The mad king is ashamed and angry,At the same time surprised again,The other party actually ambushed people here?No need to think,The previous subordinate designation is over。This time it was taken home,Both sides are dead,It’s better to put on a cushion。The mad king suddenly became fierce,Roar,“Grass mud horse,get out!”Grit your teeth at the same time,The man who fell straight on the roadside。

The man on the ground is naturally Li Tianchou,He is only ten meters away from the mad king,The other party rushed like crazy,Amazing。Just unfortunate,Li Tianchou has prepared a relatively complete brick for him,Luck at this time,And he is not in a hurry,He knew Wu Fang in the haystack had something to say。
Zhu Lei and the others who have been surrounded are obviously surprised,They heard Wu Fang’s voice first,Immediately afterwards, he found that Li Tianchou fell on the ground and his condition was unknown.,I didn’t expect the two to come back so quickly,And somehow both fell here。
But the crazy king is actually very dangerous。Everyone yelled and rushed up,But suddenly I was dumbfounded,Because Li Tianchou sat up from the ground with a grunt,Immediately turned into a squat position,Seems ready to pounce at any time。It doesn’t matter if you look like this,Everyone was relieved。
“I told you to cross。”A loud drink in the grass,Wu Fang really couldn’t stand his temper,Hands together,Five or six bricks fly out all over the sky,He hit the mad king all the time,A cobblestone hit the mad king’s jaw head-on,He screamed strangely, squirting out a mouthful of blood and white teeth,“I’m a grassy horse, Lingfeng!”Although his mouth has leaked,But this sentence is full of anger and resentment。
Everyone naturally doesn’t know who he is scolding,It’s just that he has a brain problem,And I can hear that the mad king has no confidence at this moment,Wu Fang’s second blow to him just now was very heavy,Zhu Lei even feels that the mad king will die。But what is surprising is that the opponent is super tough,Hit again,He still staggered without falling。
The Mad King’s eyes are wide,It looks surprisingly bright in the night,Grumbling in my throat for a long time,Suddenly let out a terrible howl,Like a dying wolf, desperately rushing towards Li Tianchou。This fatal blow is expected,Also unexpected,Most people did not expect,The mad king will have such amazing energy and explosive power in the last moments。
“I have no stones……”Wu Fang was only half shouting, and he closed his mouth in surprise。
Because the mad king just started,Li Tianchou, who was squatting on the ground, suddenly jumped up like lightning,Slipped in front of the opponent like an instant displacement,At the same time, the left hand raised without warning,The seemingly inadvertent action contains a very strong momentum,Crackle,Powder and pieces flying across,The slab in his hand has been firmly patted on the face of the mad king。
No screams and screams,I didn’t even hear a hum,The body of the mad king fell to the ground like a torn sack,Very strong,But just smashed the dust on the ground,No sound。The surrounding air instantly solidified,No one said anything,I don’t know if I recall the tragic moment just now,Still sighing, the lingering mad king ended up playing like this。
The noise not far away awakened everyone,Wu Fang was the first to react,He shouted,“I’m so stunned,Your boss is seriously injured,There is a sack over there。Those who are active dare to move quickly,Carry this dead man away first。”
Zhu Lei immediately realized the big troubles that followed,He quickly ordered everyone to act separately as Wu Fang said,He and Broad Bean helped Li Tianchou, whose face was like golden paper,He had just used his last remaining strength with a full blow,I can’t even speak at the moment,Consciousness is already very vague;Xiao Liu and Xiao Huo go check that sack,Zhang Wen pushed the motorcycle that fell on the side of the road,Put the body of the mad king in the back seat,Whistling and galloping away。
“what would you do?”Zhu Lei only took two steps,Suddenly remembered Wu Fang who was still lying in the haystack。
“leave me alone,This guy won’t last long。”Wu Fang pointed at Li Tianchou with his finger,Looks very anxious。Although Zhu Lei didn’t understand what happened,But he can guess that the other party should have helped a lot at night,So his attitude has changed significantly,“Let’s go together,I’ll carry you。”
Wu Fang waved his hand straight,“That’s too late,Don’t chirp,I must be fine。You guys go quickly,Hurry up。”
Zhu Lei wants to persuade you,But there is always such a lingering vigilance in my heart that makes him finally give up this idea,After all, it’s not clear what kind of relationship is between him and Li Tianchou.,To ensure safety, it’s better not to insist。Maybe you can find a doctor to treat him immediately.,“Then you hide yourself,I’ll arrange for someone to come to you later。”
“I said,No need to。”Wu Fang stared,“Get out。”

