World Badminton’s latest ranking: Men’s singles Lin Dan 7th Chen Long 8th Li Xuerui fell to 43_1

World Badminton’s latest ranking: Men’s singles Lin Dan 7th Chen Long 8th Li Xuerui fell to 43rd
The World Badminton Federation announced the latest issue of the world rankings. Men’s singles Li Zongwei ranked first, Shi Yuqi fifth, Lin Dan and Chen Long ranked seventh and eighth.Women’s singles Chinese Taipei Dai Ziying ranked first, Sun Yu sixth, He Bingjiao seventh, Li Xuerui 43rd.Indonesia’s men’s doubles Gideon/Sukamurcho topped the list, women’s doubles Takahashi Reiwa/Matsuyo Misaki’s top spot, mixed doubles Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen topped the list.  The men’s single Li Zongwei continued to occupy the top spot, South Korea’s top star Sun Wanhu was second, and Denmark’s two top stars Akerson and Jorgensen ranked third and fourth.Shi Yuqi fifth, Chinese Taipei Zhou Tiancheng sixth, Lin Dan and Chen Long ranked seventh and eighth, respectively.Tian Houwei ranked ninth, and Hong Kong Chinese expert Wu Jialang ranked tenth.  Dai Ziying of women’s singles Chinese Taipei topped the list, Spanish star Marin took second place, Japanese player Yamaguchi was third, Indian macho Sindhu was fourth, and South Korean star Chihyun was fifth.Two Chinese players, Sun Yu and He Bingjiao, ranked sixth and seventh, Thailand’s Ratchano was eighth, Indian star Neval was ninth, and Japan’s Okuhara hoped to be ten.Li Xuerui, who has been injured for a long time after the Rio Olympics, has fallen to 43rd place.  The Indonesian men’s doubles group Gideon/Sukamurcho ranked first, Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen third and Chai Biao/Hong Wei fifth.The women’s doubles Japan’s Takahashi Reiwa/Matsuyo Misaki ranked first, three pairs of Chinese combinations Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan, Luo Ying/Luo Yu and Huang Dongping/Li Yinhui ranked fifth to seventh.Mixed doubles Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen and Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong replaced the first two, with Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui fourth.Men’s Singles Name Country/Region Points 1 Li Zongwei Malaysia 789232 Sun Wanhu South Korea 702773 Akerson Denmark 697144 Jorgensen Denmark 676445 Shi Yuqi China 665076 Zhou Tiancheng Chinese Taipei 629877 Lindan China 618388 Chenlong China 604549 Tian Houwei China 5937010 Wu Jialang Hong Kong China57497 Women’s Singles Name Country/Region Points 1 Dai Ziying Chinese Taipei 959212 Malin Spain 807143 Yamaguchi Akane Japan 757294 Sindhu India 754695 Cheng Chixuan Korea 747266 Sun Yu China 685947 He Bingjiao China 642928 Ratchano Thailand 571549 NevalIndia 5581910 Aohara hopes that Japan’s 54467 men’s doubles will represent national points 1 Gideon/Sukamurcho Indonesia 798112 Morganson/Boy Denmark 762633 Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen China 754984 Wu Weishen/Chen Weiqiang Malaysia 718075 Chai Biao/Hong Wei China 71780 womenDouble Name Country/Region Points 1 Takahashi Reiwa/Matsuyo Misaki Japan 925232 Pedersen/Wright Denmark 847823 Zhang Yina/Li Shaoxi South Korea 783244 Zheng Jingyin/Shen Shengzhan South Korea 754245 Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan China 72663 Mixed Double Name Country/RegionPoints 1 Zheng Siwei/Chen Qingchen China 883722 Lu Kai/Huang Yaqiong China 850203 Gao Chengxuan/Jin Hena Korea 697704 Zhang Nan/Li Yinhui China 672205 Nielsen/Pedersen Denmark 66624

[How to adjust the burning wheat stuffing]_How to make_Method

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[Can tea oil be anti-inflammatory]_action_effect

[Can tea oil be anti-inflammatory]_action_effect

Camellia oil is the abbreviation of camellia seed oil. It is a natural high-grade vegetable oil extracted from tea plants. Pure tea oil has a golden color, smells like a tea, and has a mellow taste.

Camellia oil can be used for daily cooking, and it has high value in medicine. Especially for patients with gastrointestinal disorders, it can help the spleen and stomach, so it has anti-inflammatory properties.Efficacy?

1. Does tea oil have an anti-inflammatory effect?

Camellia oil does have anti-inflammatory effects. It is inevitable that you will encounter some bumps in your daily life. You cannot go to the hospital every time.

At this time, you can choose to use tea oil to disinfect and sterilize the wound, but you must clean the wound before eating.

Just be aware that tea oil can only be used when there are small wounds, and large wounds need to go to the hospital for treatment.

2. Does tea oil have a certain medical effect?

A: For children, if there is pain in the stomach, you can apply tea oil around the navel of the child to effectively reduce the pain.

B: For pregnant women, eat some tea oil properly during pregnancy.

While increasing milk can also help the fetus grow smoothly in the mother’s body.

C: For the elderly, eating a certain amount of tea oil in daily can help eyesight and fire, and prevent aging.

D: In addition, you can put tea oil in front to have sunscreen and anti-zoo effect.

Combing hair with tea oil can also keep the hair dark for a long time.

3. What are the beauty effects of tea oil?

A: You can massage the skin with tea oil during pregnancy, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.

It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you must insist on it for beauty.

B: The correct use of tea oil can improve the effect of freckle removal. Drop a few drops of tea oil on the spots, and then massage the skin for about 10 minutes with a massage method. The reduction effect is significant.

C: Because tea oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, tea oil can also be used as an acne-removing effect.

Applying a little tea oil to acne-prone areas can effectively remove acne.

Tea oil has very significant effects in both medicine and beauty, so it can be used often in life.

Especially for women, long-term use can also have anti-aging effects.

Eight vegetable masks for beautiful skin

Eight vegetable masks for beautiful skin

The weather is getting hotter and the skin is getting worse.

