If it is not a special thing in the tire,Ordinary people、Even if it is a peerless master,Must be in the state,Equivalent to the requirements of the palm,I have the opportunity to support the past。

Even martial arts,Initiated,It should also be the beginning of the Chu Deirers.——Four-door、Nine species“Trend”、A sort of“Heart”,Not complete“Buddha’s Palm”。
Also understand,Can only combine!
Well, I’m,It seems that the Buddha Gate,Interpretation of six words true words,Instead, it is——Big husband“Bamboo”,Representative and Buddha;King Kong“Well?”,Representative;Thousand leaf“Audio”,Lotus;If you have a corresponding“Bamboo”,Representing me……
Ten tricks,Former nine tricks, each three strokes correspond to a set of palm,The last trick corresponds to the palm。
The name also makes the Chu Deirers.……
The first trick、The second trick、The third trick……The ninth trick,And the last strike——One of the last move,Not very satisfactory。
On the intensity is still in Chu Deirers“Turtle”Above,However, power is played on a low high,And need“Trend”and“Heart”Cooperation,Naturally,The threshold is higher、The effect is also very large.。
But the Chu Deirers are now“Buddha’s Palm”Comprehension,Almost all the http://www.huxiziyou.cn tires“a”Time,Take a closer,And general monk ratio,Absolutely sorghum、Level of holy,But and then left the Saint Catering in the same year.“a”Buddha Gate,It is still very far away.。
Even if the two will be never in terms of skill,Chu Deiren“Buddha’s Palm”Affirmation is also inferior……
even so,This is also what the Chu Deer is currently mastered.,Strongest move——Especially when there is a strong malicious。
Chu Deirers’ awareness gradually wakes up,But just at this time,Suddenly the Chu deer felt a big battle,In the heart,Suddenly Chu Deirens have a kind of hate can’t take the iron gall、Si Lingzhi,All,One pick two urge!
In“Outside”Pity star,“a”After Chuiro said very nice,Light light,Then I directly crush!
Same as the sword,Directly detonated by Chu Deirers——So even if it is deliberate“a”Fighting Holy Spirit,Also http://www.art0393.cn instantly infected,If you don’t want to make a burst of trouble。
at this time,Si Lingzhi took a mad smile,Rush……
“Hahaha,Heaven help Laozi!It seems that the thief will make Laozi‘Fighting’Also included in the capsule,Hey-hey……Incidentally, a big beauty and the second night pot……”
The first thing of the four spirits didn’t know what happened.,Just hear the fighting holy spirit,Guess is an accident,So immediately,And let go of garbage words to interfere。
If you guess wrong,Take another turn, running!
Sure enough,I found that the Chu Debans are sitting on the ground、Seven bleeding,The fight is also dead、Has been in five,It seems that it is not available。
However, it is expected to be expected by the first spirit.,Patient star before the serious injury,Actually, the injury is so fast,Can communicate with http://www.zldq888.cn it!
Only a poor star,Si Ling’s first is to grasp after three or five hundred strokes,Can take it,But if the pity, if you really want to go,He may not stay.。
Thereaway a hundred strokes,After the first advantage of the Singer,I immediately took the opportunity to sneak attack.!
One is to make the poor star,Two……It is also to prevent pity to escape。
Sure enough to protect this kid,Pity star、Disorderly,The first thing of the four spirits also spurts the trash.。
Just in the pity star,The first time, the first time, when it is necessary to attack the Chu Deirers.……
“a”Suddenly extinguished,replaced by,Chu Deirers full of golden,Seven 汩汩 汩汩 汩汩,Also in Jinguang,Go back,Original painful look,Come quiet and peaceful!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 517 Fighting

He felt that the stone had a strange feeling http://www.shfeilei.cn when he started,Take out a bright flashlight and shine it,Glowing。

“Little brother,I will pay two million for you,How about you let me。In this way, your stone bet will win him http://www.yesdance.cn 600,000!”
Master Kai Shi said this,Everyone was in an uproar,I’m all curious about what good baby is hidden in this rough stone。
Ruan Tian’s face is even greener,Secretly feel something is wrong,Originally prepared for the battle easily and I felt very tight。
Chen Xiu praised with his thumb:“Your old man has good eyesight,But i don’t plan to sell。Please be lighter。”
Master Kaishi said helplessly:“I have never opened such a baby a few times in my life,I really need to pay more attention!”
The skin is being rubbed off a little bit,All the colors are seen inside but it is still full of small cracks。
Ruan Tian is happy,Is it because Mr. Kaishi also missed,Still a fault!
“It’s a color change!”
Suddenly an onlooker jeweler yelled!
This voice,Immediately attracted everyone’s attention to the stone!

