Micro fative man,Anger。

Look at it,I only see a white suit,Golder glasses,Five-aerative and handsome man,Faced smiling looking at them,Although I laugh,But that smile,Just like ice,Let people cool down。
“Under this world,You are too big, it’s too big.。”
Thundering looks at the two people。
“Humph!You best don’t intervene this matter,This is not what you can manage.。”
The micro-fat man’s words are rushing to Rayling。
“Oh!Tell you said,Why can’t I manage??”
Rayling passed,Can’t help the pair of painful。
Look at the exquisite face,He slightly,I asked very gentlemanly:“Miss,Are you OK?”
Lu Si shakes his head,Grateful to see him,“thanks!I am fine.。”
“Think,Think,Are you OK!”
Le Yuli saw the moment of Lu Si,Feel at your heart.。
Lu Siped a dry lip,Anticipate:“Gather,quick,Boiler,A will have a http://www.mosashop.cn consciously taken away。
He was sent into a room,You are going to find him。”
Le Yu is a glimpse,Mu Zi??
She is anxious,Dedicated to the room,This matter is imagined。
Mu Zihao was also designed。
Lu Si referred to the direction of himself ran.,Panting:“Turn from here,On the left side,I didn’t see which one of the rooms.。”
Le Yu is worried about her,“Think,And you,how about you!”
Lu Si looked at Lei Ling,I pulled his hand:“gentlemen,You save people to save,Help me a busy?
One of my brothers were brought to the room.,I have a bad premonition,Help,Ok??”
Rayling looked at her arm,Smile:“I am a businessman.,Trading from doing loss。”
“what would you like?”
Lu Si asked,Now calling a call, it is too late.。
“Give me the woman。”
Just in the Siji’s voice,Le Yu’s back,There are also two men http://www.ruishi8.cn who have two suit.。
Le Yu, quickly dialed Lu Haozheng,But after two times,The phone has not been connected yet,Just grab it by a man behind him.,Be on the ground,Fell,The screen is instantaneous spider web,Thorough black screen。
“Hey!Le Yu。
what happened?”
Lu Hao in that headband,But there is no sound。
He looked at the phone,Is it wrong??
European:“They have already explained things.,It is Lu Haokai to make them do this.,The auction will start,First pass。”
Lu Haozheng,“go,Eternal heart this evening,I must get。”

In the last sentence,Cui Bi said a word,This gang finally understands how Gao Bi wants to play.。

