs were inevitable.

For a while everyone was in danger, everyone was guessing “who will be invited into the office by the boss”, and at the same time, secretly prayed for themselves.

This is a private company. It ‘s up to the boss to decide who will stay with them. When everyone talks about it, they always comfort each other on the surface: “Amy, you ‘re definitely okay, you know the famous brands and accompany the boss wife every day逛‘金三角’,隔三差五还让飞行员老公代购,帮她省下的钱比你工资都高了,老板娘耳边风一吹,老板怎么舍得炒你?Isn’t this a problem with your wallet!

“David, the boss is also indispensable to you. You have a car all over the company. The boss has to rely on your friendship to sponsor him if he runs a long way. If the weather is bad and you have a lot of entertainment, you have to call you for help.If you seek another job, the boss even has to find someone to take over your job, and you have to pay for a car and a driver. How can he be so smart as to be so accountable!

“A” Amy, David, you don’t have to worry about it, it must be me who was cut first!

One did not have a prominent background to pick up business, two did not have a turtle diploma to support the boss’s face, three did not look good, only knew that he was working stupidly.

My boss has never bothered to talk to me except for a bunch of hard work, and this time he must have killed me first.

“Look, everybody has different abilities.

Some can handle the private affairs of the boss, some can do more than one professional, and some can handle the incurable diseases that others can’t do well. Without their own “three axes”, how can they be mixed in the workplace that is not immediately accessible?

Sure enough, the last fired was a mediocre female colleague who relied on adding a caring side dish to everyone every day in exchange for a good person.

This lady loves cooking. When she sees that the food menu in the cafeteria of the company’s business building is boring, she brings over a box of dishes every day, sometimes chestnut roasted chicken, sometimes taro stewed duck, and becomes the “god god” in the company.

When the economy is good, “beautiful chef” is indeed indispensable. However, when people are in trouble, the employees who can only cook vegetables may be the most surplus.

    Therefore, everyone and each enterprise must have their own competitiveness, and ensure that core competitiveness is highly related to the goal of struggle.

    For example, Chengdu girl You Xiaoyu first launched the online purchase of socks alone. Customers can wear and mix different styles on their feet. In two years, she opened 7 chain stores in Chengdu and rushed for more than 500,000 yuan in gold.From the export to the network for domestic sales, I saw that online shoppers are very sensitive to prices, and can quickly find the lowest price through searching, and then use the nirvana-“the lowest price in history” 1.

The 6-meter-high teddy bear costs 128 yuan nationwide, which is one to two hundred yuan lower than the original market average price. It quickly gained word of mouth. At present, its online store has an average monthly total of 200 million; Starbucks is the first to offer it in domestic coffee chains.Free wireless Internet access. Customers with a mobile phone in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai stores can receive a password message sent by China Mobile. The Internet is free for unlimited time, which is very pleasing to business travelers.

No wonder one of my friends working at Starbucks said that he has half a day of “coffee office hours” every week. He always brings a notebook and orders a cup of employee welfare coffee in the store. In the relaxed access of the store, the boring work seems to have becomeIt tastes like coffee.

    In the past, we often said that if we study mathematics and physics well, we will not be afraid to travel around the world.

Now, of course, good mathematics, physics, and chemistry are not enough. The key is to have a new trick. With this “talisman”, even if the boss is occasionally killed by mistake, there is nothing to worry about.

  3I am the company’s “chief writer” Xiao Xuan (company finance) who can’t write?

But IMHO, there are a lot of fast typing experts, and very few employees have good writing skills.

Even the secretary, editor, and editor who eat the text often do not dare to compliment.

    I practiced calligraphy for a few days when I was young, and later learned Pang Zhonghua’s pen characters.

I don’t know if it’s talent or interest. My calligraphy and hard calligraphy are beautiful.

Although I haven’t won a prize, from school to work, my words are written fast and stand out.
The extra good words make me feel too much light in my job search and work.
    During the recruitment interview, the examiner suddenly asked me what specialties I had?

I replied: My words are well written, and the words on the cover of the cover letter are all handwritten.

Seeing that the examiner looked at my words and nodded slightly, I knew that my interview had “extra points”.

Sure enough, I was hired.

I guess my calligraphy must be a factor.

    I don’t need to write many words for my job, but my calligraphy ability is still fully utilized.

Several companies jointly held a party at a time. When sharing the project, our company took the initiative to ask for a guessing activity.

I do n’t know if someone has my card in my hand, or if I want to keep it secret or in a hurry, my boss called me and said that although the riddle can be printed with a computer, it is worse than handwriting to rewrite the artistry, and the speed of handwriting is also fast.

From the afternoon to the evening, I wrote more than 100 riddle notes and pasted them on the rope.

    Everyone had a good time at the party and praised my writing well.

I’m also famous, my boss smiled for his company’s appearance, and the next day he said that he would have to pay me overtime and reward me at the end of the year.

The last promise was fulfilled. When I counted the red envelopes, I didn’t tell the truth.

    Able people should do more work.

Although I’m not a secretary, I usually write large notices, notices, or banners with large characters. Computers can’t print them. It’s very convenient for me to write them by hand, and it’s “preferred.”

Therefore, the writing brush and ink in my main shaft are always available. Even if the computer can do it, such as sending invitations to customers to open the door, most of them still ask me to write by hand.

Of course, I will not shirk this labor, I understand the principle of “things are rare and precious.”

The specialty of writing is not new, but it is often used and indispensable.

After continuous enhancements, I replaced part of the “Chief Writer” in the company.

    As for my professional business, I am no worse than others.

However, in units where few people can write good characters, with the “new trick” of writing, it not only gains the favor of his head and his assistants, but also plays an important role in consolidating a part of my company.

Moreover, sometimes there are additional “labor charges”!

    4 “Learning dog barking is more like others” Liu Qishun (Editor of the Enterprise Newspaper) Pharaoh is an old colleague of mine. He taught his children and grandchildren a famous saying: “Learning dog barking is better than others.”

Unfortunately, Pharaoh is not a celebrity. Otherwise, his words may really be “celebrity quotes”.