He Jiayi,I have a lot of time to answer.:“Generally,If you want to make an integrated restructuring,First of all, companies need to integrate financial integration,As long as you have a finance,The integration is stable.。

http://www.emkir.cn Just listening to Zhixiong,Delong’s financial assets have owed hundreds of billions of foreign debts.?”
Wang traffic nodded:“11812100 million,But don’t worry,I have already raised money.,Waiting for the company,These debts will be clear immediately。”
He Jie smiled:“In fact, it is not necessary.,I have heard of the situation of Durong.,The reason why the creditor is collectively debated to Delong,Mainly, Durong’s trouble is too big.,Credit bankruptcy,The creditor worried that the money was drifting,So I will come to debt。
But Tiansheng didn’t,Tiangheng’s reputation is very strong,Don’t worry about this。
Now Tiansheng took over these assets,I can use the reputation of Tiansheng,Revlect credit,Cuise’s concerns。
Just communicate with the creditant,Give a reasonable interest,I believe there will be many people who http://www.stdz158.cn are willing to give up debt.,Continue to entrust the company to help financial management。”
NS536chapter Welcome
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,Don’t say,It’s really like this。
Durong’s problem has long been there.,There are also many people who have exposed these years.,Creditors can’t do it at all,There are fewer little hearts that should be a bit spectrum.。
But until now I will start collective debt,Mainly because of the king,I have a thorough out of the crisis,Credit bankruptcy。
And Tiansheng does not have this problem in this area,After picking up these assets,Can fully use the reputation of Tiansheng,Raise credit。
Before the creditors, they dared to entrust the money to Delong financial management.,It is to earn some money.,Now there is Tian Sheng taken,There is a reputation of Tiangheng,Absolutely more secure than Deron。
Just give some interest,There are absolutely many creditors will choose to continue to put the money in their financial management.。
Thus,He has to pay more than a lot of debts.,Even all don’t need it.。
That is equivalent to,His minimum is only required788100 million,You can take over Delong this tens of billions of assets.。
This is cheap.!
The king is dark in the heart,Look at He Jieyi’s eyes are also very kind.,Sure enough, as he expected,He Jiayi’s ability is really good,I will leave a lot of money for one.。
“After integrating finance,What do you do?”
He Jiayi:“Integrated business chain,Crack the same business in these institutions,Enter a unified standard,This can improve internal synergy efficiency,Can also avoid internal consumption,lower the transaction cost,Further, enhance the company’s overall market competitiveness。”
Wang traffic nodded:“and then?”
“Then integrate the management and business strategy.,This is the last step,It is also a deeper integration,Involving a wide range、Far-reaching。
Put the company from the strategy to capital、From culture to team、From product to marketing,All of the links are all screwed into a rope,Release the vitality of the company,If you operate it in the future, you can do it half of it.。”
He Jiayi talks,Tell the voice,Another sound,road:“certainly,Many benefits of integration,Behoovence,It is also difficult to operate.。
One accidentally touching the interests of other shareholders or management,If the integration is not good,Working in the work in the future,Even Yang Fengyin violates,Even deliberately with you,It is not possible to cause more time to practice.。
so,If you want to make this step integration,The king is best careful。”
Wang smiles and sways:“do not,I don’t have this piece of material.,Professional things are still handed over to the professional people.。”
Said to see He Jiayi,Wang Flow:“Old Week should be told you.?This time I succumb these financial assets,I am going to enter the financial industry to try water.,But there is still a shortcomibility of human hand。
How about it,Is there interest to join Tiansheng,Come and help me?”
Just now, he really wants to test the He Jiayi.,Although he knows that he is good,But how much is it?,Can you compete for this position?,Still the most http://www.eversmiling.com.cn secure。
After all, so many industries are integrated together,The potential is not small,Operate,Financial giants developed into antiques in the future。
Such an important industry,Of course, I have to find a person who has the ability to operate.。
And He Jiayi’s answer is completely conforming to the expectation of the Wang.,So now I finally thrown the olive branch。
“my pleasure。”
He Jiayi has no reason,Slight smile,A bite promised。
I can sit here today.,He is naturally very interested,Otherwise, it will not hear Zhou Zhixiong after the morning.,In the afternoon, he flew it over.。

Look at the thick hair of the purple bear:“Nice fur,Can be used as a bed,This is acceptable!”

