Wang Youcai said,Whether the two traffic policemen agree,He took out his cell phone and called Wang Youdao.。Wang Youcai is not stupid,He knows the seriousness of this,So he won’t be able to ask the second brother。

The phone went through soon,Wang Youdao asked softly on the phone:“what’s up?”
“I drove on Yongkang Road and was checked,You know i don’t have any proof,You figure it out!”Wang Youcai said that he put Wang Youdao into the army。He has no alternative。
Wang Youdao on the phone cursed coldly:“You’re such a bastard!”Wang Youdao hung up after cursing。
“Put the car on the side and wait,Don’t affect other people’s passage”Another traffic policeman said,Command Wang Youcai drove the car to the side of the direct road。
These two often check the car,When they found that there was nothing in this car,They also understand what this is all about。Since they said they should be delivered by family members,Then they just wait。
quickly,One of the traffic police’s phones rang,After he answered the phone, he whispered to Wang Youcai:“Take away everything in your car,Then give us a key to the car。There is nothing wrong with you here,Remember this matter not to talk nonsense”
Wang Youcai smiled,No more words。He knew,Can have such a processing result,Already very good。If this is for someone else,Scrapped vehicles is another matter,The most important thing is that he still drives without a license。
Fortunately, there is nothing in the car。But Wang Youcai checked the car again,After confirmation,He patted the front of the jeep,Quite emotionally:“Old boy,You are willing to rest”
Wang Youcai finished,Turn your head sharply and leave。One of the traffic police whispered to Wang Youcai:“Hurry up to take a test!It’s very good now”
Wang Youcai smiled,So he took things and walked quickly。He hates Xia Jian so much,Maybe he or his men called the police,Otherwise his car won’t be taken away。
This is just great,Wang Youcai without a car,Suddenly felt that it was difficult for me to move。The key is what to do when you come and go in the mountains?
Wang Youcai put all this resentment on Xia Jian’s head,He warned himself silently,Do not avenge the non-gentleman。
Just as Wang Youcai is like a bereaved dog,When I went http://www.bfe to the small clinic, feeling unhappy。His phone rang。He saw that the second brother was calling,So I quickly connected。

Luo Qianjin one,Turn followed and anger,I can’t wait to find a slit.。

But see the pattern of summer laughter,Ashamed,I also feel a little funny.,Can only hate the feet,Enery with brittle born。
“What are you laughing laughing,I am a fool,This is the head office.。”
After the end,Turning out to save,How to see a little escape。
“Hey Hey hey,Waiting for me.。”
Luo Qianjin does not care about him,Soon disappeared in the crowd。
“Ugh,Present woman,It’s really a sense of humor.。”
A woman came to the gate of the 堡。
This is a strange woman。
Her five senses is beautiful,Existing oriental charm,There is also the depths of Westerners,Skin is generally white,And her body,I actually wear an ancient palace that hit the snow.。
at this time,Originally coming towards the door of the hustle,Silence,Quiet to the extreme。
Everyone stayed at this stunned,It’s like a woman who came out of the picture.。
Her skin,眸 水,Qiong nose is pretty,Red lip moisture,Three thousand blue silk pour,Beauty suffocating,There is also a born majesty。
Let people only dare to see,Not dare。
She comes,Wan like a queen,When you really describe the Luo Shen。
Far away,皎 皎 太 太 霞 霞,Observe,Shantu Furong out green wave
If close-up is observed,Creating a shock。
Because of each of her eyes,There are two pupils,Removing a mysterious breath。
Just no one can see,Be close to,The two pupils actually have a strange coincidence.。
“I am looking for Thunder,Let him come out to see me。”
She looked at some stupid security guards,Say a little,“That is, my name is Xianti.。”
at the same time。
A black luxury car fly quickly on the streets of Qinghai,Rapidly。
Car rear seat,Sitting with a beautiful woman。
It is Jiang Luo Shen。
Different in the door of the horses,At this moment, Jiang Luo Shen’s neighbor is a fierce cold.,But in the eyes, it flashes a touch of excitement.。
“Happen!You really dare to come to Qinghai……”
Whistle,She is cold and cold,“Where is the woman now??”
A woman at the viking position immediately dialed the phone。
After a moment,She turned her head,Face,“Miss,She did not deliberately hide,Now I have already went to the 堡。”
“Hawthorn??”Jiang Luo Shen whispered,Immediately,“We also go to the hustle。”
I don’t know in summer.,I am a man.。

