He eyebrows,Junmei’s scorpion has drawn a worry,The heart is also blurred in an instant。

Just when I have this idea in Oujing,The ambulance parked in front of Ning Feifei.,Ning Feifei quickly sent a ambulance,Wang Hao also went to the car,The car is very fast。
Ou Jing, stupid standing in place,Looking at Ning Feifei was pulled away by the ambulance。
what happened?
Isn’t it still good in the morning??
He is not too much to think about,Turning to the road,Block a taxi immediately sit up,“master,quick,Maternal and Child Health Hospital。”
This is the address of the hospital he listened to Wang Hao.,Ning Feifei wants to go to this hospital,Although not the best hospital,But the operation is special,He checked,It is very professional。
“master,Trouble more trouble。”
Ou Jingqi keeps the driver。
The driver listened to this,I want to refute one sentence“Do you want to live?。”
It can look at the gloomy look of the European,Not angry,A depressed breath spread in the car,How can he say this?。
“gentlemen,I have already stretched into the postal oil box.,This is the fastest speed.,Incurred,Also pay attention to safety.。”
European is close to the lips,It’s better to wait for nonsense.,He tells himself like this。
But he can’t die.,Ning Feifei looks very bad,Is it born??
“A little faster。”
He can’t help but cold。
The driver has seen various shapes,I know that Ou Jing, I must have an urgent matter.,I think about what I want to go.,He smiled and asked:“Have you born your child??”
A prophecy,Ou Jing, slightly tight lip,lightly“Um”A sound。
Driver listening,Laugh:“Then you don’t have to worry,Going to the hospital and there are various inspections,Will n’t be so happy,As I first as my father is like you are in a hurry,My wife is stomach,I can’t wait to transfer her to the hospital.,But to the hospital,I waited for a day, my wife was born.。”
European:“……”Is Ning Feifei’s situation like his wife??
With him proudly:“My wife is a twin,The stomach hurts to be pulled away by the ambulance.。”
“what……Then your wife is fast.,I am really a little faster.。”
Driver does not dare to drag 厥 厥,Carefully driving。
European:“……”Twenty minutes later,Oujing finally arrived at the hospital。
I lost a hundred dollars to the driver,Just hurry to get off the http://www.baoding-machine.cn door。
His heart has never been an urgent expectation like this moment.,Mind is difficult to describe,Cats are uncomfortable。
Go to the hospital,Ou Jing, in order not to let yourself find the West,Directly let the medical tool nurse bring him to OS, find Ning Feifei.。
Ning Feifei is just sent in,Nurses in the medical station remember。
soon,Ou Jingyi was brought to the five floor maternity,He just saw Wang Hao in and the doctor’s theory.,Ning Feifei stands around her,From time to time, go down。
“Doctor,You didn’t say anyone who came to sign before.,This is gone.,How to suddenly find a child father。”
Since she saw Ning Feifei’s day,I haven’t seen Ning Feifei’s friends or family people to take care of her.,Don’t mention his husband.。
The doctor said seriously.:“No family’s signature,We can’t surgically,You hurry http://www.coilnail.cn to find your child’s father to sign,He must recover as soon as possible,Maternal is actually twins,You also know what the child is in the oxygen deficient in the palace.。”
“Ouch,Are you not a difficult person??

“Old man,Hurry and give us us,How much is calculated?。”

