Japanese traditional beauty method gives you great gains

Japanese traditional beauty method gives you great gains

The traditional Japanese beauty methods are not lost to the current beauty technology, and you do n’t need to spend too much money. They are both cheap and curative. Friends who are interested can try it.

  Japanese sake cleansing method Add a little Japanese sake to warm water. After removing makeup, gently wash the face.

  It can circulate blood, prevent skin aging, penetrate deep into pores, remove dirt, and keep skin smooth and smooth.

  The salt washing method puts the edible salt on the palm of the hand, adds some warm water to the palm of the hand, so that the salt slowly turns into the hands, and then gently massages in a circular shape on the face.

  Salt itself has a natural bactericidal effect, and has effects on exfoliation and whitening.

  Seaweed maintenance method Seaweed has very high nutritional value. Many Japanese women eat a pack of seaweed every morning, because seaweed contains very high iron, vitamin C, and carotene.

  Learn to learn: how Koreans eat seaweed South Korea’s most famous is seaweed rice, and there are Korean shops that make seaweed rice in Nanjing City.

  The specific method of rubbing the face with tofu is very simple: shred the tofu in a thin gauze bag, wash it, and put it in the face.

  Or you can add some flour and honey to the crushed tofu, and then apply it to the flakes. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off to achieve skin rejuvenation.

  The lemon bath puts a whole slice of lemon into a cotton bag and uses it as a bath.

It stimulates the skin’s microvasculature and promotes the movement of blood. Proper vitamin C is a combination of beauty and health.

  Whitening wonderful product: After taking the white lemon afternoon tea, remove the flesh of the green lemon and add ice cubes to transform it into a coagulated shape.

Together with aloe vera made from aloe vera.

  Milk bath pours fresh milk into the bath water, keeping the water temperature around 50 to 60. It is better to add some honey.

  It can improve poor metabolism, has a good moisturizing effect on the skin, and can also be used to treat peeling skin.

  The orange bath collects the dried orange peels and stores them in the sun.

Before taking a bath, just put the dried orange peel in a cotton bag and soak it in bath water.

  The citrus bath is better to soak in the winter. It has a warming effect and can keep the body warm. It is suitable for people with a cold body to soak.

  In the radish bath, the radish is dried in the sun, cut into thin strips after being dried, and put into a cotton bag for bathing.

It has the same effect on treating cold body and citrus bath.

  Multi-purpose: make carrot weight loss juice, squeeze a cup of carrot juice with a fruit and vegetable juicer, drink 1-2 times a day, drink before meals, do not have to control your diet.

  The tea bath will use used or already inedible tea leaves, tea bags in cotton bags, and soak them in the bath.

  Tea will emit a charming tea fragrance, which can not only eliminate fatigue, but also help blood flow, and easily achieve beauty and health benefits.

  Other tips: Iron can improve blood quality and make your complexion look rosy.

  Vitamin C has a whitening effect and improves gastrointestinal function.

  Carotene prevents skin from drying out.

7 foods that brighten blacks and fight aging

7 foods that brighten blacks and fight aging

Nourishing and moisturizing is the most important care required for the skin. In fact, some foods are safer and more effective than skin care products.

These 7 kinds of foods are good for skin whitening. Eating more foods will make the skin whiter and more elastic, and it is great for anti-debilitating!

  Milk: Milk is the skin’s favorite food. It can improve skin cell activity, delay skin aging, increase skin tension, and eliminate small wrinkles.

  Generally, an adult should drink 400?
500 ml, two bottles of milk, it is recommended to drink at least 250 ml, one bottle of milk.

Economic conditions permit the best three bottles, about 750 ml, but should not exceed 1000 ml.

To be simple, it is “guaranteed one bottle, two bottles are expected, preferably three bottles, not more than four bottles”.

  Milk is a basic food and should be added after meals.

It is better to drink one bottle a day for breakfast, and two bottles a day for morning and evening. It is also possible to drink outside of three meals according to personal habits, but pay attention to eating starchy food before drinking so that the milk is inPreventive dwell time in the stomach is conducive to the comprehensive absorption and utilization of nutrients.

Simply understood, it is “all morning, midnight and night, it is best to drink after meals.”

  Kiwi: Vitamin C of kiwi can interfere with melanin production, prevent pigmentation, keep skin fair, and eliminate spots such as freckles on the skin.

  Kiwis must be cooked before they can be eaten.

Immature kiwi fruit is astringent and feels pungent. It is rich in proteases, which will break down the tongue and oral mucosa proteins and cause discomfort.

  The best eating state: After ripening the kiwi fruit, use your fingers to gently press the kiwi fruit near the parting. If the kiwi fruit is no longer hard and the blockage is slightly deformed, but it is not very soft, it is the best eating state.

Cut it open and dig it with a spoon, just sour and sweet.

  Honey: keeps skin ruddy and shiny. Honey is known as the most perfect nutritional food in nature. It is rich in amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the human body. Nutrition is comprehensive and rich. Regular food can make the skin rosy, tender and shiny.

  how to eat?

  Honey is a good tonic for men, women, and children. It is best to take 25-50 grams at a time, generally not more than 100 grams.

Otherwise, the human body will not be able to absorb too much nutrition and may cause slight diarrhea.

When eating, it can be washed with warm water, or it can be transferred into soy milk, milk, porridge, and food. However, it should not be high temperature, it is better not to exceed 60 tons, otherwise the vitamins and enzymes in honey will be damaged.

  Honey is a weakly acidic substance and can react weakly with metals. Therefore, non-metallic containers (such as glass or plastic barrels) should be used when keeping honey. Honey easily absorbs moisture in the air and ferments and deteriorates. Therefore, it must be sealed to prevent absorption.Moist, packaged honey is best stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place to avoid swelling from heat.

  Collagen-rich foods (hooves, skins, etc.): Hoofs are foods of collagen and elastin.

Collagen can make the cells plump, thus filling the skin, reducing wrinkles and eating more is not good for the body.

  how to eat?
  Some gelatinous foods, such as beef tendon, chicken wings, chicken skin, fish skin, and cartilage, contain collagen.

But among these many types, fish collagen is the best, the composition structure is closest to the human body, and it is the collagen most easily absorbed by body tissues.

Chicken feet and duck feet are also rich in collagen. Frying them with them does not increase cholesterol or make people fat. It is also a good ingredient to supplement collagen.

  Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain lycopene to transform the skin into delicate and smooth skin.

An experiment found that if you eat tomatoes often, you will not easily get dark circles and sunburn.

  Scientists have recently discovered that for tomatoes, the overall nutritional value of cooked food is higher than raw food.