Acne, shine, sensitivity, sunburn . make the beauty mms annoyed.

How to do it?

In fact, your small kitchen is a small natural beauty salon.

Quickly make yourself a cool mask on a hot day!

  The mask has the functions of nourishing and cleaning the skin. It is considered to be the skin’s first aid expert, which can provide the skin with the most adequate nutrients in the shortest time, and rejuvenate the skin.

Regular adherence to mask care can not only make the skin more delicate and smooth, but also effectively reduce wrinkles and slow down aging.

  The following are a few simple vegetable facial masks that everyone has introduced, which have good maintenance effects on the skin and can add too much fun to your life. Why not?

  Mashed potato mask material: potatoes, milk, glycerin.

  Method: Cook 200g potatoes with skin, peel, add a small amount of raw juice to mash, add 20g of milk and 5g of glycerin, mix and mash to form a paste.

Then apply evenly on the face, then cover it with a steamed towel or gauze, wash it off after 1-2 hours, and do it 1-2 times a week.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask is suitable for interfering with atrophy, edema on the face, and often produces oily “acne” skin. It has moisturizing, nourishing and conditioning effects.

Without glycerin and milk, it is especially suitable for oily skin and has the effect of degreasing and moisturizing.

  Loofah mask material: loofah, refined flour.

  Method: Take one fresh and unripe loofah, and make an appropriate amount of refined flour.

Wash and peel the loofah, cut into strips, squeeze the fresh juice with a juicer, and adjust it into a paste with a small amount of refined flour.

Then apply the mask evenly on the face. After the mask is dry, wash it with warm water.

  Cosmetic effect: Loofah contains a variety of vitamins, which have antioxidant, cleansing and whitening effects. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily skin and allergic skin.

  Almond and tomato mask material: almond, tomato, practice: peel 50 grams of almonds, mash them into mud, add mashed 50 grams of tomatoes, mix and mash them to form a paste, then apply evenly on the face, after drying naturallyWash away.

If you can apply a thin layer of natural oil or fruit juice, the effect will be better.

Can be used 1-2 times a week.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask has moisturizing and nutritional effects.

For those with oily skin, apply a bit of juice after washing off the mask; for those with dry skin, apply a little oil.

This mask is especially suitable for skin with blackheads.

  Lettuce mask material: Lettuce practice: chopped lettuce leaves, add a small amount of water, cook for 5 minutes, then wrap it in a gauze bag, apply it while it is warm, and put the remaining soup on the face.

  Efficacy: Lettuce is also called lettuce, which is rich in vitamins and trace elements. The mask and skin lotion made with lettuce juice can be used to treat skin irritation, sun burns, acne, and telangiectasia.

  Chinese cabbage mask material: Chinese cabbage.

  Method: Take the whole piece of fresh Chinese cabbage and wash it, and spread it on a clean cutting board.

Roll gently with a rolling pin or beer bottle for about 10 minutes until the leaves are netted.

Paste netted vegetable leaves on your face, change one vegetable leaf every 10 minutes, and change three.

  Cosmetic effect: This Chinese cabbage mask is really effective for treating acne and whitening skin.

Because Chinese cabbage oxidizes vitamins and other nutrients, and can remove fats, and has a unique heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

  Tofu mask material: Tofu.

  Method: Wash your hands and put the tofu in the palm of your hand.

Gently rub the tofu, then apply the tofu puree to the face, gently massage for 15-20 minutes and then wash.

  Cosmetic effect: Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. After going out, make one to repair the damage caused by sunlight.

  Cucumber mask material: one fresh cucumber.

  Method: Wash and slice the cucumber and stick it directly to the face.After 15 minutes, remove the cucumber slices and clean your face.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask has the functions of emollient, whitening and wrinkle removal.

  Carrot mask material: carrot, flour.

  Method: Wash fresh carrots and mash them.

To the mashed carrot and its juice, add flour and mash it, and apply the carrot puree to the face.

Once every other day, just 10 minutes.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask can eliminate acne and anti-wrinkle.

9 strokes all year-end syndrome OUT_1

9 Tips For End-of-Year Syndrome OUT

The end of the year is the most difficult time for most OLs. Although the party activities are coming one after another, the pressure of work is also piled up in front of you. Want to quickly get rid of tiredness at Christmas and New Year’s parties?

These nine tricks will definitely help!

  How can the key moments of carnival make the dim crowd disappointed? Let ‘s do your homework one week before carnival night, and brighten up your skin with 9 tricks to save the scene quickly!

  1. Immediately after staying up late, greet the study with a live skin mask. It was found that when staying up late and the pressure increasing sharply, it will give a strong signal to sebaceous adenosine, a large amount of oil production will cause keratin accumulation.

After staying up late, cleanse with cleansing oil, oil soluble oil, and then quickly follow up with a peeling mask with exfoliating effect, the face is still fine.

  Recommended item: Luzhen New Spot Coffee Mask 108 yuan / 120g coffee extract with 1,000mg soft, cleansing mask that thoroughly removes dirt and excess keratin from the skin. Coffee extract brings skin elasticity and comfort.We can use.

  2. Clean up emotional melanin every 7 days. Many people think of whitening as seasonal homework, but the appearance of melanin may not be regular, especially when the pressure increases sharply at the end of the year.

At present, there is a new concept of balanced whitening, that is, to focus on whitening care every 7 days, and regularly remove the dark spots under emotional stress, and use the whitening ingredients to absorb energy.

  Recommended item: Yuxi Fu Yan Whitening and Firming Essence Milk 390 yuan / 30ml night essence to absorb the glory of “yin”: reverse the aging phenomenon.

Rare extract of Rhodiola rosea, a natural medicinal botanical ingredient, infused with Pro-Xylane, a pioneer anti-aging ingredient?

With the magical whitening ingredient kojic acid, it gives birth to the new life.

Skin is instantly clean and firm, fair and bright; night after night, spots and wrinkles are reduced, contours are bright, and youthful radiance blooms every day!

