Lu Hui says:“Decided,Who said no resolution was made at the meeting?Because they went through a collective decision process,So I’m not happy。”

Yes,Collective resolution,Will be collectively responsible in the future。Peng Changyi remembered what he did when he was in Beicheng,Said again:“Then you can express different opinions?Your speeches on the Standing Committee will form the minutes of the meeting。”
Lu Hui sighed,Said:“Ugh,Something you know,Bad climate,It’s not good to say disagree,I disagreed once at the meeting,Invite me alone on National Day,and also,Everyone is blindly behind,No one will speak at the meeting……”
Peng Changyi doesn’t like listening to him,Interrupted him angrily,Said:“All right,So be it,I still have something。”
Peng Changyi feels he has nothing to do at present,Since there is nothing to do,Let’s do the research now。
The Yangtze River Delta is one of China’s three core economic circles,It is also one of the most dynamic economically developed areas in China,Both economic aggregate and per capita economic indicators are in the forefront of other regions in the country。The Yangtze River Delta is close to the East China Sea,Is the highest degree of urbanization in my country、The most densely distributed towns、Regions with the highest level of economic development。The development trend of integration in the Yangtze River Delta becomes clearer,The most prominent is the inter-provincial、in、Complete hierarchy of small cities and market towns,Has formed a closely connected urban agglomeration。The most prominent one is the rapid economic development of the park,Park economy plays a main role in regional economic development。
Peng Changyi and the others mainly visited Suzhou Industrial Park,This industrial park was approved earlier by the state,Many years,Has maintained a sustained and rapid development trend,The comprehensive development index ranks second among national development zones。
And now Kangzhou,Still worrying about the land occupation of a park。
After the investigation,Peng Changyi and the others went to Shanghai Development and Reform Research Institute、Shanghai Information Center conducted learning exchanges。
Visit to the Yangtze River Delta,Moved Peng Changyi a lot,Think of the current Kangzhou,And even Jinan’s development ideas,Overall I feel that the theme is good,The reason for the slow development,Except the location economy is not outstanding,Or the difference in people’s thinking,This is also the main crux of the uneven development of coastal and inland areas,Not a local problem,It’s not an individual leader’s problem。
When people’s ideas have not reached a certain level,You just shouted“Leapfrog development”Also useless。Sometimes not only in vain,And promote growth、Eager for quick success,This question may be a dilemma that is common in inland areas in terms of development.。
After the ten-day Yangtze River Delta expedition ended,Peng Changyi returned home,Because I was thinking about the last time the people jumped and imitated,He called Lu Hua,Inquired about the follow-up handling of the incident,Lu Hua said,At present, Beizhangzhuang has always lived in the city and township two-level work teams,There is no more leapfrog imitation。
The day after Peng Changyi sent a text message to Zhu Guoqing last time,Zhu Guoqing returned a message to Peng Changyi,He said:The incident has been properly resolved,The government and the people have reached a consensus to benefit from development,Please rest assured Secretary Peng。
This text message Peng Changyi has never been deleted from his mobile phone,The more he pondered, the more he felt Zhu Guoqing’s words were vague。“settle properly”,How did it solve it,What measures have been taken,How to appease the hearts of the people,He didn’t say。“The government and the people have reached a consensus to benefit from development”,This sentence is obviously as empty as the previous one。only“Please rest assured Secretary Peng”Substantive content,The subtext behind it is nothing more than,You learn yours,Don’t worry about family affairs。
Peng Changyi gets more funny the more he ponders,He can’t help but smile,I mean to laugh at myself,Ever since,Never asked about it directly。
Peng Changyi follows past practices,After he got home on the weekend,Did not meet with any city leaders,But came to Wang Jiadong’s house with two pots of tea。
Wang Jiadong is washing his teacup,Seems to have just left。Seeing Peng Changyi coming in,He said:“When did you come back?”
Peng Changyi said:“Of course it was last night,Don’t ask such a simple question in the future。I’ll be back at night,If there are no special circumstances,It must be the first day to see you。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“How do I know if you have any special circumstances?”
Peng Changyi said:“Most of the time not。”

Don’t know,Yin Nan said stiffly: “He is to Sanyuan,Not to me!”