Tomatoes are heated to 88 degrees Celsius. Although the vitamin C content in tomatoes is reduced during the heating process, the lycopene and other antioxidants in tomatoes have increased significantly.

Lycopene as an antioxidant reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease in people.

  Carrots: Carrots contain a large amount of carotene to help maintain the normal function of skin cell tissues, reduce skin wrinkles, stimulate skin metabolism, and keep skin moist and delicate.

  Among the many ways to eat, the most recommended is stuffed dumplings with carrots and steamed buns.

There are three main reasons: First, the beta-carotene that can be contained in carrots can be absorbed by the body only when it is dissolved in fats.

Mixing carrots with meat to make stuffing, animal fats will increase the absorption rate of β-carotene.

For vegetarian fillings, it is best to fry the chopped carrots in a frying pan a few times to dissolve the β-carotene and then make the filling.

First, after carrots are chopped, nutrients are more easily absorbed.
Finally, some people don’t like carrots because of their special flavor.
When carrots are mixed in the filling, the taste of meat and eggs can effectively “mask” this carrot flavor, so that both nutrition and taste can be obtained.

  Kelp: Kelp is an alkaline food rich in minerals. If eaten regularly, it can regulate blood pH and prevent excessive oil secretion from the skin.

  Koreans pay great attention to food therapy. When they see a whale injured, they will find seaweed food to heal them. They use the sea to bring their body to condition. Based on many years of experience, they believe that kelp can help pregnant women to decontaminate blood and fight against tooth loss and hair loss.

The most common practice of kelp is to cook soup and cold salad.

Intercourse taboos and health

Intercourse taboos and health

The taboo of the Chinese ban is very well-known for entering the house, and it emphasizes “to avoid it” and “to avoid it”.

The so-called taboo is to prohibit sexual intercourse in certain circumstances.

If you are contraindicated, it can damage your health and cause many diseases.

There are three aspects to the taboo of sexual intercourse: First, the people in the house should avoid yin and yang, and pay attention to “human harmony.”

Choose the best state for both sides.

The physiological state of a person is directly affected by living habits, emotional changes, disease regulation, etc., and women also have physiological characteristics such as birth, birth, economy, and education.

In some specific cases, it is not appropriate to carry out the house, so as to avoid adverse consequences.

(1) Drunking into the house generally believes that wine has a certain promoting effect on sexual excitement, so there is a saying that “wine is a color media person”.

But don’t drink too much alcohol, or use wine to stimulate sexual desire, otherwise it will bring a lot of harm.

“Su Wen, the ancient naive theory” cloud: “Taking wine as a pulp, taking sputum as a common, drunk to enter the house, to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its true, do not know to be full, do not know the god, be quick,Against the joy of life, living without a section, so half a hundred and decline.”

“Thousands of gold and Dao Lin Yang” said: “Drunk can not pick up the house, drunk and full handover, small face (black dry) cough, the big one hurts the blood vessels.”

“Sanyuan Yanshou Counselor Book” also said that “a drunk into the house, exhausted liver injury, the husband is less spleen, the yang can not afford, the woman is a month of decline, blood stasis.”

It can be seen that drunkenness is infinitely harmful.

Modern research believes that these recognitions of the ancients have many scientific values.

After drunkenness, some of the desires are unstoppable, behaviors are out of control, actions are rude, and etiquette is not good. In the drunken state, there are some behaviors that both sides can tolerate.

Leading to disharmony, and suffering from kidney damage, can cause various consequences.

Clinical manifestations of premature ejaculation, impotence, irregular menstruation, diabetes and other diseases, often have a certain relationship with improper alcoholism, long-term drinking excessive, can induce osteomyelitis, esophagitis and severe nutritional deficiencies.

Because ethanol can damage sperm cells and egg cells, drinking alcohol or drunken into the house is not only harmful to itself, but even to future generations.

In fact, drinking after drinking or drinking during pregnancy leads to poor development in the body. In severe cases, various malformations occur. After birth, congenital hypoplasia, mental retardation, stupidity, poor health, and short life.

(2) When seven emotions, labor, and abstinence occur when the emotional state of the person changes, the air machine is often dysfunctional and the viscera is dysfunctional.

In this case, you should be comfortable with emotions, adjust your qi and blood, and be suspected of seeking a psychological balance by borrowing things.

Seven emotions, and then sexual intercourse, it is easy to cause their own disease, if pregnant or affect the growth of the fetus, development.

In addition, excessive fatigue should be timely rest and conditioning, as soon as possible to restore physiological balance.

If you use the sex of the house to consume blood, it will cause the whole body to be visibly damaged and cause various deformations.

“Thousands of gold and the house to replenish the benefits” pointed out: “People are angry, blood is not determined, because of the cross, it is embarrassing . running tired to enter the house, for the five labors to lose, young children.”

“Sanyuan Yanshou Counsellor” said that “the fear of entering the house, the yin and yang are illusory, sweating and sweating, and accumulating labor.”

Only when the two sides are happy and full of energy, can sexual life be perfect and harmonious, and it will not hinder the health of the body.

(3) It is important to point out that the health care family has long pointed out that “the desire is not strong.”

The so-called “strong” is reluctant, and sexual life is a matter for both sides, and neither party should be reluctant.

Reluctant interlocutors will not only bring psychological barriers, but also cause various diseases.

Because the strong housework violates the laws of yin and yang, the result is that the land will have adverse consequences.

In the sex life, regardless of physical strength and emotion, reluctance to go to the house will only bring adverse effects to the relationship between men and women and cause harm to the body.

“Sanyuan Yanshou Counselor Book” said: “Strongly entering the house is the consumption of fine, the consumable consumption is kidney injury, the kidney injury is the inner part of the marrow gas, the back pain can not be pitched”, “body thin, convulsions, dreams, omissions,Leak, impotence, anxious in the lower abdomen, face black deafness.”

The harm caused by the strong house should be paid full attention.

(4) During the period of cautious illness, the human body is fully motivated to fight against evil spirits. If the disease is in the house, it will inevitably damage the righteousness and aggravate the condition, leading to adverse consequences.

For example, when the eye disease (conjunctivitis) is not cured, it is forbidden to go to the house, otherwise the optic atrophy may cause blindness.

Pregnancy in the disease, the magnitude of harm to maternal health and fetal development.

“The Order of the Golden Flower and the Prescription of the Fertility” points out: “The disease is sputum, the essence is weak, the blood is not full, and the blood is not dirty. The cell injury is sick and brittle, and it is not as strong as it is, and it is full of passions.The disease is pregnant.”This shows from the genetic point of view that the disease is conceived in the house, the fetus is prone to hereditary diseases, and “heavily related, sick and sick”, generations of generations, endangered.

