A newcomer is here, what can I do better than you?

A newcomer is here, what can I do better than you?

You are a senior employee, experienced and capable, and you are likely to be the candidate for your next supervisor.

But suddenly it was a new day in the office.

She may be a master of the company who has been dug out by the company, or a rising star who is smart and diligent and hardworking. In short, her arrival has brought a new atmosphere to the office, and it has also made you feel the pressure from the inside. “Killing” the young people around me Two months ago, the personnel manager brought a handsome, capable woman into the office, introducing that this was a new colleague, and it was a marketing campaign dug by the company from other companies in order to expand the southern market”Master”.

  ”My name is Ina, please take care of me.

“Master” smiled hello to everyone.


How high is it?

Jie Lin, like other colleagues, was curious and watched “Master” Ina.

Jie Lin also learned about Ina’s background materials from the personnel department by her old relationship: graduated from a prestigious university, the senior staff of the original company’s South China headquarters, has rich industry experience and customer resources.

  are these all?

There’s nothing outstanding, Jaelin thought.

But what happened next made Jaelin’s eyes on Ina.

  At the first planning meeting, the director let Ina choose first.

Ina spread out the planning book, read it in a hurry, is clear, and the idea is novel. The key is to provide detailed and thoughtful instructions to make everyone present.

As she gradually ended, the supervisor summed up her excitement: “The arrival of the newcomer is different, which brings us new ideas and a broader source of information. Good, good.

“Ina’s outstanding transcendence was expressed in her work. At her latest company PARTY, her beautiful professional singing voice won applause from the audience, making her a big hit.

  If this is possible, Jaylin didn’t take it seriously. Newcomers will always bring some new weather, but what happened last week made Jayline feel the pressure.

  In order to lead the big client of Pan-British Company, Jayline has been tracking for 3 months, but it is always not enough to achieve the goal.

So the supervisor called Jaelin to the office alone, saying that there was a new project for her to do. As for the project of Pan-British Company-“Just hand it over to Ina and let her exercise.

The supervisor was sincere, and Jailen also knew that sometimes changing people to another mindset might speed up the project progress.

But it’s a bit of a gamble, and no one can guarantee anything.

Besides, Ina is new, can she do it?

  But things were completely unexpected. A month later, Ina smiled and put the contract on the supervisor’s replacement.

  The director praised Ina in front of her colleagues.

Everyone was happy, Jayline was no exception, but Jayline’s smile was a little embarrassing, others couldn’t see it, but she knew it-Ina completed her in 3 monthsIf nothing is done yet, can someone be in trouble?

Jelly apparently felt the pressure from Ina rushing towards her.

  How to face this powerful advantage?

Jayline is a little skeptical-suggestions: 1. Be calm first, don’t panic because of one more contradiction; the benefits of calm not only allow you to adjust your state and think about countermeasures, but also show that you are rational and meet in troubleGeneral style.

  2, then carefully observe the ability and personality of the newcomers. It is recommended that you look at it from a positive perspective and last at least three months. This will not only allow you to fully understand their advantages, but also understand how they are valuable.To know ourselves.

  3. While fully understanding each other, you must also firmly believe in yourself. After all, you have been in the company for a long time and you know horsepower. This advantage is not something that someone can cover with only one or two outstanding performances; youBeing able to work in the company for so long can also indicate how much the company recognizes you.

  4. In case of an opponent’s malicious attack or provocative words and deeds, try to resolve the positive conflict with the opponent with a polite but not overbearing attitude. This can show that you have a strong ability to deal with emergencies and aThe forgiveness needed for the grand event.

  5. If the other party is an outstanding professional with professional ethics, you must meet the challenge with the same positive competition. You must have the confidence to win and be prepared to lose. It is normal for the workplace to be successful or not.And can withstand others stronger than you, is a mature professional.

  Remember: 1. Try to avoid positive conflicts with intervention, because this stupid way of losing calm and reason will often expose your own contradictions and weaknesses, leading your boss to evaluate you, making others despise you. Many cases show that someone often willRegret what you did under the anger.

  2. Waiting is a very good way. When new people are eager to express themselves, they often expose their weaknesses. At this time, if you adjust the competition strategy, you will intensify the victory, and at the same time, it will cause a bright and slump.Not?

  3. It is true that under no circumstances should you adopt inferior and vicious competition methods, nor transform workplace competition into personal grievances, because this involves your character and professional ethics; moreover, if you fail, your opponent mayBe your direct supervisor. If you have had any excessive words or deeds before you think about it, will you have a good life now?

  What would the boss think?

  Seeing her current attitude towards Ina, Jeremy remembered the recognition she had received when she first arrived at the planning department. At that time, Jie Lin even made great achievements, and the supervisor also praised her in front of all colleagues.She also called her to her office and gave her full affirmation of her abilities and performance. At that time, Jailen was very sure of her place in the mind of the supervisor.

  But now . since Ina appeared, at least half of her supervisor’s eyes have been turned away.At the celebration party, although the supervisor did not forget to raise the wine glass to thank Jie Lin, but there was no other expression. Of course, the credit is mainly from Ina, but how much is this credit?

Is it true that in the minds of the supervisors, he and Ina are already equally divided?

Or is Ina better?

The more Jielin thinks, the more she feels bottomless. She really wants to know, in the mind of the supervisor, how much weight does this old employee have?

If the supervisor really studies abroad like the legend, who will he recommend to the company as a candidate for this position?

Is she still Ina?

  Suggestions: 1. If you want to be promoted, you must first tell your boss what you think. If you do n’t say it, how will your boss know what you think?

