[How to make pork with five-finger hairy peaches]_Recommended diet

[How to make pork with five-finger hairy peaches]_Recommended diet

Five-fingered peach is a kind of medicinal material with the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen. Because it looks like a peach, it gets its name. Many people mistakenly think that five-fingered peach is peach.

The five-fingered peach has rich medicinal and health care value. In addition, it is stewed with pork, which is delicious and delicious, and has a great nourishing effect on the human body.

Next, I will give you a detailed description of the specific operation method of five-finger hairy peach pot pork. You can try making the brakes at home.

First, prepare the ingredients you need.

Because Wuzhi Maotao is a plant-based medicinal material, it is washed and then immersed in water.

Remove and drain in about 10 minutes.

Next, choose to buy pork.

The degree of fatness of pork can be determined according to its own taste, but in general, pork belly is relatively fat and tastes better.

However, you can also use lean meat completely, rinse it and cut into cubes.

Then, process the pork to remove the fishy smell.

Put a clean pan into the water and pour cooking wine.

Adding pork to the boil can effectively remove its dirt and attached blood, and skim off the foam.

Remove and drain for later use.

During the cooking process, other ingredients are needed, partly, the ginger is washed and sliced, and the onions are cleaned and cut into onion segments.

If you like spicy food, you can also add peppers or other side dishes.

Finally, put all the ingredients in a casserole, pour the water over the ingredients, and after the high heat boils, change to a low fire to continue the stew. At this time, you can add other ingredients according to your preferences and increase the nutritional value of the entire dish.

After the pork is cooked, add an appropriate amount of salt and season it. Adding too many seasonings will affect its umami taste.

Five-finger hairy peach pot pork can be used not only as a delicious dish, but also as a medicinal treatment with nourishing health effects.

Especially in winter, drinking a bowl of hot five-finger hairy peach soup with pork and eating a few tender pieces of pork can dispel the effects of stomach cold, and also effectively dispel the severe cold, which will bring positive effects to the human body.

[How to pickle sauerkraut quickly?

】 _Sauerkraut_How to pickle_How to pickle

[How to pickle sauerkraut quickly?
】 _Sauerkraut_How to pickle_How to pickle

Sauerkraut may not be acceptable to most people, because it is pickled, and it tastes very acidic, especially for friends with bad teeth.

But in fact, sauerkraut can really be said to be a delicacy on earth, especially stewed sauerkraut, which is so delicious that people generally like to eat it in the Northeast region.

So, how to pickle sauerkraut quickly?

First of all, we should first boil a pot of boiling water, then pour all the boiling water into a clean pot without a drop of water, or a pot, then cool all the water, and then soak with the waterAll you need is Chinese cabbage or daikon.

Remember that you must have a lot of water. When pickling pickles at the same time, you can’t put a drop of water on it. If other raw water invades, it will be easy to rot the sauerkraut. This is true.The more important it is, you must pay special attention when doing things.

Then we washed the Chinese cabbage with tap water, and then used a knife to eliminate those vegetables. Some are too long. If you find rotten leaves, we must also give them this talent.Remove all the bad stuff at the root, so as to ensure that the pickled cabbage you pickled will not rot. Then we will screw the washed cabbage, because the water in the cabbage must be cleaned.Row.
Then put him in the boiling water of Erbaidu and soak it, and then add a small amount of salt to stir. In this case, soak the cabbage in sterilized Chinese cabbage for a while, we must salvage it and dry it again.

If we can, we must wipe the Chinese cabbage with a piece of water cloth, this one is also very important.

In addition, the water on the Chinese cabbage must be cleaned. If you make it well, the pickled vegetables will be very good and beneficial.

If there is water on the cabbage when you verify it, the pickled cabbage will be easily damaged, so we must clean the water in the cabbage.

Next, we can use jars or jars for pickled sauerkraut.

Then we will use white vinegar to wipe all the jars inside this jar and also to clean with white wine. After the drying, we will put all the processed Chinese cabbage and edible salt into the jar and add the jarLiquor is to make this jar kill the sterilization effect, so if we eat like this, we can make the sauerkraut more hygienic.

If we don’t have a professional jar cover, we can clean it with outside stones and press on it.

Try to find a very clean stone, as much as possible for hygiene, but also to prevent sauerkraut from floating in it.

After pickling for ten or eight days, the perfect sauerkraut came out.