After the illness, the stage of rehabilitation, the virtual air fan, the vitality is not restored, and it is extremely necessary to rest in peace.

If the house is consumuous, it will make it harder to recover the righteousness, and the old one will relapse, and the heavy one will even die.

“Thousands of gold and typhoid fever” pointed out: “The disease is new, less than 100 days, the strength is not calm, but the room is a little bit of death. The nearer is very big, the typhoid is small, the difference has been more than tenOn the day, I can take the horse to come, and to say that I am calm, to the room, that is, the small abdomen and acute pain, the hand and foot restrained and died, which highlights the serious harm of post-hospital sex.

Modern medicine has proven that a moderate and harmonious sex life can benefit both men and women.

Some patients with chronic diseases can’t do anything, but they can’t do more.

For example: chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, liver disease, and kidney disease, excessive sexual intercourse can cause recurrence or deterioration of old diseases.

Be sure to take care of the severity of the disease.

Those who are seriously ill and weak in constitution should be strictly abstinence.

(5) Women’s sexual intercourse Taboo women have special physiological characteristics, that is, menstrual period, pregnancy, childbirth and lactation, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

In response to the special physiology of women, ancient doctors and health homes have proposed some specific housing health requirements.

1, the menstrual abstinence “the golden key to the house to replenish the benefits” pointed out: “Women’s monthly affairs are not consistent and harmonious, making people sick.”

Sexual life during menstruation, easy to cause dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, uterine erosion, salpingitis, pelvic infection, or cervical cancer and other diseases affect the health of the woman.

2, early and late pregnancy, abstinence women during pregnancy, must be cautious in the life of the house, strictly guard against taboos.

Especially in the first three months of pregnancy and the next three months to avoid sex.

Early sexual intercourse can cause miscarriage, early sexual intercourse can cause premature birth and infection, affecting maternal and child health.

“Insured to be recorded” pointed out: “In two months, no anger, less work, no lust, no life for illness”, Ming Dynasty gynecologist Wan Quan also pointed out: “pregnant and sturdy, men are indulgent, women are goodDesire is partial.”

“Fu Qing’s female subject” further pointed out that “the big woman is nostalgic, too, the water is not enough, the water is easy to boil, plus the long battle, the fire is a big robbery, then to Xingsao crazy, fine for the bigLeaking, the kidneys are full of water, and the dragons and the fires are blazing, the water and fire are both sick, and the tires cannot be solid and smashed.”

During pregnancy, women need to concentrate on the whole body to nourish and nourish the nutrition. The most common thing is to dissipate the yin essence. If the patient is not self-respecting, the mother is sick and the fetus is difficult to preserve. Therefore, during pregnancy, sexual intercourse must be controlled.

3, the maternal period of abstinence within 100 days of postpartum, maiden emptiness, weak constitution, low resistance, need time to replenish conditioning, in order to restore health.

At the same time, the lochia during the puerperium period is not clean. If you have sex again, it will hurt the blood and the evil spirits will take advantage of it.

Sun Sizhen clearly pointed out in the “Thousands of Gold and Women” that “as for postpartum, the big must be cautious, the most dangerous, and it lies.”

Don’t have no time at birth, but it is all right and hearty, and you can do everything. If you commit crimes, you will feel sick and sick. So, women must be diligent and fearful for 100 days after childbirth.And even the house.

If you commit a crime, you must be anti-strength, as if the corner bow is anti-tension, and the name is placed in the wind. If you have a post-natal period of 100 days, you can join the meeting, and you will not die until you die.

Every woman suffers from the temperament of the umbilical cord, and she does not advance the house early.

Therefore, within a hundred days after delivery, the house must be strictly prohibited.

4, breast-feeding breast cancer when abstinence during breastfeeding, replacing young children need a lot of breast milk with high nutritional value.

Milk is the result of maternal qi and blood. If strain is used, the source of qi and blood biochemistry is insufficient, the milk quality is not good, affecting the normal development of the baby, may cause spinal disease, hoarding, anemia and other diseases.

Therefore, Sun Sizhen pointed out: “The new house is made up of baby, so that the child is thin and thin, and it can’t be handed over,” especially “the mother is drunk and the house is sweating and the baby is the most drama, and can kill children.”Infant 孺方上》).

Therefore, during the lactation period, the house sex should be controlled, and the five internal organs should be ensured to ensure the healthy growth of infants and young children.

Second, the so-called “day bogey” in the house is a prohibition of sexual activity in the absence of certain abnormal changes in nature.

“People are in harmony with the heavens and the earth”. The height change of nature can give people a great influence. The solar eclipse and the eclipse, the lightning storm, the torrential rain, the landslide, the chilly heat, the yin and yang of the heavens and the earth, can not be in the same room.

“Lv’s Spring and Autumn · Spring Festival” cloud: “Great cold, big heat, big dry, big wet, strong wind, big earthquake, the seven people of the fog are dying.”

Therefore, if you are a health-care person, you can’t know if you know the law.

The effects of changes in the concentration of nature on the human body, first, lead to changes in mental emotions, and second, interference with biological functions.

The dramatic changes in nature can often exceed the body’s own ability to adjust, breaking the balance of yin and yang of the human body, causing blood and blood disorder.

At this time, the house is a violation of the taboo.

Ancient health homes also believed that when the natural climate changed abnormally, the house was conceived and had a certain impact on the normal development of the fetus.

Sun Sizhen pointed out in the “Thousands of Gold and Fangfang” that “strings, wind, heavy rain, heavy fog, big cold, great heat, thunder and lightning, heaven and earth, thin sun and moon, rainbow, and if the woman, it hurts people and is not good, hurts men a hundred times, so that women get sick, and there are sons who will be ignorant, ignorant, hoarse, and guilty, suffering from broken sputum, sick and short life.”
When the speed of nature changes, the intercourse affects the physical health of both men and women. If you are pregnant, you may have congenital diseases and congenital malformations or dystocia.
From the current clinical observations, the congenital diseases of infants and young children are related to the living environment before pregnancy or the infection and hyperthermia during pregnancy. This shows that it is very necessary for couples to fully pay attention to the abnormal changes in nature.Good education has positive significance.

Third, the so-called “land avoidance” of the premises is to avoid the adverse environment that is not conducive to sexual activity.