Hear the other party,Li Hui Feng is a frown。
Especially the other person sitting on a motorcycle,A smoke,Don’t get off the bus,This makes him more other than the other party deliberately。
Liu Zhiming is not concerned with the other party’s tone,But holding a cage,Looking at the Tarna in the inside,The biggest one is more than half a catty,Benefits are more,But obvious is that these are not field rats.,It should be considered a mouse,Pack up,There will be no meat, there will be no meat.。
“This big brother,You have some small,We can’t。”
People before our village will sell it can be received.,How did we get it, http://www.fhlove.cn this will not receive it.?
Is it deliberate bullying??”
Li Hui Feng saw the other party’s speech tone,Directly blocking Liu Zhi Ming,Then laugh:“This big brother,From today,There are no collected fields of other villages.,I am really sorry.,And your nice is too small.,It’s not a dish.。”
“Boy,There is no you talk here.。”
“Feel sorry,I am the boss of the Nabi.,Here is what I said.。”
Li Hui is very calm,At the same time, I also saw that the opponent’s eyes were fierce.。
But for the land in these villages,He is not afraid,His collapsed land is rogue, there is no ten, and there are eight.,If the other party is dry,He dares to let the other parties have a long point of remember。
“it is good,Then you say that we have a few jobs in my brother.,Go directly to catch the field,How is this matter??”
Li Hui is also angry with the opponent’s crime.。
“Big brother,First of all, do you have a contract with me??
And your work is not what I let.?
It’s a voluntary thing to catch a mouse.?
The most important thing is that you have to sell,We have to buy it.,You can’t buy a strong sale.?
You can have a bit robber.。”
Do you mean not to compensate?”
The other party originally intended to let Li Hui’s compensation for three or five hundred,They can also be chic these days.,I didn’t think that Li Hui actually tried to tell them.。
To compensate?
You all go back.,Our numets in these other villages are not,Just before, there is no way to eat this loss.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng prepares to help people killed the fields of other villages and then bury them.。
But Li Hui has just turned,For convenience is not happy。
“Boy,You don’t compensate today,We have rushing from the big old and far from the town of Luoxia Town.,Don’t say anything else,That is, this motorcycle has a dozen pieces.,If you don’t compensate this,Don’t want to go today.。”
In our village,Also want to do?”
Li Hui Feng did not expect the other person to be so arrogant.,But talk about Lu Xia Town,He suddenly remembered what the brothers of the big winter,I don’t know what the brothers have passed.。
“Don’t give http://www.etprj.cn money, you will be able to move.?
Knowledgeable,Otherwise, we will wrap you every day.。”
Chapter 867 Eating
Li Hui is also angry.。

Lu Hao refers to the two,“Jiefin,These two people ran,Don’t come back.。”

Finish,Turning and running。
Quanjin, I dare to neglect,And Qing Ding more resilience。
Ink seven also turned around and rushed around Lu Hao,In my mind, I got off the black car who got it from him from him.,Heart suddenly shocked,The speed of the other party is too fast。
damn it,I didn’t expect that the other party’s package speed is so fast.。
“President,Just now I get off the bus, I have passed a black car side.,Miss should be in the car。”
Lu Haocheng glanced at him,Roar:“Why don’t you say it??”
Mo Qi also regrets,He didn’t think much at the time, Miss will be packaged by the other party.。
He didn’t speak silently,This evening is his mistakes,Miss security home,He went to buy dinner,It’s coming back to see that the lights in her home are not bright.,Calling is not connected,He immediately realized something。
Lu Hao Cheng took the car,Let Mo Qi drive。
He sent the location to Lin Ye,Monitoring of Lin Yichen。
Lin Ye picks up a message,A mist。
Mu Zi, who stands around,:“What is it??
The location of the blue is in their location.,How to send it back to let me check?
Is there a change??”
Mu Zizi also slammed the past:“Then you still check it out.。”
Lin Ye:“You still don’t return home and warm。”
Mu Zizi, touch the nose,Think of what your wife said,Cooked cold。
“This is not awkward,Will you have anything about it??”
Someone is slowly complained。
Lin Ye Ten Refers to Operating Computer,Mount Mu Zihao,It’s too much to lose a man’s face.,“I said Mu Zizi,Let’s not be a man.?
How do you and Lu Hao Cheng have encountered their own wife, I am afraid of the whole body.。”
“Hey-hey”Mu Ziyi smiled,Ferivit,“That’s because you have no wife.,Naturally don’t know this taste。”
Lin Song glanced at him,This breath can be found in the morning.。
He also provided news provided by Lu Haozheng,Flying fast looking for Blue Xin’s drop。
soon,A black car speed is somewhat strange,He immediately sent a message to Lu http://www.qingshihuangfei.cn Haozheng。
“These bastards are prepared,Blue and blue is being packaged?”
Lin Ye has a sentence,Pick up the phone and call your own belongings.。
After hung up the phone, I immediately sent a message to Lu Haozheng.。
Always keep talking with Lu Hao。
Lu Haocheng looked at the ink,“Turn left,Avenue。”
“Thorn”Ink seven cars skills,When turned left, a sudden brake direction,Lost drift,The car is moving properly,Hurricane。
Lu Haicheng nodded,Yi Dad’s people are not simple。
The ink cartron should also be very good.,Unfortunately just a driver。
Blue heartacious ink dye and Su Wei two little lovers do not meet often,Always embarrassed to make a call。
The avenue of the grass is the way out of the city,Always changed along the four rings,Ink seven cars speed,It took only ten minutes to http://www.yifanhuashi.cn catch up with the black sedan.。

