Newborns: Should You Hug or Lie Down?

Newborns: Should You Hug or Lie Down?

Zheng Fang helped him change his position. Lei Lei started from birth. As long as I wake up, I own him.

I think the baby will sleep in bed all day long without turning over. Adults will feel uncomfortable if they sleep in one position continuously.

Wake up and hug him, also help him change his posture, relax his muscles.

Moreover, in the arms of the mother, the baby feels the warmest and safest, which is good for the baby’s physiology.

Lei Lei is now 1 year and 2 months old, healthy, cheerful, intelligent, and optimistic, which is my pride.

  Cherish the time of skin communication. The baby is afraid of loneliness and longs for warmth. Holding him more is more about loving him. The hug children are generally more cheerful.

I don’t agree that holding too much of an adult is too tired, which will cause the child to rely on a strong statement. I think this is an expression of adult selfishness.

How many years can a person be held in his life?

Why not cherish this time for energy to communicate with your baby’s skin?

  The opposite is not conducive to bone growth. I think it is best for a baby within 3 months to let him lie flat.

Because the bones of such a small child are very soft and often pile up, the spine always has a curved shape. Over time, it is not good for the child’s bone growth.

In addition, the baby’s head is relatively elongated within 3 months, and it is difficult for the cervical spine to support the weight of the head.

If you let your baby lie flat on the bed, you can make him lie flat and reduce the burden of placement.

I think that emotional communication with your baby does not necessarily have to be assigned. Talking softly with him and touching him gently can also make your baby realize your love.

  The most comfortable baby is lying down and sleeping 24 hours a day, except eating, most of the time is used to sleep.

Sleeping is of course most comfortable when lying down.

And the baby’s skeletal development is incomplete. Merging in an adult’s way will do more harm than good to the child’s growth.

  Experts like newborn babies holding newborn babies like this for a long day, about 18?
20 hours.

Adults can have it while the baby is asleep.

After the baby wakes up, parents can assign him, walk around, see, and talk to him gently.

  The baby’s body is very soft. When you hold it, you must protect his neck and waist.

Use one hand to support the baby’s back, neck, head, and the other hand to support his little butt and waist.

Or put the baby’s head in the left arm, with the elbow protecting the baby’s head, and support his back and waist with his left wrist and left hand.

Support the baby’s legs with the upper right, and support the baby’s bottom and waist with his right hand.

  It’s best to keep your baby’s head against your left chest.

Letting your baby hear the familiar heartbeat will give him a sense of security.

  When holding the baby, hold it horizontally within 3 months.

Because of the baby’s complications, the buttocks muscles are not fully developed. Holding them horizontally can replace his tail and reduce the pressure.

If you want to exercise his small neck, you can make him prone and practice his head.

  Let your baby realize your love, and multiple hugs can achieve the purpose.

While holding the baby, communicate more with the baby and talk more, so that even if he realizes your love, he can also stimulate his language and develop the baby’s brain.

Otherwise, you just assign him 24 hours a day, and it may not be effective.

Bladder myths that breastfeeding should not step into

Bladder myths that breastfeeding should not step into

New mothers have some misunderstandings about the details of breastfeeding and need to be cleared.


Feeding when angry: When the mother is angry or immediately after giving birth, the baby will be poisoned by taking milk with toxins. If it is mild, it will cause sores and if it is severe, you will get sick.


Breastfeeding after exercise: Lactic acid is produced in sports of moderate intensity and above. Lactic acid is retained in the blood to make milk taste bad.

Therefore, nursing mothers should only engage in some mild exercise, and take a break after the exercise before feeding.


Feeding lying down: Feeding lying down can easily cause your baby to spit.

The correct way is for the mother to take a seated or mid-seat position, step one foot on the small stool, hug the baby, and use the thumb and forefinger to gently feed the nipple with the other hand.


Laughing during feeding: If the baby laughs because of teasing while feeding, the glottis in the throat is opened, and the recovered milk may enter the trachea by mistake. The lighter one will suckle the milk, and the serious one may cause aspiration pneumonia.


Weight loss during breastfeeding: Weight loss during breastfeeding can lead to decreased milk quality, which is not good for your baby’s health.


Timed feeding: Now called “on-demand breastfeeding”, that is, when the baby cries or the mother feels that it should be fed, hold the baby to feed.

Generally, after a short period of time, a certain law of the baby itself will gradually be formed.