For example, “The Golden Keys and the Houses in the House” are said to be under the fire of the sun, the moon, the temple, the side of the well, the side of the toilet, the tomb of the tomb, etc. All the poor places should be listed.For taboos.

A good environment is one of the important conditions for success.

A bad environment can affect the mood of both men and women, which is detrimental to the quality of sexual intercourse and sometimes has adverse consequences.

Leave a shadow on the mind.

The environment conducive to sexual intercourse should be quiet, less interference, small room, moderate light and dark indoors, and suitable temperature.

The air is circulated and the bedding is clean.

In short, a comfortable, refreshing environment is good for sexual intercourse and health.

The health care of the human health and longevity, normal normal life is an irreplaceable part of people’s happy life.

It can bring happiness and joy to people, and it can also cause disasters and distress to people. This kind of mutual happiness is not self-going to people. It is based on certain knowledge.

The ancient Chinese health homes and medical doctors decomposed the special system of housing health care, pointing out his theoretical principles and specific methods, as well as related taboos.

Many of these ideas have been confirmed by modern science.

False school has never had a good result on sexual life issues.

The purpose of our research and study of sexual health knowledge is to enable humans to obtain scientific guidance, break the human obscurity and mystery of sexual life, create a new life science concept, and make new contributions to improving the quality of the population and the longevity of human health.

Breastfeeding aerobics gives your baby more natural nutrition

Breastfeeding aerobics gives your baby more natural nutrition

1 Slim against the side of the arm, raise both arms and gradually extend upward, then gently lower the arm.

Be careful not to lift your heels.


With both hands clenched into a fist, the left and right hands take turns to strike forward. When one hand is pulled back, the area around the breast will feel particularly urgent, which will help the milk flow smoothly.


Lift your arms horizontally to the left and right to form a line with your shoulders. Try to fix it without shaking, then swing your hands and neck joints.


Bend your left and right hands, put your left hand on the front waist, right hand on your back waist, lift your left arm and wave it backwards, then lift your right hand over your head and back, and repeat.

Love to sit on the sofa and read magazines to cause cervical spondylosis

Love to sit on the sofa and read magazines to cause cervical spondylosis

Many people are used to sitting comfortably on the sofa after dinner and reading newspapers to learn about national affairs, but such an inadvertent habit can actually make people risk strokes, which sounds terrible.

  According to the Health News, Aunt Jiang has the habit of reading books and newspapers while sitting on the sofa.

Recently, she always feels sore back and neck pain, which is not the case when she sits on a harder chair.

In fact, this happened to be caused by reading books and newspapers on a soft sofa.

  Sitting on the sofa and reading a book for a long time is indeed likely to cause the above symptoms, especially for the elderly with cervical and lumbar problems.

The reason is that the sofa sitting surface is relatively speaking, coupled with its elasticity, people sit up and their hips sag, and the back muscles are stretched at the back of the pelvis.

When reading a book in this position, if you lift the book with both hands, approach, align and keep your eyes comfortable, it will sag naturally if you do not support it for long.

At this time, both eyes naturally look down, and at the same time reach bending.

  Over time, it can easily cause eye muscle fatigue and soreness.

If you place the book on your knees and read the book downwards, due to the gravity of the head, the back muscles are stretched and the same muscle has been stretched above the pelvis and is being stretched again.Can make people feel back pain and neck pain.

  For people with severe cervical spondylosis, suddenly lifting their heads after reading a book, it is easy to cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms due to temporary cerebral palsy, and severe strokes may also cause sudden strokes.

Black soy milk can be exciting and plentiful

Black soy milk can be exciting and plentiful

If there is too much unfortunate accumulation in the body, which will affect the body shape at all, it will lead to various diseases such as hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

In fact, as long as you have “four less and five more” in your diet, it is not difficult for middle-aged people to maintain a standard weight.

“Four less” means less degeneration, less salt, less sugar, and less sugar in your daily diet.

“Five more” is more high-quality protein, more vitamins, more iron, more calcium, more fiber intake.

  In addition, eating more foods that can improve blood circulation, improve urination, and eliminate puffiness will not only help you lose weight, but also keep you full.

  Black beans are among the best. Black beans are supplemented with lecithin and saponin. Lecithin can reduce “necrosis” and prevent arteriosclerosis. Saponin has a strong antioxidant effect and can effectively prevent cancer and obesity.

Menopause women eat more black beans to relieve menopause symptoms.

  Brief introduction of black beans Black beans, also known as cowpea, raw beans, zero black beans, have the reputation of the king of beans.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has traditionally believed that black beans are the valley of the kidney and enter the kidney.

It has the functions of strengthening the spleen, spleen and water, reducing swelling and lowering qi; nourishing the kidney and yin, moistening the lungs, drying the wind, heat and detoxifying the blood; detoxifying night sweats, black hair toxins, and prolonging life.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that in addition to rich protein, lecithin, trace amounts and vitamins, black beans also contain melanin and niacin.

Because of this, black beans have been regarded as a good product for both medicine and food.

One Fresh Tip in the Workplace

“One Fresh Tip” in the Workplace

A trick, eat all over the sky.

Li Xunhuan’s novels only relied on the sword for decades.
People have me, people have me, they have long skills, and they are rare talents everywhere.
In today’s fierce workplace competition, what is your most powerful weapon?
    Sales skills, professional skills, network resources . Do you have your own “one trick”?
How did you temper and strengthen this trick?
    1 Smart people “eat by their own skills” Xiaoman (clerk) The easiest, most practical, and easiest way to learn is “obedient”.
    Obedient children are flattering.
This is an eternal truth.
In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Qingwen is more beautiful and capable than others, so she can make up for difficult clothes.
At first, Bao Yu liked her better than others, but her temper was too bad, her mouth was not forgiving, it offended people, and she died badly.
And obedient, well-behaved, glutinous rice dumplings have the same good temper, and they got Mrs. Wang’s attention.
Lin Daiyu is the granddaughter of the old lady’s uncle.
The relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter is just beginning to enjoy the same treatment as Baoyu.
How could Xue Baozhen compare with her, she was only the daughter of Madam Wang’s sister.
But Bao girl is more obedient.
When eating, try to choose the sweet and soft dishes that the old lady likes, and when watching the show, try to choose the lively scenes that the old lady likes.
Mrs. Wang’s girl fell into the well. She didn’t mind taking her clothes to the dead, and was more obedient and sensible.
And Dai Yu, with her small eyes and old-fashioned spirit, made people dare not talk to her, and eventually lost her advantage.
    Now, look at the school, there are more student cadres and women than men, because girls are good, teachers like.
If women do not have children, I bet there will be more women cadres than men.
Which leader likes the “scalp” of the scalp.
    But to be effective, obedience is not enough.
You also need to learn to hear out-of-talk voices, and learn to understand what the leader didn’t say, but kept in mind.
For example, leading children ‘s academic performance is not very good, but if he wants to enter a good school, how can he be embarrassed to speak, at most he sighs: If only he could enter a certain school.
At this time, someone understood it and helped him through the levels.
You said, can the leader be jealous of him?
    Such “one fresh move” plainly is a flatterer.
The flattering is actually very boring, at least you must first twist your soul.
Like Xue Baodi, he clearly does not like to eat sweet and soft, but also try to figure out the meaning of the old lady, pick sweet and soft.
Leaders like to sing karaoke, “out” is inexhaustible, and they also sing a broken song that gets rid of dregs, and also sings wildly, but the leader likes it!
Can arrange for leaders to sing, and always insist on listening and singing, and the level of singing is worse than that of leaders to show the meaning of green leaves lined with safflowers. After the leader sings well, they must take the lead to applaud and yell, “Good!
“It is impossible for the soul not to twist.
    Slap the horse, try to figure out the meaning of the leader, “think for the leader everywhere.”
But one person did the opposite, and her “one trick” was to think for herself.
This person is the flight attendant of an airline.
On one occasion, her flight flew to a place in the north late at night. As soon as she opened the cabin and saw the snow on the gangway, she immediately stopped the passengers, so don’t hurry.
She and several flight attendants took out the blankets and laid them on the ramp before letting the passengers down.Later, passengers and companies praised her for her good work and good service.