    When Lao Wang was still Xiao Wang, middle school graduates had to settle in line.

If you don’t want to leave Shanghai, or stay away from the farm work even if you go to settle down in the field, you must have a trick.

At that time, if you could listen to the song with a gentle voice and dance lightly, you might be able to be recruited into the army’s propaganda team. Of course, you must be a “red five”; if you can write a good handYou can draw a good picture, maybe you can copy the posters and draw the bulletin board like Li Lin as a broadcaster in the TV series “The Years of Red Beauty”.

    Pharaoh has no good voice and no talent for drawing.

Fortunately, in the “useless theory of reading”, he not only peeked a lot of poisonous weeds known as “Feng Zixiu”, but also took the world by storm, and “stolen” many copies of “Feng Zixiu” poisonous weeds for browsing.
So when the great man advocated reading “Dream of Red Mansions”, he could blurt out “Jinling Twelve”; when the great man proposed to criticize Song Jiang, he talked with interest to others about Lin Chong Ye Ben, Wu Song killing crickets, and the people listened enthusiastically.Drunk; when the civilians couldn’t understand what the “Confucianism and Legalism Struggle” was, he told some young people the “History of China”, from the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties, to the Qing Dynasty . In this era, when there was almost no culture,Wherever he goes, he is a “talent.”

    He said that by virtue of a bald pen (this is his modesty), he wrote many theoretical articles in the newspaper at that time, and more of them were scientific sketches, which made it easier for him to be a “talent” in the factory.

    He said that with this move, he slowly rose to the position of office director and was seconded to the company and bureau.

This trick is nothing at present, and at that time, especially in the age when the 69th junior high school graduates would not even calculate the addition and subtraction of scores, Pharaoh, then was still a king, you can use advanced mathematics to findThe calculated method was calculated.

Naturally, it can also be regarded as “people have me” and “people have me”.

    Pharaoh said, of course, he only took the office director after crushing the Gang of Four.

However, opportunities are always favored by those who have the ability, because at that time Xiao Wang did “learn how to bark better than others”, so he had this opportunity.

    Pharaoh repeatedly educated his son with this famous saying, and now his son has also become the technical backbone of foreign companies.

Even when learning a foreign language, learn a small language more than others.

  Pharaoh said that this famous saying will be the “prince’s house motto” of his Pharaoh’s family, passed down from generation to generation, to ensure that future generations will not suffer in the workplace.

Do you know these benefits of eating blueberries

Do you know these benefits of eating blueberries

Blueberries are a delicious and extremely healthy fruit. Blueberries have a variety of nutritional ingredients, such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc., which have great benefits to the human body, can antioxidant, enhance immunity, and protect the health of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascularand many more.

So what are the specific benefits of eating blueberries?

  Enhance immunity: Studies have found that blueberries contain far more antioxidants than other fresh vegetables and fruits.

Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals in the body and strengthen the immune system.

  Eye protection: rich in amino acids, trace elements, anthocyanins have good effects on eye diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

  Cosmetic effect: Anthocyanins in blueberries have strong antioxidant properties, can fight free radicals, delay aging, and prevent degenerative changes in cells.

  Weight loss effect: The polyphenols in blueberries have a good effect on the decomposition of adults.

  Initial intestine: Possible polyphenols in blueberries can break down trace amounts in the abdomen and help control weight.

In addition, blueberries are low in trace amounts and do not cause weight gain.

  Improve brainpower: dried blueberries as snacks can improve brain vitality.

A new study finds that possible flavonoids in blueberries can reduce senile memory decline.

  Antithrombotic effect: Anthocyanins in blueberries have a certain effect on preventing platelet coagulation and arteriosclerosis.

  Heart Health: Blueberries contain ingredients that help to dilate blood vessels, as well as reduce blood clots and cardiovascular risk.

Studies have found that eating more than five servings of blueberries per week can reduce the risk of harm.

  Correct constipation: 1 cup of fresh blueberries contains about 4 grams of expected fiber, which is 14% of the expected daily fiber intake.

Carbon dioxide in blueberries is estimated to promote interference with peristalsis and constipation.

  Lower blood sugar: Eating blueberries for people with diabetes can help regulate blood sugar levels.

Eating 5 servings of low glycemic index fruits such as blueberries per week and sticking to it for two months can significantly improve blood glucose regulation.

  Relief effect of uremia: Trace elements caused in blueberries have a certain relief effect on uremia and kidney disease.

Pueraria powder porridge-previous rice-hypertension

Pueraria powder porridge-previous rice-hypertension

[Raw materials]30 grams of kudzu powder, 100 grams of previous rice.

  [Practice]First soak the rice overnight, put it into the casserole with pueraria powder, add 600 grams of water, and cook over low heat until the rice porridge is thick.

  [Usage]Serve warm and free.

  [Function]Published muscle-relieving, clearing away heat and annoyance, promoting hydration and quenching thirst, rash through diarrhea, reducing blood pressure.

Applicable to hypertension, coronary heart disease, senile diabetes, chronic spleen deficiency and diarrhea, summer thirst and drink more.

  [Remarks]Pueraria also has a blood pressure lowering, blood glucose lowering effect, high blood pressure, and diabetes patients can take it for a long time.

  The domestic cooking technology pays attention to color, fragrance and taste, as well as cooking pharmaceutical meals.

The medicated diet should not only redistribute nutrition and effective ingredients, but also fully color, flavor, taste and shape of delicious food.

Medicinal diet cooking should mainly maintain the original flavor characteristics of food and medicinal materials, so that the sexual flavor of food and medicinal materials are closely combined, and supplemented with appropriate supplements to transform, so that it can not only play a health and therapeutic role, but also have good colorFragrance, taste and shape can stimulate appetite.

The food, medicinal herbs and auxiliary materials used in medicinal diets must be selected, clean, fresh, positive, beautiful, high quality, and processed as necessary.

In addition to general cooking techniques, you must also master the special requirements of medicated cooking, such as the method of decoction and juice extraction, stewing, frying, boiling, and the heat of a pot.

How to increase breasts for women

How to increase breasts for women

Breast enhancement is a thing many female friends want.