Weaning can only be done during work: Preserving breast milk completely allows the baby to continue to breast milk, and even keeps the mother’s milk secretion to prevent pain.

Milking can be done with a milking machine or by hand.

Extruded milk should be placed in sterilized glass or plastic bottles with sealed caps.

The most ideal is to use a breast milk storage bag, which is also currently sold in the domestic market.

Stored milk can be stored at room temperature for 12 hours.


Feeding only one side at a time: Feeding only one side at a time reduces breast stimulation and naturally reduces lactation.

Therefore, you should try feeding on both sides every time you breastfeed.

Even if the baby is full of milk from one breast, the mother should empty the other breast.

Magic Hockey Beauty


Magic Hockey Beauty

What is ice hockey beauty?

  Ever heard of ice hockey beauty?

That’s a very stylish way of beauty!

What is ice hockey?

It is a hollow sphere made of special materials and contains special magnetized liquids. These liquids have different colors and will refract flashing light in the sun.

And there is no seam on the whole contact surface, it is round and smooth on the hand, and it is especially comfortable on the skin.

Ice hockey can increase the local lymphatic fluid flow and expel toxins through physical reactions in human bones and faces.

  The magical effect of ice hockey beauty At low temperature, ice hockey has a traction effect on the skin, helping the skin to achieve a good tightening state, and strengthening the skin’s resistance; Under high temperature, heating 20 ℃?
30 ° C can relax sensitive skin. At this time, the introduction of nutrients will have obvious repair effects.

  Even more amazing is that under the action of the magnetic field surface of the ice hockey, the magnetic field of the ice hockey interacts with the magnetic field of the human body to accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

In that way, the skin will gradually become white, tender, smooth and elastic.

Would you like to try it?

3 homemade refreshing drinks that refuse to sleep

3 homemade refreshing drinks that refuse to sleep

Office workers are busy with their daily work, and sometimes have a bad night’s rest, which will inevitably lead to sleepiness during the day. Here are three homemade refreshing drinks that refuse to sleep, to seduce readers.

   ● Apple, celery, carrot juice practice: Cut the appropriate amount of apples, carrots, spinach and celery into small pieces, add milk, honey and a small amount of ice cubes, and break them together in the juice machine to add nutritious fruits and vegetablesjuice.

  ● Kiwi and orange juice method: Peel 2 kiwis and 4 oranges and put them in a juicer together to squeeze the juice. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which can effectively replenish physical fitness after lunch and have beautyefficacy.

  ● Cucumber, mint and soy milk juice practice: 1 fresh cucumber, 0.

5 liters of soy milk and 3 slices of mint are crushed and stirred together to make a cool cucumber juice, which relieves heat and relieves fatigue.

How to increase breasts for women

How to increase breasts for women

Breast enhancement is a thing many female friends want.

Traditional Chinese medicine porridge makes your dreams of breast enhancement come true. The magical effects of traditional Chinese medicine are inaccessible to many medical scientists, and they do not understand the magic of traditional Chinese medicine.Through the conditioning of breast enhancement medicine porridge, it can also help the vast number of beautiful women to realize their beautiful dreams and change the gray image of “Princess Taiping” in the past.

  Five effective Chinese medicine meals for breast enhancement: 500 grams of anchovy simmered fish soup, 10 grams of schisandra, wash schisandra, boil water to remove residue, and then add the anchovy into schisandra soup and cook it.

  Gui Ling Chicken Soup 10 grams of angelica, 20 grams of astragalus, 1 chicken leg, wash and cut the chicken legs into water, boil it over high heat, add astragalus, stew to 7 minutes, add angelica, and cook for about 5 minutesJust add some salt.

  Pigtail lotus seed red date soup 1 pigtail, 8 red dates, 100g of lotus seeds, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine each amount, heat pigtail in boiling water to remove fishy smell, add water and spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, boil about 1500 ml of soupJuice, add red dates, lotus seeds, and cook for another half an hour on low heat, add seasonings and eat immediately.

  Rice porridge, barley kernels, 150 grams, rice, 250 grams, wash the barley kernels, rice, as usual, cook porridge, add some sugar or brown sugar when eating.

  Angelica carp soup Angelica, 15 grams each of Baiji and Astragalus, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 5 jujubes, 1 carp (about 600 grams), wash the Chinese angelica, Baiji, yellow beams, Chinese wolfberry; dejure jujube; after carp killRemove the intestines, add the right amount of water, cook together in the pot until the carp is cooked, season with salt, monosodium glutamate, and drink soup to eat carp meat.