She told me afterwards that she was doing it for her own sake.

If she did n’t lay a blanket, she would have to accompany the passenger to see the doctor at least if she fell, and she would write a fact sheet to the company, so that she would have to toss at least until three or four in the morning.

So it is better to be tired ahead and save a lot of things later.

    Lame, at best it’s little clever.

Xue Baoyu tried his best to get Jia Baoyu, but Baoyu didn’t love her and tried his best.

“A fresh move” like the flight attendant is really smart.

So smart people firmly believe that “losing money is cheap”-God will not make people always lose money, and there will always be rewards for giving; smart people firmly believe that “eating by their own skills”-the same job is better than others, the company cannot have such employees,So wise leaders value such people.

Please note that it is wise leadership.

If the leader is faint and incompetent, and he is relying on flattery, then you want to get ahead, please twist your soul.

    2 “Do n’t eat real people” Johnny (Director) received a joke message yesterday: “A cannibal went to the restaurant to work, the manager repeatedly explained that he couldn’t eat colleagues, he agreed.

After a few days, he couldn’t help but stole a cleaner and was discovered immediately.

The insight is: don’t eat people who really do things.

“It’s a must!

    Last year, the economy was in a recession, and our company was in a slump. Poor orders were too small to support them, and layoffs were inevitable.

For a while everyone was in danger, everyone was guessing “who will be invited into the office by the boss”, and at the same time, secretly prayed for themselves.

This is a private company. It ‘s up to the boss to decide who will stay with them. When everyone talks about it, they always comfort each other on the surface: “Amy, you ‘re definitely okay, you know the famous brands and accompany the boss wife every day逛‘金三角’,隔三差五还让飞行员老公代购,帮她省下的钱比你工资都高了,老板娘耳边风一吹,老板怎么舍得炒你?Isn’t this a problem with your wallet!

“David, the boss is also indispensable to you. You have a car all over the company. The boss has to rely on your friendship to sponsor him if he runs a long way. If the weather is bad and you have a lot of entertainment, you have to call you for help.If you seek another job, the boss even has to find someone to take over your job, and you have to pay for a car and a driver. How can he be so smart as to be so accountable!

“A” Amy, David, you don’t have to worry about it, it must be me who was cut first!

One did not have a prominent background to pick up business, two did not have a turtle diploma to support the boss’s face, three did not look good, only knew that he was working stupidly.

My boss has never bothered to talk to me except for a bunch of hard work, and this time he must have killed me first.

“Look, everybody has different abilities.

Some can handle the private affairs of the boss, some can do more than one professional, and some can handle the incurable diseases that others can’t do well. Without their own “three axes”, how can they be mixed in the workplace that is not immediately accessible?

Sure enough, the last fired was a mediocre female colleague who relied on adding a caring side dish to everyone every day in exchange for a good person.

This lady loves cooking. When she sees that the food menu in the cafeteria of the company’s business building is boring, she brings over a box of dishes every day, sometimes chestnut roasted chicken, sometimes taro stewed duck, and becomes the “god god” in the company.

When the economy is good, “beautiful chef” is indeed indispensable. However, when people are in trouble, the employees who can only cook vegetables may be the most surplus.

    Therefore, everyone and each enterprise must have their own competitiveness, and ensure that core competitiveness is highly related to the goal of struggle.

    For example, Chengdu girl You Xiaoyu first launched the online purchase of socks alone. Customers can wear and mix different styles on their feet. In two years, she opened 7 chain stores in Chengdu and rushed for more than 500,000 yuan in gold.From the export to the network for domestic sales, I saw that online shoppers are very sensitive to prices, and can quickly find the lowest price through searching, and then use the nirvana-“the lowest price in history” 1.

The 6-meter-high teddy bear costs 128 yuan nationwide, which is one to two hundred yuan lower than the original market average price. It quickly gained word of mouth. At present, its online store has an average monthly total of 200 million; Starbucks is the first to offer it in domestic coffee chains.Free wireless Internet access. Customers with a mobile phone in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai stores can receive a password message sent by China Mobile. The Internet is free for unlimited time, which is very pleasing to business travelers.

No wonder one of my friends working at Starbucks said that he has half a day of “coffee office hours” every week. He always brings a notebook and orders a cup of employee welfare coffee in the store. In the relaxed access of the store, the boring work seems to have becomeIt tastes like coffee.

    In the past, we often said that if we study mathematics and physics well, we will not be afraid to travel around the world.

Now, of course, good mathematics, physics, and chemistry are not enough. The key is to have a new trick. With this “talisman”, even if the boss is occasionally killed by mistake, there is nothing to worry about.

  3I am the company’s “chief writer” Xiao Xuan (company finance) who can’t write?

But IMHO, there are a lot of fast typing experts, and very few employees have good writing skills.

Even the secretary, editor, and editor who eat the text often do not dare to compliment.

    I practiced calligraphy for a few days when I was young, and later learned Pang Zhonghua’s pen characters.

I don’t know if it’s talent or interest. My calligraphy and hard calligraphy are beautiful.