Hwaking’s aunts,Is the most nagging,And it’s also my favorite。

So when a neighbor met her mother Gu Shuiyao who runs almost every day,Specifically asked about this。
Gu Shuiyao readily admitted,The queen of the little girl who won the international award,Is her daughter。
Now the whole community is boiling。
Although each of their families has one or two members of the social elite,But there have never been big stars with them,Especially everyone still lives in the same community。
Besides,Compared to this one8The year-old Venice actress said,What are they?
This little girl is real cowhide!
But Yang Shu’s miracle is not over yet,For months like this,She won the actress of the Busan International Film Festival、Queen of the Edo International Film Festival,As for several domestic awards,She got it in her hands without exception。
Looking at an eight-year-old girl,Frequency of appearance on TV and newspaper,Is almost at the level of the queen of heaven,Which family don’t envy and hate??
therefore,Even if they are not so good father and mother Yang,Have received special respect,Many people saw them,Will greet enthusiastically。
Before,They seem a little indifferent。
After all, Father Yang and Mother Yang,I know at a glance that it’s not a senior person,At best, white-collar workers。
Now they really want to learn everything from them,Even when did theyxxoo,What posture,Inquire about everything you ate beforehand。
Everyone dreams that they can give birth to Yang Shu!
This is not,Original ones20many、30Many hostesses,I don’t like running on weekdays,When I saw Gu Shuiyao running every day,They also followed suit。
Exercise,To give birth to Yang Shu!
Children of the same age,It can be said to have been brutally devastated in the past six months。
Even with good academic performance,Mom and Dad always speak with earnest encouragement every day“You have to learn from Yang Shu,Must work harder”。
Bad grades are terrible,Fried pork with bamboo shoots every day,The difference is that it’s father,Still mother,Or two together。

Chapter Fifty kill him

Three punches and two feet,All those little brothers fell to the ground。
——Pop pop!
Chen Fei applauded,Came over。
No wonder Chen Biao is not an opponent at all,This Qin Shi is really good。
Estimated to be in South City,Also one of the best。
If you can use such people for yourself,That is in other areas,Is also a great help。
Can recruit such talents into one’s own ranks,So Chen Biao’s injury,I can think of another way。
“Little brother is good,Now i can give you two choices。”
Chen Fei said。
“One,Die here,two,Come help me。”
Qin Shi Wenyan,Smile indifferently。
“These two options,You seem unworthy。”

Everyone said,Don’t care about the Olympic math champion,These are small things。

Shen Huan must solve it“Fermat’s Last Theorem”of。
So countless famous schools,Whether it’s foreign or domestic,I want to recruit Shen Huan to my school。
Think about it。
in case“Fermat’s Last Theorem”Shen Huan completed the certificate during college,Then how much honor will this school get?
Huaguo Agricultural University also has a major in mathematics,But those teachers and professors,I really don’t have the confidence to call Shen Huan。
Because in their opinion,This purely means that a mathematical genius、Disrespect of great mathematicians。
People come to you,Sheer delay。
Only the palace of the highest institution,Is suitable for Shen Huan to play,To keep improving。
Otherwise it is a crime against humans,A waste of genius!
In addition,Don’t forget,Shen Huan also has a name called Lu Xiaofeng。
Even if they don’t go to college,,There is also a very good way out,Get a hundred times more than ordinary college students get、Thousand times。
In this situation,There is no reason to choose Huaguo Agricultural University。
Even Duan Kang is still a basketball fan。
He knew that Shen Huan wasNBAPreseason,Know more about Shen HuanheNBAThe Lakers signed the contract,Going to play the playoffs。
Once Shen Huan becomes famous,Earned a salary of tens of millions of dollars a year,Won’t he just join inNBA,Do you start playing professional games??
and so,All kinds of,There is no reason to support Duan Kang now receiving a call from Shen Huan。