Traditional Chinese medicine porridge makes your dreams of breast enhancement come true. The magical effects of traditional Chinese medicine are inaccessible to many medical scientists, and they do not understand the magic of traditional Chinese medicine.Through the conditioning of breast enhancement medicine porridge, it can also help the vast number of beautiful women to realize their beautiful dreams and change the gray image of “Princess Taiping” in the past.

  Five effective Chinese medicine meals for breast enhancement: 500 grams of anchovy simmered fish soup, 10 grams of schisandra, wash schisandra, boil water to remove residue, and then add the anchovy into schisandra soup and cook it.

  Gui Ling Chicken Soup 10 grams of angelica, 20 grams of astragalus, 1 chicken leg, wash and cut the chicken legs into water, boil it over high heat, add astragalus, stew to 7 minutes, add angelica, and cook for about 5 minutesJust add some salt.

  Pigtail lotus seed red date soup 1 pigtail, 8 red dates, 100g of lotus seeds, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine each amount, heat pigtail in boiling water to remove fishy smell, add water and spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, boil about 1500 ml of soupJuice, add red dates, lotus seeds, and cook for another half an hour on low heat, add seasonings and eat immediately.

  Rice porridge, barley kernels, 150 grams, rice, 250 grams, wash the barley kernels, rice, as usual, cook porridge, add some sugar or brown sugar when eating.

  Angelica carp soup Angelica, 15 grams each of Baiji and Astragalus, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 jujubes, 1 carp (about 600 grams), wash the Chinese angelica, Baiji, yellow beams, Chinese wolfberry; dejure jujube; after carp killRemove the intestines, add the right amount of water, cook together in the pot until the carp is cooked, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and drink soup to eat carp meat.

  Reminder: Menstrual breast enhancement is the best period. On the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of menstruation, or on the 7th day of the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, do more chest massage and eat more.Foods with breast enhancement.

These 3 days are the best period for breast enhancement, and these 7 days are the next best period.

Because in these 10 days, the ovarian estrus hormones that affect the fullness of the tibia are secreted in equal amounts for 24 hours, it is the best breast enhancement period to stimulate breast thickening.

Don’t blindly follow the flow of health, here is the exclusive of your health plan


Don’t “blindly follow the flow of health”, here is the “exclusive” of your health plan

TCM constitutional health encyclopedia (9 kinds of constitution) Chinese herbal medicine combination 1, peace and physical fitness definition: peace and physicality, also known as “peace and quality”, is the most stable, the most healthy body!

The general reason is that the natural endowment is good, and the day after tomorrow is properly nursed.

The physique of the constitution is moderate, the complexion is ruddy, the energy is abundant, and the function of the viscera is strong and strong.

The proportion of people in peace and quality is about 32.

75%, which is about foreign exchange.

More men than women, younger, less people with peace.

The cause of peace and constitution is well-received, and the day after tomorrow is well-adjusted, that is, the congenital genetic condition is good, and the eating habits of the day after tomorrow are convenient.

Peaceful physical characteristics: moderate body shape, ruddy complexion, full of burning, strong and sturdy function, is a model of harmonious life.

Common manifestations: complexion, moisturizing skin, thick and shiny hair, gaze, bright nose, mellow fluence, normal taste, rosy lips, bloody, not fatigue, cold and heat, sleep well, good appetite,The two are normal, the tongue is reddish, the fur is white, the veins and the gods.

Replacement of adaptability to the natural and social environment.

I usually get sick every year.

Peace and physical health: For people with peace and quality, health care should be diet and not suitable for medicine, because peace and yin and yang are not peaceful, and there is no need for drugs to eliminate the yin and yang. If you use drugs to replenish, it is easy to destroy the balance of yin and yang.

For diet conditioning, we must first “satisfy and five flavors.”

The diet should be light and should not be partial.

Because of the five tastes, it will destroy the balance of the body.

Such as acidosis, spleen, salty and sad, too sweet and hurt the kidney, too hard to hurt the liver, suffering bitter lungs.

In fact, while maintaining the balance of yin and yang, people of peace and quality should also pay attention to the four-time yin and yang changes in nature, and adapt to this change in order to maintain the overall yin and yang balance between themselves and nature.

In addition, people of peace and quality can also choose foods that have the effect of tonifying yin and yang to enhance physical fitness.

The types of food are: former rice, coix seed, kidney bean, leeks, sweet potato, pumpkin, ginkgo, walnut, longan, lotus seeds, chicken, cattle, sheep and so on.

Peaceful and healthy four seasons of health: spring yang is born, it is appropriate to eat Xingan’s products to divergence, but not suitable for acid taste.

Eat leeks, parsley, cardamom, radish, dates, pork, etc.

In the summer, when the heart is on fire, it is advisable to eat more spicy food to help the lungs to make the heart, and the diet should be light and not suitable for eating fat and sweet.

It is suitable to eat spinach, cucumber, loofah, melon, peach, plum, mung bean, chicken, duck, etc.; dry and easy to hurt the liquid in autumn, suitable for eating products to eat liquid, not suitable for food.

It is suitable to eat white fungus, apricot, pear, white lentils, broad beans, duck meat, pork, etc.; winter yang is weak, so it is advisable to eat warming products to protect yang, not cold and cool.

Eat cabbage, chestnut, dates, black beans, beans, lamb, dog meat and so on.

2, qi deficiency body signs qi deficiency signs: body weight loss or obesity, body fatigue, pale, pale voice, often spontaneously sweating, and especially moving, heart palpitations less, pale tongue, white, weak pulse, is itsBasic Features.

If you are sick, the symptoms are aggravated, or accompanied by shortness of breath, lacrisy, cough and weakness; or less bloating, loose stools; or rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse; or palpitations, mental fatigue; or waist and knees, urinary frequencyMore, men slippery premature ejaculation, women’s vaginal discharge is thin.

The basic principle: qi and nourish the gas, because of the lungs of the main body, kidney and vitality, the spleen and stomach is the “source of gas biochemistry”, so the spleen, stomach, lungs, kidneys are warm.