If I won,Redemption bonds are naturally no。If you lose,Bought a bond,You can also retrieve the Golden Buddha to visit。But there is a premise,Golden Buddha’s gold,Quantity is not unlimited,Until the time,That is sorry,The rest of Laozi is not responsible.。
Quite“limited liability company”the meaning of。
So I want to board the ship.,Have to hurry,Limited life circle!
Otherwise, when the ship turned over, you will die.,I can also get back this money earlier.。
“And ah,If you win Jinyang Fresh,Jinyang’s land,It is estimated that there will be a lot of noord.。At the time,These land will recover national,Redistribution。
For those who bought the bond support God,Of course, it also has a priority allocation.,You said yes.?”
Gao Baoyi slowly helped Cui to add a sentence,Immediately waive,Signature each other。
These words,It turned out in the big majestic temple,Gao Bao said similar,However, these people in these people are not serious.。Today, the same words, Gao Bo Yi said.,Heard the ears,That feels, I have different times.!
At that time,Just feel Gao Bo Yi in the empty glove of white wolf,Their family is bigger,Not at all。
Now it seems,Gao Bao is a bamboo,The card in your hand has not finished,I am still the pressure of the mountain here.。Buy bonds now“Boat”,Why not?
Gao Bo Yi played this game,It’s a bit similar to future generations.“Financial insurance”。
This“Financial insurance”Woolen cloth,Double function with disease insurance and financial management。Means of,Inside the money,Time is reached later,Even this bare can also take it back。
If you encounter a disease,Can also claim!
This is the same,After changing the bond with food,It will be able to return to this year after a few years.。And once Gao Bi is winning,Immediately enjoy the war bonus on the side of Jinyang?
Even if you fail,There is also a big golden Buddha to debut,Why not?
“Kings,We don’t http://www.lyrczp.cn have so much food,Can you have anything else??”
The words of the Qinghe Cui said.,This is not only to hear it to Gao Baoyi.,More people say that there is such a doubtful person in my heart.。
“other things,According to the current rice, it is also a matter.。In order to win the prosperity of Jinyang Liu Town,The king is coming, don’t refuse,As long as it is useful,All accept!”
Gao Bao said the intermediary。
“it is good,We are in Fuyang Zheng’s decision to buy bonds,Specific amount,Tomorrow, send people back to Chu Wang,how?”
“Our Thai Goats also bought。”
“We must also buy in Boling Cui’s Nature.,This Chu king is as confused.。”
At the scene, the representatives of the family have hit a chicken blood.,One of them stands out,Expressing the conditions that is willing to accept Gao Boyi,Don’t bargain,Yang http://www.minghaorun.cn Wei, who can’t help but look at the cold eye, feel the complexity。
I don’t want to go to the ship one by one.,Now I know that I have to come.,Turn horse compromise!Yang Wei can imagine,If a war is unfavorable?,These people may also be with paragraphs them and,Will not follow the Gao Baoyi road to black。
“Allocate,Now everyone is also a boat.。I can give you a bottom now.。I am a boat.,That is big and wide,Never sink。
Don’t look at it, they come to them.,As long as we are united, there is no heart,This is a barbarian can’t win.。”
Gao Bao is vowed to chest a chest。
NS920chapter A very magnificent plan
Send the last guest to the door,Gao Biyi grows up。
Overall situation!
Unless the ditch,otherwise,This battle will win!
The war never didn’t take a group of people on both sides.,That is the street fight。
http://www.hzaipeng.cn War involves the side of the side,In fact, from Jinyang’s lack of food,The win-negative balance has been tilted towards the sky here.。Nowadays, Gao Bo Yi has united all the family, but it can be said that this is not done.!
Have these people join,All kinds of intelligence,Will continue to gather in his hand,Various materials,Send the source to Yucheng,Various military needs,Armed new army will continue!
The less you go back,The stronger the power here is!As long as you are in the battlefield,As long as you don’t have false,Victory!
The final consumption is also expensive to kill Jinyang.。
“Good performance today is good,I am worried that you cut people.。”


The quiet hall suddenly sounded screams。
“Mr. Xia,What do you mean?”
Ancient heart,The face is very angry,“I just want to make friends with you.,You don’t want it, even if you are willing.,Why do you want to beaten??”
http://www.skinami.cn Narrate,Surrounded by everyone。
Who is this guy?。
Eat a bear heart leopard?,Dare to do it here。
“What is playing?。”
Summer smiling,Drag again in the arms again,let go,Arms stretch,Constantly fist,Cap Cap, crispy sound。
Stop,This bodyguard has been interrupted,Like a broken doll, the soft is on the ground。
See this scene,The face of someone in the field is uncomfortable。
This is the idea in people’s hearts.。
No one knows,This day, the network manor is not a legal existence.,And the energy of Li Lai is deepened.。
Take a hand,And this guy actually got people on the spot.,simply……act recklessly。
Summer smile and staring in the face of the ancient sky,“Don’t be deep with Laozi,Your small trick,It is an individual to see,Is this not what you want??”
Be discounted,The ancient http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn face has changed the first time.。
He just let the bodyguard provocative,I didn’t expect the other side to be so spicy and decisive.。
Originally thought that the other party is just a role that does not enter the stream,But now I have to reassessment。
At this time,The urgent footsteps came from the outside,Look,More than 20 people in the hall。
Walking in the forefront is a middle-aged year of 40 years old,Alive,Long line,Hold your hands to bring the power of Nobae。See him,Jin You Rong quietly touched the ancient wind,Flashing a surprise in the pupil。
NS491chapter Laozi is going to make trouble today.
In fact, there is no reminder,The ancient wind also knows that these people are the security guards of the manor.。
Now,The angry expression on the face is more。
“what happened?”
For the first http://www.dsilearning.cn middle age, I came to the field.,Look around,The eyes of the pair of people shot are like a knife.,People don’t dare to face。
People who often come here know the middle age,The spokesperson of the Tiandnet Manor,Fangxiong。
Jin Yourong naturally knows each other,Active opening,“Boss,金 傲荣。”
Square nodded,“Flush,Can you tell me what happened??”
“Ah。”Jin Youlong laughs,Then refers to ancient wind in anger,“This is the ancient times of the episode。That is his bodyguard。”
Fang Xiong is a bit amazed,The face is also soft in the face.。
“Boss,it’s him。”Ancient wind pointed to summer,Indignation,“I am just a little small festival with him.,But he did not leave people who gave me.,Also also violated the rules of your estyle,I hope that the boss hosts fairness.。”
Fangxiongawang is hunted to the miserable bodyguard,Then look at the faceless summer,“What he said is fact?”
“Boss,Things are not like this。”