After all, the summer is not to understand medical skills.,These years of cultivation,Also often applied and conditioned for yourself。

Her feet is challenged,And under the premise of any treatment,Self-healing。
This causes a bone disgusting,And stereotype。
In other words,Even if I go outside the surgery,Can not be completely cured。
Don’t look at it before, she killed a guardian with a chess.,But it is also an unreasonable。
If it is really being placed by a crowd,Summer is not a big fortune。
Summer reach out,Pressing her ankle,Also sacrificed a trace of spiritual。
After a moment,His brow is slightly co-cooked together,Soon and stretch。
But I haven’t been a few seconds,Face has become slightly lighter。
Can you restore??”
Summer is not a smile,There is not much expectation in your eyes.。
“My own situation is very clear,Bone misstate is constitutive,Is a biggest problem,In addition to this,You also need to take the truly caught。”
Looking at the summer pensive,Also,“In fact, I don’t have to turn it now.,Almost can also barely walk,But only this,Blood is not smooth,Unable to force,Coupled with bone shape,This is a problemless problem。”
Victoria can’t help but ask,“Senior,Who is this in this year??”
The summer did not have a very strong momentum。
Victoria can affirm,The opponent is willing to be strong to the holy realm。
She is hard to think about,Such a super master,Not only being a broken foot,And imprisoned for thirty years……Change your own words,I am afraid that I am desperate.。
One such super power,Can’t cross the wind,Instead, they are trapped here.,What kind of sorrow is this?。
“It’s all the past.,Nothing to say。”
Summer is no longer,Swift,Summer,“Thereof,Little guy,Your kindness, my heart is,I can live it now.。
Now I am telling you a question about your own question.……Heap!”
Not finished。
Sound stop。
I only see the summer loose hands.,I touched a wallet from your arms.。
Open the inner layer,Take out a flat exquisite needle box。
Summer road,Get her legs。
Subsequently with a silver needle。
Start from the heart,Echo。
Tight is the foot,Ankle,Calf……Momentary time,Until the two calves of the knees have been confidentially numb over silver needles。
Looking at his skillful technique,There are many different eyes in the summer.。

When I open my eyes again,Xu Tian and Red Eye have been separately wrapped in time and space fragments,They ejected from the spacecraft Noah’s Ark,In the process of falling rapidly,Can free direction and speed within a certain range,It’s like an airborne soldier performing a parachuting mission,However, the setting of time and space fragments is more sci-fi。