Dietary medicine conditioning: While eating and drinking, you can eat the previous rice, glutinous rice, millet, yellow rice, barley, yam, potato, jujube, carrot, shiitake mushroom, tofu, chicken, rabbit, beef, fish.

If the qi is very weak, when the replacement of “ginseng lotus broth” to nourish; drug health, ordinary qi deficiency people should always take gold instead of yam pills.

Spleen qi deficiency, should choose Sijunzi Tang, or Shenqi Baishu San; lung qi deficiency, should choose Bufei Tang; kidney qi deficiency, more kidney qi pills.

Attention to daily life: qi physique is most afraid of seasonal changes, most afraid of sudden sudden rise and fall, most afraid of environmental changes.

Therefore, it is said that the cold and hot summer, the wind and the rain, the first to fall ill is often the person with qi deficiency.

There are also changes in the solar terms, some alpine and winter solstice, should be the time when people with qi deficiency and yang deficiency are more sad.

Summer solstice, great heat, when the three days are also the time when people with qi deficiency are more sad.

The most bitter summer, when there is no disease.

Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention: the increase and decrease of clothes, the circulation of air, warmth, summer and so on.

People with qi deficiency must pay special attention.3, wet heat constitutional wet heat physical performance characteristics: 1.

Facial paralysis, yellowish hair, greasy face, red teeth yellow teeth, yellow teeth, red teeth, red lips.


The skin is prone to acne, redness, and pustules.


Dry mouth, bad breath, bitterness, sweat, and body odor.


The stool is dry or sticky, and the odor is particularly large, and the skunk is unpleasant.


The urine is yellow and the color is very dark.


More leucorrhea, yellow color, the vulva is often itchy.


Tongue image: red tongue and yellow coating.

The tongue is red and the tongue is yellow and thick.

Spiritual aspect: temperament is irritable.

Causes of wet and hot constitution: 1, congenital endowment.

2, addicted to alcohol and tobacco, often staying up late, this person’s appearance is not good: teeth black, yellow greasy tongue coating, mouth full of breath, body taste is also big.

The color is yellow for a long time, the lower body smell is very large, and the leucorrhea is yellow.

If you smoke, drink, and stay up late, you are destined to be a hot and humid body.

Doomed your shape is not good: smoked face, talking like Donald Duck, lips, black, open mouth, teeth are black, yellow tongue greasy; mouth full of mouth, and even the body tastes great.

3, improper tonic: such as eating a lot of white fungus bird’s nest Cordyceps sinensis.

Wuji Baifeng Pills, etc., such improper nourishment, nourishing excessive will promote or aggravate this constitution.

4, long-term emotional repression, drunk with wine.

5, hepatitis virus carrying: liver and gallbladder is weak and through, liver and gallbladder sparse is not good, many found symptoms of liver cholestasis.

6, long-term living in a hot and humid environment, some Guangdong.

Sub-health status is particularly common in hot and humid constitutions.

Damp heat susceptibility to seborrheic alopecia, hemorrhoids, body odor, lymphatic syndrome, combined with urinary tract infections: underlying disease, cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis.

The skin is particularly prone to purulent abscess ulcers, which are prone to skin diseases: skin lice, ankles, body lice, and jaundice.

There are also infectious diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

This type of person is particularly prone to fatigue of the muscles of the muscles, easy to backache, back pain, and uncomfortable pain.

How to maintain the wet and hot body 1, cut off the source of moist heat, do not regenerate damp heat, heat and dampness, is to ensure that the two will be smooth, do not resist stool, do not stick, urine color is lighter, do not always so yellow, lookTo the urine, you have to drink water.

2, eat less sweets, sweet drinks, spicy and stimulating drugs, eat less, drink less, all foods are the most wet and hot than the wine.

Eat less fat and sweet.

The diet should be light and damp.

What is especially told is to quit smoking and drinking.

Some people do not give up this way of life, then you have to bear the consequences, “the disease is their own life” damp food: mung bean, melon, loofah, red bean, watermelon, green tea flower tea.

3, daily life: avoid staying up late, staying up late will increase damp heat.

Because it hurts the liver and gallbladder day and night, it will greatly affect the rise and fall of the liver and gallbladder gas, and it is easy to get hot and humid.

Also try to avoid working or living in the surrounding environment.
For example, if you are a phlegm or a bad physique, try not to buy a lower floor when you buy a house. Otherwise, if the house is dark, it will aggravate your wet and hot constitution.
4, simple prescription: wet heat is a transitional constitution, very few people when they are old, still a body with a hot and humid body.

Because the hot and humid constitution is often very uncomfortable, there will be skin itching.

There will be complications, skin infections, urinary tract infections, etc., it will make people very uncomfortable, uncomfortable will prompt him to take what medicine, such as heat, cold, cold products.

Therefore, the wet and hot constitution is basically differentiated in the old age, it is likely to eat diuretic medicine, the heat-clearing and detoxifying medicine eats more, many people are transformed into yin deficiency constitution; the yang deficiency is injured, and slowly becomes qi-deficiencyVirtual or wet constitution.

Therefore, the hot and humid constitution is generally more common in young adults.

In the old age, although there are factors of dampness and heat, it is not the most important.

Dehumidifying drugs are generally not very peaceful and can’t be eaten for a long time.

Commonly used drugs to get hot and humid are: musk, plantain, light bamboo leaves, talc, brook yellow grass, chicken bone grass, kapok, etc. These are cold and cold, can not be served for a long time.

Chinese patent medicines include: nectar disinfection Dan, Juntai oral liquid, Qingre Qushi granules, Xihuangcao granules and so on.

These can’t be taken for a long time.

But you are hot and hot, but when you have gone, the tongue is not so yellow, the urine has become clear, the oxide is not obvious, you have to stop immediately, not for a long time.

Wet and hot body four seasons maintenance hot and humid body people can not follow the wind in the winter tonic, do not eat so many hot pot, lamb, dog meat, people tonic you also tonic, not so.

The more complex the body is, the more obvious it is.

Also, such people’s skin is particularly susceptible to infection, and it is best to wear natural fibers, cotton and silk, especially underwear.