Take the time to think, improve your work plan, find opportunities to meet with your boss, state your goals, and get a corrective answer from your boss to help you. This is the key to the meeting.

Initially, it was because the boss’s support and promotion were usually essential.

  2. Don’t judge your boss’s comprehensive evaluation of the subordinates by your own standards. Usually people who can sit in the supervisor position have different business abilities. This is just one of many qualities. Youth vitality, right and wrong concept, team spirit, toleranceMinds and so on are very important, so what you have to do is to develop in an all-round way, and not to compare the short-term with the opponent.

  3. Don’t think that past performance will always be rewarded for promotion. This may be multiple cruel reminders, but it is true, because your superiors may pass all your outstanding performance to him like this symbol-you are hereThe position has played an extremely important role. It is too obvious to remove you from this position. On the contrary, some people who are promoted in the end are less important and can go away.

  4. Believe in the power of time. You have been with your boss for a long time. He has the confidence and confidence in you, and the continuous accumulation of feelings is not a break.

  Remember: 1. Do n’t tell your boss that your opponent is not. Now that you have regarded her as your opponent, your boss must be aware of it. At this time, if you exaggerate the shortcomings of others, you will expose your narrowness and sharpness.It’s easy to make it happen.

  2. Even if your opponent has any offensive words or deeds, you can still deal with them indifferently, and respond to changes constantly. Maybe this will give people the impression of weakness and deceit, but only temporarily, in the eyes of those bosses who can discern the wisdom, The opponent’s sharpness exactly reflects your generosity from the side.

  How to balance your position?

  After a period of suspicion and suspicion, Jeremy gradually calmed down, and she realized that her match with Ina could not be decided overnight. Even if she lost to her, she couldn’t mess around with it. In the final analysis, this “department head”The position is just a small tree in her career. She can’t ignore the overall situation because of it, she must play enough spirit to embrace the whole forest.

  Suggestion: Establishing a talented personal brand is the key to long-term development in the workplace.1 Personal brand cannot be copied. It is a key symbol of outstanding talents. It is reflected in two aspects and can be high quality in personal business skills., Is considered to be the quality of man, that is, both moral and talent.

  2. The personal brand pays attention to durability and reliability, because it is affected by a personnel change in the company; a personal brand has been established to prove the value of your attitude and ability to work in the team, and the team leader trusts such peopleAnd rest assured.

  3. Brand formation is a process of slowly cultivating and accumulating. The establishment of an individual brand must go through various tests and recognition before it can be formed. It is not self-proclaimed or recognized by everyone.

  4. Once an individual has formed a brand, his relationship with the workplace will undergo a fundamental change. It looks like a company. A brand that is deeply rooted in the public does not need to be explained and advertised too much. People also recognize it;It is a sign of trust in the workplace.

  Expert comment: In fact, similar phenomena are common in the workplace, especially middle-level managers aged 30-35.

They face double threats from the upper and lower levels of the company: the upper levels of the company use performance appraisal, and young and promising subordinates may replace it at any time.

  From a personal point of view, they basically start a family and start a business. They need to provide housing and cars every month, and they must also bear the cost of education for their children.

Stable income is very important to them, so they are very sensitive to stress.

  But don’t underestimate your tolerance for stress.

Many years of hard work in the workplace, as well as the trust and mature interpersonal network gained through long-term work in an environment, have made it easier for them to surpass the competition of newcomers. Intangible wealth is an important factor for success.

  It is also important to realize that stress is not necessarily a bad thing. When handled properly, stress can be transformed into motivation.

Jie Lin does not have to benefit for the talents of the new employees. The key is to restructure, strengthen confidence, use the facts to prove his ability, and create better performance.

Hot Yoga Detox Weight Loss

Hot Yoga Detox Weight Loss

Hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

That is to do yoga in the high temperature environment of 38 ℃ -40 ℃.

It is composed of 26 kinds of contraction movements, which belongs to the flexible movement, which can improve the spine softness, and is suitable for the office family.

At the same time, it directly stimulates the nervous and muscular system and can reduce weight.

This hot yoga from the United States has been popular in China since 2004.

  Principle: Turn the body into a heated steel Indian Bikram established a hot yoga system in the United States, and once launched, it has smashed the entire yoga world.

Although this practice is considered by some classical yoga teachers to be inconsistent with traditional concepts and norms, hot yoga does have loyal followers.

Hot yoga has strict requirements on the venue and temperature. Practitioners need to practice 26 basic postures in a high temperature environment between 38 ° C and 42 ° C. Basically, they will sweat heavily after 10 minutes.

  Hot yoga is especially suitable for people who walk into the yoga room for the first time.

Because training is performed in a high-temperature closed room, some functions of the human body are in an excited state, blood circulation is accelerated, and the secretion of lubricating fluid at the joints of the joints is increased. The human body can quickly enter the training action state with less warm-up.

Yoga training in this environment will reduce the probability of injury and eliminate physical tension.

  Just like the hot yoga founder Bikram ‘s metaphor for the image of hot yoga, after heating a piece of steel, it can easily change its shape with a hammer. Therefore, at 40 ° C indoor temperature, the muscles that are hardened by the exercise can be softened andMuscles.

In this way, even the body that usually moves by itself can easily complete different squeezing actions, and it is not easy to be injured.

  Features: Breathing can correct the activation of the lung lobe. In addition to losing weight, long-term practice of hot yoga can also improve migraine, back pain, cervical pain and gastrointestinal diseases.