But Li Tianzhen gradually realized that he could not do without this big rock,It’s as if you can hear and see when you sit on it,active mind,Many seemingly numb problems can be easily disassembled and straightened out。

In just one month,Several abilities in Li Tianzhen’s body were successfully broken through,Can be used freely,Like an arm,Including extraordinary memory ability,Incredible perception and the beyond-horizon imaging ability named by himself。
Li Tianzhen has done several experiments,An obscure book、Half-finger-thick scriptures,He flipped from start to finish in less than ten minutes,The content of the scripture will be printed in my mind without falling off,There will never be any omissions。
And perception and hearing,The degree of horror,Li Tianzhen can scare himself,A few miles away from the gate,He can tell the number and approximate age of the pilgrims,The mountain behind the Taoist temple but there is wind and grass,He can clearly distinguish between birds and beasts or human tracks。
Can hear the sound of pine needles falling in late autumn,In spring, you can hear the popping sound of buds blooming on the branches,Even the little Dao Tong whispered bad things about him in the hall,He can hear it clearly on the boulder。
This perverted ability is compared with before,It’s a heaven,An underground。As a result, Li Tianzhen became more and more immersed in the state of intoxication of constantly tapping his own potential.,And gradually became interested in many things that I didn’t know before,Once fascinated, he quickly put all his energy into exploring、thinking,The mental state often suddenly becomes extremely crazy,Forgot to eat and drink Lazar、Morning and night。
such as,*Classic works《Tai Ping Jing》,Li Tianzhen earlier used it as a memory experiment,After printing in my head, I threw it aside,I didn’t know anything at all,Have little interest to study。
But suddenly one day,He used his consciousness to visit the companion soul,Occasional sentiment,then《Tai Ping Jing》About‘Spirit’with‘Tiandiren’Suddenly came out of my mind,He read a few words and quickly became fascinated。
One night three days later,Li Tianzhen suddenly broke into the room where Baiyun Lao Dao rested,Shocked the other party,I don’t know how this young man got in,Closed doors and windows in the small room,It was silent again just now,The old man broke out in a cold sweat。
But Li Tianzhu didn’t care about the old-fashioned stubborn way,Open your mouth and discuss with each other《Tai Ping Jing》summary,Several plausible problems are like knuckles in the throat,Naturally have to ask to understand。
Don’t know this question,The old way is more surprised,Looking at Li Tianzhi with an extremely exaggerated look,Can’t speak for a long time。Could this guy be the reincarnation of a real person??How long will it take to watch,I don’t see homework sooner or later,Meditation and chanting,Can ask such esoteric questions?
How can Li Tianchou, scratching his head and scratching his head in a hurry, guess the horror of the old Taoist priest?,Grab the opponent,“The moon is like a plate tonight,Master if it is convenient,It’s not like going to the small courtyard to admire the moon。”Talk about it,Don’t let the old man tell,Pick up the opponent and leave。
The old man was trapped and went to Guanlantai,The two of them don’t think about tea and rice,One stay is two days and two nights,Sometimes fierce debate,Sometimes caress your palms and laugh。
On the third day the old Taoist priest came out red,Walk three steps,Occasionally shaking his head and sighing,Occasionally smile,I don’t know if I’m praising Li Tianchou,Still feeling that I have benefited a lot。
Chapter Five Hundred and Forty Four Enlightenment
After that,Li Tianchou plunged his head into the small Buddhist scripture pavilion in the Taoist temple,When coming out again,The Taoists were surprised to find that this foodie suddenly became crazy,Wandering around in the view from morning till night,Doing nothing,Not squatting at the gate and staring at the ants looking for food,Just sigh at a weed,Stay for a whole day,Even forgot to eat。
It’s okay,A certain day,Li Tianchou suddenly circled around a pilgrim in luxurious clothes,Have words in your mouth,Don’t know what’s talking。
That pilgrim is a middle-aged woman,Dignity and wealth,Hua Rong was eclipsed by the fright that suddenly appeared,Look at this guy even though he looks young,But unshaven,Without a robes,I think it’s a gangster nearby,Unhappy,After a few scents, I want to go down the mountain。
Clinker,Li Tianchou followed all the way,No more nonsense in your mouth,It is clear that this woman will be facing disaster,Southbound should stop immediately,Rejoice in the view,Seek Taoism to Eliminate Disasters。

