“In addition to his nerve damage,Intensive phobia,You all around,Will only make him more uncomfortable。”

Ye Tianzong ordered。
Reluctance of others,Waiting to see Ye Tianzong’s joke。
And the lady is sad,What to say when you open your mouth several times,In the end, he just stopped talking。
Just arrange for someone to do it。
Fetch the silver needle。
Everyone dare not approach Hou Fangfang,But Ye Tianzong walked away。
“Hey,You beware……”
Seeing that Ye Tianzong went without any protective measures,The lady is a little worried,Exhorted。
Not finished yet,Ye Tianzong has come close。At this time, Hou Fangfang was in a crazy state,Hit with a fist,His physique,Powerful,Let the people around you sneer,I’m afraid this fool has lain down before he is treated。
But who knows。
A crisp sound。
Hou Fangfang’s arm was captured,Backhand,Turn the opponent’s hands directly behind him。
Holding a rattan in the flowerbed,Three under five divide two,Direct backhand binding。
Followed by。
In the struggle of Hou Fangfang,Ye Tianzong quickly follow the needle。
Tianling Cave,penetrating。
Temples on both sides of forehead,Only seven inches。

Gesanghua laughed too,She just wanted to help Dabao continue to pile“Cave”,I saw Dabao changed places,Kneeling on the sand,Continue to pile up sand on my hand。

Gesanghua looked at Dabao seriously,I feel Dabao is very thoughtful,No longer help him,But watching him pat the sand on his hand little by little。
Erbao sees his brother concentrate on making sand,Kneel down,Almost lying next to my brother,Support your chin with two small hands,Both eyes stared at the sand on my brother’s hand without blinking,The two children’s focused expressions aroused Gesanghua’s interest,She took out her phone,Took a picture of them,She looked,Cruel,I sent it to Ding Yi as a MMS。
Ding Yi is steaming egg custard to the child in the kitchen,She dare not leave,For fear of steaming the egg custard,Mung bean soup is being cooked in the electric skillet on the other side,She has soaked mung beans in advance,Just cook for half an hour,Jiang Fan was just drinking。
The range hood is working in the kitchen,The door is closed again,Gesang spent a dollar to send himself a MMS,She didn’t hear。
At this moment,Dabao continues to concentrate on the pile of sand on his hands,He felt weight on the back of his hand,Just about to withdraw my hand,Gesanghua said:“Dabao,do not move,Continue to pile up,Only pile the sand high enough,It can support the weight of the cave roof,Otherwise it will collapse。”
Dabao listened to what Auntie said,Continue to pile,This time he felt he couldn’t make any more,Just said:“Aunt,Is it okay??”
Gesanghua reaches out,Lightly pressed the towering hill bag in Dabao’s hand,Said:“Ok,Be careful when pulling out your hands,Never spread your fingers inside,Then it collapsed again。”
Dabao gently pulled out his hands,His attitude is focused and serious,This time he succeeded,After pulling out the small hand,A small hole in the small noodles of the sand is well preserved。
Gesanghua take a look,Hurriedly slapped,Said:“it is good,it is good,Dabao succeeded!”
Er Bao also clapped his hands,Celebrate brother’s success。
Gesanghua said:“Come,We took photos of Dabao’s masterpieces,Send to mom。”
Listen to Dabao,Leaned down quickly,The little head leaned carefully on the sand,Stretch out two fingers,Let yourself take a photo with the small cave。
Gesanghua couldn’t help laughing when she saw Dabao’s cute appearance,She just about to take a photo,Said:“Erbao is here too,Put your face close to the sand like your brother,I will take a group photo of you。”

Qin Liang heard that Shen Ruoxue was full,It’s like hearing the sound of nature,After returning to mind just now,He was wondering if he should make an excuse,Support Shen Ruoxue,So that Shen Ruoxi can show him Naked Dance,Now I heard she said she was full,Excited light in his eyes。