[How to eat cranberries best?】 _How to eat_How to eat

Do you have a pickaxe?
浜轰滑鍠滄鍚冭敁瓒婅帗锛屼笉浠呭洜涓哄叾鍛抽亾闈炲父濂斤紝鏇村洜涓哄叾闈炲父楂樼殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝姣斿钄撹秺鑾撳瘜鍚淮鐢熺礌c浠ュ強绫婚粍閰礌锛岃繖涓ょ閮芥槸闈炲父濂界殑鎶楁哀鍖栫墿璐紝鎵€浠ョ粡甯稿悆钄撹秺鑾撹兘澶熺編瀹瑰吇棰滐紝瀵规不鐤椾究绉樹篃鏈夊緢濂界殑鏁堟灉锛岄偅涔堟€庝箞鍚冭敁瓒婅帗鏁堟灉鎵嶅ソ鍛紵钄撹秺鑾撴€庝箞鍚冩渶濂斤紵swisse钄撹秺鑾撴湇鐢ㄦ椂闂达細涓嶈澶櫄椋熺敤锛屽畠浼氬姞閫熶唬璋紝褰卞搷鐫$湢銆傚悎鐞嗛ギ椋熺粨鏋勶細澶氬悆绮楃伯銆佹按鏋溿€佸潥鏋滐紝姣忓ぉ楗叓鏉互涓婄殑姘淬€俿wisse钄撹秺鑾撻鐢ㄦ柟娉曪細鎴愬勾濂虫€э紝姣忔棩涓€娆★紝姣忔涓€绮掞紝闅忛鏈嶇敤銆傛湁濡囩鐥呯殑璇濓紝缁忔湡鏆傚仠椋熺敤銆傞厤鍚堟湁姘ц缁冿細椋熺敤1灏忔椂鍚庯紝閰嶅悎鏈夋哀杩愬姩鏁堟灉鏇翠匠銆傝敁瓒婅帗鑳跺泭鏈嶇敤绂佸繉钄撹秺鑾撹鈲 幃 湇 鐢 ㄧ  蹇 屼 嫴 2004 骞?Chain Links: The first step is to slow down, and the initial delay is slow. You can’t do it. You can’t do it. You can’t do it. You can’t do it.Painted  鐗 ╂ 湰 韬  咜 鐒 剒 单 酑 钖 那 槁 姰 姰 尰 蒴 鍴 鍙  Mutually 南南南 叾 揍 揍 揍 揍 揍 揍 揍 揆”Darium” is “a pick-up, a pick-up, and a pick-up chain, and a rudder disease chain is getting better, and the version is better than the sickle flag, the sickle flag, and the sickness chain.”It’s so hard (250ml / 澶?鏈変氦浜掍綔鐢ㄣ€備竴涓熀鍥?VKORC1锛孋YP2C9)琚瘉鏄庡鍔犲崕娉曟灄鐨勬晱鎰熸€э紝鑰屾惡甯﹁繖涓熀鍥犵殑浜哄湪鏈嶇敤钄撹秺鑾撳悗鍙兘璇卞彂鍑鸿銆傝敁瓒婅帗鑳跺泭鏈嶇敤绂佸繉浜岃敁瓒婅帗浣滀负椋熺墿琚箍娉涢鐢紝鍚屾椂鍦ㄦ境澶у埄浜氥€佺編鍥界瓑琚紑鍙戜负淇濆仴鍝併€備絾鐩墠缂轰箯鍏跺壇浣滅敤鐮旂┒锛屼竴鑸涓猴紝钄撹秺鑾撳洜涓哄惈鏈夋按鏉ㄩ吀鎴愬垎锛屾敞鎰忎笉鑳藉拰闃垮徃鍖规灄鍚屾椂椋熺敤锛涘洜涓哄惈鏈夎緝澶氱硸鍒嗭紝绯栧翱鐥呮偅鑰呮厧鐢紱鍥犱负钄撹秺鑾撴槑鏄惧崌楂樿崏閰告按骞筹紝鎵€浠ヨ偩缁撶煶鎮h€呮厧鐢紱鎬€瀛曞拰鍝轰钩鏈熷彲浠ヤ娇鐢紝浣嗘槸涓嶅彲浠ヤ綔涓烘棩甯搁璋便€傝敁瓒婅帗鑳跺泭鐨勯鐢ㄤ汉缇ょ蹇岋細1銆佺棦鐤撅紝鑲犵値锛岃儐鐭崇棁锛岃剛鑲倽锛岃倽纭It ‘s a bit of a rainbow, and it ‘s awesome, and it ‘s awesome. It ‘s just like that, it ‘s just like that, it ‘s just like that, it ‘s not forgotten, it ‘s just for you, it ‘s for you, it ‘s for you, it ‘s for you.囩鐤剧梾锛屼紶鏌撴€х柧鐥咃紝浜斿畼鐤剧梾锛?銆佷箙鐥呬綋铏氫汉缇わ紱3銆佹皵閮佷綋璐紝闃宠櫄浣撹川锛岀榾琛€浣撹川锛?銆佽劸鑳冧箙铏氳€呭皯椋熴€?

Hot Yoga Detox Weight Loss

Hot Yoga Detox Weight Loss

Hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

That is to do yoga in the high temperature environment of 38 ℃ -40 ℃.

It is composed of 26 kinds of contraction movements, which belongs to the flexible movement, which can improve the spine softness, and is suitable for the office family.

At the same time, it directly stimulates the nervous and muscular system and can reduce weight.

This hot yoga from the United States has been popular in China since 2004.

  Principle: Turn the body into a heated steel Indian Bikram established a hot yoga system in the United States, and once launched, it has smashed the entire yoga world.

Although this practice is considered by some classical yoga teachers to be inconsistent with traditional concepts and norms, hot yoga does have loyal followers.

Hot yoga has strict requirements on the venue and temperature. Practitioners need to practice 26 basic postures in a high temperature environment between 38 ° C and 42 ° C. Basically, they will sweat heavily after 10 minutes.

  Hot yoga is especially suitable for people who walk into the yoga room for the first time.

Because training is performed in a high-temperature closed room, some functions of the human body are in an excited state, blood circulation is accelerated, and the secretion of lubricating fluid at the joints of the joints is increased. The human body can quickly enter the training action state with less warm-up.

Yoga training in this environment will reduce the probability of injury and eliminate physical tension.

  Just like the hot yoga founder Bikram ‘s metaphor for the image of hot yoga, after heating a piece of steel, it can easily change its shape with a hammer. Therefore, at 40 ° C indoor temperature, the muscles that are hardened by the exercise can be softened andMuscles.

In this way, even the body that usually moves by itself can easily complete different squeezing actions, and it is not easy to be injured.

  Features: Breathing can correct the activation of the lung lobe. In addition to losing weight, long-term practice of hot yoga can also improve migraine, back pain, cervical pain and gastrointestinal diseases.

“In the introduction of hot yoga, such words repeatedly appeared, and many people who came to practice hot yoga with enthusiasm also had this purpose.

Hot yoga classes are held three times a week for about one hour each time. The hot yoga room always gathers the highest popularity. Scholars from the early 20s to the 50s are mostly white-collar workers.

  Asana, breathing and meditation are the three basic factors for the progressive progression of yoga practice. Abdominal breathing and laryngeal breathing are the two basic breathing methods of hot yoga. The former requires the abdomen to be inflated during inhalation and the abdomen to be contracted during exhalation.The tongue rolled back in, and the throat contracted inwardly while breathing, and you could hear the sound of your throat.

The benefit of this breathing is that it can activate the lungs of the human body and expel the deposited exhaust gas out of the body.

If you want to implement these action requirements into every breath, it is definitely easier said than done.

  Hot Yoga retains the original 26 movements of Hada Yoga, and scientifically arranges the order of stretching and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This is different from ordinary yoga that can be combined at will. When practicing, you must strictly follow the instructions of the coach in order, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the progressive fitness effect of hot yoga.

“Magic chair style”, “eagle style”, “warrior style”, “tree style”, “cobra style”, “baby relaxation style” . Actions with different names are arranged in the routine of hot yoga, and some areSpecially practice balance, some are stretching exercises, and some are relaxation exercises.

  Efficacy: The effect of weight loss and body sculpting is obvious. “Because hot yoga has good weight loss effect, it is very popular with young women.

In fact, in addition to hypertension, hypertension and other organic STD patients can not practice, hot yoga is a sport suitable for men, women and children.

