Don’t want to live?”

This statement,Junhong、Ning Yuan、Jun Yuquan is all。
I didn’t expect that in the summer, I will say this.。
“Mr. Xia,What is your meaning??”
Junhong brow big wrinkle。
Summer,“Very normal reasoning,This world is never only you have a smart person.,Invite me to participate in the funeral,No more than two possibilities,Either,Want to explain with me,Either……You want to kill me。”
Junhong’s face is not changed,The pupil in the eyes is not self-contraction。
Just talk,Summer haha smile,“Haha,just kidding,Don’t mind。”
“Father……”Junhong came over,Flashing in the eyes。
“Don’t move。”
Junhong shakes his head,Reproduction low voice command,“See a machine。”
Subsequently followed up。
All the way。
They quickly came to the door of the hall。
Bamboo!The lobby is quiet in a moment.。
I have a look at it.。
But very quickly,Some people will focus on Ningyuan。
Many people can’t cover up the color of the face。
Time,The changes in the epoch will naturally have also attracted the attention of the major families in the capital.。
A young man named Ning Yuan settled in the Times Group。
He actually has a shares of a total of hundreds of people in an epoch.。
Later after fermentation,Truth propagation。
This is called Ningyuan.,It turned out to be the illegitimate child。
His hands in the epistemal shares,It is the legacy that is left to him.。
This news has triggered a huge sensation for a while.。
In fact。
during this time,The dark flow of Beijing,Not just that the summer is killed in the summer.。
But the follow-up changes caused by the monarch。
Just treat other things in the summer,In the city,Ningyuan was pushed to the tips of the wind。
Many people are in secret,Want to get shares in his hand。
But there is no exception being rejected.。
Everyone saw him appearing with the summer.,All exemption,A look of seeing ghosts。
It was glanced by an extremely powerful gaze.,Ningyuan’s face is not self-ban。
Reflected in the past,Suddenly I feel a trembled particle。
These people are eye-catching,Breathing long,Torque high drum……His strength is also good,But I still see so many experts in China for the first time.。
Within the field。


No redundant,Summer is a madness against him。
See this scene,Wang Fei and others can’t help but,I want to do my hands.,But it stopped by the summer。
Last,He slowly leaned over,The dark scorpion looks straight into the iron,Sigh,“I really can’t understand,How is your idiot?,Your IQ is
Negative number……”
嗤 嗤。
Yunno and other girls can’t help but laugh,Wang Fei and others are also non-private,It is a desirable and drama between the eyes.。
“Bold!”Tie Feng slammed,Summer,“I am Chen Shao.,You dare to hit me……”
Summer was nearly laughed gas,“My courage is bigger than you think.,Do you want to see??”
“There is a kind of you kill me.,Otherwise I will kill you today.。”
Seeing him still grievance,And still so arrogant,Summer smile,Lift your legs is a madness,Suddenly called。
“Chen Shao will not let you go,He is the Suiqiao Master, Su Jiayu……Ah,I must not let you go.……”
Tie Feng still fooling,Rushing in the summer,At the same time, struggle wants to resist,But nothing changed。
“Chen Shaohui will not let me,That is his business,And you have hair relationship?”
Talk,Summer is also in his ribs,踹 铁 青 青 直 直 冷 冷,I can’t even make it up.。
Summer power is not big,Will not let him hurt,But the part of the body is hurting。
After a moment,Tie Feng didn’t dare to put it.,Eye is also from the initial resentment,Arrogant to become a breeze,Don’t dare to look at the summer。
“Say,What is going on。”
“It’s really Chen Shao to let me call you.。”Seeing summer indifference,Hurry,“Not,Original is not me,Is another person,Me,I took the initiative,I am just a
Messenger,In fact, I don’t know Chen Shao.……”
Now now,Tie Feng said。 After he finished just be,Not only quite speechless,It is a group of young girls who are young.。
Recently,Chen Ren is in front of many students.,Natural retaliation,After the phone is called,I will let one of the students stare at the go of summer.。
The student naturally does not dare to violate,After all, the other party is a giants。
But he did not expect,Tie Feng doesn’t know where to get this news,Self-commenting, replacing the student。
Don’t want to revenge, the shame brought to him in the summer.。
He didn’t even eat lunch.,I have been squatting at the school gate……Then,There is no then。
It turns into this model。
“Where is Chen Shao?。”Asked in summer。
“In,In the wood。He,He said……”Tiefeng’s nose,“He said that since he is a school,By pressing the rules of the school,He said that you want to make you a dead dog.,Then throw
In the toilet……”
Summer is happy,“Good,Then I will take you with you.。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1365Chapter Dead end
The left side of Qinghai University East Campus is next to the public toilet,Is a large-scale dense grove。
Here is the students fight,Bubble,Place to address grievances。
At this moment,In the small wood,Chen Renwei stood in the forefront。

At least eased a major crisis!