They each chose a long sword,Gave each other a sword ceremony,Said。

Two fight,Together with the Mu family sword。
This sword is Mu Yingxiong’s father back then,Unknown adoptive father,Mu Long’s Family Swordsmanship,Connotation Haoran,It was Wuming and Mu Yingxiong’s first set of swordsmanship。
Swordsmanship from Mu Family,To inexplicable swordsmanship,One move,The two brothers didn’t use internal force,Instead, they compete with each other by virtue of their superb swordsmanship,Fighting is the comprehension of kendo and the understanding of swordsmanship。
Mu Yingxiong is also proficient in the inexplicable sword tactics,Even the hero sword has two,Back then, Mu Yingxiong and Wuming teamed up to draw out two hero swords and the middle-aged sword master stood in a tie,The inexplicable sword art is also realized from the sword,It’s just that the two brothers have different understandings。
Fight another sword,Both backed three feet at the same time。
“Amin,Look at me,Can you cope with your sky sword”Mu Yingxiong shouted。
“Come on brother”Anonymous did not speak,Instead, he instantly entered the way of the sky sword without self。
Heavenly Sword,Invincible,I want God,My heart。
“The first sword of heaven and earth”Mu Yingming said with a sword。Nameless Providence is like a knife,Respond instantly。
“One sword across the sky、I am the only one、Jiandu Mijin、All around、Swordsman、No hero、Qiyongshanhe、Kill the sword、Leaning against the window、Tongao Sifang、Wan Jian Zang Feng、Sorrow,Mad dragon swallowing sky、Waterless、Sword out will kill”Absolute Sword Seventeen Forms,Mu Yingxiong continuously used,Anonymous resolve one by one。
If the Heavenly Sword is ecstasy,Absolute Sword is Vime。The core of the entire swordsmanship is pride and absoluteness。Extend the personality of swordsmanship to the extreme。
“Stop here,Hitting,I’m afraid we can’t keep our hands”Wuming sees that Mu Yingxiong consumes a lot of skills,Speak up。The nameless realm of swordsmanship may be the same as Mu Yingxiong,But when it comes to the depth of skill,Anonymous is a realm higher than Mu Yingxiong。
Afternoon,Brothers banquet from afternoon,Until the beginning of Hua Deng,Drink like water,You know that the nameless does not drink long,Let alone drunk,But after meeting Mu Yingxiong again,The nameless can’t care about the deadline,Neither of the two brothers worked hard to resolve alcoholism,Drunk directly,Wait for Wuming to wake up,It’s already the next afternoon。