Tell this,Suddenly caused people from the entire auction to laugh。

“Ha ha!”
“This sentence is good!”
“good,This sentence is good。”
“Yeke this old ghost market is shot。”
“Ha ha,good,Selling things are faced。”
Yawh Lord heard a smile,Not angry,Then laugh at the road:“This is also luck,But there is no doubt,This phoenix sword is a very special godman.,trustworthy。”
“I bid1.1Wanjinshi。”
Just when the sound of Jeah,13Lin Feng’s voice came in the box,With this sound of this sound。
A terrible killing is rising in the entire dark city。
This kind of killing horror is incomparable。
Vingers and mountains,Roll,Many people have a chill,Originally some people are not intended to this Phoenix,I didn’t think my thoughts in front of this killer.。
Yawh Wacher Wen Yan frowned,And behind your face with a smile:“Allocate,13Master bid1.1Wanjinshi,Who bids high?”
No one responded throughout the audience。
“1.1Wanjin Sissen!”
Yekord is still unwilling to look at the audience,See if there is any improvement price,But soon he is disappointed.,No one responded at all。
“1.1Three times,Congratulations13The owner of the box won this soldier。”Jeah Lan Loud:“Congratulations,Congratulations!”
“1.1Wanjin Sissen。”7A touch of sound in the box:“This godman is in normal conditions.8000Kingshi!”
This7The owner of the box is a leader of the Feizhou’s forces.,This person is not someone else, the Fair Fair, the current leader Mandrore,Mandrore black oil is incomparable,Snow white teeth。
Yekole is still laughing on his face.:“Mandar,Can’t say this,After all, the soldier is the soldier.。”
“Jess Don’t say,Send a soldier,Start third auction!”There is a touch of sound in the third box.。
“Ha ha,it is good!”
Jeah Wen Haha smiled,Turn over13Box,But my heart is very gloomy.,His figure came13Door of the box,When I haven’t come to the door yet,The door of the box has been opened.。
Lin Feng’s figure came out of laughing:“Yeke,Thank you,I will not let you be difficult this time.。”
“Oh,Then just fine.。”Yawh Lord heard the smile:“bring it on,We deliver!”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I immediately took out the phone.,Directly asked Yea Germany to be a Golde,Then directly transfer it to Jeah。
After transferring,Jeah’s face talented,He directly handed Lin Feng in the hand of Phoenix Sword.。
Lin Feng smiled and took a Phoenix sword and later:“it is good,good,Good sword,Take back to the collection is good,As you said,Maybe in the future, Huaku blood pulse is born in the forces of Huangquan.。”
“This affirmation。”Jess Wen Haha smiled:“All right,No brother,I have passed first.。”
“correct,That three kinds of magic souls must put it,I am preparing for funding.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Estimate two more,You can come over,Let’s complete our transaction,how?”
“This is good,The breach of contract is not。”Jeah ignored his noddion,This thing can be transaction,That is best.。
“But my time is limited,I need three drops of phoenix blood,We need to treat people。”Lin Feng voice downs:“Phoenix blood,What is the Nirvana,Place the two rounds of auction?”
“this!”Yawh Lord hesitated himself。
“Yeke,We really need a blood of Phoenix.,In advance auction,We don’t mind adding some commissions to you.。”The night cold figure laughed and walked over:“how?”
“it is good,The next round of the phoenix blood three drops,I adjusted。”Yawh Wah 爽 爽 爽 道 道:“But others will be postponed later,You can’t take the pressure axis drama.?”
“Pressure axis?This kind of good office。”Night Qing Dynasty:“We can provide a pressure axis big drama,I think a lot of people will be keen.。”
“What big play?”Yeke can’t help but ask。
“A gasification three clear!”Night clear and sorrowful,Her body emerged as a flowery flow,The two portions came out,Like illusion,Surrounding terrible power。