“Ms. Li, general manager of a fitness center in Dalian, said that practicing hot yoga can cleanse the whole body’s organs once and expel toxins out of the body through a lot of sweat.

  Hot yoga’s deep breathing exercises can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body and burn more unfortunate cells due to increased oxidation.

Hot yoga can improve the body’s glands to maximize function.

Practicing hot yoga will not only reduce the extra assistants on your body, but at the same time, the practitioner will also get better muscle lines and a higher level of vitality.

Some of the 26 positions of hot yoga are particularly suitable for adjusting the thyroid gland, which is directly related to the body’s metabolism and can affect weight.

Adult metabolism also increases due to hot yoga, so adults convert to muscle and energy.

  So hot yoga can create the ideal weight.

If you are overweight, you will maintain your weight after practicing hot yoga; if you are underweight, you will gain weight, and you will gain healthy body tissue, not light weight.

  Charm: Men may practice detoxification and reduce belly fat. Some people may think that yoga is the exclusive exercise of women, and strong muscle strength is a man’s innate advantage. The only weak point of life is that the limbs are relatively stiff.

Hot yoga perfectly makes up for this shortcoming. Normal and fast blood circulation above body temperature, while softening the muscles and bones that are stiff due to the exercise, can help men quickly transform into yoga masters.

  Practitioner Liu told reporters that as long as he tries hot yoga once, he will fall in love with it.

When the body withstands the test of high temperature, it begins to gradually accept the exercise signal, and the high temperature fumigation quickly makes all the bones and organs open, making people more flexible and calm than usual.

Such changes are rarely caused in everyday situations.

  After the endurance of suffering, a lot of toxins replaced the sweat and replaced the body. Those ligaments, bones, and bones that had been with them for many years, but were still unfamiliar, were quietly awakened by hot yoga. At this time, I can only use the word refreshing.  Through exercise and ambient temperature, the skin’s pores are all opened, some old dead keratin and body toxins deposited on the surface of the skin will be discharged through sweat glands, and the slightly elderly muscles accumulated in the body will burn, and the hot yoga posture willMuscular sculpting training guides and metabolism, thus reducing the volume of the aunt wall.

Beer intestines, which have been wasted by many men for a long time, can also be effectively controlled.

  Note: Don’t eat 3 hours before practicing to practice hot yoga. What should I pay attention to?

Fang Ming, a professional fitness instructor, listed several common considerations.

  First, practicing hot yoga can put pressure on the heart and respiratory system. People with low blood pressure, hypotension, or weak constitution should exercise caution.

Beginners may feel dizzy, this is normal.

Pay attention to the mastery of time during the exercise, rest appropriately and replenish moisture.

  In fact, it is recommended that scholars do not eat for three hours before the exercise, drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the start of the exercise, and do not eat for 1 hour after the end of the exercise.

Because of the cold winter, the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor areas penetrates, it is best to bring a thick piece of clothing, the road from the hot yoga room to the dressing room can not be careless.

It is best to take a shower 20 to 30 minutes after the end of the exercise, otherwise the muscles and joints that are completely relaxed during the exercise will easily become stiff.

  If you experience symptoms such as excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain, stop practicing immediately and go out for ventilation.

Bring a towel and water when practicing.

Do not take a bath immediately after the exercise, wait for the sweat to dry, and wash after the pores shrink, which is more conducive to the discharge of toxins.

  Fun link Madonna, Jordan is good. This 48-year-old Madonna Siconi is already the mother of two children, but still shines on the stage in order to maintain perfect body.

Sister Mai insists on practicing yoga for 3 to 4 hours every day.

She is a loyal fan of Hot Yoga. It is reported that Madonna had been lining up for a month for yoga classes.

  The former NBA trapeze Michael Jordan also has a soft spot for hot yoga. He once stated in public that “I must practice yoga breathing and concentration before each game.

After retiring, yoga has also greatly helped my knee injury.

Founder: Compressed Hot Yoga was founded by Indian Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga. He was born in 1946. He began to practice with Indian teachers at the age of four. He practiced for four to six hours a day.Won the International Indian Yoga Championship.

At the age of 17, he was severely injured due to an accident and was told by the doctor that he would no longer be able to walk. His amazing perseverance enabled the body to recover, and in accordance with the physiological structure and characteristics of the human body,The theory like “Iron becomes soft in hot” has created the 26-style hot yoga action.

He went to the United States at the age of 18 and began to promote hot yoga. He was named after Improved Yoga University in India.

Seeing the psychological secrets of others in daily actions

Seeing the psychological secrets of others in daily actions

How do you feel most comfortable sitting?

What’s your appearance like?

Also, when you shake hands with a friend, what kind of method do you use?

do you know?

Some daily actions can grind your mind!

Today, I will guide everyone to see through the psychology of others!

  Your sitting posture may inadvertently betray you. It will reveal some information such as your personality and inner secrets.

  1, sit tightly, with your feet close together and slightly forward, the entire sole touches the ground: it shows that you are sincere and sincere, and open-minded.

You are characterized by being methodical, but easy to be true, and strive to be thorough and perfect, and sometimes even have clean habit, which is inevitably limited to form and piles up rigid.

Although in appearance, you are a bit indifferent, it is all an illusion.

You are an old man.

You only do things that you can be sure of and never take risks, so you lack enough innovation and cooperation.

  2. Sit on Erlang’s legs. No matter which leg is placed on it, you are very natural: that means you are more confident, know how to live, and the interpersonal relationships around you are more harmonious.

  3, sitting on Erlang’s legs, and one leg hooked on the other leg: that shows that you are cautious, reserved, not confident enough, and even hesitant to do things.

People around you will think your character is too complicated.

However, because of your attractiveness and decent control, you can let everyone evaluate you correctly and like you.

  4, with your toes close together and your heels sitting apart: that shows that you tend to hesitate to do things, and sometimes excessive meticulousness will affect the flexibility.

You are used to being alone, and communication is limited to those you feel close to.

However, you are very insightful and can make accurate analysis and judgment on the character of others at an accelerated speed.

It’s just that sometimes you overestimate your ability.

  5. Put your feet forward and your feet crossed: When a man shows this sitting position, he usually only holds his fists on top, or grasps the armrest of the chair tightly with both hands; when the woman uses this sitting positionUsually when your feet are touching, your hands will naturally rest on it or one hand will be pressed on the other.