First280chapter Jude Mo Fruit
Leaving the Territory of Muscarus,Zhu Minglang doesn’t want to provoke this terrible creature,Anyway, I already got the poison resin,Sorrowful night is no longer a deadly threat。
Just walked out,Over the valley shaded by huge trees,Suddenly a large group of mourning dragons appeared,Some of them have bat wings,Can fly directly in the air,Some are flying along those towering trees,Extremely fast!
It’s the Shadow Dragon and the Batwing Dragon!
Inside the ancient ruins,These mourning dragons also seem to have their own territory,I don’t know if they are going hunting,Still returning to his lair。
Zhu Minglang and Li Xing didn’t think much about painting,To find a countermeasure against these powerful dragons,You have to find the source of their power。
Poisonous Night Sanglong’s poison will spread,And nature can’t filter,It’s because this toxicity comes from the ancient fly dragon,Its toxicity is too ancient……
And the shadow of the dragon,Is now the main force of the Dragon Sages that attack the entire Lihua Valley。
They are good at disguising,Good at hunting and collaboration,The most important thing is that they clearly only have general level,But because of the magic shadow,So that they can burst out the power of the main level!
That magic shadow,What exactly is it。
Could it be the talent that the Demon Shadow Dragon has evolved in this ancient ruins??
If there is no response,I’m afraid I can only think of a way to move the people from Lihuagou。
just,Things like migration,For most ethnic groups, there is not much difference from extinction,Left the land they depend on,Lost life skills,It’s hard for them to stand,It’s easy to become a refugee。


Qinling nodded,Lower consciousness to take the summer arm。
The two people are going to leave。
However, this world is never lacking people。
He Tie Wen is shocked in the summer,But more care about your face。
Look at the two people to go,When you drink,“Stand!”
His face is gloomy,Gaze,Resentment,“Boy,Do you know who I am??If you don’t want to die,Immediately give this less,Hoe mistake,Self-break,Otherwise, Tian Wang Laozi can’t save you.!”
Summer is too lazy to get carefully。
This kind of 纨绔 纨绔 知道 知道,He saw too much。
The two continue to go out。
Be ignored,He Tie Wen’s face a blue white。
However, it has also increased his airlamps.,Immediately align the Qinling Mountain,“Qinling,Your little scorpion……Heap!”
Not finished,Stop。
Summer has been visiting,The smile on the face is invisible,Black light in the scorpion。
松 松 的,Turn around。
“What do you want to do??”
What is the color of my face?,After the consciousness is back,“Do you know who I am?,I am from the capital,How to Wen Wen。”
He tried to scare the summer with the background。
However, he disappointed。
Summer does not eat this set,Summary to the past,Like a taught son,Roade your hand on his face。
Light loud,Extricate。
“You,You dare to hit me?”
What is the face?,Some can’t believe。
It is a meal。
“You……Laozi killed you。”
He is spent,Gite the teeth of the teeth。
But followed by a glimpse of the face。
“Ah……You are waiting for me!”
How did this to literature?,Raw and turn。
“Did I let you go??”
Just turn around,Summer sound。

I heard Dugu Fengyun’s words,Mo Zizhen’s complexion darkened,Bow your head,Whisper,“Ashamed,Actually, there are only four of them,And our team,There are 23 people in total,And we had wounded two of them with guns while chasing them,But after the fight,Still suffered heavy casualties……All come back alive,But seven or eight people……”