Kil’jaeden’s conspiracy he is powerless to make。

Even if you have the power to stand on the pinnacle of mankind,Do you show off your incompetent rage in front of your compatriots??
Is it that hard to do something?。
Sorry,It’s so hard。
Not difficult,How can deathwing be desperate to extinction。
Not difficult,Why does Nozdormu become black and eternal。
Not difficult,How could Azeroth have so many disasters。
As the most brilliant pearl of human society,Lordaeron’s future has cast a huge shadow。
This is the pain of the prophet,Carlos clearly understands,I don’t have that power。
The power of the Lich King Ner’zhul is too weird,Lost the shackles of the flesh,Its spiritual power tends to be infinite under the blessing of the Ice Throne,As long as it concentrates,Any place in Azeroth will be under its watch。
Azeroth has no secrets about it。
Maybe Titan’s secret base,For example, places like Ulduar may have a defense mechanism that can block the prying eyes of the Lich King,But what does this mean for humans。
Carlos didn’t want to save Alsace’s fate,But he has no such power,Not even this position。

“Since you have followed,Then go with us,There are some things we need your help。”

Rain country。
Yuyin Village。
The fainted Sarutobi woke up in the future,Stand with the seven Konoha rebels,Looking at the black instant fire and bloggers in front of you。
“Future sister。”
Bo Ren smiled and greeted Sarutobi Future。
“Blogger?What are you doing?!As the son of seven generations of adults,Why are you preventing me from completing the task。”
Sarutobi asked the blogger in the future。
“about this,Let me do it,I am Uchiha Shunhuo,From the future.”
Listen to the explanation of the blackened instant fire,The seven Konoha Rennin and Sarutobi Miku looked at each other。
“From the future or something,impossible.”
One of Konoha rebels said。
Compared with the seven Konoha rebels who showed obvious disbelief,Sarutobi Miku, who has had the experience of getting along with future bloggers, is more receptive。
“and so,Is this why you guys prevented me from completing the task??”
Sarutobi Miku said。
“Ok,Yes,Future sister。”
Blogger said。

Mo Xiaosheng has an ominous premonition in his heart,I wanted to tell Li Qianhui to go down。

“Niche,Don’t be nervous,My people have come to survey in advance,No danger!”Li Qianhui said nonchalantly。
As one of the three masters in Beijing,The name is not covered,Out of caution,I did send someone to survey the surrounding area before,But what he didn’t know was,The Zhang family had already guarded against him,So I bought the hotel long ago,Hid people into the hotel。
“Brother Li,I’ll go down!”
Mo Xiaosheng will raise his foot and walk outside,But suddenly there was a mess of footsteps outside,Then a bunch of strong figures,The man in the black special uniform rushed in quickly,Mostly foreigners,Among them are several very strong black men,Almost all of them have a handful of white USM9Military dagger,Several of them even held U.S. cavalry knives。
A group of people rushed in without saying anything,The sullen face rushed towards Mo Xiaosheng and the others quickly,There was not even a single sound。
“Brother Li,Be careful!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s face suddenly changed,Things are not as simple as it seems,No wonder Nangong Yunxi hurried away just now。
Talking room,He has rushed to Li Qianhui,Protecting Li Qianhui behind,At the same time he suddenly picked up a chair,Threw it towards the crowd。
The chair smashed into the crowd with the sound of howling。
That group of people didn’t even hide,Still rushed over quickly,One of the black men saw the chair flying towards him,Subconsciously crank your head up a block,I thought I could keep the chair from flying,But to his surprise,Mo Xiaosheng’s strength is very impressive,Heavy solid wood chair“boom”Hit him,“Click”Bang,His whole arm suddenly fractured,He felt as if he was hit by a boulder,Black eyes,“Puff”Fell to the ground。
But a black man fell,There are still dozens of people,This group of people rushed to the table in the blink of an eye。
“Mr. Mo, stand back!”
Ming Cheng coldly shouted to Mo Xiaosheng,Then grab a pair of chopsticks on the table and step on the table to push hard,Suddenly flew towards the crowd,From the sky,A chopstick stuck in the eye of a strong man。
“what!”The strong man screamed,In this severe pain, he still slashed the dagger,Take it straight under the ribs。
But Ming Cheng is extremely fast,Pin his arm with his left arm,Slam the right elbow,“Click”Bang,He scrapped his arm,Then kicked away。
Several foreigners around have seen their skills,Change course immediately,Surrounded him。
Not afraid of danger,One to many,Never let go,Three punches and two kicks can destroy a person。

I said good master, you are too much!