  3, try the foundation and then apply makeup before the milk this trick is particularly suitable for winter use.

Beijing style is big, and I will feel dry soon after applying loose powder or powder. Usually I will apply a thin layer of makeup before the foundation.

Because the top just has an oil control effect similar to loose powder, and keeps the skin moisturized.

Even in the afternoon, the skin still retains clear natural light.

If you are lazy, you can achieve a similar effect by blending the make-up milk and liquid foundation at a ratio of 1: 1.

  Recommended single product: Dior Charm Silky Liquid Foundation Charm Silky Liquid Foundation is a little thin and natural. After coating, it feels like nothing. It can quickly and effectively faint, not dry and greasy, and has good breathability.

It has a good covering effect, effectively controls the secretion of oil, and can keep moisture for a long time.

  4. Scan the highlight powder in the W area around the eyes. This is the simplest and most effective way.

Use the foundation to make a thin and complex complex skin tone, and then the contour of the lower eye socket to the temple is exactly a W-shape. Sweep it here with highlights to brighten your eyes quickly.

The entire spirit of Qi was quickly raised.

  Recommended single product: Sun and Moon crystal mining Yingcai high-gloss powder 180 yuan can create four-color shading high-gloss powder for three-dimensional face.

  5, the magical use of night cream blacks the next day to score the beauty leader Niu Er’s method is particularly different, for example, such as the beauty of the night before the skin cream, he will be used particularly thick.

Initially massage the face with night cream, and then take a layer after absorption.

Then apply a layer of lip balm to the entire face. Don’t be surprised, just use the wax on the lip balm to make an invisible sealing film to ensure that nutrients are absorbed completely.

This trick is especially suitable for skin that is extremely dehydrated, tired, and free of acne and small wounds for a long time.

  Recommended item: Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening and Repairing Cream 680 yuan / 50ml Renew skin: Bio-Peeling technology, gentle and effective, activate natural skin renewal mechanism, rough, dull, fine lines, pores, acneScars, five major skin problems are wiped away at once.

Soothing and relaxing: The biological soothing complex biological soothing factor contains natural precious ingredients, as if gently massage the skin, soothing the pressure accumulated during the day, so that the skin can also enjoy deep sleep.

  6, only take care of nutrition, cell hypoxia is particularly harsh before staying up late, I feel distressed and waited for the skin with a sky cream, as a result, people did not appreciate it, and refused to absorb it like plastic cloth!

Maybe you have experienced this too. This is the lack of oxygen in the cells, and even the absorption of energy is gone.

In this case, you must first replenish your skin, apply high-performance makeup lotion, and fill your cells with fullness.

  Recommended single product: Magnolia oil Magnolia oil rejuvenating gold pure active energy water 220 yuan / 150ml can not be missed beyond the work, Magnolia oil regenerating gold pure active energy water.

From then on, your lotion goes beyond simple hydration, reduces fine lines and activates skin firmness!

Beyond the formula, contains nearly 90% essence, a bottle of high-performance lotion containing nearly 90% of cell vitality essence, combined with high-concentration “light texture essence” amino acid peptide complex, “high moisturizer” hyaluronic acidAnd six popular skincare ingredients such as marine protein and green tea extract, which penetrate the skin quickly in liquid form.

Beyond its effectiveness, the multiple anti-aging essences at the cell-level firmness of the new deep-cell level restore hundreds of millions of epidermal cells to a plumper and youthful state, effectively diminishing fine lines and reappearing no trace of firmness.

Beyond the group, improve skin absorption.

Experiments have proved that the transcending water can improve the skin’s absorption of subsequent skin care products. When used in conjunction with OLAY’s new face cream, the firming effect is significantly improved.   7, the use of blush cream to replace the rouge powder in the first aid of tricks, quickly boost the complexion is indispensable.

At this time, it is recommended to choose a liquid blush to play a lot of tricks.

First blend a bit of liquid blush in the foundation and spread it under the cheekbones to reach the temples. Then take a few drops of liquid blush directly under the cheekbones to get a gradually ruddy complexion, super natural.

  Recommended item: Clinique solid rouge cream blush, Clinique cream blush, stylish and simple appearance, the internal cream looks good and easy to color, it can create the most perfect face in the most convenient form!

Just apply a small amount on the face, and then lightly smudge it with your hands to instantly show the most natural and perfect look.

  8. How to describe the lackluster skin with coral color isolation, just like the yellow and green dishes in general?

This complexion alone cannot be covered by foundation, and the isolation of purple and green is also limited, but the isolation of coral color can well shield the cyan and yellow, creating a matte feeling like if it penetrates through the skin, without reconciliation., Can be done in one swipe.

  Recommended item: Biotherm BIO Rouge Rejuvenating Night Cream 420 yuan / 30ml Biotherm professional word-of-mouth star product, has received countless praises since its birth, it is the consecutive winner of major beauty awards, and it is also the travel of many starsA must-have item, newly upgraded in 2009, bringing deep sea source whitening and repairing cream.

5 updated colors to meet the needs of different races, repair and polish, instantly brighten the complexion, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin finds its own perfect color.

Patented Mexoryl SX / XL, fully isolate UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays, prevent the generation of stains.

The star component Strechfiber stretch silk fiber has extremely soft and delicate orientation at the touch of a finger, and has a color reflection factor, the skin is significantly more shiny and translucent, bright and white.

(New) Coral Powder: Reconciles dull, dull skin, giving skin a translucent, translucent glow.

Soft light purple: Tones yellowish skin tone, removes “yellow air”, and makes the skin tone pale pink.

Clear and green: Tones reddish complexion, leaving skin clear, pure and naturally fair.

Standing white: Tones darker skin tones, making skin tones fair and more matte and matte.

Ivory white: Regulates uneven skin tone, conceals, touches up, protects, isolates in one step, effectively covers dark circles.