Mo Zizhen lowered his head,Shook his head vigorously,Look sad,Even among the seven or eight people who came back,Most of them are seriously injured,Had it not been for Dugu Fengyun who had taught him about profound arts,,I’m afraid it will be hard for him to get out。
“The abilities of these people are no worse than those of the Sword Master League,So you are not ashamed!”
Dugu Fengyun said in a deep voice,To know,If the group of people who were wiped out by Mo Zizhen were really members of the monastic order,Then their abilities are not much weaker than those of the Sword Master League,Mo Zizhen, ordinary special forces, can do this when they meet them,Is already very rare!
“It would be great if there was help from the Military Intelligence Department!”
Mo Zizhen gritted his teeth hard,Shen Sheng,“This time anyway,I also want to apply for the Military Intelligence Department to send a team with me to guard the border!”
“This is fine,I can tell the people above!”
Dugu Fengyun nodded,Then sigh,Said with great emotion,“Unfortunately,The ability of the current military intelligence department,It’s not what it used to be,And now the entire MI Department itself has become a mess of porridge,It’s really a big joke in the world!”
When Dugu Fengyun said this, he was heartbroken and helpless,Unexpectedly,The trump card teacher that he has worked so hard to build,Someday,Will fall into such a field!
“Chaos into a pot of porridge?why?!”
Mo Zizhen couldn’t help but ask with all his doubts。
“What else,The leader retired,The people below will naturally fight for the upper position!”
Dugu Fengyun shook his head helplessly and sighed,Regarding the current situation of the MI,He is also heartbroken,But he has abdicated,So there is no alternative。
“Fight for the top?!”
A trace of anger flashed across Mo Zizhen’s face,Said coldly,“We are working hard on the front line,They are at home,Fight these things?!”
Dugu Fengyun also shook his head helplessly and sighed,Wave his hand,I’m too lazy to worry about these messy things,Raised his head and asked himself,“I heard that you and the Military Commission will prepare a funeral ceremony for these martyrs this weekend?!”

After all, this kid has been brought into the sight of many big brothers。

Someone has even asked Wang Yufei’s identity,I heard him here。
This is really embarrassing!
Of course, Ma Huaide is not the only person concerned about Wang Yufei’s lawsuit.。
For example, Xu Qiang, the president of Xingsheng Group, is also watching,Of course there is also the principal Wang of Provincial No.1 Middle School,teachers,And Yuan Jiequan, the admissions teacher of Wudaokou Vocational College。
From the moment Wang Yufei prevented Lin Jun from coming to Taiwan in court,Yuan Jiequan knew that it’s okay to pack or plan,Don’t say Wang Yufei is just a younger sister,Such a student,Even if you have to pack three sisters,I must also study in Huaqing in the future!
Not to mention there is Lu Yuxin!
At the age of sixteen, you can find apples on your ownIOSsystem0dayIf his child missed him,He feels that the leader will never forgive him in this life!
So I called Han Wenle,After confirming Wang Yufei’s next itinerary,,Yuan Jiequan decisively bought a ticket to Sichuan!
Also this day,Xu Ruixuan, who is already thousands of miles away, is taking lessons in the classroom as usual,Halfway through, a well-dressed man in a suit, accompanied by the principal, suddenly visited。
Then he looked at the curious eyes of all the students in the class,Called out。


There was a sound of a sharp object piercing the flesh,The wild boar’s right eye suddenly splashed with blood。
The wild boar roared again,Stand up and jump up,His mouth screamed and ran towards Mo Xiaosheng again,The intense pain at this time made it beastly,Don’t care about bumping around,I wish I could tear Mo Xiaosheng to pieces with my only remaining fangs。
“Pig is pig,No matter how wild is a pig,No wonder they are called stupid pigs!”
Mo Xiaosheng saw this wild boar and didn’t know how to run away,Still fighting with him here,Couldn’t help but shook his head and sighed,Then he took a dexterous hide,So he avoided the wild boar’s offensive。
“Anina,Throw me the fork I just caught the fish!”
Mo Xiaosheng dodges the wild boar’s offensive,While shouting at Annina,“Tomorrow’s food is available,Wild boar!”
Anina on the side was already pale with fright,Weak legs,He came back to his senses after hearing Mo Xiaosheng’s cry,Grab the branch next to it,Threw it towards Mo Xiaosheng。
Because Anina is a girl,Limited power,And was shocked just now,So the distance from the tree branch is limited,Mo Xiaosheng turned around suddenly,Rush forward quickly,Just grabbed this branch。
And the wild boar has followed Mo Xiaosheng behind.。
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t even turn his head back,Just grab the branch in your hand and turn,Body twisted,A sting,One“Back carbine”He directly pierced the tree branch in his hand into the only left eye of this wild boar。
The wild boar let out a heart-piercing scream again,Sticks in the eyes,Still rushing forward。
But Mo Xiaosheng stomped on the ground,Violent arm,Push down the branch in your hand forcefully,The branch in his hand pierced the wild boar’s head again,And the head of the wild boar was immediately crushed to the ground by huge force。
The wild boar pushed hard on the ground with its hind legs,But it’s stronger than before,Already a lot smaller,Even the screams,They are all squeezed out of the throat。
It kicked indiscriminately,Then my body softened down.,The strength of the whole body slowly vented,The blood gurgled out its blinded eyes,Eventually its body slowly crawled to the ground,The slightly opened mouth has also froze,No sound。
Mo Xiaosheng poked the branch in his hand,See no response,I’m sure this wild boar is really dead,He couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief,Loosen the branch in your hand。
Anina on the side turned pale with fright,Seeing that the wild boar is silent,Then he shouted sternly,Desperately rushed towards Mo Xiaosheng。

Xu Xuan is very strong!

