certainly……This is also too far from the first few wavefronts.,So there is no way to play thisborelated。

But this wave,Distance is enough!
Dream operator thinks like this……The corner of the mouth exposed a cruel smile。
brat……Wait, then,Let you arrive so long,It should also be our time to pay.。
So thinking so,Dreamy waves my arm,and【instruction:Shock wave】Also in the moment of speaking an arm,Sudden effect。
But http://www.igaoer.cn it is getting bigger and bigger in his mouth.,Even when some is a bit。
A finely broken golden is fierce in front of him,Almost a flash of his eyes,And he originally traded in the silver chain of Sabha,Also, this elimination and invisible。
Dream is stunned,I can’t help but blink, my eyes,He clearly saw that the Casha is not what I want to flash.。
Why……A moment in the hair stroke,The fine golden mood seems to be prepared.,It’s so shining in front of you.。
And manipulated Casa,I escaped this wave of fatal murderous palace clear text,There is also a little frivolous at this time.。
Fortunately, he responds fast……Be fooled16age。
He originally did not want to flash meaning,Niu Ge is around.,A dream is not enough。
But just have a moment of these ideas in his heart.,He saw the dream,I suddenly rose a fatal impact wave。
That is joyful in his eyes,The flow rate of time seems to slow down.。
then……Palace Qing Wen did not want,I will hand over my own flash.。
But no matter what to say,Already handed over yourself the strongest waveboofLGDY,But there is no effect that it is expected.。
So the transformation of the situation,Of course, it is in an instant.。
Darkness,Bright reproduction moment,Aun directly opened a big recruit,Then fierceLGDYRear row,FlyLGDYThree people in the back row。
The emperor and Akari are not vague,Follow the output。
Palace Qing Wen did not directly fly back,Oun is very beautiful,Others should have a problem that there should be too big.。
so,He started directly under the protection of the cattle,againstLGDYUeno two people output。
Void fear plus dreams,In the case where there is no big move,These two heroes can only be described in two words。
even thoughLGDYUeno two people,I really want to make a pretty anti-fall before being dead.。
But there is a bullhead in front of Casa,This idea can only be said that it is an idiotic dream.。
First kill http://www.foutj.cn dreams,Taking a workman,Will be a little small flesh, the fear is also slaughtered。
Another battlefield,Also almost about to come to an end。
I have no big tricks,Basically lost threats。
And the fireworks still want to run,But there are three-segment displacement Akarley follow,This is obviously impossible to do things。
Wait until the Palace Qingwen’s Casa arrived,The battle is coming soon。

A group of suspicious red halves appeared on the face of the squat,“Let it go,Don’t you go to the cafe??I go with you。”