That shows that you like to give orders and are naturally jealous.

So, to be honest, you may be a difficult person to get along with.

Studies have shown that this is also a typical sitting posture for controlling emotions, controlling tension and fear, and being very defensive.

  6, legs and feet do not stop, but also like to use feet or toes to make the entire leg part: the most obvious manifestation of this kind of person is selfishness, everything from the perspective of self-interest, very cowardly to others, but very indulgent to themselves.

But you are very good at thinking and can often ask some unexpected questions.

  7. People sitting with their arms and legs open: It implies that you may have the alternative of being in charge of everything, having the temperament or dominant character of a commander, or being outgoing, sometimes unknowingly.

If women adopt this sitting position, they also show that they lack rich experience in life, so they often act self-righteously.

  There are generally five types of standing poses, all of which can reveal your mentality!

  1. Stand with your hands on hips: This is an expression of self-confidence and psychological advantage.

If the feet are wider than the shoulders, the whole body will swell, and there is often a potential offensiveness.

Coupled with the toes beating the ground, it implies leadership and authority.

  2. Keep your chest up and abdomen with your head up: This kind of person tends to have sufficient self-confidence, or else she just pays attention to her personal image or feels very optimistic and happy at this time.

  3. One leg is upright, the other leg is either bent or crossed or diagonally extended: expressing a reservation or slight rejection may also be a sign of restraint and lack of confidence.

  4, both hands into the pocket: not revealing the mind, the performance of secret planning.

If you bend down at the same time, it may indicate something unpleasant in your career or life.

  5. Put your feet close together and extend your hands crosswise: Putting your feet together means to be cautious and to pursue perfection.

This kind of person seems to be lack of initiative, but often very strong, and belongs to calm and tenacious people.  A handshake often indicates a friendly behavior.

But in fact, the way of shaking hands can almost affect the success of the next two-step relationship, and it can also grind a person’s psychological and personality characteristics from the handshake.

  Some people shook hands with too much force and held them tightly, calling them “popular sailors”.

This shows that he is frank and enthusiastic, strong and cheerful; but if he has too much strength and even makes you pain, most of them indicate that the other party is arrogant and eager to conquer.

Smart people shake hands for a short time, but clenched tightly, that is, “dragonfly point water type”, they are often good at dealing with people, friendly and relaxed, and easy to handle; but such people are easy to be suspicious and it is difficult to fully trust others.

If the handshake is short and light, and perfunctory occurs, it indicates that the other party’s personality is weak or the mood is low, and it is not suitable for deep conversation at this time.

  If the opponent holds your hand and does not reply for a long time, it is “continuous combat type”.

It shows that he is very interested in you and wants to communicate boldly and deeply with you.

However, if the other party holds your hand before the negotiation, it may be that he is testing the dominance between the two people. At this time, if you re-run the hand first, it means that you do not have the endurance of the other party, and the odds of victory during negotiation are not veryBig.

  In addition, if you buckle in your own hands, the other party hesitates for a while before shaking hands with you, showing that he is introverted and indecisive.

If you want to test whether a person is sincere, ask while shaking hands. If he sweats slowly, it means he must have a ghost in his heart.

  After reading the above article, are you better able to understand what your friends, colleagues and classmates are like?

This is good for your good relationship!

Intercourse taboos and health

Intercourse taboos and health

The taboo of the Chinese ban is very well-known for entering the house, and it emphasizes “to avoid it” and “to avoid it”.

The so-called taboo is to prohibit sexual intercourse in certain circumstances.

If you are contraindicated, it can damage your health and cause many diseases.

There are three aspects to the taboo of sexual intercourse: First, the people in the house should avoid yin and yang, and pay attention to “human harmony.”

Choose the best state for both sides.

The physiological state of a person is directly affected by living habits, emotional changes, disease regulation, etc., and women also have physiological characteristics such as birth, birth, economy, and education.

In some specific cases, it is not appropriate to carry out the house, so as to avoid adverse consequences.

(1) Drunking into the house generally believes that wine has a certain promoting effect on sexual excitement, so there is a saying that “wine is a color media person”.

But don’t drink too much alcohol, or use wine to stimulate sexual desire, otherwise it will bring a lot of harm.

“Su Wen, the ancient naive theory” cloud: “Taking wine as a pulp, taking sputum as a common, drunk to enter the house, to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true, do not know to be full, do not know the god, be quick,Against the joy of life, living without a section, so half a hundred and decline.”

“Thousands of gold and Dao Lin Yang” said: “Drunk can not pick up the house, drunk and full handover, small face (black dry) cough, the big one hurts the blood vessels.”

“Sanyuan Yanshou Counselor Book” also said that “a drunk into the house, exhausted liver injury, the husband is less spleen, the yang can not afford, the woman is a month of decline, blood stasis.”

It can be seen that drunkenness is infinitely harmful.

Modern research believes that these recognitions of the ancients have many scientific values.

After drunkenness, some of the desires are unstoppable, behaviors are out of control, actions are rude, and etiquette is not good. In the drunken state, there are some behaviors that both sides can tolerate.

Leading to disharmony, and suffering from kidney damage, can cause various consequences.

Clinical manifestations of premature ejaculation, impotence, irregular menstruation, diabetes and other diseases, often have a certain relationship with improper alcoholism, long-term drinking excessive, can induce osteomyelitis, esophagitis and severe nutritional deficiencies.

Because ethanol can damage sperm cells and egg cells, drinking alcohol or drunken into the house is not only harmful to itself, but even to future generations.

In fact, drinking after drinking or drinking during pregnancy leads to poor development in the body. In severe cases, various malformations occur. After birth, congenital hypoplasia, mental retardation, stupidity, poor health, and short life.

(2) When seven emotions, labor, and abstinence occur when the emotional state of the person changes, the air machine is often dysfunctional and the viscera is dysfunctional.

In this case, you should be comfortable with emotions, adjust your qi and blood, and be suspected of seeking a psychological balance by borrowing things.

Seven emotions, and then sexual intercourse, it is easy to cause their own disease, if pregnant or affect the growth of the fetus, development.

In addition, excessive fatigue should be timely rest and conditioning, as soon as possible to restore physiological balance.

If you use the sex of the house to consume blood, it will cause the whole body to be visibly damaged and cause various deformations.