Brother Chao’s unstoppable smile,Looking at Chen Hedao:“you this,Can you squeeze your hair,I covered my eyes。”</p>

Chen Chi Equator:“no way,Set by the director,My Zilong is blind。”</p>
Sitting there, Yao Ze looked helpless,When am i</p>
Set up like this,But for the brothers,He is used to it。</p>
In the first season,I don’t even know how many pots I have carried,Don’t care about this one。</p>
Kaikai came over,Look at the look of the big black cow,Tao:“Whoops,Brother Chen,This look suits you too,Too appropriate。”</p>
Brother Chao moved the horns on Li Chen’s head,Tao:“Bring all the horns,school”</p>
Li Chen disgusted and took off the horns,Tao:“Look at my hair,I tell you,This is definitely a set of washing and cutting。”</p>
The brothers next to me are laughing,Outside the playground,Is densely packed,Tens of thousands of Xingzhou fans。</p>
Brothers out,Waved to the audience,There was a burst of shocking cheers from outside the field.。</p>
Chen Chichi was taken aback,Holding his heart,Pretend to relax,Groan:“Damn,You guys,My heart is not good。”</p>
Zheng Kai took the opportunity to say:“Chen He,Except your waist is not good,Not capable,Now the heart is not good,I asked why you are here?”</p>
Chen He has a chance,Tao:“My brain is so good,I’ll crush you six,Humph,play with me,I will win this issue。”</p>
A few others pouted,At this moment,There was a sudden sound of music in the venue。</p>
Then a figure slowly appeared following the elevator platform,Is a goddessbaby。</p>
Purple hair,Holding a crutch transformed into a staff,There is also a circular design on it,Looks a bit nondescript。</p>
Chicken feet hanging from ears,I wear a golden ring around my neck,It looks very beautiful and refined。</p>

Wait until five o’clock in the afternoon,Mo Xiaosheng let Sun Qianqian go first。

“Mr,What do you want to eat tonight?”Li Zhen has found out the rice,“Not telling you,My cooking,Now it is increasing day by day。”
Because I don’t like eating food from small restaurants outside for a long time,Years later, Li Zhen specially built a small kitchen in the warehouse,Cook by yourself。
“All do,I don’t have high requirements for food,Just don’t get poisoned。”Mo Xiaosheng joked。
“You just watch!”Li Zhen is confident。
When it’s time for dinner,There is already a burst of fragrance in the warehouse。
Mo Xiaosheng sniffed sharply,Don’t say,Brother Li’s cooking skills really look like that。
“Mr,Let’s eat。”Li Zhen sees that there are few people now,So he quickly took out the folding table,Then bring out the dishes,Shouted:“Sauteed Eggplant,Fried pork with spring bamboo shoots,Spiced peanuts,how about it?”
“Not bad。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded surely,I couldn’t wait to eat the rice。
“uncle,Enjoy some rice。”
Suddenly there was a voice outside,Mo Xiaosheng turned his head and took a look,Found a beggar in ragged clothes,I saw him dirty,Long hair,Sticking together,Casually fluttering,Like a chicken coop,My face is dark,Can’t see the original face at all,I can only see the turning of my two eyes。
May be too hungry,When he speaks,Keeping eyes on the food on the table,Keep swallowing。
“It’s you again,Come,I will serve you some rice。”
Li Zhen seems to know this beggar,Immediately go over and take the broken bowl in his hand,Helped him pour a bowl of rice,Got some food。
“Thank you uncle,Thank you uncle!”
The beggar cheered,Hurriedly picked it up,Holding a bowl in one hand,Holding the food in one hand, I can’t wait to eat,Looks hungry。
He eats while walking,Soon he left Moxin Health Center。
“You know this person?”Mo Xiaosheng asked wonderingly。
“understanding,I’ve been haunting this area these days,Come here from time to time for a second meal,It’s not easy,I make him some rice and food every time。”Li Zhenpo smiled sadly,He also came from hard times,So I can really appreciate the sadness of these people。
“Oh。”Mo Xiaosheng frowned slightly and thought about it,Then his look suddenly changed,Then there was a smile at the corner of his mouth,Said to Li Zhen:“Brother Li,You eat first,I’ll go out,Be right back。”