“Yo!Yo!Yo!Glory battle I’m coming!islands,I’m coming!”The red eye began to cry as the debris fell,Makes Gandhi sitting outside the game pod bewildered。
“Hey,Thanks tech,Can add a peripheral……”I saw Gandhi find it2High-definition data cable,Connect the laser projector in Xu Tian’s home to the base of two game pods,After some adjustments,The game screen in the red-eye game pod is projected onto the wall,Gandhi can drink milk again,While watching the training of the two。
at this time,Hongyan and Xu Tian have chosen different birth places separately,Red eye choseSPoint school,Xu Tian choseBPoint dock。
Red eye is familiar with the basic running、jump、After basic operations such as tumbling,Entered the teaching building,Facing an empty school,He can’t help thinking,I used to hate going to school the most,I didn’t expect that today I would really feel like it really belongs to the school in the game……
Red eyes touch the desks in the classroom with their fingers and even feel the texture of the wood,The chalk beside the blackboard can also be used freely,Even the chalk shavings flying in the dust are clearly visible!
He couldn’t help but sigh:“It’s so amazing!The new game can kill the old version of the glory gun in seconds!”
“Not only that,You will find more unexpected in a while……”Gandhi said。
Red eye after experiencing novelty,Start looking for various supply points scattered in the school area,Soon got together a set of weapons and equipment,Feel heavyAWP,Red eyes have a feeling of using a real gun,This actual combat shooting experience is directly used in previous games“W”“A”“S”“D”The operating experience of controlling characters is completely different,Now I feel a sense of weight,If the backpack is too full,Will reduce the speed of movement。
If you let the red eye evaluate,he thinks“Battle of Glory”At least 90% of the real world experience is restored,Because all the operations of the body have physical or physiological feedback。
For example, take the firearms in hand,Because in the past experience of red eye,Too familiar with the feeling of real guns,So including the collimator、Insurance、Trigger button……When every touch of every part of the gun has feedback,On the contrary, it’s hard to believe that today’s game technology has advanced to this point.……
“how do you feel?Does it meet expectations??”Gandhi looked at the dazed red eyes in the projection screen and asked。
“It seems I have come to the right place,Never go back to the old game again!I am even convinced that every part of the gun in my hand is real,As if to have life!”Red eye replied。
“Ha ha,Come on!A Tian ZaiBThe point is almost searched quickly!”Gandhi reminds red eye。
I saw,Xu Tian is in the dock,Go through every supply point in the workshop,In addition to basic weapons,He took a first-class body armor,This is basically the same as his equipment on the day of the game。
In addition,He also took a lot of high-explosive grenades and a few hemostatic bandages。As expected of Xu Tian’s old teammate,Gandhi saw through his thoughts at a glance,His purpose of doing this is to control his blood volume in the finals,Try to restore the scene and high pressure in the game。
“Tian Shao,I found the car,Do you want to go for a ride?”Red eye shouted。
In order not to disturb each other,The in-game voice is not turned on,But the red-eyed Chinese with Vietnamese accents can be heard clearly across the two game cabins。
“no need,Separate action to find faster!”

This time it’s his turn to fall.

Because the eagles lost。
Only time left1minute,The score difference is more than two digits.
Although he is extremely、I don’t want to admit it,But the facts cannot be changed。
They lost!
Eagle lost!
Atlanta lost!
Although this is only the first game of the playoffs,But what they thought was sweeping!
But I lost the first game.
Oh my god!
Feel uncomfortable and want to cry!
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First226chapter Record debut!
I’m afraid no one can think of it,The first round of the playoffs between the Eagles and the Pacers will end in the Eagles’ defeat.
When the game is over,Kobe, who was already standing in front of the TV, stared blankly at the group of Pacers players who surrounded Xu Xuan in celebration on the TV.。
Won,The Pacers actually won!

At the same time, there is the follow-up monitoring of the spherical scientific ninja in the sky,No matter where Naruto escapes,Those three Force Warriors will find。

Do not destroy the sphere in the sky,Naruto’s location will always be exposed,But stop and destroy the world,The three force samurai immediately following will follow。
When Naruto didn’t know what to do,Suddenly a black arrow crossed the ball in the sky,Destroyed the orb。
The clown exclaimed。
Look in the direction where the arrow came,What appeared in front of Naruto was a pink and tender Susano。
“Yan Dun·Add earth life!”
Condense the black flames into the shape of an arrow on the bow and arrow,The pink Susanoh fired three arrows at the same time,Quite accurately hits the three force samurai behind Naruto。
The arrow passes through the chest of the Force Warrior,Immediately turned into black flames and burned。
“People over there come here!”
Susanoh disappeared,The woman who opened the space-time tunnel with the eyes of reincarnation called to Naruto。
Naruto, who had no time to think about it, ran over immediately。
“Thanks a lot。”
“no need to thank me.Naruto。”

“This is not a good place,Change place!”