  9. In the morning, use the 28-pattern aerobic absorption method to keep the skin in the morning sun. A very simple method is to pour the toner on the palm after cleansing. The entire palm is repeatedly patted on the face, including the essence, lotion orCreams are absorbed this way.

This is also the method that Clarins especially recommends, like actively helping the lack of exercise to exercise.

It only takes 1 minute to slap each layer, which is almost 28 times.

The cells are stimulated in this way, as if they were stretched out and glowed with energy.

  Recommended item: La Mer Aquamarine Revitalizing Moisturizing Formula 650 yuan / 200ml LA MER Aquamarine Revealing Moisturizing Formula (moisturizing formula) uses the negatively charged water molecules in the magnetized water as the main component, which can neutralize the skin surface with positiveElectric free radical substances (the main cause of skin aging).

The Aqua Mystery Revitalizing Skin is also infused with collagen mineral water extracted from the high mountains of Utah, USA, to provide the skin with excellent moisturizing and calming effects.

Aqua Mystery Revitalizing Toner (Hydrating Formula) is specially added with gorgonian ingredient, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, sudden acne on the face, acne, etc. Use this refreshing toner with paper film for facial treatment., Acne and other phenomena can be greatly improved and restored.

Abdominal exercise allows you to reproduce beautiful posture

Abdominal exercise allows you to reproduce beautiful posture

Part of exercise: abdominal action 1: body supine, hips bent forward, legs bent, hips and knees at a 90-degree angle, tighten legs, gently put your hands on the tip, fix the tailbone, and tighten the belly button tightlyStick to the spine.

  Action 2: Inhale and prepare to enter the action; while exhaling, straighten your left leg, keep your toes on the same level, and place your hands on your right knee; while inhaling, pull your left leg back to action 1.

  Exercise amount: Repeat the above action 5 times on each side in turn.

  Note: If you feel discomfort on the back side, support your head with your hands or place your head on the ground; if you feel unwell on the waist, stop practicing.

  Scroll exercise exercise part: abdominal action 1: body supine, legs parallel and parallel to the ground, thighs kept close together, toes straightened; while inhaling, bend the head, shoulders forward, arms raised from the ground, fingertipsReach to your toes.

  Action 2: While exhaling, the spine leaves the ground section by section. At the end of the movement, the body bends in a “C” shape, keeping the arms parallel to the ground; one breath is interrupted, and the body lies flat on the ground.

  Amount of exercise: Repeat the above action 10 times.

  Scissors-type exercises: Mainly the stability of the abdomen and pelvis, coordinated movements 1: The body lies on its back, the tibia is bent forward, and the legs are straight up; the arms are straight forward, level with the body, the palms are down;Pelvis, shrink the waist.

  Action 2: Exhale. Tighten the left leg tightly and downward, suspend above the ground, keeping the pelvis neutral (horizontal surface).

  Action 3: Inhale, perform a scissors-type cross movement with your legs, and straighten your legs.

  Exercise amount: Repeat the above actions 10 times on each side in turn.

  Note: If you feel discomfort on the back side, support your head with your hands or place your head on the ground; if you feel unwell or feel weak on the waist, stop practicing.

  Legs lowering exercise area: lower abdomen action 1: body supine, hips bent forward, legs straight up (90 degrees to the left), straighten your feet, separate elbows, put your hands behind the headOn the side, fingers cross together.

  Action 2: Exhale, contract hips

Boiled glutinous rice dumplings with good blood and nourishing stomach ingredients

Boiled glutinous rice dumplings with good blood and nourishing stomach ingredients

The glutinous rice dumplings are a long-established snack in ancient folk, widely popular in the Yangtze River Basin, such as Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Boil the glutinous rice with water, add rice dumplings (usually small rice dumplings without filling), and after the rice dumplings rise, add a small amount of osmanthus.

The glutinous rice dumplings are fragrant and refreshing, with a winey taste but not strong.

    In addition, you can also add egg flowers when the water is boiling, which has better nutritional taste.

    Dr. Hu Yunlian, Department of Gastroenterology, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced to the Life Times reporter that glutinous rice is also called wine, rice wine, and liqueur.Elderly and frail people are unwell.

    In Jiangnan folks, in order to nourish maternity, there is also a saying that they must drink rice wine.

This drink is fragrant and refreshing, sweet and refreshing, multi-vitamins, amino acids and other nutritional ingredients, without adding any food additives, preservatives, pigments, etc., is a natural green drink.

    Glutinous rice, as a traditional Chinese medicine, has a sweet and warm taste, enters the spleen, kidney and lung meridians, and has the effects of warming the stomach and strengthening the spleen, nourishing qi and reducing diarrhea, and promoting hydration and perspiration.

After the acute crimping of glutinous rice balls, it not only enhances its tonic function, but also enhances the effect of promoting blood circulation: for example, it can promote gastric secretion, increase appetite, and help digestion for chronic atrophic gastritis and indigestion; for patients with chronic arthritisIt is helpful for promoting blood circulation and analgesic and analgesic. It can be used as an adjuvant treatment for patients who have recovered from serious illness, weak body, anemia, and recovering from surgery.

    Dr. Hu reminded that although glutinous rice dumplings are delicious, don’t eat more, 150-200 grams per day is appropriate.

Elderly people, children, weak spleen and stomach, and people with severe internal fires should not eat more.

In addition, glutinous rice has a certain astringent effect, such as eating glutinous rice causes constipation, you can drink some carrot soup to resolve.

Is there a pure friendship between men and women?

Is there a pure friendship between men and women?

When you reach the following situation with your best friend of the opposite sex, your mood will always be volatile.

  1 When the other person has a boyfriend / girlfriend, if you are not an ordinary friend of the other person, when the other person has a boyfriend / girlfriend, you will definitely feel that it is not a taste. The other person tells you about dragging and you will find deepThe emotions hidden in the heart must be complicated.

  2 If your friend likes him / her, you will feel that your friend is fighting for your favorite toy, but it is hindered by friendship and friend’s morality, but you will still take good care of them, but your heart must be uncomfortable.