Purple Bear:“。。。。。。”
I touched the head of the fork-tailed civet:“This one is very cute,Meow!”
Forktail Civet:“Meow ~~~~。)v(。”
finally,The innocent purple-patterned black bear and the super cute cat-tailed civet were given a soul contract by Wright,Officially became Wright’s Warcraft。The hexapod dein was presented with a pile of precious ores found in the pool in the valley,And a scimitar that is said to have been shining for at least 500 years。The green python brought Wright,Take http://www.szdjbbqnwjvqfe.cn a small white flower from a bunch of vines。
“Luquanhua!”Wright looked at these monsters a little strangely,Are all wealthy,This‘Luquanhua’It is a kind of superb treasure,Can instantly restore the fighting spirit of the fighters under the sanctuary,It also has some effect on the sanctuary strong,The value in the world is at least ten million gold coins.。
“correct!”Wright said to the other three monsters who have no contract:“Within a hundred years,I don’t want you to leave this area,I don’t want to come back one day and see the sanctuary dragons here!”At the same time, he took a deep look at the Fire Dragon King,“If you don’t go out,I also promise that no more than ten humans and my monsters will know this place,If you go out,I had to tell my teacher,No matter if I can practice here or not,At least none of you can practice here anymore!”
“If everyone keeps secret,Maybe it’s hopeful for the sanctuary,Do you say!”
The Fire Dragon King is silent,And the six-legged deer and the green snake stared at the dragon king thoughtfully!
The six-legged dein crocodiles and the green snakes themselves are the kings of the race,And the Fire Dragon King is just‘Fire dragon’The king,Really count,It is background,If it’s good,It may not be impossible to invite a sanctuary dragon。
Wright thought for a while,Healed the purple-patterned black bear with a purchased light magic scroll。of course,Damage taken by Tier 9 monsters,This is equivalent to the sixth level of healing magic, which cannot be completely cured.,But his injuries have alleviated a lot。
Wright Secretly Biography Purple Black Bear:“Kuroko,You show me a good view of them,Especially the Fire Dragon King,I think this guy may contact the Sanctuary Dragon,He has to dare to run,You shoot him to death,As for the green pythons and hexapod crocodiles, don’t worry too much.,They are in line with our interests,Keep secret,Then practice to become a sanctuary!”
The newly grown purple bear was promised a http://www.ffsos.cn bunch of conditions after being contracted by Wright’s soul,such as“When I become a sanctuary, I will get you a sanctuary core!”“Work hard,I am powerful among humans,All kinds of food are indispensable!”Another bite“we。”This bear kid is completely on Wright’s side。

“Eh?and many more!”

“Xu Xuan raised his hand!”
“Xu Xuan, is this defending??”
“Oh, no,He rushed to the basket,He wants to rebound?”
The commentator looked at Xu Xuan in surprise:“Rajon just shot,He was ready to rebound?”
“This boy is so likable.”
And the fans of the Green Army on the sidelines are still cheering on Rondo,They are ready once the goal is not scored,Just booing Xu Xuan and the Knicks.
Basketball is floating in the sky.
This time the iron sound is exceptionally crisp。
The iron basketball just dropped to the front point where Xu Xuan was standing.。
Seeing Xu Xuan who turned around to fight back,The Green Army fans on the field suffocated for a while。
This.Actually didn’t get in?
This is a big space!
“Xu Xuan successfully defended Rajon!He put a lot of pressure on Rajon!”
“My scalp is numb in this show!”
“That is Long Guidance,You put my cannon to try,If you don’t shoot your head through, I live upside down!”
“You said Shi Long, director,Xu Xuan is not that stupid.”

Mo Qingwu’s face was stern when he spoke,No change in expression,But my heart is turbulent,His most beloved son is now hanging by a thread,How could he be indifferent!