Meridian, there is no specific acupuncture points, but there are specific methods: people with hot and humid constitution can do some cupping and scraping from time to time to improve the yellowing of urination and irritability.

Because of irritability, insomnia, muscle pain in the whole body, especially when the muscles in the neck and shoulders are particularly sore.

At this time, the best way to improve the dampness and improve the moist and hot constitution is to scrape and cup the cup. After the scraping is finished, the cans are again comfortable.

It’s as comfortable as removing a big bag.

In this case, use this method to improve your body and you don’t even have to take medicine.

It is also good to use the scraping method to get hot and humid.

4, Yin yin yin yin physique how to maintain yin yin physique characteristics: self-feeling: yin deficiency physique has one of the most obvious self-feeling is heat, is often feel the heart and wolf fever with the palm of the hand, the heart is hot or hot, often likeWhen you are holding a cool thing, you like to put your hands and feet out of the quilt when you sleep. The symptoms of Chinese medicine are called “five upsets.”

Hot flashes are also a more obvious self-feeling of yin deficiency.

It is often felt that the body is hot (but the body temperature is normal), and this feeling of heat comes and goes in a hurry, and there is obvious timeliness.

It is often not obvious in the morning, and it will be very obvious in the afternoon, even in the evening.

I often feel dizzy, my back is soft and my ears are squeaking.

When you fall asleep, you will sweat, and when you wake up, you will not be out. This is what the Chinese doctor calls “night sweats.”

People with yin deficiency often have dry mouth and dry mouth, often drink water, and like to drink cold water, do not want to drink warm water.

Personality characteristics: The character of Yin deficiency constitution is mainly extroverted, easy to be excited and excited, the voice is relatively high, and the speed of speech is also very fast.

Usually, I am so enthusiastic and lively, I like to do things outside.

People with severe symptoms of yin deficiency are prone to anger and temper when they encounter unhappy things, and often do not calm down when dealing with problems.

Body shape: From the perspective of body shape, people with yin deficiency are often lean and look very lean.

Observing the complexion: The face of the yin physique is mainly red, but this red is not the healthy and natural ruddy, but the two cheekbones are especially red, like the makeup.

The phenomenon of false realism in traditional Chinese medicine is called “face makeup.”

The tongue is often bright red or reddish, and the tongue coating is white or less or has no moss.

View two: The person with yin deficiency is unable to moisten the intestine due to insufficient Yin fluid, so the stool is often dry and the bowel movement is very difficult.

Urination is often yellow and short.

[Health and conditioning methods]General principles: food should be nourishing Yin, living taboo staying up late, exercise do not sweat daily life: living should be regular, living environment should be quiet.

Stressful work, staying up late, night sports, high temperature and hot work environment can increase the height of yin deficiency and should be avoided.

Especially in the winter, it is necessary to protect the Yin Essence and not do outdoor activities once.
Control the house, and cherish the essence.
Physical movement: Yin deficiency is only suitable for small and medium-strength, intermittent aerobic exercise, alternating Taijiquan, Taiji sword, Ba Duanjin, Qigong and other traditional fitness projects, can also practice “six-character”鍢? word skills to conserve liver qi.

Control the amount of sweat during exercise and replenish moisture in time.

People with yin deficiency are thin, easy to get angry and dry skin.

Dry skin is more, alternating swimming, can moisturize the skin, reduce ulcer itching, but not suitable for steaming sauna, sauna is easy to consume Yin liquid.

Static Qigong exercise can regulate endocrine, promote spleen and stomach transportation, and improve Yin deficiency.

Diet nursed back to health: eat more lean pork, duck, mung beans, melon and other cool and moisturizing products, eat less lamb, leeks, peppers, sunflower seeds and other warm and dry products.

Spiritual adjustment: The character of yin deficiency is irritable, outgoing and lively, often upset and angry.

Five ambitions are too urgent, easy to change the fire, emotionally extreme, or dark consumption of blood, easy to increase yin deficiency.

Therefore, we should calm down and calm down, learn to correct the joys and sorrows, strengthen the cultivation, and develop a calm, calm habit; less participation in the competition, not too much publicity.

Other methods: Everyone knows that the word “living” means water and tongue, that is, people want to live, and the mouth should be moisturized.

Swallowing and refining is a good way to keep your mouth moist, and it is also a good way to improve yin deficiency.

The specific method is that, every morning, the lips are closed, the tongue is pressed against the upper jaw, and when the saliva in the mouth is increased to a certain amount, it is slowly swallowed by repeated thoughts, repeated 3 or 4 times.

For a long time, there must be morality.

5, Qi sturdy body gas is the fundamental and motivation of human life movement.

The maintenance of life activities must be tempered.

The body’s qi is not only related to congenital endowment, acquired environment and diet, but also closely related to the physiological functions of kidney, spleen, stomach and lung.

Therefore, the various physiological activities of the body, unless it is a concrete manifestation of the movement of gas in the human body.

When the gas can’t be reached and it is gathered inside, it will form a “qi stagnation”.

Chinese medicine believes that qi stagnation is caused by depression and depression, and the mood is not comfortable.

Long-term qi stagnation can lead to poor blood circulation and seriously affect health.

Physical characteristics: 1.

Depressed, emotionally fragile, unhappy; 2.

Sentimental, melancholy, restless;

Often sigh for no reason, easy to panic, easy to lose sleep;

It is easy to be scared, and it is easy to feel afraid when it happens;

The tongue is reddish, the fur is white, and the ribs or breasts are prone to pain; the method of health: qi stagnation first, stagnation is the basis, so the ventilator is the principle of health for qi stagnation.

Spiritual nursed back to health: sorrow and anger, mental distress is the cause of qi and blood stagnation.

People with qi stagnation are more introverted and lack communication with the outside world. When the emotions are not up, the spirit is in a state of depression.

Therefore, the health regimen of people with qi stagnation is focused on mental health and mental health.

Spiritual adjustments can be made in the following ways.

Participate in social activities, collective cultural activities; often watch comedies, burlesque and movies with encouragement and motivation, TV, don’t watch tragedy, bitter drama; listen to light, clear, agile music to improve emotions; read moreActive, encouraging, fun-filled books that show the prospects for a better life, in order to cultivate a cheerful, open-minded personality; do not care about gains and losses in fame and fortune, open mind, do not suffer from loss, contentment.