  3 People around you think that you are not an ordinary pair of people who have too much speculation about you, and when the other party feels uncomfortable, you understand that you only have friendship, there is no possibility of deepening the relationship, and your heart will be sour.

  4 When you meet you in the period of physiological changes and development, you actually have great changes and differences. You understand what is different between men and women. Although you know that this is a natural phenomenon, it is still difficult to accept it for a while, and you have begun to have a relationshipfantasy.
  5 It is a common occurrence to fall in love with each other from friendship to friendship. If the other party has the same feelings, it will usually be a happy ending. If the other party does not feel, don’t rashly confess, otherwise the friendship will disappear.

  6 When you make a boyfriend / girlfriend When your boyfriend / girlfriend introduces to your friend of the opposite sex, if the friend of the opposite sex feels unhappy, you understand that the other person is in love with you, although you will not consider the other person,Your response will be one side rejoicing. At the same time, the joy is that one more person likes to be glorious. What happens is that you are afraid that your pure friendship relationship will be difficult to develop, and you will lose a friend of the opposite sex.

  7 The other party loves you. The other party hopes that your relationship is not just friends. This will cause you a headache. At the same time, you are not ready to accept the other party, and you do n’t know how to treat the other party.In order to maintain a long-lasting friendship, you will do everything you can to take an unobtrusive and harmless approach.

Health tips, it’s worth seeing


Health tips, it’s worth seeing

In today’s society, food safety is a big problem. In this environment, we should know some common sense and help us to improve our physical fitness. Here are a few tips for sharing some health tips: 1. Sweet potatoes can lower cholesterol.The high plasma eats two sweet potatoes every day and the title of 鈥渒ing of anti-cancer鈥? sweet potato contains 8% of supplementary fiber, mostly soluble fiber, and the laxative function is very strong.

The University of Tokyo in Japan studied the efficacy of 130 foods to inhibit cholesterol and found that sweet potatoes are 10 times more effective than other foods.

So, if you have high cholesterol, you can eat two sweet potatoes every morning and evening.

2, the heart is not good to eat potatoes and potatoes with carbohydrates up to 15%?
25%, more than all other vegetables, it contains more protein than ordinary vegetables, because potatoes produce high, potatoes also contain vitamins of vitamin C and sodium, potassium, iron, etc., especially potassium content, potassium per 100 grams of potatoes502 mg is a rare high potassium vegetable.

Heart disease, especially in patients with cardiac insufficiency, accompanied by varying degrees of edema, often taking diuretic swelling drugs, easily lead to the loss of potassium in the body, leading to hypokalemia.

3, the elderly eat more chestnuts suffering from low back pain, eating two raw chestnuts every morning and evening.

Put the chestnuts in your mouth and chew them carefully, chew them hard, chew them into pulp, and then swallow them, effectively solving the waist and leg pain.

Chestnut can cure kidney deficiency, weakness in the waist and legs, it can pass kidney and benefit Qi.

However, chestnuts are difficult to digest, and cooked food is easy to stagnate, so it is not advisable to eat more.

4, radish is best to eat raw chewed radish is a good thing, I think everyone should know; often said: “radish listed, Langzhong to the countryside”, “winter to eat radish in the summer to eat ginger, do not let the doctor prescribe the prescription”,These folk proverbs all contain the disease prevention and healing effects of radish.

Chinese scientists have found that radish contains anti-tumor, anti-viral active substances, active ingredient double-stranded ribonucleic acid, which is an “interferon inducer” that stimulates the production of interferon in human cells, for esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, nasal cavity.Cancer, cervical cancer consistently and significantly inhibited.

5, appetite is not good to eat vinegar soaked peanuts raw peanuts with vinegar soaked, this dish has a very good digestion effect.

However, everyone must pay attention to peanuts, because if the peanuts grow mold, they sprout, it is very easy to infect aflatoxins.

Therefore, buy peanuts must pick fresh, clean, no mold and germination; sauerkraut can also be appetizing.

6, canola can reduce swelling and phlegm can not only reduce swelling and phlegm.

The famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, Sun Sizhen, had a tumor in his head, and he died of pain. He suddenly remembered that there was a record of the moss in the ancient book (the scientific name of the rape), and he immediately took the rapeseed leaves and smashed it, and quickly stopped the swelling.The disease is getting worse.

Later generations followed suit, and the external use of rape to treat erysipelas, chyle, sores, and nameless swollen poison.

For oral ulcers caused by upper heat and stagnation, gum bleeding also has a nourishing effect.

7 elderly constipation eat more spinach elderly constipation more, you can eat more spinach, spinach smooth, it can be laxative.

According to the Dietary Diet Spectrum, spinach can 鈥渙pen the chest, pass the stomach, moisten the blood, relax the stool and eat it.鈥?

At the same time, Harvard University in the United States found that spinach has a very good effect on the function of protecting our retina.

Eat 2 per week?
The middle-aged and elderly people of spinach 4 times can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration.

Regular consumption of spinach can also enhance the ability to resist the fight against infectious diseases and promote the growth and development of children.

It also has a good effect on preventing mouth ulcers, cheilitis, glossitis, dermatitis and scrotal inflammation.

(Note: spinach contains oxalic acid, which will hinder the absorption of calcium.) 8. Cauliflower is known as the 鈥減oor doctor鈥? Cauliflower is native to the Mediterranean coast. In the mid-18th century, Europe had a liquid called 鈥淏uharf syrup鈥?It is made from cauliflower juice and honey. It is very effective in treating tuberculosis and cough, and saves many poor people’s hits. Therefore, cauliflower has the reputation of 鈥減oor doctor鈥?

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Health is a good way to see 60 years of medical changes


Health is a good way to see 60 years of medical changes

When people eat whole grains, it is inevitable that they will die and die. Disease is something that everyone can’t avoid.

When you are sick, you have to see a doctor. You have to go to the hospital. You have to take medicine and have an injection.

銆€銆€In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic, there were fewer hospitals, fewer medical staff, and fewer medicines.