“you……You all know?”Mo Ziqin’s complexion changed,Actually the second brother was injured,He deliberately concealed his father and mother,Just afraid they are worried,But I didn’t expect my father to know。
Mo Ziqin glanced at his third brother with some doubts,I thought it was the third brother,But Mo Ziheng waved his hand immediately,The face is also full of surprise,Signaled that he never leaked the least bit of wind。
“You think i’m old,Not useful,I don’t know anything, right??Tell you,I’m not old enough to be confused!”Mo Qingwu snorted coldly,Obviously, I am very dissatisfied with Mo Ziqin deliberately concealing this.。
“dad,I won’t tell you,Actually nothing else,I’m just afraid you are worried……”Mo Ziqin immediately bowed his head,Some cowardly said to his father。
Mo Ziqin is not afraid,I’m the only one afraid of myself。
“dad,You came just right,This little bastard dared to beat your grandson!”Mo Miao was full of joy after seeing his father,Ran over immediately,Crying,“dad,You have to be the master for me!”
she knows,Her dad stomped his feet,People who are shaking three times in the capital,As long as his dad says something,Then Mo Xiaosheng can’t eat it!
“Get out of me!”
But what surprised her was,Mo Qingwu didn’t even look at her,Yelled at her coldly,Just walked past her。
Mo Miao shook her body when she heard this,I thought I heard it wrong,Said to his father in amazement:“dad,you,what did you say?”
“roll!Get out!Take your whole family and let me go!”
Mo Qingwu never turned back,The voice is so deep。
Mo Miao was dumbfounded,Then the eyes blush,Said with a sullen mouth full of grievances:“dad,What’s wrong with you……How did i offend you……”
“Wonderful,okay,Let’s go,Didn’t you see the old man getting angry??!”Sun Jie saw that his father-in-law was angry,Shivered in shock,Hurry up and grab his wife’s hand and drag her to the elevator。
“Second brother is his own son,Am I not his daughter??”Mo Miao wiped his tears and said incomparably wronged,Angry,She knew her father was partial to his son。
Her hatred for her second brother could not help but deepen again,I wish her second brother died immediately!
“okay,Little sister,Didn’t you see the old man getting angry?,You’re still making trouble here,Don’t look at a time occasion!”Mo Ziqin immediately yelled at his sister,Then wave his hand,“obedient,You go back first!”
Mo Miao pointed at Mo Xiaosheng,Scolded:“Little hybrid,I’m never ending with you!”

Now I have this pair of dragon and phoenix silver needles,It is equivalent to having a handy weapon,What intractable diseases will be encountered in the future,Treatment will definitely get twice the result with half the effort。

Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help feeling a little,This Nangong Yunwei’s identity is really extraordinary,You can get this expensive silver needle,And said that you can give away,Presumably their power in the capital must be in the cloud。
“Mr. Mo,Do you have time at noon,Let’s have a potluck together,Last time,Thank you not yet。”Nangong Yunwei invited。
“Miss Nangong is too polite,You gave me such a big gift,I should ask you。”Mo Xiaosheng said with a smile。
Because Nangong Yunwei wants to eat some local dishes,Mo Xiaosheng took her to Tourmaline Village,Specially opened a private room。
After ordering,Nangong Yunwei asked:“Mr. Mo,Have you been to the capital before?”
“I went out once when I was young,what happened。”Mo Xiaosheng thought for a while,Said,I don’t understand what Nangong Yunwei means。
Nangong Yunweixiu asked Xiangmo Xiaosheng again:“Mr. Mo,I don’t know there is a Mohist in Beijing,Have you heard?”
“Heard。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,After thinking about it again,“I remember I went there once,But no impression。”
“Really。”Nangong Yunwei looked happy。
“Nangong girl shouldn’t think that I am a descendant of the Mo family。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled,Old Yang asked him the same way last time。It’s just that he doesn’t understand,Why are they so entangled in this matter。
“Isn’t it??”Nangong Yunwei surprised。
“Is not。”Mo Xiaosheng shook his head,Suddenly he remembered Nangong Misty Rain,Just ask Xiang Nangong Yunwei,“Nangong girl,Do you know Nangong Misty Rain?”
“You know my aunt?”Nangong Yunwei couldn’t help being shocked,

Since there is no such place,So what should I do next?Must have an explanation,Be careful those guys are not fuel-efficient lamps,They wanted Huang Lei’s contact information,They will definitely find Huang Lei then。