Need to let go of Horry,Help?But Horry’s three-pointer Barkley is also very jealous,He hesitates。

Barkley is still leaning against Horry from the free throw line for the ball,Then on the field9personal,Watching Barkley’s big ass squirming。
Barkley arched to the basket,Kobe can’t bear it,It’s disgusting。Step forward。
Barkley smiled contemptuously,Quickly collect the ball and turn around,Layup shot in one go。
“Want to steal me!You have helped defend the perimeter than you have played this season!”Buckley’s mouth crooked,Disdain。
“Come down to me!”A shadowy figure shrouded Barkley!
Shark O’Neill!
O’Neal assisted in rare occasions!
After Barkley’s attention was drawn to Kobe,Into the sky,A slap slapped Barkley’s layup to the backboard!
Nail board big hat!
Barkley was knocked to the ground by O’Neill!
The referee did not blow the whistle!
Nailboard Hat of Shame!Barkley sitting on the ground,Eyebrows twisted into a word Sichuan!
“Fast break!”Horry just grabbed the rebound,Shout,Kobe is already flying like an arrow from the string。
Drexler and Jim Jackson react extremely fast,Stopped Kobe at the three-point line,Abruptly blocking the pass,Pressed down the Lakers’ fast break!
“This fast break can be pressed,Kind of awesome。”Hill took a deep breath,After this is covered,Or the counterattack after a steal is very difficult to defend,The offense is still Kobe, the league’s top five fast attacker。
“Houston has a thorough study of the Lakers’ counterattack tactics。”
Depress the rhythm,The Lakers can only fight a battle of positions。
Kobe and Horry played a pick and roll,Two turns away from Jim Jackson,Get in!
O’Neal also cut from the outside to the inside!Olajuwon pulled both hands on O’Neal’s jersey this time and still couldn’t hold him!

Jordan shot30It’s rare to lose again,That means he has tried his best,Still unable to lead the team to victory。The paper lineup of the Bulls team,Since Pippen grew up and Rodman joined,Will lead the league by a large margin。

It can be said that in terms of the paper lineup,Houston only,Jazz and Lakers can match。
And what is the Atlanta HawksDthing,Such a civilian team without a traditional star actually let Jordan who went all out to lose at home?This is something that Peyton and Camp did not do last year。
Jordan himself is in the absolute spotlight of the current alliance media,He is the facade of the alliance,Countless people will analyze his every move,And this loss directly caused a large number of commentators to criticize Jordan.。
Next angry Jordan and the Bulls he leads,Prove what is a true historical team,What is a championship team。
Three consecutive victories,Massacre。Wilkens and Uncle Mu were sacrificed in blood by Jordan,As a sacrifice to the Eastern Conference finals。
The picture of Jordan riding Uncle Mu has become an enduring scene in the history of NBA,And he cut the ball in the next three games31Minute,37Minute,29Minute。The difference between these three games is20Minute,9Minute,15Minute,The Bulls have won Atlanta in three games44Minute!
This is in the current rhythm of the game,In the playoffs, bloody woodland slaughter!
Michael Jordan proved that sentence,As long as Jordan wants to score,No one in the league can stop him。
Jordan and the Eagles have just come to an end。
The other two teams reached the tiebreak!
Houston and the Jazz!
Heat and Knicks!
First of all, this round of the series between the Heat and the Knicks was unexpected by everyone.,Heat’s performance in the regular season,The tacit understanding of their Big Three is enough to prove that they are the best team in the East except for the Bulls.,none of them。
Depth of their lineup,Pat Riley’s tactical formation as a head coach,Are the second in the east,Except the bull,The other teams’ paper lineups are far behind。
Especially Ewing of the Knicks,This season’s performance in the regular season is quite poor,Although won the best team three,But everyone understands that Ewing has slipped from a dominant superstar to an ordinary inside all-star,His body has declined severely over the years,He never has the same dominance as before。