“In the introduction of hot yoga, such words repeatedly appeared, and many people who came to practice hot yoga with enthusiasm also had this purpose.

Hot yoga classes are held three times a week for about one hour each time. The hot yoga room always gathers the highest popularity. Scholars from the early 20s to the 50s are mostly white-collar workers.

  Asana, breathing and meditation are the three basic factors for the progressive progression of yoga practice. Abdominal breathing and laryngeal breathing are the two basic breathing methods of hot yoga. The former requires the abdomen to be inflated during inhalation and the abdomen to be contracted during exhalation.The tongue rolled back in, and the throat contracted inwardly while breathing, and you could hear the sound of your throat.

The benefit of this breathing is that it can activate the lungs of the human body and expel the deposited exhaust gas out of the body.

If you want to implement these action requirements into every breath, it is definitely easier said than done.

  Hot Yoga retains the original 26 movements of Hada Yoga, and scientifically arranges the order of stretching and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This is different from ordinary yoga that can be combined at will. When practicing, you must strictly follow the instructions of the coach in order, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the progressive fitness effect of hot yoga.

“Magic chair style”, “eagle style”, “warrior style”, “tree style”, “cobra style”, “baby relaxation style” . Actions with different names are arranged in the routine of hot yoga, and some areSpecially practice balance, some are stretching exercises, and some are relaxation exercises.

  Efficacy: The effect of weight loss and body sculpting is obvious. “Because hot yoga has good weight loss effect, it is very popular with young women.

In fact, in addition to hypertension, hypertension and other organic STD patients can not practice, hot yoga is a sport suitable for men, women and children.

“Ms. Li, general manager of a fitness center in Dalian, said that practicing hot yoga can cleanse the whole body’s organs once and expel toxins out of the body through a lot of sweat.

  Hot yoga’s deep breathing exercises can increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by cells in the body and burn more unfortunate cells due to increased oxidation.

Hot yoga can improve the body’s glands to maximize function.

Practicing hot yoga will not only reduce the extra assistants on your body, but at the same time, the practitioner will also get better muscle lines and a higher level of vitality.

Some of the 26 positions of hot yoga are particularly suitable for adjusting the thyroid gland, which is directly related to the body’s metabolism and can affect weight.

Adult metabolism also increases due to hot yoga, so adults convert to muscle and energy.

  So hot yoga can create the ideal weight.

If you are overweight, you will maintain your weight after practicing hot yoga; if you are underweight, you will gain weight, and you will gain healthy body tissue, not light weight.

  Charm: Men may practice detoxification and reduce belly fat. Some people may think that yoga is the exclusive exercise of women, and strong muscle strength is a man’s innate advantage. The only weak point of life is that the limbs are relatively stiff.

Hot yoga perfectly makes up for this shortcoming. Normal and fast blood circulation above body temperature, while softening the muscles and bones that are stiff due to the exercise, can help men quickly transform into yoga masters.

  Practitioner Liu told reporters that as long as he tries hot yoga once, he will fall in love with it.

When the body withstands the test of high temperature, it begins to gradually accept the exercise signal, and the high temperature fumigation quickly makes all the bones and organs open, making people more flexible and calm than usual.

Such changes are rarely caused in everyday situations.

  After the endurance of suffering, a lot of toxins replaced the sweat and replaced the body. Those ligaments, bones, and bones that had been with them for many years, but were still unfamiliar, were quietly awakened by hot yoga. At this time, I can only use the word refreshing.  Through exercise and ambient temperature, the skin’s pores are all opened, some old dead keratin and body toxins deposited on the surface of the skin will be discharged through sweat glands, and the slightly elderly muscles accumulated in the body will burn, and the hot yoga posture willMuscular sculpting training guides and metabolism, thus reducing the volume of the aunt wall.

Beer intestines, which have been wasted by many men for a long time, can also be effectively controlled.

  Note: Don’t eat 3 hours before practicing to practice hot yoga. What should I pay attention to?

Fang Ming, a professional fitness instructor, listed several common considerations.

  First, practicing hot yoga can put pressure on the heart and respiratory system. People with low blood pressure, hypotension, or weak constitution should exercise caution.

Beginners may feel dizzy, this is normal.

Pay attention to the mastery of time during the exercise, rest appropriately and replenish moisture.

  In fact, it is recommended that scholars do not eat for three hours before the exercise, drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before the start of the exercise, and do not eat for 1 hour after the end of the exercise.

Because of the cold winter, the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor areas penetrates, it is best to bring a thick piece of clothing, the road from the hot yoga room to the dressing room can not be careless.

It is best to take a shower 20 to 30 minutes after the end of the exercise, otherwise the muscles and joints that are completely relaxed during the exercise will easily become stiff.

  If you experience symptoms such as excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal pain, stop practicing immediately and go out for ventilation.

Bring a towel and water when practicing.

Do not take a bath immediately after the exercise, wait for the sweat to dry, and wash after the pores shrink, which is more conducive to the discharge of toxins.

  Fun link Madonna, Jordan is good. This 48-year-old Madonna Siconi is already the mother of two children, but still shines on the stage in order to maintain perfect body.

Sister Mai insists on practicing yoga for 3 to 4 hours every day.

She is a loyal fan of Hot Yoga. It is reported that Madonna had been lining up for a month for yoga classes.

  The former NBA trapeze Michael Jordan also has a soft spot for hot yoga. He once stated in public that “I must practice yoga breathing and concentration before each game.

After retiring, yoga has also greatly helped my knee injury.