At that time, the number of doctors was disproportionate to the number of people, and it became natural to see a doctor.

In that context, in order to provide good medical services to the masses, each doctor walks the streets and lanes, and the serious illness must be treated.

So in the end, they all became general doctors.

銆€銆€In the 1960s and 1970s, barefoot doctors could be said to be the main force of the national medical system.

銆€銆€It is because of the street, always go door-to-door, so I got the title of “Barefoot Doctor”.

銆€銆€Until the implementation of the “Regulations on the Administration of Rural Doctors” from January 1, 2004, the village doctors must go through the corresponding registration and training examinations, and open the official name license. The history of the barefoot doctors has come to an end.

銆€銆€From many examples, we are not serious. The barefoot doctors have solved the urgent need for medical conditions for the lack of medical care in New China.

銆€銆€In the bungalow area of the 1960s and 1970s, there was only one cottage hospital, and the villagers were more dependent on medical teams and barefoot doctors.

銆€銆€At that time, more than 20 barefoot doctors took up the medical burden of the entire cottage area.

So nowadays, people are seriously barefoot doctors, still with a feeling of observance and gratitude, because many people have eaten the same doctor’s medicine for the three generations.

銆€銆€In the 1980s, after the process of reform and opening up, the integrated cooperative medical system was broken, new hospitals began to be established, new pharmaceutical factories began to work, and the days of lack of medical treatment were greatly alleviated.

銆€銆€In hospitals, wards, hospital beds, and a variety of advanced medical facilities and equipment as well as advanced inspection equipment are slowly being supplemented.

Filming, according to CT, MRI began to enter the lives of residents.

銆€銆€Hospitals above the city level have good medical conditions, but in rural areas, there is still not much medical equipment.

In addition to improvements in hospital hardware, the diagnosis technology and various testing techniques are still underdeveloped.

It is not uncommon to delay the disease because it is not diagnosed in time. It happens from time to time.

銆€銆€From the 1990s to the present, both in terms of service and condition, it can be said that it is a high-speed stage of medical condition development.

銆€銆€High-tech instruments, spacious and bright wards, thousands of drugs, people’s health is better protected.

銆€銆€Especially after entering the new century, using medical conditions to improve the hardware, various social security systems also enable people to see the disease, can do inspections and surgery.

The promotion of new rural cooperative medical care and the establishment of community health service stations have provided residents with a good medical environment.

銆€銆€Nowadays, community health service stations and regional private hospitals have created good medical conditions for residents.

Medical insurance and various welfare policies have increased our economic security.

It’s hard to see a doctor, and the days of registration are gone. We are free to choose the hospital we want to go to.

It is a large-scale general hospital. Nowadays, hospitals for specialist treatment are also emerging. The hospitals of orthopedics, diabetes, gynecology and so on have given us more broad and professional choices.

銆€銆€In addition to changes in external conditions, people’s concept of subjective health has also changed dramatically.

銆€銆€From the disease of a few decades ago, not to see a doctor, to the current active prevention of disease, the treatment of disease, the improvement of ideological consciousness also makes us pay more attention to protect the body and develop good habits.

銆€銆€Sixty years of changes in medical conditions have brought about the health of the public today.

銆€銆€According to statistics, in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic

At the age of 8, and in the past two years, life expectancy has reached nearly 80 years.

Yes, all conditions are good, and health and longevity are taken for granted.

銆€銆€In the 1950s and 1960s: the shortage of medicines and medicines, the difficulty in providing medicines, and the shortage of medicines. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the planning of the new China was at a development stage.

At that time, medical care was also in an extended backward state.

銆€銆€Luo Chun, a 65-year-old aunt, worked at the Beijing Pharmaceutical Company since 1964.

At the time, the pharmaceutical company was responsible for the wholesale of medicines in all hospitals in Beijing and a few retail pharmacies.

Speaking of the drug conditions at that time, Luo Ayi still remembers it.銆€銆€”In the 626 directive of 1966, Chairman Mao said that medicine should go to the countryside and engage in medical construction at the grassroots level in rural areas.

Luo Ayi said, “But the drugs are still not much, they are all allocated according to plan.”

For example, a million boxes of medicines, which are strictly divided into hospitals and the countryside according to percentage.

Luo Ayi said that the workers in the unit were still taking bicycles to bring medicines to the countryside. Even places like Changping and Miyun had to ride close to each other. It was a Wednesday.

銆€銆€According to Luo Ayi, the hospital at that time was not as much as the current, how much medicine to buy.

That era was an era when all kinds of materials were in short supply. How much is given to you, it is not bad, and the variety of medicine is not guaranteed.

銆€銆€”Our company had an employee at that time, because it was stolen to sell the medicine to the village that I knew, and it was also punished!

This is a good example. To be honest, it was really too tight at the time!

Luo Ayi told reporters that in the 1960s, the number of pharmaceutical companies was only tens of millions, less than one billion, but by the time she retired in 2000, it was 10 billion. By now, this number has exceededTen billion.

銆€銆€Yan Rongxiu, a poor doctor in Yaojiayuan Village, is 59 years old this year. I think a few decades ago, Yan Ayi said: “At the time, if you were a child of a worker, you can reimbursed it. Of course, this is preferential treatment. It is not good in the countryside.
Originally, there were few hospitals, no equipment, no medicine, so there was no place for medical treatment in rural areas.

“What makes Aunt Yan a memorable thing is that I have to open a list when I see a doctor.”

“When you see a doctor, you have to open a list. If you can’t cure the team, you have to transfer it to you.”

I am a child of a railway employee and I can only go to the railway hospital.

As long as you change places, you have to open a list!

“The backwardness of medical conditions directly leads to difficulty in seeing a doctor, difficulty in curing a disease, and difficulty in solving an emergency.”

Uncle Liu Lianzhong, the wife of Yan Ayi, said: “My mother is dying of bleeding.
鈥?At that time, I was 10 years old, just founded the country, and the medical conditions were poor. If you leave the present, it will be fine.

Xu Baolan, who lives in the Gome home community, was a barefoot doctor decades ago.