Before was“Weak host”,Now you keep emphasizing“Plagiarism”、“Plagiarism”!?
Scholar’s stuff,Can it be called plagiarism?
Precious wealth of that world,If i was there,Can’t spread,As a collision of two world thinking,That’s waste!
I am adding to the wisdom of mankind!
Vent for a while,Shen Huan suddenly felt refreshed。
Then he started to ponder。
Zhu Mei sees Shen Huan thinking,Didn’t bother him。
She knows Shen Huan’s creative ability。
《Straw Hat Song》This song,Later, she and Ding Lun、Shi Liyou and others have discussed。
Discuss whether this song was made by Shen Huan before,Still the inspiration comes,Improvised。
The meaning of the two is completely different。
If the former,It means that Shen Huan is an excellent songwriter。
If the latter,Shen Huan is a well-deserved music master。
Everyone has their own inclination。

Dare to take such a big lap,She just wanted to change her name?

Lynn who noticed this,The corners of his mouth twitched subconsciously。
Just such a small thing,Is it so troublesome??
“I understand,Garden,I would like to ask you for your advice from now on。”
Although I was a little dumbfounded,But facing Yuanzi’s expectant look,Lin En still didn’t let her down after all。
Not to mention this is just a small matter,Go deeper,This is also great for Lynn!
After all, after passing this matter,The name between him and Xiaolan has become closer。
Yuanzi did this for herself,Hope it can be changed by the title,Bring her and Lynn closer together。
But if you let her know,To make a small step forward,But it caused the relationship between my girlfriend and Lynn to take a big step forward,I don’t know if she will laugh as happy as she is now。
Forget it,You don’t need to go into details。
After all sometimes,The less you know, the happier you will be, right??
024 Power from money,Xiaolan’s maid outfit!(Seeking collection Seeking recommendation~)
After this episode of renamed,Lynn and Xiaolan and Yuanzi said goodbye to Tsukamoto Sumi。
leave school,The three didn’t waste time,Go straight downstairs to Xiaolan’s house,Which is Lynn’s upcoming Polo Coffee Shop。
“This……This is Polo Coffee Shop?”
Standing in front of Polo Coffee Shop,Xiaolan opened her mouth slightly。
She never thought about it,It’s just a day of schooling,The coffee shop downstairs will change so much!

To know the name of the net,Over the years, as Qin continues to expand its strength,Among the other six countries, it can be said that!

“Oh?Is it a snare killer??So bold,I dared to assassinate my son in Daliang City,It’s too arrogant!Don’t worry about your second brother,My prince’s guard is a soldier,The two swordsmen by my side are also the best in the world,The Assassin of the Net,Then I will let him die without a place to bury him!”
Ok,Actually said so much,The prince fake is afraid that his second brother will run away,Hold him now,After the snare assassin appears,As to whether he can save his life,Didn’t you decide by yourself??
Secretly winked at the two swordsmen around,Next, the prince will look confident,Constantly comforting my second brother in a low voice。
“Ah!”Li Chen’s mouth couldn’t help but slightly aroused,It seems that everything is going well。
But in a moment,The killing has broken through the entanglement of the black widow,Directly injured her with a sword,If it wasn’t for the eagerness to chase Li Chenfeng,,Maybe the black widow will die in his hands this time。
The so-called prince’s Wei Wu pawns are more numerous,But facing such a top swordsman, he is still a little weak,Especially when the opponent doesn’t fight them head-on,But when you want to kill a certain target。
Seeing that the dry kill has broken through the protections and came to the front,The prince leave loudly let people escort,And signaled to the two swordsmen around,Let them behave。
What I did not expect is,The kill hasn’t come yet,Suddenly a pink sword aura suddenly rose from behind,At the moment when no one responds,It has already passed the prince’s fake neck……
at the same time,Li Chenfeng dodges and quickly evades the killing sword again,Then when everyone was attracted by the prince,A touch of sword energy from the tip of the right finger instantly sank into the body of the killer。
There was a sound of sword entering the body,Then everyone saw that the assassin in the net had died with the swordsman beside the prince fake.……
Everything happens between electric light and flint。
When people around you react,What I saw was the prince who had fallen to the ground and the guard who died with the assassin,The three bodies are no more than half a step apart。
“His Royal Highness!”The only remaining swordsman watched this scene,The whole person is stupid。
What happened?
Didn’t you say you want to kill the second son??Why would the trapeze take action against the prince?
of course,No one will answer his questions。
And the black-clothed assassin who killed the prince immediately cut him off.,Then before everyone didn’t react,Disappeared without a trace。
This night is destined to be an extraordinary night。