Environmental adjustment: Liver qi stagnation should be kept quiet, no sputum, light should be dark, avoid strong light stimulation.

The heart and kidney yin deficiency room should be quiet, the indoor temperature should be moderate.

Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, go to bed early and get up early, and ensure ample sleep time.

Diet and nourishment: Qiqi temperament has the potential trend of qi stagnation and unsmoothness. Foods that have qi and qi stagnation and regulate spleen and stomach function, such as barley, buckwheat, sorghum, bean, mushroom, cardamom, bitter gourd, radish, onion should be selected., roses, etc.

People with qi stagnation should eat less astringent and sour things, such as ebony.

Pumpkin, kimchi, pomegranate, bayberry, strawberry, carambola, jujube, plum, lemon, etc., block the air machine on one side, blood clotting.

Do not eat cold foods such as ice cream, ice cream, frozen drinks, etc.

Soothing the liver and qi, a small amount of alcohol can drink a small amount, to the activity of blood, improve mood.
(It is best to drink wine, because wine has the effect of lowering blood fat and beauty).
Eat more food: bergamot, orange, citrus, leeks, jasmine, rose, buckwheat, fennel, garlic, ham, sorghum, peas, citron and so on.

6, yang deficiency physical yang deficiency, refers to the body’s yang deficiency, or yang’s warmth, promotion, gasification and other functions are reduced, gas, blood, fluid and other slow operation, the body presents a degenerate cold and debilitating morbid state.

The initial formation of yang stagnation is: lack of congenital endowment, or loss of diet after birth, or overwork and internal injury, or chronic illness and yang.

Physical characteristics: 1.

The body is puffy or pale and dull; 2.

I am afraid of cold and warm, very easy to sweat, pulse Shen;

Mental weakness, speech or movement often weak; 4.

Easy diarrhea, urination and light, not smooth;

The lips are light, the tongue is reddish, and the tongue is white and slippery;

Do not like to drink water, rarely feel thirsty, sick is very easy to be afraid of cold contracture, cold hands and feet;

Pain in the abdomen, cold back pain, cough and palpitations;

Men are prone to impotence and smoothness, and women are prone to infertility due to body cold.

The key to the health method of yang deficiency is to make up the yang.

Among the five internal organs, the kidney is the root of the yang, and the spleen is the source of yin biochemistry, so it should focus on yang.

People with yang deficiency can easily feel cold evil and develop various pains, snoring, edema, infertility and so on.

Mentally nourished yang deficiency often shows poor mood and is easy to grieve, so it is necessary to strengthen mental health.

Be good at regulating your emotions, dispel your sorrows, and guard against the effects of negative emotions such as panic and joy.

Listen to music and choose some relaxing, festive music, such as: “Step by step”, “Happy”, “Spring is coming” and so on.

More friends, especially the elderly, should constantly enrich their life in their later years, and transfer the feelings of depression and weakness.

People who adjust their temperament in the environment have poor ability to adapt to the climate. They are more afraid of cold and warm, and they are resistant to spring and summer.

Therefore, people with yang deficiency should pay special attention to environmental adjustment and improve their body resistance.

In the winter, it is necessary to avoid the cold, and in spring and summer, it is necessary to pay attention to cultivating the yang; to “do not be tired of the day”, that is, to spend more sun in the spring and summer, each time not to be separated by 15?
20 minutes.

This can greatly improve the cold tolerance of winter.

In addition, washing your face with cold water every morning, washing your nose and rubbing your body can also increase your body’s ability to resist cold.

For old and infirm people, don’t stay out in the summer, don’t let the fan blow straight, and don’t stay in the shade for too long.

Eat and eat more foods with aphrodisiac effect: walnut meat, dog meat, sheep kidney, lamb, leeks, venison, walnut kernels, bullwhip, dog whip, deer whip, garlic, pepper, squid, scutellaria, squid and so on.

Eat warm foods, warm the body, activate the body’s physiological functions, and improve symptoms such as anemia.

Such as: bayberry, apricot, cherry, lychee, chestnut, rice, wheat, sorghum, onion, chicken, sea cucumber, octopus, abalone, glutinous rice, lentils, coriander, squash, jujube, black dates, pork belly, pig liver,Ham, red sugar, wine, vinegar, ginger, fennel, etc.

In the midsummer season, eat “aconite porridge” for each volt (10 grams of aconite, first fry for 30 minutes, add 150 grams of connected rice, cook until cooked) or mutton aconite soup (15 grams of aconite, first fry for 30 minutes, add 鐒?good500 grams of mutton, stewed to cook with the right amount of salt) to strengthen the body yang.

It is necessary to avoid serving a kind of warm food such as longan.

[Amomum pepper pepper]raw materials: 20 grams of Amomum villosum, 1000 grams of pork belly, pepper, MSG, chili oil amount.

Production method 1.

Add the pork belly to the boiling water to remove it, remove the inner membrane, and set aside.


Pour the broth into the pot, add the pork belly, add the ginger and cook. Cook and remove, let cool, and slice.


Amomum powder, mix thoroughly with pepper, add MSG, season with chili oil, mix well with cooked belly slices.

Health effects: Indications for spleen and yang deficiency, loss of appetite and abdominal pain caused by stomach cold.

Stomach fire is heavy.[Du Zhong waist flower]raw materials: 2 pork loin, fried black Eucommia 25 grams.

Production method: cut the pork loin, remove the smell, soak in the clear water; add eucommia and add two bowls of water for 20 minutes, then drain the juice, a spoonful of oil (sesame oil or rapeseed oil), saut茅 the onion ginger, stir-fry the lower back.Evenly, drench into eucommia water and some salt wine, and boil.

Health effects: This diet is effective for the waist weakness, dizziness, urinary frequency and other symptoms, maternal confinement to eat this meal can prevent back pain in the future.

[Whale fried leek]raw materials: 100 grams of leek, 2 walnuts, peanut oil amount.