Founder: Compressed Hot Yoga was founded by Indian Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga. He was born in 1946. He began to practice with Indian teachers at the age of four. He practiced for four to six hours a day.Won the International Indian Yoga Championship.

At the age of 17, he was severely injured due to an accident and was told by the doctor that he would no longer be able to walk. His amazing perseverance enabled the body to recover, and in accordance with the physiological structure and characteristics of the human body,The theory like “Iron becomes soft in hot” has created the 26-style hot yoga action.

He went to the United States at the age of 18 and began to promote hot yoga. He was named after Improved Yoga University in India.

Simple and effective fitness

Simple and effective fitness

Some studies suggest that shaking hands can regulate the conversion of nervous system excitement and inhibition, enhance the function of the respiratory system, improve blood circulation, move the shoulders, elbow joints, and suffer from periarthritis. It is also a very good exercise method for those with lower limb mobility.

  The shaking hand is simple and the posture is exquisite.

Before you shake your hands, stand upright and relax, with your eyes looking straight ahead, your feet separated by shoulder width, your arms hanging down naturally, and your palms facing inward.

When shaking hands, both arms swing back and forth with the movement of the waist and legs.

When the arms are swinging forward, the vertical line to the body should not exceed 60 degrees, and the vertical line to the body when back swinging should not exceed 30 degrees.

During exercise, pay attention to breathing. You can use the frequency of inhaling the arm twice, and exhaling the arm three times. After a period of practice, you can gradually extend the expiration time.

The intensity adopts 60 swings per minute, and each exercise time is preferably 15 minutes.

  It is not advisable to shake hands immediately after high blood pressure or after a meal.

When shaking hands, the practitioner should consciously adjust the breathing rhythm, breathing properly and slowly.

Frequent head massage is good for health

Frequent head massage is good for health

There are many nerve endings and tissues on the human scalp. Frequent massage and stimulation of these acupuncture points can greatly help people’s health.

When you work too hard, scratching your head will become clear-headed, let’s take a look at the steps of head massage with Xiaobian.

Hand-to-head massage: adjust skin secretion and eliminate fatigue. Specific operation method: palms inward, fingers open like scratching.

Close your eyes when grasping, your mind is calm and your body is relaxed.

Grab the hair from the forehead, from front to back, through the top of the head to the back hairline; then from back to front, cycle to replace.

When grasping, mainly use the threaded surface of the two little fingers for massage. The other fingers pass through the massage fingernails of the little finger to grasp the scalp, and the movement is gentle and gentle, so as not to damage the scalp.

If you focus on a certain acupoint on the head, focus your thoughts on this acupoint, and grab it during exhalation and stop when you inhale, so that the mind, qi, and shape (grasp rubbing) are all performed simultaneously, the effect is better.

Head massage 5 steps 1 、 Push the forehead first with the thumb or palm on the skin on the forehead of the two eyebrows, gently rub each hand to the left and right sides, and push it back to the center of the forehead.

Alternate hands, rub regularly, more than ten times.

The strength should not be too large, the skin on the forehead does not change to red.

2. Brush the top of the head. Then, put the ten fingers of your hands on the top of the head, and do a combing motion about 20 times from the front hairline along the top of the head to the back of the head. Then press the thumbs of both hands on the temples on the forehead, and the remaining four fingers.Hold the top of the head slightly apart, and use both hands at the same time to perform a linear massage from top to bottom and bottom to top for more than 10 times; finally, press the middle or index finger to hold the Baihui acupoint in the middle of the head and rotate it from light to heavy by pressing for more than 10 timesTimes.
3. Hoe your head, rub your hair roots, then bend your fingers with your hands and fingers to strike the head more than 10 times, then grasp the hair roots slightly, do the combing action from front to back, rub the entire head more than 10 times, or use a comb instead.

4, dry face rubbing with fingers or palms from the eyebrows to the chin and back and forth, if you want axial beauty, you should lift and massage from the bottom up.

Move slowly and rhythmically. Don’t jump fast and slow, evenly and moderately.

5. Tap the face doctor for a warm reminder. Head massage improves the elimination of fatigue, improves the nutritional status of the scalp, promotes metabolism, and regulates skin secretion. It has certain significance.

Get up early every day, do it once every day during lunch break and before going to bed, every 10 minutes or so.

See how the last emperor aphrodisiac

See how the last emperor aphrodisiac

The last emperor Puyi had no children in his life. After liberation, the central leadership once asked a famous domestic hospital to consult with him on this issue, and offered two doses of this recipe . Background story: The last emperor Puyi had no children in his life.

After the liberation, the central leadership asked a famous domestic hospital for consultation on this issue. The medical records recorded: “When the patient became emperor 30 years ago, he had impotence, and he has been seeking treatment. The effect is not good . he has been married three times, and his wives areNot born.

Later, several famous old Chinese medicine practitioners in Beijing also made a diagnosis. Four generations of ancestral doctor Zhang Rongzeng gave two wonderful recipes for Pu Yi: (1) five bucks of velvet antler, up to one or two, long hair slices, and one or two yam.

Cover it with thin silk and soak it in a bottle of white wine.

Three small cups for the day, drink, and soak a bottle.

After drinking, roast the velvet antler for internal use, it will work.

  (2) Agarwood is five or two, woody is one or two, green salt is one or two, Sichuan meat is fried with three or two, the shell is simmered, fried after the wine is soaked, and chives are fried after the wine is soaked, three or two each.

Taken in pills.

It is said that Pu Yi’s illness has obviously improved after taking this medicine.