“Thousands of gold and the house to replenish the benefits” pointed out: “People are angry, blood is not determined, because of the cross, it is embarrassing . running tired to enter the house, for the five labors to lose, young children.”

“Sanyuan Yanshou Counsellor” said that “the fear of entering the house, the yin and yang are illusory, sweating and sweating, and accumulating labor.”

Only when the two sides are happy and full of energy, can sexual life be perfect and harmonious, and it will not hinder the health of the body.

(3) It is important to point out that the health care family has long pointed out that “the desire is not strong.”

The so-called “strong” is reluctant, and sexual life is a matter for both sides, and neither party should be reluctant.

Reluctant interlocutors will not only bring psychological barriers, but also cause various diseases.

Because the strong housework violates the laws of yin and yang, the result is that the land will have adverse consequences.

In the sex life, regardless of physical strength and emotion, reluctance to go to the house will only bring adverse effects to the relationship between men and women and cause harm to the body.

“Sanyuan Yanshou Counselor Book” said: “Strongly entering the house is the consumption of fine, the consumable consumption is kidney injury, the kidney injury is the inner part of the marrow gas, the back pain can not be pitched”, “body thin, convulsions, dreams, omissions,Leak, impotence, anxious in the lower abdomen, face black deafness.”

The harm caused by the strong house should be paid full attention.

(4) During the period of cautious illness, the human body is fully motivated to fight against evil spirits. If the disease is in the house, it will inevitably damage the righteousness and aggravate the condition, leading to adverse consequences.

For example, when the eye disease (conjunctivitis) is not cured, it is forbidden to go to the house, otherwise the optic atrophy may cause blindness.

Pregnancy in the disease, the magnitude of harm to maternal health and fetal development.

“The Order of the Golden Flower and the Prescription of the Fertility” points out: “The disease is sputum, the essence is weak, the blood is not full, and the blood is not dirty. The cell injury is sick and brittle, and it is not as strong as it is, and it is full of passions.The disease is pregnant.”This shows from the genetic point of view that the disease is conceived in the house, the fetus is prone to hereditary diseases, and “heavily related, sick and sick”, generations of generations, endangered.

After the illness, the stage of rehabilitation, the virtual air fan, the vitality is not restored, and it is extremely necessary to rest in peace.

If the house is consumuous, it will make it harder to recover the righteousness, and the old one will relapse, and the heavy one will even die.

“Thousands of gold and typhoid fever” pointed out: “The disease is new, less than 100 days, the strength is not calm, but the room is a little bit of death. The nearer is very big, the typhoid is small, the difference has been more than tenOn the day, I can take the horse to come, and to say that I am calm, to the room, that is, the small abdomen and acute pain, the hand and foot restrained and died, which highlights the serious harm of post-hospital sex.

Modern medicine has proven that a moderate and harmonious sex life can benefit both men and women.

Some patients with chronic diseases can’t do anything, but they can’t do more.

For example: chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, liver disease, and kidney disease, excessive sexual intercourse can cause recurrence or deterioration of old diseases.

Be sure to take care of the severity of the disease.

Those who are seriously ill and weak in constitution should be strictly abstinence.

(5) Women’s sexual intercourse Taboo women have special physiological characteristics, that is, menstrual period, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

In response to the special physiology of women, ancient doctors and health homes have proposed some specific housing health requirements.

1, the menstrual abstinence “the golden key to the house to replenish the benefits” pointed out: “Women’s monthly affairs are not consistent and harmonious, making people sick.”

Sexual life during menstruation, easy to cause dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, uterine erosion, salpingitis, pelvic infection, or cervical cancer and other diseases affect the health of the woman.

2, early and late pregnancy, abstinence women during pregnancy, must be cautious in the life of the house, strictly guard against taboos.

Especially in the first three months of pregnancy and the next three months to avoid sex.

Early sexual intercourse can cause miscarriage, early sexual intercourse can cause premature birth and infection, affecting maternal and child health.

“Insured to be recorded” pointed out: “In two months, no anger, less work, no lust, no life for illness”, Ming Dynasty gynecologist Wan Quan also pointed out: “pregnant and sturdy, men are indulgent, women are goodDesire is partial.”

“Fu Qing’s female subject” further pointed out that “the big woman is nostalgic, too, the water is not enough, the water is easy to boil, plus the long battle, the fire is a big robbery, then to Xingsao crazy, fine for the bigLeaking, the kidneys are full of water, and the dragons and the fires are blazing, the water and fire are both sick, and the tires cannot be solid and smashed.”

During pregnancy, women need to concentrate on the whole body to nourish and nourish the nutrition. The most common thing is to dissipate the yin essence. If the patient is not self-respecting, the mother is sick and the fetus is difficult to preserve. Therefore, during pregnancy, sexual intercourse must be controlled.

3, the maternal period of abstinence within 100 days of postpartum, maiden emptiness, weak constitution, low resistance, need time to replenish conditioning, in order to restore health.

At the same time, the lochia during the puerperium period is not clean. If you have sex again, it will hurt the blood and the evil spirits will take advantage of it.

Sun Sizhen clearly pointed out in the “Thousands of Gold and Women” that “as for postpartum, the big must be cautious, the most dangerous, and it lies.”

Don’t have no time at birth, but it is all right and hearty, and you can do everything. If you commit crimes, you will feel sick and sick. So, women must be diligent and fearful for 100 days after childbirth.And even the house.

If you commit a crime, you must be anti-strength, as if the corner bow is anti-tension, and the name is placed in the wind. If you have a post-natal period of 100 days, you can join the meeting, and you will not die until you die.

Every woman suffers from the temperament of the umbilical cord, and she does not advance the house early.

Therefore, within a hundred days after delivery, the house must be strictly prohibited.

4, breast-feeding breast cancer when abstinence during breastfeeding, replacing young children need a lot of breast milk with high nutritional value.

Milk is the result of maternal qi and blood. If strain is used, the source of qi and blood biochemistry is insufficient, the milk quality is not good, affecting the normal development of the baby, may cause spinal disease, hoarding, anemia and other diseases.

Therefore, Sun Sizhen pointed out: “The new house is made up of baby, so that the child is thin and thin, and it can’t be handed over,” especially “the mother is drunk and the house is sweating and the baby is the most drama, and can kill children.”Infant 孺方上》).

Therefore, during the lactation period, the house sex should be controlled, and the five internal organs should be ensured to ensure the healthy growth of infants and young children.