In 1962, 22-year-old Xu Baolan went to the Huangshudian branch of the Pingfang Hospital.

Aunt Xu recalled: “What was the condition at that time?

It is the 3 rooms of the rented grain store, and the conditions are tough.


If there is an infusion, it will be taking medicine and taking an injection.

The measles pandemic in the 1960s gave people an injection every day.

“Aunt Xu said that at that time people’s health awareness would not work, unless it is seriously ill, or there will be very few doctors.”

It is seriously ill, and there are not many conditions for treatment. If you can’t cure it, you have to go to the district level. It is a big hospital at the city level. It is difficult to see a doctor. It is a common thing to not see a disease.

銆€銆€In the 1970s: barefoot doctors walked around the world, barefoot doctors and cooperative medical care were the guarantees of primary health care. They talked about the medical profession in the 1970s. It is impossible to say that barefoot doctors.

銆€銆€The “barefoot doctor” is a term that emerged after the middle of the Cultural Revolution. It refers to the formal medical training in general, and still holds the agricultural hukou. In some cases, the rural medical personnel who are “semi-agricultural and semi-medical” are the products of the rural cooperative medical system.

銆€銆€Wang Guizhi, 67, has been a barefoot doctor before.

銆€銆€In 1972, Wang Guizhi, who had learned a little about medical knowledge, went to the infirmary of the Huangsongdian Brigade.

銆€銆€”There will be fewer medicines!

Anti-inflammatory drugs only gentamicin, penicillin or something; cough only licorice tablets and cough; enteritis is berberine, etc.; headaches have to eat ABC tablets!

“Aunt Wang said that there were more than 40 kinds of medicines at the time.”

“What are the more than 40 kinds of medicines that can be treated now?

Can you meet people’s needs?

However, at that time, these dozens of medicines were used to save the wounded and help the wounded, relying on them!

At that time, the simplification of medical conditions was still a headache.

Aunt Wang said that in the infirmary, the only medical device is a blood pressure meter.

銆€銆€”We will stare at the class during the day and night, and we will pick up a small medicine box when we go to the clinic.The box is nothing more than a syringe, a needle, a thermometer, and some of the simplest medicines. This is all the little homes!

“Aunt Wang said that he had a small medicine box, but he still smiled and closed his mouth. “My family still has it!”

“Barefoot doctors are all doctors Wang Guizhi still remember the first time to give someone an injection.

“It was a noon. I came to an old lady. It was high blood pressure. The face of the asthma was discolored. It was a serious one.

When I came, I told you to have an injection, and I couldn’t stand it!

But I won’t, then I was nervous.

Aunt Wang recalled, “You guess the old lady didn’t know what to do, she thought?”

She said, 鈥楳y flesh, your hand, you will give me a tie, the pain is also my pain, are you afraid?

If you give me a fight, I won’t feel bad, I won’t breathe!

hurry up!

‘Then, I gave my heart a shot and gave her a shot.

“Aunt Wang said after laughing.”

She said that she had just learned a little injection, but people couldn’t get it, and they had to get started.

銆€銆€Another episode also impressed Wang Ayi.

At the time, there was a pregnant woman who gave birth to a child, but the child was breech, the leg came out first, and the head was stuck, and it could not come out.

The midwife has no way to find Wang Guizhi to rescue.

銆€銆€When Wang Guizhi was present, the child was still not born.

When the baby is born, the child has not breathed.

Wang Guizhi quickly rescued the child, and it was a heart pacing and artificial respiration. After half an hour, the child miraculously survived.

銆€銆€Speaking of this, Aunt Wang smiled and said: “Our barefoot doctors have taken over the children. Nothing, everything has to be managed!

“But talking about the hard work, Aunt Wang sighed again: “There is no condition at that time!”


Really tired!

But when you look at the patient’s sin, you have to see what disease you have to see!

In the 1980s and 1990s: the medical conditions rapidly changed and the hardware conditions gradually improved into the 1980s. The tide of reform and opening up, the strength of all aspects of the country began to develop rapidly, and the improvement of hardware facilities and medical conditions became more and more obvious.
鈥?銆€銆€Luo Chunling, a lawyer working in a pharmaceutical company, said: “From the end of the 1970s, drugs were not distributed to hospitals and grassroots as planned.

Due to the large number of establishments in the pharmaceutical industry, the supply of medicines is no longer tense, and at that time, how many medicines are available.

Luo Ayi said: “The times are different, and the country’s industry is developing very fast.

I think that in the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic, there were sixty or sixty pharmaceutical companies. By the 1980s, there were already hundreds of pharmaceutical factories. When they were built, there were more medicines.

There is also a wholesaler, starting in Beijing, only one of our pharmaceutical companies, and later developed to twenty or thirty!

“With the development of drugs, there are medical equipment and hardware facilities.
鈥?Xu Baolan, who has been a barefoot doctor, said: “In the 1970s, the needle used was blunt and it needed to be worn!

Later, I said that it can’t be ground. If the grinding is not smooth, it will cause wounds to the patient and cause infection. Is this not a mess?

So change it with blunt.

When you have a lot of injections, you can be in trouble!

“The first time Xu Baolan used a disposable needle was in the 1980s.

On one occasion, more than a dozen people in the village were poisoned, all of which required infusion.

The result is that the disposable needles bought from the foreign towns play a role, without disinfection, they are used directly, and they are discarded when they are used up.

Xu Ayi said: “This is easy to use!

It’s easy and convenient, so you don’t have to cook it in a lunch box!”Since then, all the disposable needles have been used, and the repeated use of the needles has become history, and it is gone forever.

銆€銆€The doctor bid farewell to the “barefoot” era and entered the early stage of reform and opening up. Through the implementation of the household contract responsibility system, the redistribution of rural land in China finally made the barefoot doctor a sunset occupation.

銆€銆€The collective land of Pingfang Village where Wang Shunhua is located has also gradually been distributed to households.