  From these two seemingly simple recipes, there are two points that can draw our attention: The first is that the impotence should be filled with lean pilose as the first deer antler and yam in the first party, and the two flavor medicinal materials should replace the kidney tonic.

  Chinese medicine believes that velvet antler has the effects of strengthening kidney yang, replenishing qi and blood, replenishing essence, and strengthening bones and bones. It is mainly used for deficiency of blood deficiency, dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, impotence and smoothness, and waist and knee weakness.

  Another flavor of yam, also known as Huaishan, yam, yam.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, yam-like Weiping, Gan, non-toxic, beneficial to kidney qi, strong bones and bones, relieving ejaculation and forgetfulness, etc., is also an excellent health food and traditional Chinese medicine materials.

  It needs to be reminded that although velvet antler has a better physical strength for patients who are weak in the whole body and after a long illness, its use also varies from person to person.

Many people regard it as a “universal medicine” to enhance male functions. Once impotence occurs and libido is reduced, pilose antler is used to nourish and strengthen the body.

In fact, male impotence is caused in many ways. Deer antler is only suitable for patients with kidney-yang deficiency. For patients with damp-heat betting or yin-yang deficiency, it will only make the disease worse.

  The second is to supplement Qi and impotence with the second party provided by Zhang Rongzeng.

From the perspective of the prescription, the treatment idea of this prescription is roughly the “Shenxiang Yongshou Pill” in “Fantastic Effective Recipes” written by Fang Xian in the Ming Dynasty and Ming Dynasty, and it is one of the famous Taoist remedies.

  The top four medicines Agarwood, Woody, Chuanxiongzi and Zanzi are commonly used to regulate the Qi machine, while Chinese chives can nourish the liver and kidney, and strengthen the essence.

  In addition, the second Chinese medicine is stir-fried with green salt to transform into the kidney, and the leek seed wine dip is to transform into the liver.

Chinese medicine believes that a person’s sexual ability is not only related to the kidneys, but also related to the liver’s drainage function.

  Yi was married five times until her death, and the formula above should have been used by her fourth or fifth wife.

Although his impotence improved after treatment, his sexual abilities improved, and he was able to live a husband and wife, but he eventually replaced Yuzi.

  Yihuo was 61 years old, and the above two parties should be in their 50s. At this time, the physical function is not as good as that of young adults, and it should be said that the best time to treat infertility is missed.

Fang Wenshan: What is a good worker

Fang Wenshan: What is a good worker

Who is Fang Wenshan?

Everyone knows that by the way, it is Jay Chou’s ambassador.

Fang Wenshan’s success is not a coincidence. Looking at his “alternative” definition of his work, I hope to give you some inspiration.

  They all think that work is “entry into the WTO”. They need to abandon themselves and need to compromise. They have made a lot of steel, but Fang Wenshan and Man Tao have told us by practical actions that work can also be very self.It is said that both applauding and applauding!

  Good workers should have independent and original souls, as well as non-independent, “step” or “sell” their ability, good workers should have the way to connect Atman and Brahman.

  Fang Wenshan used the words to “fabricate” a world of a vocational degree, how did the workers in the security system step by step become today’s Fang Wenshan?

What’s more, the ordinary heart of being rich and happy is not to fight bananas or to cause patina.

Maybe the lyrics of his title song for Jay Chou’s new album “Jewell’s Bolt” can give you some hints: “The sky is blue, the sun is not in the sun, and the horse is at ease.

Jewel was bolted on, and the target was probably strange.

If you are not surprised, lie down, unless you run fast . “Q: What is the talent of a rookie poet in Taipei?

  A: “In fact, I didn’t know what I wanted to do very late. After I was a soldier, I was about 23 years old. Then I knew that I was interested in film and writing.

At that time, I felt that creation is to make a world out of nothing, which is very fascinating.

“Fang Wenshan said.

So after he retired, he ran to learn screenwriting and directing. But because of the slump in Taiwanese films at that time, he had no way to enter, and only had to change direction.

During the period of being a worker, Fang Wenshan wrote more than 100 songs and cast them in major recording groups. As a result, Wu Zongxian formed a new record company to recruit people. The other party saw that what was written was OK and he was hired.

  As a “swordhead youth” in the civic field, Fang Wenshan can only grow by relying on a little bit of other people’s rhyme style and writing techniques.

“People like to paint and paint, but no one teaches lyrics, but can only explore it by themselves.

I found the lyrics created by other singers, and found out the previous lyrics, rhyme feet, and then analyzed in detail what the theme is, what the basic point is, and what the skills are . I first learned the skills of others and took othersI’ve worked out the basic skills, and then I’m going to create.

The word-scratching industry is very similar to the advertising circle at a certain point. It needs to be compared. The company takes a piece of music, roughly tells what screens and themes are needed, and then asks three or four people to write the words at the same time.There will be no compensation.

“I was definitely a rookie at the time, but I would ask myself to write several versions of the lyrics for a melody, and‘ compete internally ‘with myself, so the odds would be high.

To be honest, this process also made me quite fulfilled.

“He said.

  ”In the final analysis, in fact, people are engaged in one thing and hope to have achievements. It is difficult for those who are creative to say that you wrote the work, and then locked in the casting to not share, discuss, or show off to outsiders.

As long as you have creation, you must have the desire to publish, and even the desire to publish drives you to create. For this reason, you will take your work very seriously.

Fang Wenshan carefully analyzed his inexhaustible creative desire.

  Q: What do you think of unforgettable lyrics?