Second, the so-called “day bogey” in the house is a prohibition of sexual activity in the absence of certain abnormal changes in nature.

“People are in harmony with the heavens and the earth”. The height change of nature can give people a great influence. The solar eclipse and the eclipse, the lightning storm, the torrential rain, the landslide, the chilly heat, the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth, can not be in the same room.

“Lv’s Spring and Autumn · Spring Festival” cloud: “Great cold, big heat, big dry, big wet, strong wind, big earthquake, the seven people of the fog are dying.”

Therefore, if you are a health-care person, you can’t know if you know the law.

The effects of changes in the concentration of nature on the human body, first, lead to changes in mental emotions, and second, interference with biological functions.

The dramatic changes in nature can often exceed the body’s own ability to adjust, breaking the balance of yin and yang of the human body, causing blood and blood disorder.

At this time, the house is a violation of the taboo.

Ancient health homes also believed that when the natural climate changed abnormally, the house was conceived and had a certain impact on the normal development of the fetus.

Sun Sizhen pointed out in the “Thousands of Gold and Fangfang” that “strings, wind, heavy rain, heavy fog, big cold, great heat, thunder and lightning, heaven and earth, thin sun and moon, rainbow, and if the woman, it hurts people and is not good, hurts men a hundred times, so that women get sick, and there are sons who will be ignorant, ignorant, hoarse, and guilty, suffering from broken sputum, sick and short life.”
When the speed of nature changes, the intercourse affects the physical health of both men and women. If you are pregnant, you may have congenital diseases and congenital malformations or dystocia.
From the current clinical observations, the congenital diseases of infants and young children are related to the living environment before pregnancy or the infection and hyperthermia during pregnancy. This shows that it is very necessary for couples to fully pay attention to the abnormal changes in nature.Good education has positive significance.

Third, the so-called “land avoidance” of the premises is to avoid the adverse environment that is not conducive to sexual activity.

For example, “The Golden Keys and the Houses in the House” are said to be under the fire of the sun, the moon, the temple, the side of the well, the side of the toilet, the tomb of the tomb, etc. All the poor places should be listed.For taboos.

A good environment is one of the important conditions for success.

A bad environment can affect the mood of both men and women, which is detrimental to the quality of sexual intercourse and sometimes has adverse consequences.

Leave a shadow on the mind.

The environment conducive to sexual intercourse should be quiet, less interference, small room, moderate light and dark indoors, and suitable temperature.

The air is circulated and the bedding is clean.

In short, a comfortable, refreshing environment is good for sexual intercourse and health.

The health care of the human health and longevity, normal normal life is an irreplaceable part of people’s happy life.

It can bring happiness and joy to people, and it can also cause disasters and distress to people. This kind of mutual happiness is not self-going to people. It is based on certain knowledge.

The ancient Chinese health homes and medical doctors decomposed the special system of housing health care, pointing out his theoretical principles and specific methods, as well as related taboos.

Many of these ideas have been confirmed by modern science.

False school has never had a good result on sexual life issues.

The purpose of our research and study of sexual health knowledge is to enable humans to obtain scientific guidance, break the human obscurity and mystery of sexual life, create a new life science concept, and make new contributions to improving the quality of the population and the longevity of human health.

Drink oolong tea for weight loss and choose chrysanthemum tea

Drink oolong tea for weight loss and choose chrysanthemum tea


Weihan should not drink green tea. Green tea is non-fermented tea, bitter cold, colder after freezing, not suitable for women and those with cold stomach.


Drinking Oolong Tea To lose weight, tea polyphenols in Oolong Tea can adsorb oils and eliminate them from the body. They also contain lipases that can break down oils and transform Oolong Tea to have a “dissolved slightly” expression.


Eye-protecting chrysanthemum tea is usually brewed with a cup of chrysanthemum tea every day, which can relieve the symptoms of eye fatigue. If you drink 3 to 4 cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it will also help to restore vision.

Huang Ju was selected.


Qushu anti-inflammatory drink honeysuckle tea honeysuckle tea is sweet and cold, it is a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying. It can clear the heat and dissipate heat. It is mainly used in the clinical treatment of various edema, heat, blood stasis and fever.
Honeysuckle is colder than medicinal herbs and is not suitable for long-term overlap.

A few tricks to teach your baby to grow smarter!

A few tricks to teach your baby to grow smarter!

By the age of seven baseball months, your baby will be able to crawl under your eyelids.

Crawling is the baby’s instinct, and it is also a necessary process for children to learn to walk. Some parents use walkers in order to let their children learn to walk as soon as possible.

In fact, “fast” may not be a good thing. Let the child go through each stage of his growth, and the baby will become smarter.

  The more clever the baby, the smarter it is to encourage the baby to crawl early and crawl more, which can significantly help the baby’s brain development, so that the nerve movements of the brain opponent, feet, and eyes can be re-enhanced, enlighten and explore the baby’s intellectual potential.

Research data show that babies who can crawl, crawl early and crawl more are more sensitive in movement and behavior, have good coordination, quicker, and more curious, but babies who do not like crawling tend to be dull, dull, depressed, and do not like to contact new people.Something new.

At the same time, babies who crawl well and crawl well have strong cognition, literacy in reading pictures, speech composition and vocal ability, and the smoothness of walking and running in the future are better than children who crawl late or have less crawling.

  Why is simple crawling so amazing?

  First of all, when the baby is in the midriff, the audiovisual range is small; when sitting or lying down, the audiovisual range is slightly expanded, but the stimulation is still not enough.

The crawling has greatly expanded the audiovisual range, from static to dynamic posture, from point to surface. The amount of stimulation is large, and the thinking, language and imagination are naturally developed and improved.

  At the same time, crawling has a direct promoting effect on the brain, and the midbrain is the biggest beneficiary.

From the perspective of the anatomical structure of the brain, the midbrain is an important part of the brainstem (the central position of human life). It is divided into two major visual and auditory reflection centers. It is the “headquarters” responsible for listening to sound and watching things. It uploadsExternal information, giving orders to the brain.

After crawling expands the audiovisual range, the stimulation of the midbrain can be enhanced; while the promotion of the function of the midbrain will inevitably bring the function of the entire brain to “a higher level”.

In addition to the midbrain, the positive effects of crawling on the cerebellum should not be underestimated.