“good!”Lu Yuli hooks the lips,Follow her rhythm of footsteps。
Xunzi Xu sent a message to Du Xin,Let him wait a moment,Or find a place to sit down and take a break.,She and Lu Qi will have to go back.。
Du Xin naturally agreed,Because,Because the two have been in love with love,His days is much better.。
What is the working person??high salary,Again,Who doesn’t love this??
子 对 对 市 is very familiar,After all, I grow up here.,The whole company is not familiar with,But where is the street, where is it clear?。
The surrounding business http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn district is mature,There is a very good street behind the hospital.,Collect all merchants,Famous caféH.XJust on this street。
There are not many people in the morning.,Sit on the window of the window。
Surprised atmosphere,Their two also chose to sit down the window.。
Two people sit down,子 扫 码 点 单,She presided into a cup of coffee,And Lu Yuli has a wound,Can’t drink brunette drinks,Give him a cup of hot milk。
Lu Yuli’s intention is not a coffee,Instead, I want to accompany myself to sit in the cafe.。
Yesterday and my daughter will be a blindle.,Daughter gave him a diary。
original,子 写 写 日,One of them wants to sit with him to drink coffee.。
Although he can’t drink coffee now,But he can accompany her to pick up the coffee shop.,After waiting for him, he can drink coffee.,Will
Come once again with her。
http://www.xiaomendun.cn 子 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有,He will accompany her for a piece.,Go to her dreams。
When the daughter handed the delicate light pink notebook to him,Daughter said:“dad ,This is a mother’s diary。”
He shook his hand at the time.,Some dare not look,I am afraid to see the sentence of swallows hate him.,Will let him lose the final courage。
But he thinks more,Open,Merely,Are his name,Heart thinking,Are his shadow,This diary,Only her dreams and happiness,There is no reason to hate him.。
Such a scorpion,Give him all your love,He is really happy!
子 看 外 外,People come to the street,Extra comfort,The delicate small porcelain spoon is gently stirred with coffee,I tasted a lot,Flavored。
May be the people sitting opposite,It may be that she has had such a wish.,When you think about him,Will I want to fantasize and go some places,What will they do after you go??They will also be like other couples,Take the octopus small mealball together,Eating ice cream together,Eating sweet marshmallows together,Sitting together and drinking coffee chat together,Go to make a ship together,She remembers a lot of thinking and
What he did together。
At that time although stupid,It is also happy。
“Lin Fei,After we get married later,Do you go abroad??”Girl sitting behind them suddenly opening。
“昕 昕,Where do you want to go??”Boy is smiling。
Girl smiling sweet answer:“There are a lot of places I want to go.,I thought about it later.,You should say that you are willing to be willing.?”
“Unwilling。”The boy’s voice suddenly somewhat indifferent。
Lu Lanqi did not listen to the habit of the wall,do not know why,This moment is actually taking the ear seriously.。
Boy:“Because I am coming over and breaking up today.?”
Lu Yuli and the blindle heard this sentence,At the same time also feel awkward,They both behind them have a flower stand.。
Flower stand on green lush。
Girl sound line:“We are all getting married.,Why do you want to break up with me?,How do you let me explain my parents??How do you have to explain your parents??”
Boy is laughing:“Your parents added a lot of gift money to 500,000,I am an ordinary office worker.,I have so much money.。”“昕 昕,I think of our things very long.,Long time,very nice。But your mom and dad are very stubborn.,My mom and dad are forced to quarrel every night.,I am a wife is for happiness.,Is for happiness,It is for a home,Not
It is because of debt, noisy every day.。”
“If it is such a marriage,I would rather not。”
“sorry,昕 昕,No matter how we love,After all, it was defeated by reality.,I really can’t get so much money.。”
girl:“Then you can sell the house.,Don’t you say love??Sell the house,Don’t you have money to love me??”
“Ha ha……”Boy is laughing:“How much is the house?,House sold,Where is my parents??Where are you marry me??”

“do not talk,Next room。”

“I understand。”
Then the reel of the house,If she didn’t guess the wrong,The king will come out later,May not come out,Liao Jie will go in。
“Judy,I have a lot of words to tell you.,but”
Wang Million swayed his own translucent body,A pair of appearance:“I have this model,It’s late.。”
“million,No matter what you said,I am very happy.,Very happy to listen。”
“Can’t,I am already dead,You still young,I said what I am harm you.,I used you to delay youth.,This time,I can’t harm you anymore.。”
Wang Million shook his head,He didn’t want to talk to love tonight tonight.,I just want to make up the fault before。
He talks about money。
Wang Millions will http://www.bssea.cn secretly transferred their own property,Orrant,No omission,All told Tang Judi。
“Judy,do not worry,Although I have been outside flower wine,But I have a good protection work.,Will not leave trouble。If anyone playing in the name of the illegitimate child,Go straight away,Be a deceptive。”
“Property,You go to my lawyer,I have a special secret number,He will be responsible for transferring all the property to your name。”
Wang Million raises his hand to touch Tang Judi face Pang,Touched empty,Can’t help but smile:“Feel sorry,In addition to money,I can’t give you anything.。so,forget me, please,Go find a truly love you,Can also protect people。”
“million,actually, I”
“Judy,I know that you already have a candidate.。”
Wang Million is uncomfortable:“with all due respect,The little face outside,First eyes saw him,I knew it,That http://www.jgyynk.cn kid is still a heart than I。The difference is that I have money before I started.,When he didn’t have money, he was very speechless.,In the future。”
“million,Ajie people have no problem,Are you misuse?”
“Don’t say,That kid is smart and has this,Will be a person in the future。”
Wang Million said,Exposed ambitious smile:“but,Then the fox can’t fight.,I am a little bit,He really thought that I am optimistic about him.,Don’t want to think,How can I push you into the fire pit?。”
“What successor?”
“Pick my class,Take care of you later。”
“I rely on,There is also a statement,What are my two when the old lady is?”Tang Judi is anger,I repeatedly remembered that Wang Million has passed away.,Angery instant smoke,Sitting on the bed。
“Judy,I am for you.。You a woman,Be in the society,How bad is bad,Also unsubstable,http://www.canyinb.cnSome people help,Naturally different。”
Wang Million reminds the road:“remember,That kid is not reliable,Give him a sweet taste,Hang his appetite,Others also gave him。”
Tang Judi:
Listen,Is it a human language??
“never mind,If you really want to choose the kid,I have nothing to say.,You like it is important。But I want to remind a little,Take your money,Lead to the world’s fortune。”
See Tang Judi is unhappy,Wang Mill will no longer advise,Float through the wall,Shout Liao Jie to the house。
“Ager,I have talked with Judy.,I will give you later.,Take her。”
Liao Jie:“???”
Nima score!
Chapter 138 Man,Put this small white face
This king is wrong.!
Liao Jie suspected that there is a problem with Wang Million,People with people,Changed to him is the husband of Tang Judi,People after death,Don’t ask Tang Judi’s widow,But I will never be busy.,Enthusiastic who came to pick up the problem。