“Ruoxue,You are finally full。I think it’s too early,Should you go to bed?Go to school tomorrow。”Qin Liang said seriously to Shen Ruoxue。
Shen Ruoxue blinked playfully,Read Qin Liang,I watched Shen Ruoxi again,Then said to Qin Liang:“You are so anxious to let me go to sleep,Is there something fun between you and my sister that you don’t want me to know?Want to drive me away?”
Qin Liang listened,Sweating straight back,Women are really instinctive animals,Shen Ruoxue really guessed right,He really had fun with Shen Ruoxi,I really don’t want her to know。
“what,Nothing。I care about you,You are growing up now,Go to bed early and get up early,Grow fast,Learning is much more efficient。”Qin Liang quickly sacrificed his three inch tongue,Explain to Shen Ruoxue。
But Shen Ruoxue just doesn’t match,Refused to go to bed,Qin Liang can’t help it,I had to wink at Shen Ruoxi,Ask her for help,I hope she can let Shen Ruoxue go back to her room。
Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang,Of course I know why Qin Liang asked Shen Ruoxue to go to bed faster,This is all because I want to be able to see the naked dance video of her selfie。
Thinking of this, a smug smile flashed in Shen Ruoxi’s eyes,I thought of waiting for Qin Liang to see the expression of that naked dance video,She just wanted to laugh,Just can’t laugh now,Can’t bear it。
Shen Ruoxi cleared her throat,Put on an angry look,Straight face,Command Shen Ruoxue:“Ruoxue,You go back to my room to sleep right now,Look what time is it now,If you don’t obey,I’m going to spank you。”
Shen Ruoxue saw her sister get angry again,Pouted aggrievedly,But dare not speak,Had to go back to the room reluctantly,Her sister Shen Ruoxi has loved her very much since she was a child,But also very strict,Shen Ruoxue generally doesn’t dare not listen to her sister Shen Ruoxi。
So seeing Shen Ruoxi got angry,Even if Shen Ruoxue is reluctant,In the end, I still obey Shen Ruoxi’s orders。
Seeing the strange and strange Shen Ruoxue being called by Shen Ruoxi,Just obediently go back to the room,Qin Liang gave Shen Ruoxi a firm thumbs up,Worthy of being a domineering female president!Really have a hand。
“Hehe,Wakayu!You see, you have eaten supper now,is not it….”Qin Liang’s eyes shone expectantly,Looking at Shen Ruoxi with straight eyes。
Shen Ruoxi didn’t take it out immediately,Blinked,Said:“how?You want to watch my naked dance video?”
Qin Liang said with a smile on his face:“Ugh,You won’t let me touch you,So I have to watch your naked dance video chat to masturbate。”
Shen Ruoxi heard what Qin Liang pointed out,Thinking of Qin Liang giving so much for himself,Never kissed myself,Qin Liang is a big man,Have normal needs,If you can’t touch a woman,Then he has to hold back so much。Shen Ruoxi feels a little sad,Is she wanting to be honest with Qin Liang??
But when Shen Ruoxi thought that Qin Liang dared to have bad thoughts about her sister Shen Ruoxue,She couldn’t get angry,Throw away the idea of being honest with Qin Liang again。

“In fact, her personality depends on her sister Ruoxi,But Ruoxi is quieter than her,Still not talking,But it’s also naughty when you are in a good mood,That little mouth is also very powerful,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang said that,Smiled happily。
“If you say that,I really have never seen sister Ruoxi quarrel with whom。”
Yang Shiyun said curiously。
“She generally doesn’t quarrel with anyone,And in most cases,No one would argue with her,except me……”
Qin Liang said happily。
“Yes,You cow!who are you!On the thick-skinned words,You have to say you are the second in the world,Then no one dares to say that he is the number one in the world!”
Yang Shiyun joked。
“You just talk to your brother-in-law like this, right??Row,with your’s,You wait!”
Qin Liang stopped smiling,Sullenly said。
Yang Shiyun didn’t speak,Meizi smiled gleefully。
“plum,You don’t have to gloat!Look back and see how I cleaned you up。”
Qin Liang took Meizi with him。
“What are you doing!I didn’t say anything!What’s my business!What are you doing with me?”
The plums quit immediately……