  A: There are two types of poets that are memorable. One is literally with a very strong sense of picture. In this way, the image opened by Bon Jovi is distorted and torn through the dark clouds.This kind of text is full of spirits that are close to the end of emotions. Some Lin Xi’s hands are plain, but they make daffodils grow in the palm of the hand, and they are full of energy.

Fang Wenshan’s words may not be as good as their visual sense and spirituality, but he is a greedy poet who embraces the quality of two word-speakers and mixes them up with a flavor of Fang Wenshan.

  Wolf smoke, Dunhuang, Da Ma Dan; ladies, pipa, breaking Qin cavity.

Looking closely at Fang Wenshan’s words, you will find that the soft words of Wu Nong, which is suddenly not Jiangnan Meiyu, suddenly drank the three of August Weiyang, suddenly Jin Getiema, drunk lying on the field-when a lot of lyrics are still repeated todayLove is hate. When who betrayed yesterday’s story, the appearance of this kind of picture and artistic conception made Fang Wenshan escape from the lyrics of human flesh.

He set up a montage scene that is either daisies or long or sloppy or dim, so that people can enter the scene hypnotically.

  Fang Wenshan wrote two songs. One of them is the sense of picture. “Although the lyrics are mainly written, we can’t just work on the words. We must absorb other things, and we may need to accumulate the film’s sense of picture.

He said, “I found that many writers use a lot of interesting words, but they have a description of the picture.

For example, I used a lot of words to think of a person’s sadness, but for a long time, you didn’t know that he was sad in that background of time and space, was it a stormy night?

Or the railway side of a clear sky?

Or a seaside, sad under a palm tree in the afternoon breeze?

No explanation, so people who listen to songs are harder to enter.

“So he sometimes wrote the lyrics to deliberately stimulate the listener’s sense of picture. He must let the narrative fall to the ground instead of just catching a thought that came out of thin air.For example, he wrote “Concession” to Adu, and explained that “I’m waiting for you until dawn”, he would “stand on the street”; he wrote “Blue and White Porcelain” to Jay Chou-even such a poem that can’t hold the bones, he is inThe description “You are hiding from the depth of the ink color” does not forget to explain that this is “in the landscape of splashing ink”.

  Q: Hobby and work are different, what should I do if I am not in love?

  A: We all feel that writing words is not only Fang Wenshan’s hobby, but also his job.

In his own words, it is not easy to take interest as a profession.

“A lot of people like singing, but they may not be able to maintain their lives as singers; they like photography, but they may not be photographers .” But Fang Wenshan also acknowledged that turning words into work results in writing words.The painful and happy process: It is good that you work for what you like and earn a salary for it.

At the same time, the lyrics are only one part of the reconstruction of the music industry system. It has composition, lyrics, arranger, producer, singer, plan, advertisement, director . Everyone is a part of the entire music environment.It may happen that written lyrics may be modified due to various factors such as advertisements or singers.

At this time, because you love it, and you have sent out a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of energy, “The result will make you very upset, but if it is only work rather than hobbies, the emotional gains and losses may not be so serious.

“He said.
  So Fang Wenshan’s solution is that if it is both a hobby and a work, don’t put work in “work” or “hobby”, it is only a short period of time, just like getting up, eating, bathing, and sleeping.It will cause other emotions because of excessive emotional input, and will not be too coping with or value too much of the work you have completed to be modified.

“Whether it’s hobbies, work, or both hobbies and work, don’t worry about it, just take this matter as natural and consider it a part of daily life.

“This is Fang Wenshan’s mix-and-match aesthetic of hobby and work touch. He is responsible for what he writes, is full of love, and does not become” obsessed. “His job is to find what can be said.

For him, it is just as important to develop a hobby at work as one needs two legs to become.

Seeing the psychological secrets of others in daily actions

Seeing the psychological secrets of others in daily actions

How do you feel most comfortable sitting?

What’s your appearance like?

Also, when you shake hands with a friend, what kind of method do you use?

do you know?

Some daily actions can grind your mind!

Today, I will guide everyone to see through the psychology of others!

  Your sitting posture may inadvertently betray you. It will reveal some information such as your personality and inner secrets.

  1, sit tightly, with your feet close together and slightly forward, the entire sole touches the ground: it shows that you are sincere and sincere, and open-minded.

You are characterized by being methodical, but easy to be true, and strive to be thorough and perfect, and sometimes even have clean habit, which is inevitably limited to form and piles up rigid.

Although in appearance, you are a bit indifferent, it is all an illusion.

You are an old man.

You only do things that you can be sure of and never take risks, so you lack enough innovation and cooperation.

  2. Sit on Erlang’s legs. No matter which leg is placed on it, you are very natural: that means you are more confident, know how to live, and the interpersonal relationships around you are more harmonious.

  3, sitting on Erlang’s legs, and one leg hooked on the other leg: that shows that you are cautious, reserved, not confident enough, and even hesitant to do things.

People around you will think your character is too complicated.

However, because of your attractiveness and decent control, you can let everyone evaluate you correctly and like you.

  4, with your toes close together and your heels sitting apart: that shows that you tend to hesitate to do things, and sometimes excessive meticulousness will affect the flexibility.

You are used to being alone, and communication is limited to those you feel close to.

However, you are very insightful and can make accurate analysis and judgment on the character of others at an accelerated speed.

It’s just that sometimes you overestimate your ability.

  5. Put your feet forward and your feet crossed: When a man shows this sitting position, he usually only holds his fists on top, or grasps the armrest of the chair tightly with both hands; when the woman uses this sitting positionUsually when your feet are touching, your hands will naturally rest on it or one hand will be pressed on the other.