That eagle looked dumbfounded,I didn’t hear the first half sentence clearly,I heard that I did not eat,It’s weird to think about this person’s name。</p>

on the stage,Su Luo also looked helpless,The scene is simply a mountain whistling a tsunami,There is no way to continue singing。</p>
Last resort,He made a silent gesture,And the magic is,All of a sudden, the scene calms down。</p>
No one is noisy anymore,Become extremely quiet,Needle drop can be heard,Su Luo was also an accident,It seems that the audience in this session is very good。</p>
And the four mentors are confused again,What’s the situation?Why didn’t the noise suddenly stop,I really caught them off guard,Caught off guard。</p>
Familiar music played slowly again,Su Luo breathed a sigh of relief,I opened my mouth and started singing。</p>
“I’m very decent to leave, so I haven’t lived up to these years,A picture of love’s passion and earnest giving,Don’t let obsessions ruin yesterday,I loved you neatly and simply。”</p>
Su Luo just finished singing this sentence,The four tutors who were facing the audience looked at each other,They have vaguely guessed something,Tap the red button on the front of the machine at the same time。</p>
The seats turn them around,Facing the stage,The moment I saw Su Luo,The four mentors all show up,It really looks like this。</p>
Exactly as they guessed,Really the original singer came to the stage of good sound。</p>
Of course it’s not an accident of reminiscence,I haven’t finished singing a song,As a singer, we must respect the stage first,Respect the audience,Second is to respect yourself。</p>
Put the stage first,It is the professional ethics that every singer should implement。</p>
“The most familiar street protagonist has changed,I cried until I was choked with pain。”</p>
“Too late to be vigorous,Keep the dignity of saying goodbye。”</p>
“I love you without regret and respect the end of the story,The breakup should be decent,No one’s sorry。”</p>
“How to owe,I dare to give it to heartbreak。”</p>
“In front of the camera is the former us,Cheering with tears hoarse。”</p>
“I’m very decent to leave, so I haven’t lived up to these years,A picture of love’s passion and earnest giving。”</p>
“Don’t let obsessions ruin yesterday,I loved you,Neat and crisp,Goodbye meet。。。”</p>
A decent end,The audience in the audience began to agitate again,Su Luo quickly made a silent gesture again。</p>

After spit out a mouthful of blood, fly back at a faster speed……

Beibei hurriedly hugged Xu Sanshi up,Asked“Xu Sanshi!how about it?”
Xu Sanshi only felt a hot pain in his chest,After wiping the blood stain on the corner of his mouth, he shook his head“I’m fine……But this guy,Kind of evil!”
Beibei stared at Qianyu with anger,“Who are you?This is Shrek Academy,Can’t tolerate you presumptuous!”
Qianyu sneered,Looking deeply at the few people in front of you,Repeat again“who am I?”
next moment,A full 100 meters slowly appeared behind him,Nether angel with gray flames all over,The evil aura once again enveloped the Quartet……
Tang Ya and others looked at the ghostly angel that appeared behind Qianyu,Shocked“this is……Nether angel!”
When the freshman assessment,The scene of purgatory created by this Wuhun is still vivid……
Wang Dong’s delicate throat swallowed,“Nether angel……Say so,he is……”
I don’t want to believe this fact in my heart!
Followed by,Two spirit rings gleaming with golden light suddenly appeared under Qianyu’s feet……
When seeing these two spirit rings shining with golden light,The fantasies in their hearts were also broken instantly……
But it’s not over yet,I saw one after another with golden radiant spirit rings continuously emerging……

“Of course it’s the love between men and women,”Liu Qing said with certainty,“Just the kind of wanting to live with you forever,I want to form a family with you。”