Huang Lei is not just a person now,She is with the chick,If Huang Lei can’t give the answer,Then they will find chicks。
“Isn’t it easy?I just hope we find such a place during this period of time.,Moreover,These places in the countryside are actually similar,We just need to find what I said at the party,Approximate scene,I believe they should not know。”
Huang Lei thinks this should not be a big problem,I also discussed with the little girl。
Chick thought for a while,I think it’s the same reason。
Mountains and water,There are some animals,And various natural vegetables, etc.,There are indeed many such places,She knew there were many villas,Can also provide such a place,More casual,And can eat more natural things。
But in order to avoid other mistakes,Her two girlfriends are not good fools,Finally, the little girl still made a few requests,I hope Huang Lei can find a place closer to the place he said at the time.。
“alright,Leave this task to me,Not a big deal。”
This is really not a big deal for Huang Lei,It takes a little time,It’s no big deal。
For Song who is named Song and Bai who is Zhang Bai,The two of them have something big now。
The family arranged a blind date with Song, Song,When Huang Lei returned to his residence, he saw Song, who was named Song, and Bai, who was Zhang Bai, together.,Frown tightly。
Huang Lei was curious when he saw this scene,Don’t know what’s the matter,Make them both so anxious。
Until Song, whose surname is Song, suddenly said such a sentence,Huang Lei just smiled,I thought it was something big,It turned out to be such a small matter。
“Brother Huang Lei,How can you think of such things as trivial?This is obviously a great thing,You think,When the time comes, I will meet someone I don’t like,How does that feel,This feeling will never be good。”
“Yes yes yes,Brother Huang Lei,It seems you haven’t dated a blind date,As long as you believe it, you know that feeling,The big dump scene。What a joke,In case you meet a female lady boss,That’s worse,Don’t think of getting ahead in this life。”
Song, whose surname is Song, and Bai, whose surname is Zhang Bai, are in deep fear,You say me sentence by sentence,Huang Lei shook his head helplessly when he heard this,I really don’t know what these little guys are thinking about。

Chapter Eighty Four kill

Li Chenfeng’s loud cries for help startled a large group of people seeking pleasure。
Wei Wuzu, who was originally distributed around to protect the prince, also appeared with loud steps,Enclosed the entire Yueyue Building。
“Is the second son!”
Someone recognized the stumbling figure,It is Wei Feng, the second son of Wei。
Although these people are fake people,But seeing his second son is in danger,These Wei Wu pawns rushed forward to protect。
This scene can make the prince upstairs angry。
I saw a golden bottle was falsely thrown out by the prince,Secretly curse“inability!”
I thought that Luo Wang had sent out killers who were even the best,Winning a mere Wei Feng is just a matter of turning hands,But who would have thought that those wastes could make people come to the Yueyue Tower!
“go!We go down!”
Take the two swordsmen around,Prince Fake quickly walked out of the gate of the Yueyue Tower。
“Second brother?What happened?Why so panic?”The prince went downstairs to see Li Chenfeng with a frightened look,Asked hypocritically。
“Is the net!Qin Guoluo assassin wants to assassinate me!”Li Chenfeng said in a shocked tone。
His voice is loud,Not only the soldiers around you heard,Even the guests who hid in Yingyuelou and did not dare to show their heads heard it。
But I heard it turned out to be the assassin of the net,Suddenly hide deeper one by one,I’m afraid I will be affected。

It’s hard to get a personal look now,Want to return home,I want to see how my hometown is now,Take a look at your parents。

Just run into such a thing。
Based on the experience ten years ago,Even if I can go back now,Before the eighth day of the first month,Can you come back??
This is a big problem。
How can I go to work if I can’t come back??
Do you want to pretend to be forced to go home?,Have you lost your job??
Even if the job can be kept,This is also a very bad thing。
The employees in the group are discussing this matter,Some employees also said that they have gone to refund the ticket。
Someone has hurried to the supermarket to scan the goods,Store more supplies。
Fang Hao is also in this group,He speaks:
“You can communicate with your home yourself,I think the situation is special now,You don’t need to go back。Stay in Pengcheng,I will give each of you2000Block of living allowance,It’s good for everyone to spend a year together。”
Liu Qing hesitated,Finally, I called home,Said this time,Explained the risks of going back by train,I also said I don’t know if I can come back then……
He hasn’t waited until he said he won’t go back during the New Year,His mother spoke first:“Then you don’t want to come back this year,Stay in Pengcheng。Remember to buy more vegetables,Lest there be nothing to eat during the new year。”
“I know this,Do not worry。”Liu Qing said。
hang up the phone,I have some regrets in my heart。
Haven’t been home in years。
I want to go back this time but can’t go back,It’s really a depressing thing。