Peng Changyi was taken aback,Thought,This Yin Nan is really hard to deal with as Wu Guanqi said,This sentence blocked everything he wanted to say below,He smiled and said:“If we have two more big hands like him,Sanyuan will change drastically in a few years,Don’t worry about not being able to catch up with the other brother cities。”
“Yes,So Secretary Peng wants to take me to marry him, right??”
Peng Changyi can’t figure out why Yinan likes to talk so straight,And leave no room for the other party,Just said:“What does this have to do with me?A gentle lady and a gentleman。”
Yin Nan said:“But he is not a gentleman,A profiteer,and,Still a very unorthodox profiteer,He and Yemei……”Yin Nan didn’t say anything。
Peng Changyi saw Yinan didn’t say anything,Knowing that Yi Nan is not a person who says whatever he thinks,Still have a sense of measure,Just say:“This may have his own reason,Businessman has a solution for the businessman,Interlaced like mountains,We may not understand their game rules,Even look down on,But for them one is useful,The second is actual。businessman,It’s actually a very hard job,Their sins,It’s hard to imagine the people in the office。Do you know why it is called going to the sea when a national employee resigns to do business??”
Yin Nan raised an eyebrow at him,Said:“do not know。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“You sit down,Let me tell you。”
Yin Nan sat back suspiciously on the sofa he was sitting on,Looking at Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi saw Yinan leave his desk,I feel refreshed,He also sat down,Said:“Old Wu said,He checked the information,The word “xiahai” originated from opera《Luoyang Bridge》,It is about a champion named Cai in the Qing Dynasty,Follow the mother’s wishes,Build a bridge for hometown,But the bridge pier can’t get in,Rumors of the local people,It’s the Dragon King in the sea who disagrees,then,Cai Zhuangyuan posted a notice,Looking for people who dare to negotiate with the Dragon King。The word under the sea,That’s how it came。Yin Nan,Think about it,Go to sea,Is negotiating with Dragon King,How big the risk is?These are not what the people in the office can imagine。Reform and opening up for so many years,There are countless people in the sea,But how many survived?Wu Guanqi was born in a family of officials,His father was the county party secretary of our county,School time,It was also the most beautiful time for his father,He’s a real son brother,What do you want?After graduation, he was assigned to a bureau of China Railway Group,Later I chose to go to the sea,But I chose official career,From this point on,Wu Guanqi has more courage than me,Courageous。If he chooses to be an official,I believe,He is much higher than my starting point,The position is much higher now。He is more realistic than me,I shout every day,Be an official,Benefit one party,But where’s Lao Wu?,What he held out was real money,Whether it is him or the group of businessmen,Do you hear any of them talking about negotiations with the Dragon King every day?They focus on results,Did you make money??They are the model that deeds speak louder than words,Don’t shout slogans,Let’s talk about it。Look at the many shopkeepers who walked the streets,Now I have long been a respectable national chain store boss;Those hammerheads,Blacksmith,Some have achieved world factory level。and so,We don’t despise them,Despise merchants,They have their game rules,Don’t judge them by the set in the book,Don’t judge them with worldly eyes,They are the real groups that benefit from industry,Someone who deserves the respect of our society。”
Yin Nan originally listened to Peng Changyi talking about Wu Guanqi with a sarcasm,She listened,Especially at the end,The face is a little unnatural,Even a little red,Peng Changyi is right,Why should I blame Wu Guanqi??I can disagree to be friends with him,But you can’t always talk about profiteers and profiteers,That way, in front of Peng Changyi, I will appear shallow and ignorant.,It’s inevitable that some fake high。But the character that Yi Nan has developed over the years determines that she will not give up easily,She asked back:“Secretary Peng admires him?”
Peng Changyi did not answer positively,But to say:“I also like to call Wu Guanqi a profiteer in private,in fact,He is not a profiteer in the sense we call it,Don’t look at his slick,In fact, the heart is not bad,He is willing to donate so much money to the teaching,Such profiteers,I hope there will be more of Sanyuan。”
“but,He still hates me。”Yin Nan said, stroking her neck。
“Haha,He is such a person,Speaking and doing things are not serious,in fact,He still cares about you,I can see this。He is less than one year older than me,My kids are so old,He is still a bachelor,Say something bad,That’s also a big man,You can’t let a man with money、A handsome and handsome man?Now this society,Even if he has the idea of being like a jade,I’m afraid I can’t do it like a jade,You should understand this。”
Yin Nan’s blushed,Yes,Didn’t you have a crush on Xu Deqiang??Even Peng Changyi……Thought of here,Her face is redder,But she still said stiffly:“You are a lobbyist for him?”
Peng Changyi dislikes Yin Nan’s consistent aggressive tone,Just turned his head to the side,Said:“He does mean this to you,I really want to match you up,But it has nothing to do with investment。”
“What to do?”Yin Nan’s eyes still fixed on Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi turned his head,Look at Yin Nan,Seriously:“Yin Nan,As a friend,I hope you can become friends in a further sense,This is only related to friends,Nothing to do with everything else you can imagine,President Wu is indeed a good man,Hope you don’t miss。”
Yin Nan exhaled,Said:“Something nice men have,Why don’t i choose someone i like to love?Is it because he is someone who dares to negotiate with the Dragon King?”
Peng Changyi said:“I just gave such an example,Want to make a point,That’s not easy for a businessman。you’re right,There are many nice men,But not many have the conditions。”