Although I haven’t won a prize, from school to work, my words are written fast and stand out.
The extra good words make me feel too much light in my job search and work.
    During the recruitment interview, the examiner suddenly asked me what specialties I had?

I replied: My words are well written, and the words on the cover of the cover letter are all handwritten.

Seeing that the examiner looked at my words and nodded slightly, I knew that my interview had “extra points”.

Sure enough, I was hired.

I guess my calligraphy must be a factor.

    I don’t need to write many words for my job, but my calligraphy ability is still fully utilized.

Several companies jointly held a party at a time. When sharing the project, our company took the initiative to ask for a guessing activity.

I do n’t know if someone has my card in my hand, or if I want to keep it secret or in a hurry, my boss called me and said that although the riddle can be printed with a computer, it is worse than handwriting to rewrite the artistry, and the speed of handwriting is also fast.

From the afternoon to the evening, I wrote more than 100 riddle notes and pasted them on the rope.

    Everyone had a good time at the party and praised my writing well.

I’m also famous, my boss smiled for his company’s appearance, and the next day he said that he would have to pay me overtime and reward me at the end of the year.

The last promise was fulfilled. When I counted the red envelopes, I didn’t tell the truth.

    Able people should do more work.

Although I’m not a secretary, I usually write large notices, notices, or banners with large characters. Computers can’t print them. It’s very convenient for me to write them by hand, and it’s “preferred.”

Therefore, the writing brush and ink in my main shaft are always available. Even if the computer can do it, such as sending invitations to customers to open the door, most of them still ask me to write by hand.

Of course, I will not shirk this labor, I understand the principle of “things are rare and precious.”

The specialty of writing is not new, but it is often used and indispensable.

After continuous enhancements, I replaced part of the “Chief Writer” in the company.

    As for my professional business, I am no worse than others.

However, in units where few people can write good characters, with the “new trick” of writing, it not only gains the favor of his head and his assistants, but also plays an important role in consolidating a part of my company.

Moreover, sometimes there are additional “labor charges”!

    4 “Learning dog barking is more like others” Liu Qishun (Editor of the Enterprise Newspaper) Pharaoh is an old colleague of mine. He taught his children and grandchildren a famous saying: “Learning dog barking is better than others.”

Unfortunately, Pharaoh is not a celebrity. Otherwise, his words may really be “celebrity quotes”.

    When Lao Wang was still Xiao Wang, middle school graduates had to settle in line.

If you don’t want to leave Shanghai, or stay away from the farm work even if you go to settle down in the field, you must have a trick.

At that time, if you could listen to the song with a gentle voice and dance lightly, you might be able to be recruited into the army’s propaganda team. Of course, you must be a “red five”; if you can write a good handYou can draw a good picture, maybe you can copy the posters and draw the bulletin board like Li Lin as a broadcaster in the TV series “The Years of Red Beauty”.

    Pharaoh has no good voice and no talent for drawing.

Fortunately, in the “useless theory of reading”, he not only peeked a lot of poisonous weeds known as “Feng Zixiu”, but also took the world by storm, and “stolen” many copies of “Feng Zixiu” poisonous weeds for browsing.
So when the great man advocated reading “Dream of Red Mansions”, he could blurt out “Jinling Twelve”; when the great man proposed to criticize Song Jiang, he talked with interest to others about Lin Chong Ye Ben, Wu Song killing crickets, and the people listened enthusiastically.Drunk; when the civilians couldn’t understand what the “Confucianism and Legalism Struggle” was, he told some young people the “History of China”, from the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties, to the Qing Dynasty . In this era, when there was almost no culture,Wherever he goes, he is a “talent.”

    He said that by virtue of a bald pen (this is his modesty), he wrote many theoretical articles in the newspaper at that time, and more of them were scientific sketches, which made it easier for him to be a “talent” in the factory.

    He said that with this move, he slowly rose to the position of office director and was seconded to the company and bureau.

This trick is nothing at present, and at that time, especially in the age when the 69th junior high school graduates would not even calculate the addition and subtraction of scores, Pharaoh, then was still a king, you can use advanced mathematics to findThe calculated method was calculated.

Naturally, it can also be regarded as “people have me” and “people have me”.

    Pharaoh said, of course, he only took the office director after crushing the Gang of Four.

However, opportunities are always favored by those who have the ability, because at that time Xiao Wang did “learn how to bark better than others”, so he had this opportunity.

    Pharaoh repeatedly educated his son with this famous saying, and now his son has also become the technical backbone of foreign companies.

Even when learning a foreign language, learn a small language more than others.

  Pharaoh said that this famous saying will be the “prince’s house motto” of his Pharaoh’s family, passed down from generation to generation, to ensure that future generations will not suffer in the workplace.

9 strokes all year-end syndrome OUT_1

9 Tips For End-of-Year Syndrome OUT

The end of the year is the most difficult time for most OLs. Although the party activities are coming one after another, the pressure of work is also piled up in front of you. Want to quickly get rid of tiredness at Christmas and New Year’s parties?

These nine tricks will definitely help!

  How can the key moments of carnival make the dim crowd disappointed? Let ‘s do your homework one week before carnival night, and brighten up your skin with 9 tricks to save the scene quickly!

  1. Immediately after staying up late, greet the study with a live skin mask. It was found that when staying up late and the pressure increasing sharply, it will give a strong signal to sebaceous adenosine, a large amount of oil production will cause keratin accumulation.

After staying up late, cleanse with cleansing oil, oil soluble oil, and then quickly follow up with a peeling mask with exfoliating effect, the face is still fine.

  Recommended item: Luzhen New Spot Coffee Mask 108 yuan / 120g coffee extract with 1,000mg soft, cleansing mask that thoroughly removes dirt and excess keratin from the skin. Coffee extract brings skin elasticity and comfort.We can use.

  2. Clean up emotional melanin every 7 days. Many people think of whitening as seasonal homework, but the appearance of melanin may not be regular, especially when the pressure increases sharply at the end of the year.

At present, there is a new concept of balanced whitening, that is, to focus on whitening care every 7 days, and regularly remove the dark spots under emotional stress, and use the whitening ingredients to absorb energy.

  Recommended item: Yuxi Fu Yan Whitening and Firming Essence Milk 390 yuan / 30ml night essence to absorb the glory of “yin”: reverse the aging phenomenon.

Rare extract of Rhodiola rosea, a natural medicinal botanical ingredient, infused with Pro-Xylane, a pioneer anti-aging ingredient?

With the magical whitening ingredient kojic acid, it gives birth to the new life.