Shen Ruoxue said unconvinced。

“The problem is that I didn’t catch up!”
Shen Ruoxi started to find reasons for herself……
“But seriously,sister,I’m curious;If you really chased that monkey that day,Will you fight him fiercely?”
Shen Ruoxue asked seriously。
“Should be……What else?After chasing him,Do I stare at him with big eyes??That is obviously impossible,And I still have a gun in my hand,I can hit him with a gun as a stick。”
Shen Ruoxi thought about it seriously and replied。
The girls in the room almost all laughed。
“Old sister,You are holding a gun!Not a stick……A gun is much more powerful than a stick!”
Shen Ruoxue said tangledly。
“You mean I shot him with a gun?”
Shen Ruoxi asked incredulously!

“Buy buy buy,Must buy!”

Watching the new students happily handing people gold coins,Xia Chenglong could only shook his head secretly to express regret,But it didn’t stop!
This is equivalent to a lesson for freshmen,Today I just lost something outside,If you don’t pay attention next time, it might have something to do with life.!
The more you go inside, the more precious things become,Of course this is only relative,Because in Xia Chenglong’s opinion,Those bosses who seem extremely sincere are all liars!
suddenly,Mr. Bai let out a surprise!
“old man,Do you see something?”
What can make Mr. Bai amazed is definitely not a simple item!
Elder Bai didn’t dare to be careless,Confirmed again and again:“Go to the third stall on your right,Buy that rubble!”
Xia Chenglong nodded slightly,Walk over without changing,All as if you were walking around randomly!
As an experienced quack,He naturally has a way to ensure the fairness of the transaction!
From the other person’s dress and age,Should be a student of the college,But a scar on this guy’s face is very conspicuous,Let it add a bit of domineering!
For this reason,Few people come to his stall!

But he has no psychological imbalance,Because every family will encounter this situation,Every father with a daughter will encounter this problem,Isn’t everyone the same?,No one is exceptional。

“Today’s tableware is so hard for you to clean up,I quickly went to the bedroom and changed the sheets and pillow towels,Tidy up the bed for your daughter,After a while, she can go to bed and lie down when she comes out of the shower。”
Mother Wang ordered,This is definitely the treatment of treating my daughter as a princess!I’m afraid that my daughter will be a little bit unhappy。
“Yep,Don’t worry about housework,You just need to take care of your girl,She is more important than anything,I still have this awareness。”
Dad Wang nodded and agreed,So the couple immediately started to work on their own,Especially mother Wang,Not only need to change sheets and pillowcases,And also choose good-looking sheets and pillowcases,To cater to the aesthetic standards of the little princess of the Wang family,This matter can’t be careless at all,Otherwise, the consequences may be serious!
Of course, the princess may not care about these,But more likely she will care about these,Your Royal Highness Rare Princess“patronize”Once by yourself,So Mother Wang didn’t want to take any risks……
Every girl,Are angels who came to the world from heaven,I also hope that every girl,Can be loved by the world。
When Wang Yuting came out of the bathroom after taking a shower,Mother Wang is already waiting for her at the bathroom door。
“Why didn’t you take a change of underwear in the bath?”
Mother Wang asked her daughter in a strange way。
“Because i forgot。”
Wang Yuting’s awkward answer!When she ran to the bathroom to take a shower,Mainly to avoid dad’s topic,So there is no time to think of anything else,And when she remembered that she didn’t change her clothes,She has been stripped naked and has been in the shower for a long time……
“A girl who took a bath even forgot to change the underwear?”
Mother Wang looked at her baby girl with a melancholy expression and said。
“Can’t it??Who stipulated that girls should not forget to take underwear in the bath??”
Wang Yuting asked rightly,Actually, my heart is embarrassing to death!But my face is lost,You can’t lose face anymore?Anyway, no outsider knows,It doesn’t matter if your mother knows。
“Do you have amnesia?Will you even know who your mother is,I forgot who your dad is?”
Mother Wang deliberately asked。