Lin Yu finished,Look at my wife,Tao:“You and mom go home first,I will go back later。”
“Ok,Then go ahead and do your job!”
Lu Yingying finished saying this,And left with my mother。
Lin Yu,After Lu Yingying leaves,Pointed to his car,Tao:“Get in the car first,Crowded here,Not a good place。”
“Yes,Lin Shao!”
Xiang Fei now,That’s more respectful,How respectful。
“This string of Buddhist beads in your hand,Where did you get it?”
The reason why Xiang Fei stayed,Real purpose,Because of the string of Buddhist beads in his hand。
Xiang Fei did not expect,Young Master Lin wants to stay by herself,Because before I came,I put on this string of Buddhist beads。
Hear this,Xiang Fei thought about it,Responded:“This buddha,I bought it from an old Taoist priest,He said that the Buddha beads can ward off evil,and so,I wear it on my hand from time to time。”
“When did it give you?
Where is that old Taoist priest?”

“I like many cats……”Ye Wenwendao。

“Then you help me ask your female colleague、What else do female classmates have,See what kind of cat they like,At that time we will buy a most popular variety。”Fang Haodao。
This is not just keeping pets,This is as a commercial development,In his eyes cats are just a commodity,So it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not,What matters is whether the audience likes it。
“Ok,I will send a WeChat question after I eat。”Ye Wenwendao。
She also knows the importance of things,This is related to Fang Hao’s career,And will Fang Hao’s career succeed?,It’s related to her future happiness,Of course not to be underestimated。
After eating,Ye Wenwen started doing market research。
She has several classmates,And colleagues,I don’t show up much,Now to support Fang Hao’s career,I can only bite the bullet and start an awkward chat in the group。
People who usually don’t show up suddenly show up in the group,It’s actually hard to get a response,but,It’s not the same to open the way with red envelopes。
A few red packets,The popularity immediately became active,A large group of emoticons thanking the boss and wailing of the wrong billion appeared,A group of unfamiliar people started to say hello。
Scientific research shows,There are two reasons for the dead group:One is that no one is driving in the group,One is that no one sends red envelopes in the group。
Don’t be able to do any of the two points,That group will be alive soon。
Ye Wenwen does not have a driver’s license,It’s impossible to drive,So I can only open the way with red envelopes。
Several groups together,Two hundred small red envelopes were sent out,Less than a minute,The total number of people receiving red envelopes exceeds two hundred,There is also a missed opportunity yelling for the wrong hundred million。
The chat messages of each group are instantly99+Up。
then,Ye Wenwen raised this question——I want to keep a cat,But I don’t know what kind of cat is better,Do you have any suggestions?
While asking this question,Also posted photos of more than a dozen breeds of cats。
Got someone else’s red envelope,And it’s not a red envelope for one or two points,On average, one has a few hairs,Of course to answer this question。
Just as if you receive a red envelope in the WeChat group, you must vote for others,This is the basic social courtesy。
quickly,Ye Wenwen got more than two hundred answers,There are many suggestions。

Standing under the stretcher,Tang Hao holding the Clear Sky Hammer,I don’t know what he is thinking!