“Love??Is this love you mean?”Jiang Li asked。
“Yes,It’s love,”Liu Qing looked at Jiang Li’s eyes,Seriously,“Jiang Li,I love you!”
When awake,He absolutely can’t say such a thing。
How could a serious person say I love you to a girl?
That’s too second!
That’s too numb!
That’s too sour!
Only the kind of scumbag with a very serious personality can say those three words without pressure。
Normal people can’t say those three words。
But now Liu Qing’s condition is very abnormal,So he said these three words without pressure,And added the prefix Jiang Li,There is no possibility of misjudgment。
Jiang Li was taken aback,Staring at him:“Isn’t it,Liu Qing!I treat you like a brother,But you treat me as your woman?I trust you so much,You thought so badly for me,You are also broken, right!”
Liu Qingdao:“I like you,Isn’t that normal?”
“It’s abnormal!Too abnormal!”Jiang Li said,“I didn’t mean it at all。”
“I mean it。”Liu Qingdao,“I just like you,I just love you,When I saw you first,I fell in love with you。”
Jiang Lidao:“That’s why I was admitted so easily, right??”
“Yes。”Liu Qing nodded and admitted。
“You are too bad!”Jiang Li pointed at him,Said disappointedly,“Really didn’t see it,You got bad thoughts when you saw me。”
“That’s not bad thinking,”Liu Qing corrected,“That is the normal emotion between men and women,That’s love at first sight。”
“What do you love?I mean nothing to you,Can’t you like others?”Jiang Li said depressed。

Cheng Long felt guilty,This Li Qingqiu,Now holding on to my biggest handle,Indeed he has much more chips than himself。

“what the hell do you want。”
Li Qingqiu took the cigarette from Cheng Long’s mouth,Pinch with fingers,Bounced on Cheng Long again。
Suddenly, Mars ironed Cheng Long’s clothes out a few holes。
In Thai City,Do it for another person,He is already a pool of flesh now。
“my thoughts,I told you when I came,I’m here to discuss business with you。”
“Hand over the Lin Group,Use this contract,For your daughter’s life,how about it?”
Cheng Long gritted his teeth with hatred。
“did not expect,The biggest businessman in South City,To be able to do such a dirty business。”
Li Qingqiu smiled。
“You look at me too high,Before I became a businessman,Bastard than you。”
Cheng Long now wants to break Li Qingqiu into pieces!
“Give you time to consider,I don’t want to wait for a while,I just let them do it。”
Li Qingqiu sat casually on a chair on the side,Cocked Erlang’s legs。
Cheng Long gritted his teeth,What this means is,He can do it at any time。
Fucking despicable!
Cheng Long bent down,Pick up a pen from the table,Flipped over the contract。
It’s all bad terms!
There is no way,Cheng Long turned directly to the last page,Signed his name。

When Xu Xuan got itNBAAfter the championship,Xu Xuan has been regarded as the best player of the younger generation in the international arena,Even the super genius who might be the best player。

After the game, Xu Xuan read the news reports on the Internet,It’s obvious,Different evaluations of him internationally and the United States。
May be other countries,Basketball is not the first sport,LikeNBAof,after allNBAIs the best global expansion in the major professional leagues in the United States。
But the media and fans in most countries do not have the same sense of substitution as American fans,So most of them are based on the honor、Evaluate a player by his outstanding performance,Relatively objective,Not so much subjective consciousness。
After thinking about it,Xu Xuan is not too depressed,Just enjoy the cheers on the international arena。
As forNBAaspect,Really can’t do,Put opponent、Opponent fans、The media won’t be convinced?
Even if you are not convinced,It won’t affect his life,Playing basketball is a delight in itself。
Xu Xuan really wants to start,If you can’t see,Already depressed。
Besides, he knows how many catties he is,Compared with a player like Big Bird,Xu Xuan feels that he is still far behind……
When taking time,Xu Xuan also went to watch other games。
Like women’s basketball。
Xu Xuan was invited by Dayao,The women’s basketball started very well,Although I lost to Canada in the first game,But the second scene,But so101ratio64Defeated Senegal,The current record is one win and one loss。
This is the third battle,The women’s basketball is over,Tomorrow is the third game of the men’s basketball team。
“The girls played really well,”Xu Xuan slapped his lips,Sighed。
Dayao sits next to Xu Xuan,Give him a funny look:“Better than you?”