The female boss suddenly changed,Criticized Yang Shiyun。

“amount?I’m not doing it right?”
Yang Shiyun shorted his brain again,This word turned too fast。
“Think about it;You play so hard with those scumbags,In case you sacrifice,Isn’t it what they wanted??What are they most afraid of?What they fear most is a policeman like you!If you are gone,Are they missing a terrible opponent,After that, don’t you dare to do evil more,Have you done all kinds of bad things?!”
The female boss said impassionedly。
Yang Shiyun was speechless,What people say really makes sense!There is no way to refute。
“So i said you did wrong!You shouldn’t fight like them!You are alive,Will keep hitting them,Moreover;Dozens of masters deal with you a little girl,Is that a fair contest?This kind of obvious disadvantage,Why are we so stupid to do it?You are your enemy,Is to help them!”
This female boss is really a straightforward person,Actually saw Yang Shiyun for the first time,Just so right,Angrily taught Yang Shiyun, the police chief, a lesson!
Yang Shiyun doesn’t even have any momentum now。
She suddenly found;It seems that the female boss sees things more far-reachingly than herself!Must be thorough!And the key is;What she said is still right!
“Isn’t the reason why they come to chase you so many people want you to die??If you just head-to-head with them like that, doesn’t it mean you’re going to die??Do you have to fight with dozens of people alone to be brave?Does it have to be a honourable death to get the title of policeman??I don’t think so!”
“Struggle requires methods and methods,With minimal sacrifice,In exchange for the greatest benefit,This is the wisest choice。The more they miss you,The more you have to find ways to live,This is victory!Think about it;Even if you sacrifice yourself and kill all their killers,You just wiped out dozens of bad guys,But if you live?You will continue to eliminate hundreds of bad people!Which one do you think is the best deal?”
The female boss smiled and asked Yang Shiyun。
“You are amazing!”
Yang Shiyun convincingly admired。
These principles are so simple,But I didn’t expect it……I’m told by others now,Suddenly everything is clear,I really wanted to be simple。
In fact, when Yang Shiyun was chased by those killers,She has a chance to hide or run away!But she was not willing to do that!How can the police be beaten by criminals?!People can die,You can never lose with this tone!

In the end, it was because of the bet between the head coach and the rookie,So he was replaced early in this important quarter-final……

Twenty minutes left in the game,He can only sit on the bench as a spectator now。
to this end,He didn’t even have a high-five handover with Hu Lai when he left the field,Just treat Hu Lai as the air,Walk straight in front of him,Turned to the bench。
This embarrassed Hu Lai, who raised his arm and wanted to give him a high five.,But Zhong Shihao doesn’t care。As the main force of the school team,What else is necessary to save face for a rookie??
Sit in your own chair,I took the towel from the high school substitute,He wipes sweat,While staring at Hu Lai with unkind eyes。
This kid looks pretty happy……
But everyone knows,This is his first appearance,Will also be his last appearance!
Thought of this,Zhong Shihao’s mood improved a bit。
This poor bug……
The sound of the completion of the mission reminded Hu Lai that he was in his storage space.,There is also a wearable equipment。
So when he ran to the center position, he immediately entered the system space,Sure enough, I saw the red bracelet lying quietly inside。
【Lover’s red rope】,Slightly enhance the wearer’s luck,Only valid in one game。

“what happened?Isn’t she your brother’s girlfriend?”Since Zhanyan appeared,The neglected Zhuge Yaoniang suddenly asked curiously。

Zhuge Shu wanted to cover her girl’s mouth!!You’re going crazy without seeing Renjie!!Dare to say anything!!
“Is not。”Baby Ou said directly,“Is the female classmate who has been pestering my brother。”
Zhuge Yaoniang is even more confused,“She said she is your brother Yuze’s girlfriend!!Because of being looked down upon by your family,Stick to Mandarin Duck.”
Baby Ou’s heart moved,Looking at Zhuge Yaoniang,“you,How did you know?”
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Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Don’t know
I brought them in~~~”
Is this silly white sweet or silly white black???
Zhuge Shu was directly black in front of him anyway。
Yuze smiled directly,“I didn’t even notice it,You still have a narrow heart,Take it out for me to take a look,Open my eyes.”