“That won’t work,Your body is like a cow,I didn’t sleep here at all,I’m so sleepy!”Her head shook like a rattle。

One two six、Heroes of Earth
Xiang Qingru rejected my proposal,She looked terrified:“You asked for it last night,I can’t take it anymore,Get a good rest,You are too insecure to sleep at night。”
I thought about it,People have to combine work and rest at work,Didn’t force her,Thoughtful way:“OK then,Give you a day off,Must come with me tomorrow night!”
She happily agreed,After breaking through the relationship with me, she realized that being a woman can be so joyful,Her interest in men and women is not lower than mine。
Suddenly it occurred to him that Song Qi had promised to invite them to dinner,I have a car now,Convenient to and from the city,sidewalk:“Or else,Go to Juxiang Pavilion to order a table,Call all the good sisters in your dorm,Treat you guys to dinner,Then goKsong,Everything is up to you,OK?”
“OK!”Xiang Qingru was very pleasantly surprised,Although she chose to doPFriend,But I’m very considerate to her,So actually we are like real boyfriend and girlfriend,It’s just that she let go of her mind about many women,But happy and happy,She also desperately wants to put our relationship under the sun and accept the envy and blessings of the little sisters。
to be frank,Which girl at HKUST doesn’t want to get involved with me,Even if Xiang Qingru ran to school and shouted that she was my lover,It is estimated that others do not despise her more,But jealous of her!
I drove to the martial arts gym,Accidentally received a call from Pan Yufei on the road,This innocent little beauty ever since I gave her mobile phone,But never contacted me on weekends,Usually the contact is only related to class。
“Hey!Sister Fei,Rare guest!Why do you think of calling me today?”
“Hee hee!I just want to ask after I left yesterday,Are there any bloodshed incidents in your little lovers??”Pan Yufei asked unkindly。
I am also surprised that she saw Fang Xianjing’s words and deeds yesterday,People think she has something to me,Asked:“I was about to ask you,What happened to you yesterday,Nothing happened to us,What are you doing with those two girls?”
Pan Yufei smiled:“Don’t you know that beautiful girls are born enemies?They were hostile to me as soon as they came,I can’t show weakness either,Can I go back without responding??”
I said:“You are happy,But it makes me embarrassed!”
She said:“Is that very temperamental girl in sunglasses your girlfriend??Really looks pretty,I am ashamed!”
I also have some beautiful fantasy about Pan Yufei,Of course he won’t tell her the truth:“Is not,She is my senior sister,Came here to help me,You helped me drive Sun Xiaofang away yesterday,My world is clean。”
Don’t know why,When Pan Yufei heard this, there was a glimmer of joy in her heart,Passed yesterday,My image in her heart has undoubtedly increased a lot,Handsome and rich,Ability best in the school,Who doesn’t like such a man?

“Ok,This is no problem。We will trade a lottery draw。I can make a draft promise to you,Pick Kobe with a lottery pick,But you have to promise me,Don’t participate in other ball trials anymore。”West knows,If Kobe continues to participate in other team trials,That’s not a player that can be picked by a lottery pick。