but,Ouyang Qingshuang went up without hesitation,Have been doing it for many years。

however,right now,She gave up。Completely gave up her desperate efforts,Those passionate,Those wishes,Those pursuits,She gave up.Give up so thoroughly。
Bao Bao asked many people to verify this,Reply,All,“This is real。”
Many people who know her and Ouyang Qing,Are very difficult to understand。Some people think Ouyang’s family is too bad,Some people think it is Ou Baobao who is unreasonable,Some people think Ouyangqing is too impulsive,Self-destruct future,After all, she is the most promising political upstart in the Ouyang family。Some people think Ou Baobao is short-sighted,Hurt myself,Also killed a friend。Some people think Ouyang Qingshuang is threatening Ou Baobao.
Various rumors,very many。
“Do you want to contact her?”Xie Yunchu was eating,Ask Ou Baobao。
Other European family,Froze at the same time。They also want to ask this sentence,But they are not ready yet,How to ask。result,Xie Yun asked this grandson directly。
Baby Ou was stunned,Think about it,Finally shook his head,“no need.So be it.”
Ouyang Qingshuang is not an impulsive person。Since she made this choice,Naturally has her reason。As for her ideal,Baby Ou believes,Even if the nationality changes,She can do it too。Fire in my heart,Won’t go out。But this is only my best guess.
Be afraid,She will give up on herself。
“If she took a foreign judicial examination,Then it’s okay。”Baby Ou says。
Xie Yun nodded,“I will pay attention。”After all,Or Bao Bao is softhearted。Ouyang Qingshuang also has the means,Can be so cruel to myself,She lost her relative,I hope to be in the heart of my dear,Leave the heaviest fortune.Humph。This kind of calculated woman,If it’s not for the upright,How to be friends with Qinbao。right now,The only thing she can do is good deeds,She didn’t tell Ouyang’s family,Qinbao’s determination to deal with Ouyang’s family.
This means,She told Ouyang,Also grieving。Yes,I lost a close friend like my treasure,Who doesn’t hold grudges。and so,She didn’t tell Ouyang,Proposal,Did not stay at Ouyang’s house,Used by Ouyang Family.She cut off between herself and Ouyang’s family,All connections。
This woman,Will succeed。
“The sky is high and the birds fly。Don’t worry。”Xie Yunchu comforts Ou Baobao。
Yes.Baby Ou barely took a bite of rice,I’ve exposed it。
And tomorrow,When Wei Zi took out the purification results。It was already delayed,It’s probably a guilty conscience over there,No more reminders afterwards,Or Wei Zi’s own tomorrow。
at night,Ou Baobao and Ou Zhaozhao meet。
“Xie Yunchu fell asleep?”Ou Zhaozhao doubts this。

This is the other person walking out,It looks like the other’s head,Walked to a place less than five meters in front of Qin Liang and stood still,Looked at Qin Liang and said:“Friends on the road,This matter has nothing to do with you,Friends should not be nosy,Otherwise, get angry,But not very happy。”

“Ha ha,You are threatening me?”
Qin Liang saw that this person’s face was light and windy,But the details can’t escape Qin Liang’s eyes,A pair of clasped palms,Betrayed his angry heart。
“Is it a threat,It all depends on how friends choose to do。”The man stared at Qin Liang,The voice said gently。
Qin Liang is about to speak,I heard a soft voice behind me:“It’s you……”
Familiar voice,Shocked Qin Liang’s heart,The man in front of me,Look back at the ninja who was behind him just now。
The ninja saw Qin Liang turn his head,A pair of luminous eyes,Then he reached out and took off the mask on his face。
An extremely familiar face came into Qin Liang’s eyes,Although after many years,This face has changed a lot from the past,But Qin Liang will not admit his mistake。
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Chapter Four Hundred and Forty Four I’ll take care of this
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Qin Liang looked at her incredulously,He thought that since the separation,I’ll never see her again,But I don’t want God to give him a surprise today,The treasure that had been lost for many years returned to him again。
Qin Liang felt that his voice was trembling,He doesn’t know his expression at this moment,What a surprise it looks like,Look at how hot her eyes are。
The fiery eyes made Hua Yinyan’s heart cold,Finally warmed up。
Qin Liang hugged Hua Yinyan,Talking excitedly:“Can see you,that is really good,I thought,We will never see again。”
Just when Qin Liang turned his back,The man who spoke to Qin Liang just now,The look in his eyes darkened,Wrist tremor,A dagger slipped into the hand instantly,Stabbed at Qin Liang’s back。
“Be careful……”
Hua Yinyan is held by Qin Liang,See clearly,I will push Qin Liang away with a scream,But Qin Liang hugged her tightly,She is not as strong as Qin Liang,Can’t push Qin Liang away。