I changed myself a cup of tea first,Then put on another dress,Before Du Zhenjie walked out of the house,He heard movement in the courtyard outside。

“monkey,You’re back!”
Du Zhenjie gave a surprise cry,And immediately walked out of the house。
There are indeed a few people standing there in the yard,But it’s not the one he is waiting for。
“who are you?”
Du Zhenjie looked at the people in front of him in surprise。
“We are here to meet the big brother of Shanhehui,Is he there?”
Among a few,A huge and burly,Handsome young man smiling and talking to him。
“who are you?”
Du Zhenjie repeated the question just now。
“We are under boss Ling,He sent us to help you。”
The young man is Qin Liang,He answered in no hurry。
“The person I sent to see Ling Xiaoyun?Why didn’t he come with you?”

Qin Liang said depressed。

“But I can’t tell lies……”
Yanzi is also depressed,And forcing people to lie!Qin Liang is almost no one。“You can not lie,For example, when I was talking just now,Just be kind to you,Why do you have to see through and say through??You always know the truth about people!”
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One thousand nine hundred and fifty-five chapters Loyalty
? Qin Liang patiently explained to Yanzi。
“Oh……understood,As long as it makes you lose your face,I don’t even say yes?Even if you know you’re lying and don’t reveal you, right??”
The swallow suddenly realized。
“clever!Worthy of my apprentice!Get it through!It seems that the master didn’t teach you for nothing,I am very pleased to be a teacher now。”
Qin Liang is happy now,Said with a contented look。
Yanzi couldn’t help but smile。
“The girls at home now,Only you are facing me,Other girls……Oh wrong,It’s other girls,Are all against me,All kinds of bullying me,Ugh,Master, I’m having a hard life now。”
Qin Liang started to pierce a wolf with a big tail……
“You can pull it down, master!Who can bully you?It’s a good thing that you don’t bully others。”
Swallows don’t have a long memory,Qin Liang just finished teaching her“Hard to dismantle”The truth,She belongs to the weasel,I forgot。

“Are you taunting me for being an undo foodie?That’s right,I admit,I’m just a snack。”

Shen Ruoxue replied indifferently。
“Forget it,Suddenly don’t want to talk to you。”
Liu Xiaoyun didn’t hire anymore,Facing such a guy who suddenly cleared his IQ,She is helpless。
“What and what……”
Shen Ruoxue looked at Liu Xiaoyun confusedly and said。
“Sister Qiaoer,I’m sleeping with you tonight, OK?”
Liu Xiaoyun really ignored Shen Ruoxue,She stretched her arm around Li Qiao’er’s shoulder,In her ear and said affectionately。
“Do not……Do it,I am used to sleeping by myself!”
Li Qiao’er’s face immediately became serious,Answer carefully。
“Habits can be changed。”
Liu Xiaoyun continues to tease Li Qiaoer。
“Do not,I think this habit is quite good,I don’t want to change。”
Li Qiaoer boldly refused。
“Yeah,Haven’t noticed for a few days,Qiao’er’s figure is plump again,It’s so tall here!Tut tut tut!”
Liu Xiaoyun suddenly said evil,Then he deliberately stared at Li Qiao’er’s chest……
“sister……We are now sisters to worship,You can’t do it to me anymore!We are our own!”
Li Qiao’er was so scared that her hairs stood up,Nervously。