That shows that you like to give orders and are naturally jealous.

So, to be honest, you may be a difficult person to get along with.

Studies have shown that this is also a typical sitting posture for controlling emotions, controlling tension and fear, and being very defensive.

  6, legs and feet do not stop, but also like to use feet or toes to make the entire leg part: the most obvious manifestation of this kind of person is selfishness, everything from the perspective of self-interest, very cowardly to others, but very indulgent to themselves.

But you are very good at thinking and can often ask some unexpected questions.

  7. People sitting with their arms and legs open: It implies that you may have the alternative of being in charge of everything, having the temperament or dominant character of a commander, or being outgoing, sometimes unknowingly.

If women adopt this sitting position, they also show that they lack rich experience in life, so they often act self-righteously.

  There are generally five types of standing poses, all of which can reveal your mentality!

  1. Stand with your hands on hips: This is an expression of self-confidence and psychological advantage.

If the feet are wider than the shoulders, the whole body will swell, and there is often a potential offensiveness.

Coupled with the toes beating the ground, it implies leadership and authority.

  2. Keep your chest up and abdomen with your head up: This kind of person tends to have sufficient self-confidence, or else she just pays attention to her personal image or feels very optimistic and happy at this time.

  3. One leg is upright, the other leg is either bent or crossed or diagonally extended: expressing a reservation or slight rejection may also be a sign of restraint and lack of confidence.

  4, both hands into the pocket: not revealing the mind, the performance of secret planning.

If you bend down at the same time, it may indicate something unpleasant in your career or life.

  5. Put your feet close together and extend your hands crosswise: Putting your feet together means to be cautious and to pursue perfection.

This kind of person seems to be lack of initiative, but often very strong, and belongs to calm and tenacious people.  A handshake often indicates a friendly behavior.

But in fact, the way of shaking hands can almost affect the success of the next two-step relationship, and it can also grind a person’s psychological and personality characteristics from the handshake.

  Some people shook hands with too much force and held them tightly, calling them “popular sailors”.

This shows that he is frank and enthusiastic, strong and cheerful; but if he has too much strength and even makes you pain, most of them indicate that the other party is arrogant and eager to conquer.

Smart people shake hands for a short time, but clenched tightly, that is, “dragonfly point water type”, they are often good at dealing with people, friendly and relaxed, and easy to handle; but such people are easy to be suspicious and it is difficult to fully trust others.

If the handshake is short and light, and perfunctory occurs, it indicates that the other party’s personality is weak or the mood is low, and it is not suitable for deep conversation at this time.

  If the opponent holds your hand and does not reply for a long time, it is “continuous combat type”.

It shows that he is very interested in you and wants to communicate boldly and deeply with you.

However, if the other party holds your hand before the negotiation, it may be that he is testing the dominance between the two people. At this time, if you re-run the hand first, it means that you do not have the endurance of the other party, and the odds of victory during negotiation are not veryBig.

  In addition, if you buckle in your own hands, the other party hesitates for a while before shaking hands with you, showing that he is introverted and indecisive.

If you want to test whether a person is sincere, ask while shaking hands. If he sweats slowly, it means he must have a ghost in his heart.

  After reading the above article, are you better able to understand what your friends, colleagues and classmates are like?

This is good for your good relationship!

Eight vegetable masks for beautiful skin

Eight vegetable masks for beautiful skin

The weather is getting hotter and the skin is getting worse.

Acne, shine, sensitivity, sunburn . make the beauty mms annoyed.

How to do it?

In fact, your small kitchen is a small natural beauty salon.

Quickly make yourself a cool mask on a hot day!

  The mask has the functions of nourishing and cleaning the skin. It is considered to be the skin’s first aid expert, which can provide the skin with the most adequate nutrients in the shortest time, and rejuvenate the skin.

Regular adherence to mask care can not only make the skin more delicate and smooth, but also effectively reduce wrinkles and slow down aging.

  The following are a few simple vegetable facial masks that everyone has introduced, which have good maintenance effects on the skin and can add too much fun to your life. Why not?

  Mashed potato mask material: potatoes, milk, glycerin.

  Method: Cook 200g potatoes with skin, peel, add a small amount of raw juice to mash, add 20g of milk and 5g of glycerin, mix and mash to form a paste.

Then apply evenly on the face, then cover it with a steamed towel or gauze, wash it off after 1-2 hours, and do it 1-2 times a week.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask is suitable for interfering with atrophy, edema on the face, and often produces oily “acne” skin. It has moisturizing, nourishing and conditioning effects.

Without glycerin and milk, it is especially suitable for oily skin and has the effect of degreasing and moisturizing.

  Loofah mask material: loofah, refined flour.

  Method: Take one fresh and unripe loofah, and make an appropriate amount of refined flour.

Wash and peel the loofah, cut into strips, squeeze the fresh juice with a juicer, and adjust it into a paste with a small amount of refined flour.

Then apply the mask evenly on the face. After the mask is dry, wash it with warm water.

  Cosmetic effect: Loofah contains a variety of vitamins, which have antioxidant, cleansing and whitening effects. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily skin and allergic skin.

  Almond and tomato mask material: almond, tomato, practice: peel 50 grams of almonds, mash them into mud, add mashed 50 grams of tomatoes, mix and mash them to form a paste, then apply evenly on the face, after drying naturallyWash away.

If you can apply a thin layer of natural oil or fruit juice, the effect will be better.

Can be used 1-2 times a week.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask has moisturizing and nutritional effects.