Skin is instantly clean and firm, fair and bright; night after night, spots and wrinkles are reduced, contours are bright, and youthful radiance blooms every day!

  3, try the foundation and then apply makeup before the milk this trick is particularly suitable for winter use.

Beijing style is big, and I will feel dry soon after applying loose powder or powder. Usually I will apply a thin layer of makeup before the foundation.

Because the top just has an oil control effect similar to loose powder, and keeps the skin moisturized.

Even in the afternoon, the skin still retains clear natural light.

If you are lazy, you can achieve a similar effect by blending the make-up milk and liquid foundation at a ratio of 1: 1.

  Recommended single product: Dior Charm Silky Liquid Foundation Charm Silky Liquid Foundation is a little thin and natural. After coating, it feels like nothing. It can quickly and effectively faint, not dry and greasy, and has good breathability.

It has a good covering effect, effectively controls the secretion of oil, and can keep moisture for a long time.

  4. Scan the highlight powder in the W area around the eyes. This is the simplest and most effective way.

Use the foundation to make a thin and complex complex skin tone, and then the contour of the lower eye socket to the temple is exactly a W-shape. Sweep it here with highlights to brighten your eyes quickly.

The entire spirit of Qi was quickly raised.

  Recommended single product: Sun and Moon crystal mining Yingcai high-gloss powder 180 yuan can create four-color shading high-gloss powder for three-dimensional face.

  5, the magical use of night cream blacks the next day to score the beauty leader Niu Er’s method is particularly different, for example, such as the beauty of the night before the skin cream, he will be used particularly thick.

Initially massage the face with night cream, and then take a layer after absorption.

Then apply a layer of lip balm to the entire face. Don’t be surprised, just use the wax on the lip balm to make an invisible sealing film to ensure that nutrients are absorbed completely.

This trick is especially suitable for skin that is extremely dehydrated, tired, and free of acne and small wounds for a long time.

  Recommended item: Biotherm Deep Sea Source Whitening and Repairing Cream 680 yuan / 50ml Renew skin: Bio-Peeling technology, gentle and effective, activate natural skin renewal mechanism, rough, dull, fine lines, pores, acneScars, five major skin problems are wiped away at once.

Soothing and relaxing: The biological soothing complex biological soothing factor contains natural precious ingredients, as if gently massage the skin, soothing the pressure accumulated during the day, so that the skin can also enjoy deep sleep.

  6, only take care of nutrition, cell hypoxia is particularly harsh before staying up late, I feel distressed and waited for the skin with a sky cream, as a result, people did not appreciate it, and refused to absorb it like plastic cloth!

Maybe you have experienced this too. This is the lack of oxygen in the cells, and even the absorption of energy is gone.

In this case, you must first replenish your skin, apply high-performance makeup lotion, and fill your cells with fullness.

  Recommended single product: Magnolia oil Magnolia oil rejuvenating gold pure active energy water 220 yuan / 150ml can not be missed beyond the work, Magnolia oil regenerating gold pure active energy water.

From then on, your lotion goes beyond simple hydration, reduces fine lines and activates skin firmness!

Beyond the formula, contains nearly 90% essence, a bottle of high-performance lotion containing nearly 90% of cell vitality essence, combined with high-concentration “light texture essence” amino acid peptide complex, “high moisturizer” hyaluronic acidAnd six popular skincare ingredients such as marine protein and green tea extract, which penetrate the skin quickly in liquid form.

Beyond its effectiveness, the multiple anti-aging essences at the cell-level firmness of the new deep-cell level restore hundreds of millions of epidermal cells to a plumper and youthful state, effectively diminishing fine lines and reappearing no trace of firmness.

Beyond the group, improve skin absorption.

Experiments have proved that the transcending water can improve the skin’s absorption of subsequent skin care products. When used in conjunction with OLAY’s new face cream, the firming effect is significantly improved.   7, the use of blush cream to replace the rouge powder in the first aid of tricks, quickly boost the complexion is indispensable.

At this time, it is recommended to choose a liquid blush to play a lot of tricks.

First blend a bit of liquid blush in the foundation and spread it under the cheekbones to reach the temples. Then take a few drops of liquid blush directly under the cheekbones to get a gradually ruddy complexion, super natural.

  Recommended item: Clinique solid rouge cream blush, Clinique cream blush, stylish and simple appearance, the internal cream looks good and easy to color, it can create the most perfect face in the most convenient form!

Just apply a small amount on the face, and then lightly smudge it with your hands to instantly show the most natural and perfect look.

  8. How to describe the lackluster skin with coral color isolation, just like the yellow and green dishes in general?

This complexion alone cannot be covered by foundation, and the isolation of purple and green is also limited, but the isolation of coral color can well shield the cyan and yellow, creating a matte feeling like if it penetrates through the skin, without reconciliation., Can be done in one swipe.

  Recommended item: Biotherm BIO Rouge Rejuvenating Night Cream 420 yuan / 30ml Biotherm professional word-of-mouth star product, has received countless praises since its birth, it is the consecutive winner of major beauty awards, and it is also the travel of many starsA must-have item, newly upgraded in 2009, bringing deep sea source whitening and repairing cream.

5 updated colors to meet the needs of different races, repair and polish, instantly brighten the complexion, long-lasting beautiful appearance, the skin finds its own perfect color.

Patented Mexoryl SX / XL, fully isolate UVA / UVB ultraviolet rays, prevent the generation of stains.

The star component Strechfiber stretch silk fiber has extremely soft and delicate orientation at the touch of a finger, and has a color reflection factor, the skin is significantly more shiny and translucent, bright and white.

(New) Coral Powder: Reconciles dull, dull skin, giving skin a translucent, translucent glow.

Soft light purple: Tones yellowish skin tone, removes “yellow air”, and makes the skin tone pale pink.

Clear and green: Tones reddish complexion, leaving skin clear, pure and naturally fair.

Standing white: Tones darker skin tones, making skin tones fair and more matte and matte.

Ivory white: Regulates uneven skin tone, conceals, touches up, protects, isolates in one step, effectively covers dark circles.

  9. In the morning, use the 28-pattern aerobic absorption method to keep the skin in the morning sun. A very simple method is to pour the toner on the palm after cleansing. The entire palm is repeatedly patted on the face, including the essence, lotion orCreams are absorbed this way.

This is also the method that Clarins especially recommends, like actively helping the lack of exercise to exercise.

It only takes 1 minute to slap each layer, which is almost 28 times.

The cells are stimulated in this way, as if they were stretched out and glowed with energy.