Chen Hao said nothing,Just looked at Yang Shiyun solemnly。

“Ugh……Look at this。”
Yang Shiyun sighed gently again,Then he handed the copy of Shen Ruoxue’s heart consultation and inspection report to Qin Liang,This matter has reached this time,It’s impossible to hide anything from Qin Liang anymore,Can’t wrap fire in paper,Now it’s time for the fire to burn the paper。
“what is this?”
Qin Liang’s surprised question,And then reached out and accepted the report。
“This is Xiaoxue’s psychological test report。”
Yang Shiyun replied helplessly。
“What’s the problem??”
Qin Liang immediately became alert,Chen Hao found an excuse to take him downstairs,Yang Shiyun drove the car out of the hospital immediately,Their mysterious behavior,Obviously what happened,And it shouldn’t be trivial。
“You will finish reading。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。
So Qin Liang began to look through the test reports seriously,But it seems,She is the same as Yang Shiyun,Can’t understand the absolutely professional terms written in the report。
“You only need to look at the last part。”
Of course Yang Shiyun knows that Qin Liang should not understand this test report.,So I specially reminded Qin Liang。
“Shen Ruoxue……Mania!”
Qin Liang was surprised to read the most important six words!Then raised his head,Look at Yang Shiyun with incredible eyes。
“Mania is a type of psychosis。”

but,Ouyang Qingshuang went up without hesitation,Have been doing it for many years。

however,right now,She gave up。Completely gave up her desperate efforts,Those passionate,Those wishes,Those pursuits,She gave up.Give up so thoroughly。
Bao Bao asked many people to verify this,Reply,All,“This is real。”
Many people who know her and Ouyang Qing,Are very difficult to understand。Some people think Ouyang’s family is too bad,Some people think it is Ou Baobao who is unreasonable,Some people think Ouyangqing is too impulsive,Self-destruct future,After all, she is the most promising political upstart in the Ouyang family。Some people think Ou Baobao is short-sighted,Hurt myself,Also killed a friend。Some people think Ouyang Qingshuang is threatening Ou Baobao.
Various rumors,very many。
“Do you want to contact her?”Xie Yunchu was eating,Ask Ou Baobao。
Other European family,Froze at the same time。They also want to ask this sentence,But they are not ready yet,How to ask。result,Xie Yun asked this grandson directly。
Baby Ou was stunned,Think about it,Finally shook his head,“no need.So be it.”
Ouyang Qingshuang is not an impulsive person。Since she made this choice,Naturally has her reason。As for her ideal,Baby Ou believes,Even if the nationality changes,She can do it too。Fire in my heart,Won’t go out。But this is only my best guess.
Be afraid,She will give up on herself。
“If she took a foreign judicial examination,Then it’s okay。”Baby Ou says。
Xie Yun nodded,“I will pay attention。”After all,Or Bao Bao is softhearted。Ouyang Qingshuang also has the means,Can be so cruel to myself,She lost her relative,I hope to be in the heart of my dear,Leave the heaviest fortune.Humph。This kind of calculated woman,If it’s not for the upright,How to be friends with Qinbao。right now,The only thing she can do is good deeds,She didn’t tell Ouyang’s family,Qinbao’s determination to deal with Ouyang’s family.
This means,She told Ouyang,Also grieving。Yes,I lost a close friend like my treasure,Who doesn’t hold grudges。and so,She didn’t tell Ouyang,Proposal,Did not stay at Ouyang’s house,Used by Ouyang Family.She cut off between herself and Ouyang’s family,All connections。
This woman,Will succeed。
“The sky is high and the birds fly。Don’t worry。”Xie Yunchu comforts Ou Baobao。
Yes.Baby Ou barely took a bite of rice,I’ve exposed it。
And tomorrow,When Wei Zi took out the purification results。It was already delayed,It’s probably a guilty conscience over there,No more reminders afterwards,Or Wei Zi’s own tomorrow。
at night,Ou Baobao and Ou Zhaozhao meet。
“Xie Yunchu fell asleep?”Ou Zhaozhao doubts this。

“This one,Depends on how to say,Didn’t I tell you last time?,If you don’t get married,I’ll take care of everything you do,All care,But if you get married,It’s not appropriate for me to care about you,and so,My remarks are limited to when you are no longer married。”