A group of people shouted,Swarm up。
Between Jingchu Eyes and Six Ways,Listen to all directions!But Zhang Mengke is in her arms,Can’t help but make it a little inconvenient,Facing the siege of so many people,Slightly passive。
If he is here alone,I’m afraid it won’t take two minutes,These people will all lie on the ground!
But when their punches and kicks hit,He must protect Zhang Mengke,When necessary,You have to use your body to block the fists and feet attacking Zhang Mengke。
It’s just that those fists fell on Jing Chu,Like a child,superficial。
Since these days,Jing Chu Pi Xing Dai Yue,Hard training day and night,These fists are much lighter than the boulders and sandbags that fall on the body.!
Under siege,Jing Chu caught the gap,Have a chance to punch!
Punch down,There was a cracking sound from a bodyguard’s ribs,Don’t know how many broken,Vomit blood directly,Flew out,And knocked down two or three bodyguards。
Was caught by this flaw,Jing Chu raised his eyebrows,know,Opportunity here。
At the moment when the bodyguards were stunned,Jing Chusong opens Zhang Mengke,Feishen rushed out!
He moves extremely fast,With so many people, no one can capture him!
Every punch,Swept across every leg,There is a strong man who fell to the ground。
Not after a while,The bodyguards in the whole house are all lying on the ground!
The employees outside the door were dumbfounded。

Jiang Fan was taken aback,Said:“Do you dare to drink?”