“Barefoot doctors are generally farmers. We have to treat others and take care of our own farmland. We simply can’t take it.

Wang Shunhua has been a barefoot doctor since 1970.

He remembers that after the reform and opening up, a large number of barefoot doctors gave up this profession.

“Some choose to be a worker in the city, and some people marry to other villages. The original more than 10 barefoot doctors in the village only left me with an old doctor.

“Because Wang Shunhua’s family has been handed over to his younger brother, and he likes the profession of doctors, he has been insisting on doing it.

銆€銆€At the beginning of 1985, the original barefoot doctors were to be assessed, and those who passed the qualifications would be identified as village doctors. After obtaining medical qualifications, they can continue to practice medicine.

The “Barefoot Doctor” has officially withdrawn from the historical arena.

銆€銆€In that year, after the retraining of the regional health bureau, Wang Shunhua, who had been “foot” for 15 years, finally “put on shoes” and became a village health worker, working in a clinic run in the village.

銆€銆€At that time, the Pingfang Village clinic had begun to take shape.

鈥淭here are 80 square meters, 3 rooms, including a clinic and injection room, a pharmacy and an infusion room. There are no nurses in the clinic. All the infusions and medical work are handled by Wang Shunhua and another village doctor.

In the blink of an eye, 20 years later, Wang Shunhua has a new identity – doctor of the health service station.

In 2005, five village clinics in the Pingfang area were officially 鈥渞eceived鈥?by the Pingfang Community Health Service Center.

Wang Shunhua also became a general practitioner of the health service station under the Health Service Center.

銆€銆€At the Pingfang Health Station, Wang Shunhua finally had an assistant.

“Now I only need to help the patient to see a doctor, to help the patient infusion, and to have a special nurse to take the medicine.

The function of the bungalow health station is also getting more and more complete.
鈥?In addition to the usual clinics, injection rooms, and pharmacies, the bungalow health station is also equipped with an infusion room, a rehabilitation room, a laboratory, and a health education room.

The area has also expanded to 150 square meters.

銆€銆€After becoming a general practitioner, Wang Shunhua has also been studying.

“If you don’t study, you can’t keep up.”
鈥?While continuing to participate in various trainings organized by the District Health Bureau, he also learned to use computers in 2007.

Now, he can use the computer to prescribe prescriptions for the villagers and establish a health file for each villager.

Every time a villager comes to see a doctor, he can know the patient’s previous medical history and cases by simply knocking on the keyboard.

銆€銆€Into the new century: the medical system in the area where the disease has not been cured is becoming more and more perfect. Today’s bungalow areas have well-functioning community health service centers, service stations, supplementary pharmacies and private hospitals, and residents no longer have to go big.Going to the hospital to see a doctor.

銆€銆€Referring to the current conditions, Luo Chun led aunt said: “In the past, because there was no money, how many people have delayed the condition and could have been treated. The result is that they cannot be cured due to economic conditions.

She said: “At the time, there was a child in our unit. His mother died of kidney disease, and his father was half-baked.

My sister is suffering from lupus and needs to be hospitalized.

But because there is no money, his sister can only stay in the hospital for a few days. If he is better, he will be discharged from the hospital and wait for a few more days.

“Auntie’s voice is accompanied by a sigh of past medical conditions.”

“But look at the present, 鈥榦ne old and one small’, medical insurance, how good our medical security environment is!

“Seeing a doctor no longer walks a long way, no longer queues up, no longer worry, these changes are due to the establishment of community health service stations.

銆€銆€Luo Chun led aunt said: “I like this health station.

No longer have to go to the big hospital to queue up for medical treatment. There is a headache and a hot brain. Just a few steps away.

More convenient, and the price of medicine is reasonable, cheap!

The price of this health station is zero price difference with the ex-factory price of the drug. The big hospital becomes the main income of drug sales. This health station is saving money for our people!

I am going to the big hospital for a few months now to check, and other health stations that take medicine can solve it.

If the health station can add tests and inspections in the future, it would be better!Yan Xiurong said: “The biggest advantage of the health station is that it is easy to save money.

Our elderly people are convenient, they are afraid of going far, and there is a health station, they are not afraid!

You think that in the 1990s, people who were ill would like to go to the hospital to hang the expert number at 4 or 5 in the morning. This is still the case.

If we are old enough to go to a big hospital to hang up the expert number, it is really a crime. With a health station, it is much easier for us to see a doctor!

“Treatment of disease is a healthy trend. When objective medical conditions are gradually improved, we can also feel that people nowadays are paying more and more attention to “treatment without disease” and prevention is focused on people’s general concept of health.

銆€銆€Nowadays, people are no longer serious enough to seek medical treatment for decades before, and they are not uncomfortable.

The improvement of health consciousness is the improvement of people’s self-quality, and it also reflects the important role of health education in all aspects of society.

銆€銆€When I was sick in the past, I didn’t have the conditions to look at it. I didn’t have the condition to treat the disease as one thing.

銆€銆€The current concept of people’s health has been completely changed.

By using your own age group, you can understand the diseases that you are prone to from various channels, and then actively adjust from the lifestyle and diet structure, so that the lifestyle that you are not sick has gradually become the choice of more and more people.

銆€銆€Various villages, various health knowledge lectures actively carried out by the community, and overwhelming publicity of health knowledge in various media have also strengthened the health knowledge of the people to a certain extent and helped the residents to establish their ideas.

銆€銆€In the community, lectures on life knowledge and disease prevention are among the most popular activities of residents.

銆€銆€Uncle Liu Lianzhong said: “My thoughts are somewhat conservative. I don’t want to go to the medical examination, and I don’t want to go to the hospital. But now I am slowly changing. The body is the most important. I should pay more attention to prevent diseases.

Waiting for the disease to cure, then the trouble is much more.

“Aunt Yan Xiurong said: “I am now watching TV programs for health, including diet, healthy eating, and I am very concerned.

Middle-aged and elderly people should eat less, eat more, and pay attention to themselves, so that they can get sick less and go to the hospital. Health is the greatest asset.