Shen Fang looked at him and said:“Peng Changyi,So many years,You are more hypocritical than before。”
Peng Changyi was taken aback,Said:“Shen Fang,I have a reputation,Good and bad,But it was the first time I heard that I was hypocritical。”
Shen Fang said:“That others don’t understand you,I know you。”
Peng Changyi doesn’t want to stand up to her,I don’t want to upset her,You know now is a critical moment,Just smiled and said:“Then tell me,Why am i hypocritical?But I have a condition,Chen Guzi’s rotten sesame is not to be mentioned,Just how hypocritical I was this morning。”
Shen Fang is very proud,She knows what Peng Changyi fears most about herself,She’s most afraid of trembling with him about the old things they used to be a husband and wife,Although it’s a trivial matter,But after speaking through her mouth, it was enough to make Peng Changyi collapse,Peng Changyi knows her best,She also knows Peng Changyi best,That’s why Peng Changyi delineated a range for her,Don’t say,This range is the same as the circle drawn by Monkey King for Tang Seng,Really frame Shen Fang,But who is Shen Fang?,She is in front of Peng Changyi,There is never a restricted area for talking,Never made any calculations,Say whatever you want。
Thought of here,Shen Fang smiled,she says:“I say you are hypocritical,It’s now。”
Peng Changyi was taken aback again,Does she know she is married?Did she see her embarrassment right now?
Ha ha,Peng Changyi overestimated Shen Fang,Just listen to Shen Fang:“You care about me,How come the first sentence is Nana every time I call back,Why don’t you ask me how??”
Peng Changyi breathed a sigh of relief,said laughingly:“because I know,You will tell me if you have difficulties,We are married,But the friendship is still there,Around you,I’m still your trustworthy person,after all,I’m not that bad。”
Shen Fang is very satisfied with what Peng Changyi said,after all,They are not husband and wife now,She should be satisfied with Peng Changyi’s treatment of herself,She said:“thank you,Can I find you if I have anything at home?”
Peng Changyi feels that Shen Fang is a bit abnormal today,She doesn’t usually talk to herself like this,Always bullying,Even strong in the outside world,Never show weakness,Just said:“What I say always counts,As long as you are alone,Please find me。”
“Is it the same if you marry someone else??”
“of course!She can’t control this!”Peng Changyi said frankly。
Shen Fang believes,Peng Changyi is such a person,Just said:“Nowadays,I do want to ask for your opinion on one thing,But don’t worry,Not a matter of life,It’s my job。”
Shen Fang first stated that it was not a matter of life,This also shows that Shen Fang is gradually finding his place,This position is how to get along with Peng Changyi,She is in my heart,Has gradually separated from Peng Changyi,This distance is the distance of reason,Not like before,Even if she remarried before,Didn’t find his position,Still yelling five and six to Peng Changyi,Sometimes even deliberately bluffing with him,but now,She has clearly improved。

“master,You sit。”

Yang Shiyun gave her seat to Liu Yong。
“It’s okay,I sat in a meeting all afternoon,I can’t stand it,So I’ll stand still。”
Liu Yong explained with a smile。
“I’ll fill up the tea for you。”
Yang Shiyun took good care of this master,At least the first words made Liu Yong happy,Satisfy。
“Ugh,Liu Ju,See your apprentice,Look at my apprentice,People are really incomparable,I’m so sad。”
Qin Liang said in a sad manner。
“What’s wrong with your land?correct,I still don’t know;How many are your apprentices??”
Liu Yong asked curiously and funny。
“These four little ones are all in front of you,Not me,Just four of them,Don’t say serve me tea and pour water,It would be nice if you could not attack me。”
Qin Liang complained with a sad look。
The four little girls are all embarrassed,This is in front of Liu Yong!Qin Liang sued before Liu Yong!This time I’m so embarrassed!

in fact“Dragon Nest”The situation on this island is not as sinister as Qin Liang said,There are indeed a lot of various animals and insects,But they are almost harmless,If this island is so dangerous,It’s impossible for the Dragon Soul Base to use this island as a place to train new fighters.。

“He likes to do such boring things,Build your own happiness on others’ fears。”
Shen Ruoxi said with contempt。
“Look at,I kindly remind you to be safe?”
Qin Liang’s helpless divine intelligence aggrieved。
“You are right to remind everyone to be safe,But why are you scaring others??Almost all animals on the island will not harm people,How can you say so exaggerated and terrifying。”
Yanzi directly exposed Qin Liang’s trick。
“To shut up!Don’t interrupt when the master is talking,If you chirp again, I will throw you down the lake to feed the sharks。”
Qin Liang continued his performance,It should be the performance just now……
“There are sharks in your lake?”
Song Min immediately rolled his eyes and said Qin Liang again。
“No other lake,But in this lake,I put it down with Yang Zhi last night,Is specially prepared for you,What?Can’t it??”