  Reminder: Menstrual breast enhancement is the best period. On the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of menstruation, or on the 7th day of the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th, do more chest massage and eat more.Foods with breast enhancement.

These 3 days are the best period for breast enhancement, and these 7 days are the next best period.

Because in these 10 days, the ovarian estrus hormones that affect the fullness of the tibia are secreted in equal amounts for 24 hours, it is the best breast enhancement period to stimulate breast thickening.

Staple meat intake leads to early birth

Staple meat intake leads to early birth

There are many reasons for hair graying, but malnutrition caused by ingestion of staple foods and less meat is one of the important factors.

The factor that determines hair color is the number of pigment particles in the hair, which is related to the development and growth of hair pigment cells.

Hair changes from black to white, which is generally caused by a decline in the function of the pigment cells of the hair. When it declines to the point where pigment particles cannot be produced at all, the hair becomes completely white.

In normal people, hair pigment cells begin to decline from the age of 35.

However, if it is not properly protected, it may turn into gray hair in advance.

  The ancient cloud “exceeds the hair” means that the growth and replacement of hair, moisturization and dryness, mainly depend on the nourishment of kidney essence and liver blood.

Do not eat or eat less rice staple food, will certainly hurt the spleen and stomach, and indirectly hurt liver and kidney.

When a person is young, the liver is full of qi and blood, so the hair grows fast and shiny, but when he is old, the essence and blood are weak, and the hair turns white and bleached.

Staples, sugars, proteins, various vitamins and certain trace elements in the staple food are all essential nutrients to keep the hair black and shiny.

Inadequate intake of staple food and meat in middle-aged and elderly people will often lead to early white hair.

  In order to prevent the hair from turning white, middle-aged and elderly people can often eat black rice, black beans, red beans, black sesame, walnuts, etc., but also eat black chicken, beef, lamb, pork liver, sea cucumber and other meat.

In addition, middle-aged and elderly people often eat carrots, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, etc., which is also beneficial to the maintenance of hair.

Fitness can try handstand

Fitness can try “handstand”

Handstand is very simple, as long as there is a wall, this exercise can alleviate the pressure on the joints and organs of the human body, relax the muscles in some parts, and have a certain effect on weakening and eliminating joint pain.
It is also because the blood poured into the head faster when it was inverted, which improved the circulation of blood in the brain, calmed people’s nerves, and abnormally cleared the brain, which improved vision, memory, and sleep.
  When walking backwards, the whole body is relaxed, the body is upright, the chest is upright, the knee joint is not bent, the arms are free to swing back and forth, and the bones are rounded and the whole body is relaxed and loose.
Back walking can stimulate muscles that are not active, promote blood circulation, and balance the human body. It is effective in preventing and treating brain atrophy, especially low back and leg pain.

Nourishing Qi and Blood, 5 Nutritional Soups Recommended

Nourishing Qi and Blood, 5 Nutritional Soups Recommended

Women’s blood is an inevitable process. In daily life, we can use the diet to replenish qi and blood to nourish the skin.

The following 5 delicious soups can help you make up for blood, and live younger and younger.

  Qixue Yangyan Decoction 1: Jujube and Huangzi Pot Materials: Huang Zhi, Jujube, Cloud Ear, Ginger Slices Production Method: 1.

Wash the materials. After killing the scutellaria baicalensis, scald it with hot water to remove the mucus, then pick up and wash the cut sections; 2.

Add the Huang Zhi section, red dates, cloud ears, and ginger slices to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat for about 1 hour and serve.

  Qixue Yangyan Decoction 2: Huaishan rabbit broth Ingredients required: Huaishan, rabbit meat, Huangjing, wolfberry, longan, Chenpi, ginger slices Production method: 1.

Clean the ingredients for later use, wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces, boil it with boiling water, remove and wash; 2.

Put the simmered rabbit meat into the stewpot with the ingredients, boil it with water, and simmer on low heat for about two hours before serving.

  Qixueyangyan Soup 3: Lily Beef Soup Ingredients: Lily, Beef, Red Dates, Ginkgo, Ginger Slices Production Method: 1.

Prepare the materials, soak the fruit and soak it in water until it can be easily removed, and then wash and reserve; wash the lily and red dates for future use; 2.