The cerebellum is responsible for the balance of human movement, and crawling is a whole-body movement. It can train the balance and response of the cerebellum, promote the intertwining of nerve fibers to form a network, which is conducive to the improvement of the structure of the brain’s nervous system. It will inevitably make the baby learn language and read well.

  In addition, the crawling movement is reflected by the initial crawling, after head up, turning over, rolling, limp, etc., and eventually develops into a real crawling, it requires multiple learning and practice; each learning and practice is a time to the brainMobilization and motivation.

Therefore, learning to crawl is actually an intensive training of the function of the brain’s nervous system, which has an irreplaceable special effect on the development of the brain.

  No need to teach, almost every child will crawl; but if you want to climb earlier, change, better, and more beneficial, I suggest you refer to the scientific crawling mode.

  Three stages of crawling ability development: resist foot crawling: respond to resist the baby’s two little feet and make the legs appear frog-shaped, and he will crawl forward with the abdomen as the fulcrum.

This is the ability that newborns have from the beginning.

  Crawl with hands and knees: 8-12 months, the baby can carry and aim to support the body to crawl.

  Crawl with hands and feet: Around 1 year old, the baby can support the body with both hands and feet, and crawl forward.

  Crawling training and games: resist foot crawling: let the baby lie on the bed, parents sit on the palm of the baby’s feet, and he will automatically step on your hand to crawl forward.

At the beginning, the baby may not work hard, and the entire body cannot be lifted up from the bed. The adult does not hinder him from helping him by the side. If necessary, he can use some external force to help the child forward.

Practice 2-4 times a day and crawl 2-4 meters each time.

  Preparation of upper limbs: push up and lift your arms with your arms to support your upper body: you can use mirrors, toys, pictorials, human faces to make your baby look up.

15 days after birth can be properly practiced; 3-4 times a day after the full moon, can gradually be half an hour.

  Support weight with one arm: When the baby learns the above movements, he can use the toy to seduce him enough toys during his prone time. As soon as he grasps enough, he exercises weight with one arm. The arms can take turns.Exercise.

Forearm Crossing Exercise: Baby lies prone on the side of the bed, you are on the edge of the bed, put your palms up, pad under the baby’s palm, tease with the toy in front, move your palms crosswise, drive the baby’s arms to cross.

  Lower limb preparation: about 3-4 months, you can hold your baby kneeling on your thigh, or when you are lying on your back, let him kneel on your side, holding your body by your hand; read the pictorial with him,Read the rhymes and play with toys to help your baby exercise the support of his knees.

Cross-leg movements: The pillow is placed in a prone position on the baby’s belly. You use both hands to hold the baby’s alignment and do cross-back exercises.

  Coordinated crawling on all fours: Let your baby touch the hands, knees (or hands and feet) to the ground, leave the abdomen off the bed, and coordinate all fours to crawl.

If the baby’s abdomen cannot leave the bed or can’t move forward, he can support the baby’s abdomen with his hands or wrap the abdomen with a long scarf and use toys to induce him to crawl.

Crawling game When your baby can crawl on hands and knees, you can start crawling games.

  Game 1: Sitting and grabbing a baby’s favorite toy not far from his or her body, as long as the baby goes down from the sitting position to the prone position to catch it.

Although it is not a crawl, it is a prelude to crawling. Before learning to crawl, babies can like to lie on the bed and make preparations before crawling.

The toy can be placed not far from the baby in the beginning, and it can be placed on the left, right, or even the back of his or her body. As soon as the baby turns and sees it, he can lean down to get it.

  Game 2: Helping Actions When babies learn to crawl, how to move their limbs in a coordinated manner becomes the most difficult problem to break through. They often have trouble but can’t care.

At this time, the parent can stand behind the baby, put two palms on the bottom of the baby’s feet, and push the baby’s one foot. When he (she) climbs forward a little, push the other foot, so to help him or her crossOver crawl off.  Game 3: Drilling a “cave” If you have an empty cardboard box with a refrigerator and a washing machine in your home, you can make a baby’s crawling toy.

Cut off the lid and bottom of the carton to make the carton a square tube.

Place the carton horizontally on the ground, place the baby on one end of the carton, and then the parents go to the other side. Look at the baby from the carton and encourage him or her to drill a “hole” and climb to the parents.

Note that when rebuilding the carton, the edges of the paper must be glued on, because the edges of the paper may scratch the baby’s delicate skin.

  Game 4: The temptation of color Let the baby sit on one side. The parent takes a colorful toy and calls the baby’s name to attract his or her attention.

When the baby leaned over and crawled over, the parents stepped back, after the baby climbed three or four times, let the baby catch the items and praise the baby for doing well.

  Game 5: Follow the sound and move the sound can also attract the baby’s attention, rattle drums, small toys with electronic music, etc., are all objects to attract the baby.

Shake the toy not far from the baby’s body and make a pleasant sound. The baby will be attracted by the sound of music and try to crawl over.

Be careful not to be too far away from your baby, lest your baby’s attention is not on the sound.

  Game 6: Crawl and observe. Some babies don’t crawl, maybe because they don’t know how to do it.

The baby has a strong ability to imitate. At this time, you can find a crawling child to play with. The two babies are together to encourage them to crawl.

When the baby sees the other companion crawling, he will imitate and learn to crawl quickly.

In order to increase the fun, parents can deliberately design a competition, tease in front, and encourage the two babies to crawl towards the goal together.

  Game 7: Baby treasure hunt under the bed is full of curiosity, they like to drill everywhere and discover the little secrets in the corners.

If there are conditions at home, you can clean under the bed or under the table to create a fun adventure possibility for your baby.

Put some small toys under the bed or under the table, put on the socks and thicker clothes for the baby, and say to the baby, “There’s something fun inside, look for it.

“The baby’s curiosity will drive him or her to find a treasure.

If it is too dark under the bed or table, the baby will refuse to look for it. At this time, the parents can turn on the light, or turn the tablecloth and bed cover up to let the light pass through, and even let the baby dimly see the shadow of the toy, inspiring the baby to find.
  Crawling tips In order to increase the fun of crawling, you can add more tricks to stimulate the enthusiasm of the baby.

  Create a safe environment. There should be no sharp objects or easy-to-fall objects within the scope of the baby’s crawling to avoid injury.

  When your baby is crawling on the hard ground, you can wear knee pads on your body to prevent the pain caused by the friction of your head.

The knee pads should not be too tight, so as not to affect the knee joint mobility.