Anxiously“father!You are already injured too badly……”
Tang Hao looked at Tang San with cold eyes,“Mi,Follow the disciples of the Clear Sky School and leave,This is the last test my father will put on you!done,You are worthy of my Tang Hao’s son!!”
Then he bowed to the Haotianzong elder“I beg you!”
Elder Clear Sky School frowned,“can……”
Before he finishes,Only one leg left,Tang Hao with one arm burst out at a terrifying speed and disappeared.……
Tang San’s eyes widened and wanted to follow,“father!”
suddenly,He only felt pain from his neck,The whole person’s eyes are black,Body softened……
The elder of the Clear Sky School who caught Tang San,Looking at the back of Tang Hao leaving,The eyes flashed a bit complicated“Tang Hao……”
Chapter One Hundred Seventy One Double Douluo(Subscribe)
I saw Tang Xiao holding the Clear Sky Hammer,One blow knocked back the elder of Wuhun Hall in front of him a few steps……
The situation of other people is basically very similar,Because the spirit power levels of the elders of the Spirit Hall and the Clear Sky School on both sides are similar,It is difficult to decide the outcome in a short time。
However, there is a Title Douluo on the Clear Sky School,So Wuhun Palace was basically crushed and beaten,A faint trend of defeat……
An worshiper frowned,“Why haven’t they arrived yet?,If this continues, we are not the opponents of the Clear Sky School”

in fact“Dragon Nest”The situation on this island is not as sinister as Qin Liang said,There are indeed a lot of various animals and insects,But they are almost harmless,If this island is so dangerous,It’s impossible for the Dragon Soul Base to use this island as a place to train new fighters.。

“He likes to do such boring things,Build your own happiness on others’ fears。”
Shen Ruoxi said with contempt。
“Look at,I kindly remind you to be safe?”
Qin Liang’s helpless divine intelligence aggrieved。
“You are right to remind everyone to be safe,But why are you scaring others??Almost all animals on the island will not harm people,How can you say so exaggerated and terrifying。”
Yanzi directly exposed Qin Liang’s trick。
“To shut up!Don’t interrupt when the master is talking,If you chirp again, I will throw you down the lake to feed the sharks。”
Qin Liang continued his performance,It should be the performance just now……
“There are sharks in your lake?”
Song Min immediately rolled his eyes and said Qin Liang again。
“No other lake,But in this lake,I put it down with Yang Zhi last night,Is specially prepared for you,What?Can’t it??”

Peng Changyi glanced at Ai Qing after speaking。

Ai Qing smiled,Said:“Ha ha,Someone is already angry,If I show edges and corners again,That’s not going to be upset?Say again,Where did you go,Getting angry is also angry with your family。”
“Hey,I said why you are still so dark?Betrayed me in a few words。”Dou Xiaoyuling said with an eye on。
Mr. Ai said:“You all see it,Just this look,Is it a flattened performance??Just said not to turn over the old account,Why am I still so dark,Beat me back to my original shape,Ugh,Never stand up。”
“Haha。”Everyone laughed again。
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“Sister Yu is this temper,Ignite。”
Ai Qing continued with Chu Xiaoqiang’s words:“Yes,She’s not like Xiaojing’s sister,Gentle personality、tolerant,Speak good at saving face。”
“how,Am i not forgiving enough?”Dou Xiaoyu still stared at Ai Qing。
Ai Qing saw Dou Xiaoyu want to come,And surrendered,Said:“I’m wrong,I’m wrong。”
Peng Changyi said:“President Ai,Judging from your performance today,I can almost estimate your future position in the family。”
Ai Qing sighed,Sincerely:“Ugh,Based on my experience,This person,Don’t do anything sorry,You are sorry,I’m going to be willing。”
Dou Xiaoyu looked at Ai Qing and said:“I am glad to see you tonight,Don’t hire me——”
Ai Qing said:“Good good,I will not say anymore,Do not say anything,As long as you are happy。”Ai Qing said,While hurriedly poured some water into her glass。
Although Ai Qing showed courtesy,But Dou Xiaoyu’s eyes are still red。
Chu Xiaoqiang said:“My sister Yu is happy today。Mayor Peng,You don’t know yet,Today is the day when President Ai officially came to propose。”
“what!is it,Did you succeed??”Peng Changyi asked in surprise。
Ai Qing said:“Success is not clear,But for me,Finally made this step。”
“Oh?What did Director Dou say?”