  Recommended item: La Mer Aquamarine Revitalizing Moisturizing Formula 650 yuan / 200ml LA MER Aquamarine Revealing Moisturizing Formula (moisturizing formula) uses the negatively charged water molecules in the magnetized water as the main component, which can neutralize the skin surface with positiveElectric free radical substances (the main cause of skin aging).

The Aqua Mystery Revitalizing Skin is also infused with collagen mineral water extracted from the high mountains of Utah, USA, to provide the skin with excellent moisturizing and calming effects.

Aqua Mystery Revitalizing Toner (Hydrating Formula) is specially added with gorgonian ingredient, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, sudden acne on the face, acne, etc. Use this refreshing toner with paper film for facial treatment., Acne and other phenomena can be greatly improved and restored.

Invisible aerobics with beautiful legs and abdomen


Invisible aerobics with beautiful legs and abdomen

“Invisible aerobics” refers to a type of aerobics that is not noticed by people.

This fitness method is more effective than previous work and office workers who have no time to exercise.

Due to the busy work of the office workers and lack of time to exercise, many people have reduced their resistance to the disease, often suffering from colds, fatigue syndrome, cervical spine complicated with lumbar muscle strain, insomnia, headache and other complications.

  The “invisible fitness method” is easy to recover, allowing people to achieve fitness in the office without leaving the job.

Its exercise method is: 1.

Eyes closed with eyes closed: first turn clockwise 6 times and then counterclockwise 6 times.

Then open your eyes and look out at the green lawn or trees far away from the window for 2-3 minutes.

This has the effect of protecting eyes and regulating eyesight.


Segmented relaxation method: divide the whole body into multiple segments, and then relax in segments.

Relax from top to bottom.

The sequence is: head-correction-two upper limbs-thorax abdomen-back-two thighs-two calves.

Then use the backward relaxation method to relax from bottom to top.

The sequence is: two feet-two calves-two thighs-hips-lower back-abdominal abdomen-head-head.

Do 3 consecutive cycles.

It is beneficial to completely eliminate tension and physical fatigue.


Abdominal breathing method: relax the abdominal muscles when inhaling, and contract the abdominal muscles when exhaling. Repeat this for 3 minutes.

Generally can increase the pressure of gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the body’s metabolism, reduce body weight.


Expanding the chest and shrugging method: Sit on a chair, slowly and firmly support the chest, open your shoulders back, and repeat it 10-12 times.

Then do shrug exercises, left and right shoulders each 12 times, can improve the physiological function of the lungs, correct the role of cervical periarthritis.


Finger extension method: Put your hands on your thighs, and make a fist with the palm upwards, then press your thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger in order.

Repeat the same action, doing 12 left and right fingers each.

Generally relieves hand muscle fatigue and promotes blood circulation.


Leg contraction method: Sitting on a chair, lift your toes, and at the same time forcefully contract the calf and thigh muscles. Then, raise the heels forcefully, and do the contraction of the calf and thigh muscles, then relax.

Repeatedly doing this for 5 minutes can improve the blood circulation of the legs and feet.

  The above-mentioned movements can be practiced consecutively, 15 minutes each time, you can do it in the afternoon and once in the afternoon.

40 time management guidelines

40 time management guidelines

“Effective time management norms”, as for its negative response, the behavior that time management experts are trying to discourage.

It is hoped that managers will conduct self-reduction and self-improvement based on this test form at least every six months.

  1.Do I book in writing the next set of clear forward, intermediate and forward goals?

  2.Do I have a clear idea of what I want to do in the military next week?

Before I start a working day, have I worked out the working structure for that working day?

  4.Am I prioritizing based on facts rather than urgency?

  5.Do I focus on goals rather than procedures, and do I base my self-assessment on performance rather than activity?

  6.Am I doing important things continuously in an efficient way?

  7.Did I do something today to achieve the long-term, medium-term and long-term goals?

  8.Do I reserve a small amount of time each day to plan and think about issues related to my job?

  9.Do I make good use of my commute time?

  10.Am I deliberately reducing my food intake at noon to avoid dozing off in the afternoon?

  11.Do I make arrangements for the arrogance of arrogance so that arrogance has time to deal with unexpected crises and accidents?

  12.Do I try to delegate work to others?

  13.Am I empowering others to perform challenging and routine tasks?

  14.Do I enforce authorization based on the principle of “proportional responsibilities?”

  15.Am I determined to stop my subordinates from “anti-authorizing” work that they find difficult or impatient?

  16.Am I effectively using the help of my subordinates to help me gain a better grasp of time, while avoiding the deterioration of wasting my subordinates ‘time?

  17.Do I take certain steps to prevent useless materials and publications from being placed on me and taking up my time?

  18.When I have a choice, do I try to deal with things over the phone or in person, and only use written communication if it is unavoidable?

  19.Except in exceptional cases, do I try to ignore work after work?

  20.If I need to work overtime, and I have the freedom to choose overtime, do I prefer to work in the morning without delay?

  twenty one.Is it possible for me to make small decisions quickly?

  twenty two.Am I making mandatory decisions as soon as I get critical information?

  twenty three.Am I constantly alert to cyclical crises and taking actions to stop them?

  twenty four.Do I often set deadlines for myself and others?

  25.Will I end any unreliable regular work or routine activities recently?

  26.Am I carrying some items in my pocket or handbag for accidental free time (such as while waiting in line, in a waiting room, on a train, or on an airplane)?

  27.When I face many problems that need to be solved, do I apply: 80/20 principle “(Mastering 20% of important problems without 80% of unimportant problems) to deal with it?

  28.Can I really control my time?

Does my action depend on my non-deterministic environment or the priorities of others?

  29.Am I trying to process each file only once?

  30 Am I actively involved in preventing and avoiding common disturbances (such as visitors, meetings, phone calls, etc.) which continue to hinder my daily work?

  31.Am I trying to face reality and think about what needs to be done now, instead of remembering the successes and failures of the past or worrying about everything in the future?

  32.Do I keep the monetary value of time in my mind?

  33.Do I have some time to train my subordinates?

  34.Am I trying to bring the phone together?
Have you prepared the relevant information before calling?
  35.Do I have a system for handling classified documents?

  36.Do I sometimes adopt a “closed-door” policy to prevent work from being interrupted by others?

  37.At the end of the day, do I ask myself: those tasks cannot be carried out as planned?

Why can’t I proceed as planned?

How to recover in the future?

  38.Before I prepare for a meeting, do I explore all possible ways to replace it?

  39.Do I focus on techniques to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings?

  40.Do I regularly check my time dominance to determine the various time traps I have previously repeated without repeating?