  Try to let the child transition naturally through crawling.

For example, from the prone position to the limbs, from crawling to being able to sit up, squat up, and then stand up from the squat to advance, and grasp the previous balance.

In this way, children will easily learn to walk.

  Each crawling exercise should not be too long, so as not to cause the baby’s resistance to touch.

Marry someone who hurts you

Marry someone who hurts you

Listening to an emotional live broadcast on the radio, I appreciate the host ‘s words: What will she do for you?

Marrying you is for your pain.

  There was a woman who herself said on some occasions when her husband said, “I think the husband is really different before and after marriage. You said something cold before marriage. He immediately took off his coat and put it on you. Now you shout cold, he willTop you-sentence: “If you don’t want to be cold in your heart, don’t be cold.”

  A lady is simplistic when it comes to how some of her decisions to marry her husband are made.

She said that the two had lived together at the time, and she never thought about marrying him.

One night, her brother came to him to play bowling, and he jumped out of bed with joy.

Later, when he went out, she said something casually, and did not know what was fun.

As a result, he returned from the outside in less than five minutes.

She asked him, why did you come back?

He said, don’t you like me to go.

She didn’t know what was going on. She was sore and stunned, she rushed into his arms, and never closed her eyes that night.

At dawn, she decided to marry him.

  Today’s woman, she is no longer married just to solve the problem of long-term meal tickets.

So why marry someone?

Just because she needs a man to hurt herself.

Her husband’s hand, warm and powerful, was the spiritual backbone of her life-women always liked to think so silly.

But the problem is, men look at women just like women look at fashion, and they’re so sweet.

To treat his wife no longer young and beautiful, he always thought that her heart was as poetic and rough as her appearance.

  A woman is a woman. How old a woman is is a pain.

Ten wisdoms of Taojia Health in autumn and winter


Ten wisdoms of “Taojia Health” in autumn and winter

Jingshen Health Jingjing plays an important role in traditional health education.

The ancients believed that God is the master of life activities, keeping the spirit quiet, psychologically stable, maintaining the vitality, making the five internal organs safe, and helping to prevent diseases, improve health and prolong life.

On the contrary, it hurts the liver, likes sadness, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys, and even induces various injuries.

The ancients of the dynamic health care believe that “people want to work in shape, can not become a disease”; the poet Lu You said “shape to be small labor”, indicating the positive effect of moderate exercise on health.

In the practice, the ancients explored the dynamic forms such as massage, qigong, Taijiquan, gossip, and five-bird play, which can strengthen the body.

If a person is eager for ease, lack of exercise, or overwork, it is easy to cause “labor injury”, also known as “five labor injuries”, that is, long-term injury, long-term injury, sedentary injury, long-standing injuryLong-term injury.

Eating and drinking ancients believe that a reasonable diet can nourish the essence, correct the yin and yang of the viscera, cause disease, and prolong life.

Therefore, diet should pay attention to “boss food” that is, “grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, five dishes for filling”, but also to consider the five flavors, otherwise, due to nutritional imbalance, physical bias, internal organsDysfunctional and pathogenic.

Traditional medicine for tonic health is highly recommended to nourish yin and yang with nourishing drugs, tonic and nourish the blood.

Reasonable tonic can strengthen the body, prevent disease, and criticize.

However, tonic should be both dialectical and appropriate, and should also consider compliance with four o’clock.

When taking tonic, if it is a lung medicine, it is more suitable in autumn; if it is a warming medicine, it is more suitable in winter.

Gujing Yangsheng believes that blood is the essence of human nutrition and is the material basis of life. The internal organs of the internal organs can maintain their normal functions.

If there is no sexual desire, too much blood, it will cause the body to be weak, distorted and detracted from life.

Maintenance of yin can delay aging.

Meridian health and meridians are “network” systems throughout the body, which control the flow of blood and gas to ensure the normal function of each tissue system.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that the meridian has a life-and-death death, and it is a disease that regulates the reality.

Ancient healthologists believe that dredging meridians can be an important measure for taking birth, and the quickest method is to stimulate, massage, and acupuncture three important acupoints, Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli.

Hegu points can prevent facial and facial features, Neiguan points help disease heart disease, and Zusanli points are most effective in preventing diseases of the internal organs, especially the digestive system.

The ancients believed that there are different changes in the climate at four o’clock in the sky. Everything on the earth has the laws of life, longness, income, and possession, and the human body is no exception.

Therefore, the ancients proposed a timely health regime from the aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

People’s internal organs, yin and yang, blood and blood must be compatible with the four times, and can not be reversed.

Adjust your life behaviors according to the time, and engage in health and disease prevention. Otherwise, it is easy to hurt the liver against the spring, and it is easy to hurt the summer. It is easy to hurt the lungs against the autumn, and it is easy to hurt the kidney against the winter.

Self-cultivation and health care The ancients believe that those who pursue health and longevity must start with self-cultivation.

On weekdays, you should rule out all kinds of mourning, say more good things, and do more good deeds.

The ancient medical doctor Meng said: “If you can protect your body, you often have to be good-natured,” “have good words and do good deeds.”

Sun Sizhen said: “Integrity is being considered, and it is reasonable to go through the troubles.

“Cultivate good conduct, often do things that benefit others, and you can open your mind and be happy.”

The ancients who regulate qi and health believe that the human body has metaplasia, promotes and solids the blood, warms the whole body tissue, resists disease and evil, and enhances the function of the viscera.

Nutrient imbalance, loss of work and rest, emotional disorders, sickness and other factors can lead to the virtual, trapped, stagnant, and reverse symptoms of the vitality, and the boots cause pathological changes in the body.

The method of regulating qi and health advocates that through careful life, shun four times, quit overwork, prevent overeating, adjust diet, and five flavors, adjust seven emotions, save words, learn to sneak, guide and other measures to nourish the vitality and eliminate the disease.year.

Attenuation and health care The ancients believe that if people are moody, they will lead to yin and yang in the body, and qi and blood disorders.

Excessive exertion can damage the temper, and the diet is wet, hot, and turbid.

Offenses are six offenses, and the evils are all over the disease.

This pathogenic factor is considered by the human body to be “poisonous”, so it is proposed to use “attenuation” to preserve the invigorating health.

Through diet conditioning, taking drugs and other measures to reduce the accumulation of poison in the body, can avoid life-threatening diseases, prevent premature aging, and prolong life for the elderly.