But the Wizards are stronger!
You may be invincible in the future,But now we can still suppress you!
The second game of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the Indiana Pacers and Washington Wizards is about to begin!
The atmosphere in the stands was even stronger than the first one!
Wizards fans are now the same enemy,After losing the first game,They wake up!
They don’t want to be walked like the Atlanta Hawks4ratio0Swept out。
They want to win back!
They must win back!
2ratio0Not their goal,1ratio1Is the final result!
“The Wizards are fierce today!Wall and Bill’s double gun combination plus Pierce both scored。”

“Girls are strong*Are boys breaking the law??”

Although it may not necessarily happen,But the necessary precautions are still to be done。
She certainly knows that the best preventive measure is to prepare some kind of rubber,But think about bringing out such a small bag,What would Fang Hao think of her??
That is definitely a disaster。
and,The first time such a landmark,She doesn’t want a gap between the two people——Even if the diaphragm is only0.02No millimeters。
Wait until Fang Hao comes out of the shower,When she went to bath,I even washed myself up and down, both front and back.。
The pajamas I put on are still thinner,I didn’t wear anything on purpose。
Although I feel ashamed to do this,But she still did。
Cheer yourself up:
“Happiness is for yourself。”
“Past this village,May not have this shop again,Now it looks like the competitive pressure is quite high,If i don’t take the initiative,I’m afraid I won’t even be able to drink the soup by then。”
“amount……Drink soup……Will it be a bit……”
“Bah bah bah bah,What am I thinking?How can I think of that kind of thing now?”
“If you want to think about it later……”

Baijian Villa,Except for Li Chenfeng, the owner,The strongest are Changli Jian Lao and Lishou Jian Lao.,According to Li Chenfeng,The current strength of these two people should be able to differ from the other twelve other than the Tonghuang in the Tianchi twelve evil spirits.。

But this time Li Chenfeng doesn’t plan to take other people,When facing opponents of this level,No matter how many people you bring,Unless they are all innate pinnacle masters,Otherwise, they are not qualified to intervene in the battle between the two of them。
After arranging the tasks for everyone present again for the next period of time,Li Chenfeng rides on his BMW Wucha alone,All the way to the direction of Tianshan Tianxiahui general altar。
All the way,Because of the battle between Baijian Villa and Tianxiahui,Make the entire Yangtze River in turmoil,Even if it is still within the power of Baijian Villa,But on the way, Li Chenfeng still encountered many scums who plundered and slaughtered.。
Meet such a person,Li Chenfeng will naturally not keep his hands,Often slaughtered,For a while, the whole river and lake began to circulate the murder of the young owner of the sword villa。
Neither Li Chenfeng nor Baijian Villa would care about this,After all, I want to stand firm in the arena,Sometimes reputation is important。
Whether it’s a good name or a bad name,In fact, it has the same effect for the people of Jianghu。
At least within the power of Baijian Villa,Those robbers and bandits、The scum of the arena fled one after another,For fear of encountering this evil star。
Through a small town,Not far ahead,It’s a forest,In the evening breeze,Leaves rustling,Extraordinarily quiet,The sunset and the woods form a beautiful scenery。
When the galloping Li Chenfeng stepped into this scenery,Suddenly an inexplicable chill filled the whole body,Then Wu Huama stood up,Made a long hiss。
“What a murderous and evil spirit!There can be this murderous in the arena,It seems that only the Tianchi Killer Group was once the number one killer in the world.。”
A faint voice came from Li Chen’s mouth sitting on horseback,Broke the silence around。
“Hehe,Worthy of being the young owner of Sword Villa!Not only does he have such cultivation skills at a young age,Even the knowledge is so extraordinary。”
Ahead,Two strange-looking people blocked the way,Sneered。
Li Chenfeng frowned,Look at the person who is talking with a skinny look,Only those big hands opened up,Like a pair of eagle claws,Bulging finger joints,Faintly exuding blue and black,Like a monster。
“Ah,You really believe that you are amazing。”There was a hint of sarcasm at the corner of Li Chen’s mouth。