Prepare a clean saucepan. Put the lily, ginkgo, and ginger into the pot together, add a large amount of water, and boil over low heat. Slowly simmer until the lily and ginkgo are rotten. Then add the beef and cook.Seasoned and eaten.

  Qixue Yangyan Decoction 4: Pig’s Feet and Ginger Soup Ingredients: Pig’s feet, ginger slices, dried octopus Production method: 1.

Soak dried octopus for future use, clean and cut the pig’s feet and rinse with boiling water; 2.

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan and boil. Turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours.

  Qixueyangyan Decoction 5: Lotus Root Pig Bone White Pigeon Soup Ingredients: lotus root, pork bone, pigeon meat, peanuts, red dates, tangerine peel, dried cuttlefish, ginger slices Production method: 1.

Wash the materials thoroughly, peel the lotus root and cut into pieces, soak the cuttlefish well, cut the pigeon meat into pieces, crack the pork bone, and set aside; 2.

Put all the ingredients together in a saucepan, boil with clear water, and simmer slowly for about 2 hours.

  The above soups are relatively easy to make, mainly due to the troublesome handling of the early materials, and most of these materials are also available in pharmacies and vegetable markets, so it is not troublesome.

As long as we add one or two of these soups for beauty and qi and blood to our daily catering from time to time, the itinerary habits will persist for a long time, and the effect will be good.

Therefore, if you want to be beautiful, don’t be lazy, keep a healthy diet, keep exercising, and often add foods that can help to nourish qi and nourish blood. Health and beauty naturally matter.

  I want to make myself look younger and away from the disease distribution.

Basic standing posture for Latin dance fitness

Basic standing posture for Latin dance fitness

If you want to use Latin dance fitness, you must learn Latin dance first, and if you want to learn Latin dance, you must first learn the basic posture of Latin dance.

Now let ‘s take a look at the standing positions in the process of learning Latin dance. What should we pay attention to?

  Stand with your feet side by side, trying to straighten your head, shoulders, and hips at a three-point line, with your eyes straight up, your neck straight, and your jaw slightly receded so that you can see the back of your neck straight.

  Tighten the chest to close the shoulder blades inward and backward, and lower the shoulders while pulling up the middle section of the body (thoracolumbar), so that the middle section of the body and the shoulders have a pressing force against each other.

  The chest is retracted slightly, the lower abdomen is pulled upwards, but the body should not be deformed excessively, and the torso of the upper body is felt straight.

The two thighs should be retracted slightly, the knees should be straight, not bent, and the muscles of the thighs and calves should be tightened, feeling like they are tightened in the opposite direction.

  Preparing gait posture: your left foot is forward, your toes are forward, your body’s center of gravity is on your left foot, and your body is trying to straighten your head, shoulders, and thighs into a line.

Open your right foot in the back, shrink and stretch it, point your thumb at the point, press your heel down, don’t lift it, and keep your feet straight.

  Tips: The right cymbal opens backward at an angle of 45 °, so that the body forms a long straight line from the upper body to the right toe, which can show a very beautiful shape and body shape in the dance.

Marry someone who hurts you

Marry someone who hurts you

Listening to an emotional live broadcast on the radio, I appreciate the host ‘s words: What will she do for you?

Marrying you is for your pain.

  There was a woman who herself said on some occasions when her husband said, “I think the husband is really different before and after marriage. You said something cold before marriage. He immediately took off his coat and put it on you. Now you shout cold, he willTop you-sentence: “If you don’t want to be cold in your heart, don’t be cold.”

  A lady is simplistic when it comes to how some of her decisions to marry her husband are made.

She said that the two had lived together at the time, and she never thought about marrying him.

One night, her brother came to him to play bowling, and he jumped out of bed with joy.

Later, when he went out, she said something casually, and did not know what was fun.

As a result, he returned from the outside in less than five minutes.

She asked him, why did you come back?

He said, don’t you like me to go.

She didn’t know what was going on. She was sore and stunned, she rushed into his arms, and never closed her eyes that night.

At dawn, she decided to marry him.

  Today’s woman, she is no longer married just to solve the problem of long-term meal tickets.

So why marry someone?

Just because she needs a man to hurt herself.

Her husband’s hand, warm and powerful, was the spiritual backbone of her life-women always liked to think so silly.

But the problem is, men look at women just like women look at fashion, and they’re so sweet.

To treat his wife no longer young and beautiful, he always thought that her heart was as poetic and rough as her appearance.

  A woman is a woman. How old a woman is is a pain.