Method: Walnut kernels are cut into thick slices, and leeks are washed and sliced; walnut kernels are fried with peanuts, and they are taken out for spare; the wok is enlarged on the fire, and the peanut oil is poured. After the heat is cooked, pour the leeks and seasonings and stir fry.Mix well with walnuts and season for consumption.

Health effects: walnut kernels, warm and sweet, have kidney and nourishing blood, moisturizing the intestines, and stopping the function; combined with amaranth, have the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the yang.

Commonly used yang drugs for medicinal health, such as antler, cinnamon, cinnamon, aconite, Cistanche, Eucommia, Cynomorium, Walnut, Dodder, Bugu, Epimedium, Bayu, Yizhi, Zhigancao, CordycepsEtc; yang prescription, there are Shengmaisan, Shipiyin, Shenqi Pill, Youguiwan, etc.; Buyang diet, beef, lamb, chicken, sparrow, sea cucumber, fish and shrimp, shochu, leeks, etc., can be added to nourishmentThe medicine is cooked together.

[Keigui Bawei Pills]Main ingredients: aconite, cinnamon, dry rehmannia, yam, hawthorn meat, Alisma, Danpi, medlar.

Health effects: aconite, tastes sweet and hot, is the medicine for cold and warm, longer than warm kidney and help yang, dissipating yin and cold; cinnamon tastes sweet and hot, has Yuanyang, warm spleen and stomach, stop cold pain, passThe effect of blood.

The side of the aconite, cinnamon, rehmannia, yam, hawthorn meat combination, there are warm Yang warm kidney, kidney filling, kidney gas, water effect.

Alisma, Danpi, Yunxiao to help with diarrhea.

The whole body is not hot and not dry, nourishing but not greasy, seeking yang in the yin, so that the kidney yang deficiency syndrome can be cured, is the basic prescription for kidney and yang.

Exercise The proper exercise not only strengthens the body muscles, improves hormone secretion, promotes metabolism, but also delivers the transport to all parts of the body.

Exercise and fitness should choose the sports that suits you according to each person’s age, physical condition and environmental conditions.

Cold-resistant exercise, it is best to start from the summer, to be gradual, persevere.

Suitable sports are: walking, jogging, Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xiu and other projects; sunbathing, air bath is an irreplaceable strong way to defend the sun.

7, the main symptom of blood stasis and blood stasis is poor blood stasis, mostly due to long-term depression of emotional will, or long-term cold areas, and visceral dysfunction caused by the body is thinner.

Its clinical manifestations: When the blood stasis stagnate in the viscera, the local part of the meridian, it becomes pain, the pain is fixed, the temperature is not reduced, and even the mass is formed.

Some people of this type, some people have already seen age spots in the next year, some of them often have painful lesions in certain parts of the body, such as: women are prone to dysmenorrhea during the physiological period, men are more bruised, and the skin is suffering from pain.Night is aggravated and so on.
Physical characteristics 1, hair is easy to fall off; 2, the lips are dark, especially the lips are obvious; 3, the tongue is blue, or a little purple, sometimes people with mild symptoms are not, heavy people often have, and do not fade;4, the eyelids are dark, the upper and lower eyelids are also purple-black; 5, the skin is gray and dull, the skin is rough, there is dander, dry, and even like fish scales; 6, fingernails or toenails thickened thick and hard, slightly lightThe nail surface is uneven, with a strip or dot-like white pattern; 7, the head, chest, abdomen, back, waist, limbs and other parts have fixed pain, from time to time; 8, often have stomach cramps full of difficulty,According to the part, I feel unwell; 9. Women often have dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.

The cause of blood stasis in health regimens is related to blood stasis.

Once stagnant blood, it may not only turn cold, but also heat, and even sputum and silt.

The fundamental method of health preservation is to promote blood circulation and silt.

It is best to pay attention to adjusting your own blood, eating some blood-type foods or tonics, doing more exercise for the heart and blood, adjusting your mental state, and maintaining your physical and mental health.

People who are mentally conditioned and bloody and physique should pay attention to cultivating optimistic moods.

The spirit is pleasant, the blood is smooth, and the blood circulation is beneficial to the improvement of blood stasis.

Conversely, if the physical person may be depressed, the complications in the depression will increase the possibility of blood stasis.

Keeping your mood comfortable and smooth must be very important to the body of the blood stasis.

Foods suitable for blood stasis constitution are lotus root, onion, mushroom, shiitake mushroom, monkey mushroom, fungus, kelp, pueraria, konjac, enoki mushroom, pig heart, pineapple, orange kernel, hawthorn, water chestnut, emblica, thorn pearand many more.
Regular consumption of peach kernel, rapeseed, Cixi, black soybean can play a role in promoting blood circulation.

Wine can be eaten in small amounts, vinegar can be eaten more, hawthorn porridge, peanut porridge is also good, meat soup can also eat more.

8, phlegm body physique body phlegm physique is easy to be obese, heavy, body fat (puffiness), complexion, dull, easy to sleep, throat phlegm, addicted to fat, lazy, lethargy, weight as wrapped, sticky in the mouthGreasy or sticky, smooth and slippery, fat tongue, greasy moss and so on.

Plasma, triglyceride, very low-density lipoprotein, and blood sugar of people with physical health and lungs are significantly higher than those of non-humid physique. They often show lack of energy, dizziness, sputum, edema, and snoring when sleeping.Wait.
More attention should be paid to the health care method: 1. Strengthen exercise, strengthen physical fitness, and have healthy spleen and stomach functions.

2, should not stay in the environment for a long time, in the rainy season should pay attention to avoid the invasion of wet evil.

People of this type should regularly check blood sugar, blood lipids, and blood pressure. 3. Sleepers should gradually reduce their sleep time, and carry out outdoor activities to make the sun use the body function to activate. 4. Bathe should be taken in a hot bath.Sweat is appropriate; dressing should be kept as loose as possible. The fabric is mainly made of natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk, etc., which is beneficial to the evaporation of sweat and the elimination of moisture in the body.

5, pay attention to keep warm.

When the wet meets the temperature, it will condense when it is cold.