Old Gu said:“Just have a drink。”
Jiang Fan stood up,Say:“I really learned from someone,Your old Gu dare to drink。I respect you,My respect for you also includes my respect for you,You are a conscientious old scalper,Follow Changyi to the north and south,Never leave,You envy you。”
Old Gu smiled,Said:“Mainly Mayor Peng doesn’t dislike me,Speak conscience,I can’t do without him。I look forward to the mayor moving here,That way I can learn boxing from Lao Zou,Physical fitness,Try to stay with the mayor for a while,I also thank you,Approve me to come to Langzhu,Nothing else,Salaries are higher than those in the counties and cities below,I’m so happy。”
Jiang Fan said:“You look forward to Changyi going to the province、Go to the center,The salary is higher。”
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t drive me tomorrow, Gu,For salary,You drive to the secretary,The next step is to save,I am willing to give up。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan smiled happily。
Zou Zijie and Old Gu left after eating。
Empty field,Only Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are left,They drink and talk。
Since Jiang Fan is not at home today,Peng Changyi reported to him what he knew about the work and some situations,He told Jiang Fan,Yin Jiashi and Cai Feng left in a car at noon,And didn’t bring a secretary or driver。
Jiang Fan nodded,Did not speak。He was silent for a while,Said:“Lao Yin said that on August 1st, we want to have a good time with comrades,Bring family members,I have no objection,I just said,I’m afraid this is a bit difficult,Many family members of the leaders are not in front of you,How do you bring?I don’t know what happened to him,To make this?”
Who is Peng Changyi?,Of course he understands Jiang Fan’s meaning,If Jiang Fan doesn’t get awkward with Ding Yi,He might not have such doubts,It’s because they are in this situation,He had to think deep down。
Peng Changyi said:“As of now,They have no market,As long as there is no gap between you and Bao Bao,Hug,Others can’t disturb the muddy water。After i came,Pay special attention to this old Yin,I am really attentive to him,I really didn’t find anything outside of him,Apart from arranging a few relatives,He hasn’t found any obvious stains in the economy and life style。”
Jiang Fan said:“He had already wanted to leave Shen Guangrui,Down with Nie Wendong and She Wenxiu,Even down,How could he leave a handle in the hands of others?Nie Wendong is a rice bucket,Shen Guangrui is not a rice bucket,Their struggle was very fierce back then,In order to get Yin Jiashi’s materials,Shen Guangrui did a lot of work back then,Make an unannounced visit to the place where Yin Jiashi once worked,I thought I caught his fox tail on urban construction,Never thought,All the accounts fell to ashes the next day,The insider also disappeared somehow,When it was discovered,Crazy。Shen Guangrui wanted to continue to investigate this incident,But Vice Chairman Sha was still working at the provincial party committee,Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee,And suppressed Yin Jiashi’s case,Transfer Shen Guangrui out,That’s it。Originally called Shen Guangrui,Yin Jiashi should move forward,But he didn’t,I guess it has something to do with Shen Guangrui,Later Nie Wendong and She Wenxiu came one after another,It’s not long for Nie Wendong to arrive at Langzhuhou,I was stumbled by the Yin family,Almost wrestled on the issue of land requisition for the textile mill,Anyone who can reach this position,There are backers on top,Fortunately, Nie Wendong was cleaner,Although working methods are arbitrary、rough,He has no other problems,It didn’t hurt him。of course,In the later period of Nie Wendong,His power expansion,She Wenxiu doesn’t even pay attention,There is such a pair of eyes in the dark,I can imagine his end。In the relationship between Nie Wendong and She Wenxiu,Yin Jiashi played a huge role,He began to skillfully use the subtle contradiction between them,In the end, the more you pick, the bigger the conflict,Out of control。She Wenxiu has long been aware of Yin Jiashi’s intentions,But he can’t help Nie Wendong,Although he made big concessions,Nie Wendong has no scruples at all,It is said that when building this Pinzi Building,She Wenxiu disagrees whether or not,And do Nie Wendong’s work repeatedly,As a result, Nie Wendong mistakenly thought that the secretary was afraid of his achievements,Plus Yin Jiashi Cai Feng contributed to the flames,She Wenxiu stopped intervening in this matter,Everything is up to him。Finally Nie Wendong embarked on the road of no return。Everyone who knows thought it was She Wenxiu who upset Nie Wendong,Actually Yin Jiashi,He is very clever,Some things are almost invisible。After Nie Wendong fell,He saw hope again,This time is a real hope,Normal reasoning,He has no reason not to take over as mayor,He himself has great hopes,And all the relationships are opened up,Just waiting for the provincial party committee to release the documents。however,But he didn’t do what he wanted,This term of the provincial party committee leadership team is no longer the previous provincial party committee leadership team.,I’m coming,His hope is shattered again。After i come,He’s not so touched by me,Dig up my affairs with Xiaoding when I was in Kangzhou,Want to make a fuss at the election meeting,But by mistake,He did not succeed,Minister Fan should be thanked,Minister Fan shot again,Ensured the smooth progress of the election。That is, the materials he compiled,Let Xiaoding see,Stimulated,Caused the abortion of our first child……”
This is the first time Jiang Fan told Peng Changyi about this。
Peng Changyi was surprised,Then gritted his teeth and said:“Fucking damn!I don’t believe he is really spotless,So clean that you can’t find any stains?”
Jiang Fan said:“That’s not,My principle is to do nothing,The general direction is to remain stable,So many people,One or two of the Yin family can’t really overcome the big wave,Work doesn’t matter,You don’t do it, some people do it,There will be such discordant people in any level of leadership。Say again,Lang Zhu has had too many ups and downs in politics in recent years,Always indulged in political struggle,A lot of work that should be done was delayed,It was originally a very vibrant place,In the past ten years,Hardly developed,Has been at a standstill。The current situation is,You don’t develop、Not going forward,Just behind,Just regress,Will be thrown away elsewhere。and so,No matter what he did before,As long as he doesn’t have trouble,Stop making trouble,I can tolerate it,Won’t be troubled with him。So what you just said is right,As long as the leaders of the party and government are united,Tie the fence,Dingo can’t get in。”