For those with oily skin, apply a bit of juice after washing off the mask; for those with dry skin, apply a little oil.

This mask is especially suitable for skin with blackheads.

  Lettuce mask material: Lettuce practice: chopped lettuce leaves, add a small amount of water, cook for 5 minutes, then wrap it in a gauze bag, apply it while it is warm, and put the remaining soup on the face.

  Efficacy: Lettuce is also called lettuce, which is rich in vitamins and trace elements. The mask and skin lotion made with lettuce juice can be used to treat skin irritation, sun burns, acne, and telangiectasia.

  Chinese cabbage mask material: Chinese cabbage.

  Method: Take the whole piece of fresh Chinese cabbage and wash it, and spread it on a clean cutting board.

Roll gently with a rolling pin or beer bottle for about 10 minutes until the leaves are netted.

Paste netted vegetable leaves on your face, change one vegetable leaf every 10 minutes, and change three.

  Cosmetic effect: This Chinese cabbage mask is really effective for treating acne and whitening skin.

Because Chinese cabbage oxidizes vitamins and other nutrients, and can remove fats, and has a unique heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

  Tofu mask material: Tofu.

  Method: Wash your hands and put the tofu in the palm of your hand.

Gently rub the tofu, then apply the tofu puree to the face, gently massage for 15-20 minutes and then wash.

  Cosmetic effect: Tofu has a high moisturizing and whitening effect. After going out, make one to repair the damage caused by sunlight.

  Cucumber mask material: one fresh cucumber.

  Method: Wash and slice the cucumber and stick it directly to the face.After 15 minutes, remove the cucumber slices and clean your face.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask has the functions of emollient, whitening and wrinkle removal.

  Carrot mask material: carrot, flour.

  Method: Wash fresh carrots and mash them.

To the mashed carrot and its juice, add flour and mash it, and apply the carrot puree to the face.

Once every other day, just 10 minutes.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask can eliminate acne and anti-wrinkle.

Seniors can also practice yoga

Seniors can also practice yoga

A healthy body is the foundation for each of us to live, work and study better, and is the number one indicator of doing anything.

Health requires an optimistic and cheerful attitude to life. At the same time, health also comes from our good daily habits.

Xiaobian Life has selected some health care knowledge and health tips for you to help you better and more scientifically condition your body, and to spend a healthy and happy day!

  Many elderly people think that only young people with soft legs are suitable for practicing yoga, and those with weak legs and hardened bones cannot join the practice of yoga.

But in India, the hometown of yoga, people of all ages are practicing yoga, and most of them are middle-aged and elderly.

There is no age limit for practicing yoga, and it doesn’t need to be as flexible as it should be.

Elderly people practicing yoga can not only strengthen their limbs, promote blood circulation, but also regulate their mood.

  Elderly people are prone to falls, sprains, and cervical spine diseases, etc., because of the deterioration of their body functions, softening and deteriorating, as they become older, their arms and legs become less flexible and have no strength.

Teacher Zhong said that some elderly people who came to Cicada Yoga Studio to practice yoga initially had difficulty stretching their arms and walking, but after practicing yoga, their hands and legs were greatly improved.

Yoga stimulates and unblocks various parts of the body, accelerates the blood circulation of the body, achieves the purpose of loosening living bones, enhancing strength, and increasing muscle elasticity.

Elderly people who are new to yoga, it is best to start with basic postures and breathing methods.

  In addition, many poses of yoga have an adjuvant treatment for chronic diseases of the elderly, such as hypertension, hypertension, and cardiopulmonary function attenuation.

But Teacher Zhong reminded that the elderly must move slowly and softly when practicing.

When doing a movement from the bottom up, you must first raise your head and slowly raise your body to prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage too quickly.

Dried fish and jerky children try to eat less!

Dried fish and jerky children try to eat less!

Jerky and dried fish are products made by seasoning and drying animal or fish meat.

As the moisture content decreases, the nutrients in it are concentrated, and the protein content is as high as 45% or more.

Therefore, edible jerky and dried fish can supplement protein.

In the absence of protein-rich food for dinner or on the way out, you can use bread, instant noodles and other foods to fill your hunger. With some dried meat and dried fish, you can effectively supplement your nutrition.

However, if you think it is better to eat more jerky and fish, and give your children snacks, you will be wrong.

Because dried fish and dried meat are rich in protein, too much protein exceeds the body’s ability to use, it will form ammonia, urea and other metabolic waste in the body, increase the burden on the liver and kidney, and become a catalyst for kidney disease.

Indigestible proteins will stay in the large intestine, promote the proliferation of spoilage bacteria in the body, form skatole and carcinogens, affect mutual health, and be one of the inducing factors of colorectal cancer.

  Jerky is a food with very high heat energy. There is no difference between eating jerky and eating meat.

Today, there are too many traces of jerky sold. It is very easy for children to eat jerky, and at the same time increase the intake of saturated fatty acids, resulting in hyperlipidemia.

Small foods such as dried fish and shredded squid are also snacks often eaten by children. For longer storage, salt and salt are added to make dried fish and dried meat, so eating dried meat and dried fish will absorb a lot of salt!
Extra sodium entering the body will increase the burden on the kidneys and affect kidney function; eating too much of these foods in summer will cause thirst, exacerbate dehydration, and cause anger.

Therefore, children should eat less of these foods in the hot summer. After eating dried fish or dried meat, they should drink more water, bean soup or light tea, and increase the absorption of vegetables and fruits to maintain a balanced balance!