The cold weather is unfavorable. The water is wet and transported in the body, often hurting the spleen and stomach. Therefore, the symptoms of phlegm and dampness are obvious in cold weather.

Diet and nourishment of the body of the wet body are mostly too much, the body weight is easy to get tired, the food that likes to eat fat and sweet taste, and the food intake.The first weight of the diet is to eliminate the fat and sweet taste, to abstain from alcohol, and to avoid overeating and eating too fast.

You should always eat mild and mild foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, especially some foods that have spleen and dampness, and siltation, and should eat more.

Suitable foods for people with phlegm and wetness are mustard, leeks, kohlrabi, citron, chili, garlic, onion, ginger, papaya, white radish, alfalfa, seaweed, onion, ginkgo, jujube, lentils, red beans, broad beans, cabbage, yam, glutinous rice, winter melon kernel, beef, lamb, dog meat, chicken, squid, squid, squid, loach, sassafras, river prawn, sea cucumber, abalone, apricot, lychee, lemon, cherry, bayberry, betel nut, bergamot, chestnutWait.
Should limit the intake of salt, should not eat more fatty greasy, sour foods, such as sugar, pomegranate, grapefruit, medlar, sugar and so on.

In addition, almond cream, lotus root powder, glutinous rice cake is a good food choice.

Four seasons of health: summer more ginger, winter tonic to maintain the health of the body is the focus of summer and winter purposes are to reduce dampness and control physical fitness.

In the summer, use less air conditioning, eat less frozen food, eat more ginger, wear cotton and linen silk, and properly sun.

People who are damp and wet will not be able to follow the wind again, but all the meat, bones, animal offal, ginseng, velvet, gelatin, jujube, glutinous rice, rehmannia, autumn pear cream, old fire soup, walnut, sesameIt is hardly suitable for phlegm and physique, unless there is obvious qi deficiency and yang deficiency.

Yam, medlar, coix seed, lotus root, codonopsis, lentils, etc. are not bad.

9, special physique characteristics of physical fitness: special physique has a variety of performance, some people do not even catch a cold and often stuffy nose, sneezing, runny nose, prone to high blood pressure, easy on drugs, food, smell, pollen,Seasonal allergies; some people are prone to urticaria on the skin, the skin often has purple-red spots due to allergies, the spots are cold and cool, and the skin often catches red, which is similar to the allergic constitution said by Western medicine.

General characteristics: congenital disorders, with physiological defects, allergic reactions, etc. as the main features.

Physical characteristics: Allergic constitutions are generally no special; those with abnormal congenital endowments may have deformities or have physiological defects.

Common manifestations: common symptoms of allergies, wheal, itchy, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.; patients with hereditary diseases have vertical inheritance, congenital, familial features; those with fetal transmission have maternal influence on fetal growth and developmentRelated disease characteristics.

Psychological characteristics: Different conditions vary with enamel.

The possibility of disease: susceptible to illness, acute measles, hay fever and drug allergies; hereditary diseases such as hemophilia, congenital type, etc.; fetal diseases such as five late (later, late, late), late teeth and late words), five soft (soft head, soft items, soft hands and feet, soft muscles, soft mouth), solution to the skull, fetal shock and so on.

Adaptability to the external environment: poor adaptability, such as allergies, poor adaptability to the allergic season, easy to cause sickness.

The principle of health maintenance of special constitution: the diet should be light, balanced, appropriate in weight and thickness, and reasonable in compatibility.

Eat less buckwheat (including sensitizing substance buckwheat fluorescein), broad beans, white lentils, beef, goose, squid, shrimp, crab, eggplant, wine, pepper, strong tea, coffee and other spicy products, hair and sensitizationMaterial food.

The room should be well ventilated.

Keep the room clean, bedding, and the sheets should be washed frequently. It can prevent allergies to dust mites. It should not be moved into the house immediately after the interior decoration. The windows should be opened to allow the paint, formaldehyde and other chemical substances to be volatilized and then moved into the new home.

When spring pollen is allergic, it is necessary to reduce the time of supplementation to prevent allergies to pollen.

It is not advisable to keep pets so as not to be allergic to animal skin.

Actively participate in various physical exercises to enhance physical fitness.

When the weather is cold, exercise should pay attention to cold work to prevent colds.

Anti-allergic food: honey fresh honey experts suggest that drinking a tablespoon of honey a day can keep away from allergies, such as cold, wheezing, ulcerative itching, coughing and dry eyes.

There are two reasons why honey can prevent allergies: First, it contains trace amounts of bee venom.

Bee venom is a toxic liquid in bees, but it is used clinically as an allergic disease such as bronchial compression.

Second, the honey contains certain pollen grains, and often suffers from the allergy of sintered pollen to produce certain resistance.

Jujube red dates with the study of Japanese scholars found that red dates contain a large number of anti-allergic substances – cyclic adenosine monophosphate, can prevent allergic reactions.

Anyone with allergic symptoms can take red dates regularly.

The method of administration is: 1.

10 jujubes, Shuijianbi, 3 times a day.


Raw red dates, 10 grams each time, 3 times a day.


10 red dates, 100 grams of barley, add water to simmer, daily service 2?
3 times.

All of the above are served until the allergy symptoms disappear.

When jujube is fried, it is better to fry it. It is not advisable to add sugar when it is fried.

Flammulina velutipes fresh Flammulina velutipes often consumes Flammulina velutipes to eliminate heavy metal ions and metabolic toxins and wastes, which can effectively enhance the vitality of the body.
Researchers in Singapore have found that Flammulina velutipes contains a protein that inhibits allergic diseases such as high blood pressure, rhinitis, and eczema. People who are not ill can also strengthen the immune system by eating Flammulina velutipes.
Not long ago, Taiwanese researchers conducted similar tests and hoped to use Flammulina velutipes to solve allergic diseases in nearly one-third of the local population.

Carrot and carrot juice Recently, Japanese experts found that beta-carotene in carrots can effectively prevent allergic reactions such as pollen allergy and atopic dermatitis.

According to relevant reports, Japanese experts have found through experiments that 尾-carotene can regulate intracellular balance and make it more difficult for allergic reactions in experimental rats.