“I promise you,What about the team status??Mr. Bryant needs an excellent growth environment。”
“Kobe Bryant will be the face of the Lakers’ future。”
Chapter nine Draft
New York City(English:City of New York,orNew York City,AbbreviatedNYC),Commonly known as New York(English:New York),Is a city located in New York State, USA,The most populous city in the United States、The heart of the New York metropolitan area、And one of the largest cities in the world,Is for the global economy、business、financial、media、political、A cosmopolitan city with great influence in education and entertainment。New York is also known as“American Capital of Culture”。
Every year the NBA Draft is held in New York,Here is the center of the world,Is the focus of the spotlight,Countless celebrities,Politicians have left their footprints here。
The fight for the championship is settled,0:3Backward Supersonic is dying to fight back,They overtook two games。But it doesn’t help,finally4:2The score like the world announced the return of the king of Michael Jordan。Last year’s disastrous defeat by the Shark O’Neill and Penny Hardaway’s youth army,This year they easily stood on the highest honor stage。
For Jordan,For the Bulls,This year for72Those who won the championship are all a year of accomplishments.Jordan wonMVP,FMVP,All-star starting,One defense,Grand Slam achievement。His dominant performance on the court cheered the world,Everyone is proud of being a Jordan fan,Every teenager playing basketball learns his moves on the court,NBAHis influence in the world has reached a new peak under his leadership。
The season is over,The bull’s celebration parade is still going on,And the next season’s fight,Has already emerged in the management。
From the end of the trial,To the end of the finals,To the beginning of the draft,Kobe was soaked in the training gym in Philadelphia, sweating like rain,The day before the draft,Kobe Bryant,Joe Bryant,Pamela Bryant,Rob Pelinka and a group of four,Came to New York。
“Brat,The Lakers will really choose you?They don’t have lotto draws,If it falls behind,Why don’t we compete for a year at the college competition before running?。”Old Qiao is a little worried。
“Mr. Bryant,You can rest assured,I have been communicating with the Lakers management,They will have a big move today,Wait and see。”Pelinka said professionally to Old Joe。
Qiao angrily didn’t take care of Pelinka,He doesn’t like this agent that Kobe didn’t know where he got from。He thinks Kobe puts4%His income is completely a manifestation of his brain drain,My old Joe can also be a manager!After all, the fertile water does not flow to outsiders’ fields。

Qin Liang said depressed。

“But I can’t tell lies……”
Yanzi is also depressed,And forcing people to lie!Qin Liang is almost no one。“You can not lie,For example, when I was talking just now,Just be kind to you,Why do you have to see through and say through??You always know the truth about people!”
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One thousand nine hundred and fifty-five chapters Loyalty
? Qin Liang patiently explained to Yanzi。
“Oh……understood,As long as it makes you lose your face,I don’t even say yes?Even if you know you’re lying and don’t reveal you, right??”
The swallow suddenly realized。
“clever!Worthy of my apprentice!Get it through!It seems that the master didn’t teach you for nothing,I am very pleased to be a teacher now。”
Qin Liang is happy now,Said with a contented look。
Yanzi couldn’t help but smile。
“The girls at home now,Only you are facing me,Other girls……Oh wrong,It’s other girls,Are all against me,All kinds of bullying me,Ugh,Master, I’m having a hard life now。”
Qin Liang started to pierce a wolf with a big tail……
“You can pull it down, master!Who can bully you?It’s a good thing that you don’t bully others。”
Swallows don’t have a long memory,Qin Liang just finished teaching her“Hard to dismantle”The truth,She belongs to the weasel,I forgot。

I thought she was a kind goddess。

did not expect,Just a spray。
For purpose,play hard。
Although I don’t know who broke this news,But judging from the details and pictures,This thing,Nailed,anyway,Can’t wash white anymore。
“Mr. Wen,Please consider carefully!”
Ren Fengping began to exert extreme pressure。
She is confident,The other party will succumb。
And Ren Qingqing gave Ren Yurou a sneer,Follow along:“There are many reporters downstairs,I’m afraid I’m waiting for the interview,If you change the signatory,This thing,Can minimize the impact,You have to make a decision。”
“Mr. Wen,The overall situation is important。”Zhang Bowen also followed。
See all this in front of me。
Ren Yurou was so wronged that she wanted to die。
She didn’t expect,Things will turn out to be like this。
information,is fake。
image,Also fake。
but,No one will listen to her excuse,Won’t believe her。