Jiang Fan was taken aback,Said:“Do you dare to drink?”

Old Gu said:“Just have a drink。”
Jiang Fan stood up,Say:“I really learned from someone,Your old Gu dare to drink。I respect you,My respect for you also includes my respect for you,You are a conscientious old scalper,Follow Changyi to the north and south,Never leave,You envy you。”
Old Gu smiled,Said:“Mainly Mayor Peng doesn’t dislike me,Speak conscience,I can’t do without him。I look forward to the mayor moving here,That way I can learn boxing from Lao Zou,Physical fitness,Try to stay with the mayor for a while,I also thank you,Approve me to come to Langzhu,Nothing else,Salaries are higher than those in the counties and cities below,I’m so happy。”
Jiang Fan said:“You look forward to Changyi going to the province、Go to the center,The salary is higher。”
Peng Changyi said:“Don’t drive me tomorrow, Gu,For salary,You drive to the secretary,The next step is to save,I am willing to give up。”
“Haha。”Jiang Fan smiled happily。
Zou Zijie and Old Gu left after eating。
Empty field,Only Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi are left,They drink and talk。
Since Jiang Fan is not at home today,Peng Changyi reported to him what he knew about the work and some situations,He told Jiang Fan,Yin Jiashi and Cai Feng left in a car at noon,And didn’t bring a secretary or driver。
Jiang Fan nodded,Did not speak。He was silent for a while,Said:“Lao Yin said that on August 1st, we want to have a good time with comrades,Bring family members,I have no objection,I just said,I’m afraid this is a bit difficult,Many family members of the leaders are not in front of you,How do you bring?I don’t know what happened to him,To make this?”
Who is Peng Changyi?,Of course he understands Jiang Fan’s meaning,If Jiang Fan doesn’t get awkward with Ding Yi,He might not have such doubts,It’s because they are in this situation,He had to think deep down。
Peng Changyi said:“As of now,They have no market,As long as there is no gap between you and Bao Bao,Hug,Others can’t disturb the muddy water。After i came,Pay special attention to this old Yin,I am really attentive to him,I really didn’t find anything outside of him,Apart from arranging a few relatives,He hasn’t found any obvious stains in the economy and life style。”
Jiang Fan said:“He had already wanted to leave Shen Guangrui,Down with Nie Wendong and She Wenxiu,Even down,How could he leave a handle in the hands of others?Nie Wendong is a rice bucket,Shen Guangrui is not a rice bucket,Their struggle was very fierce back then,In order to get Yin Jiashi’s materials,Shen Guangrui did a lot of work back then,Make an unannounced visit to the place where Yin Jiashi once worked,I thought I caught his fox tail on urban construction,Never thought,All the accounts fell to ashes the next day,The insider also disappeared somehow,When it was discovered,Crazy。Shen Guangrui wanted to continue to investigate this incident,But Vice Chairman Sha was still working at the provincial party committee,Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee,And suppressed Yin Jiashi’s case,Transfer Shen Guangrui out,That’s it。Originally called Shen Guangrui,Yin Jiashi should move forward,But he didn’t,I guess it has something to do with Shen Guangrui,Later Nie Wendong and She Wenxiu came one after another,It’s not long for Nie Wendong to arrive at Langzhuhou,I was stumbled by the Yin family,Almost wrestled on the issue of land requisition for the textile mill,Anyone who can reach this position,There are backers on top,Fortunately, Nie Wendong was cleaner,Although working methods are arbitrary、rough,He has no other problems,It didn’t hurt him。of course,In the later period of Nie Wendong,His power expansion,She Wenxiu doesn’t even pay attention,There is such a pair of eyes in the dark,I can imagine his end。In the relationship between Nie Wendong and She Wenxiu,Yin Jiashi played a huge role,He began to skillfully use the subtle contradiction between them,In the end, the more you pick, the bigger the conflict,Out of control。She Wenxiu has long been aware of Yin Jiashi’s intentions,But he can’t help Nie Wendong,Although he made big concessions,Nie Wendong has no scruples at all,It is said that when building this Pinzi Building,She Wenxiu disagrees whether or not,And do Nie Wendong’s work repeatedly,As a result, Nie Wendong mistakenly thought that the secretary was afraid of his achievements,Plus Yin Jiashi Cai Feng contributed to the flames,She Wenxiu stopped intervening in this matter,Everything is up to him。Finally Nie Wendong embarked on the road of no return。Everyone who knows thought it was She Wenxiu who upset Nie Wendong,Actually Yin Jiashi,He is very clever,Some things are almost invisible。After Nie Wendong fell,He saw hope again,This time is a real hope,Normal reasoning,He has no reason not to take over as mayor,He himself has great hopes,And all the relationships are opened up,Just waiting for the provincial party committee to release the documents。however,But he didn’t do what he wanted,This term of the provincial party committee leadership team is no longer the previous provincial party committee leadership team.,I’m coming,His hope is shattered again。After i come,He’s not so touched by me,Dig up my affairs with Xiaoding when I was in Kangzhou,Want to make a fuss at the election meeting,But by mistake,He did not succeed,Minister Fan should be thanked,Minister Fan shot again,Ensured the smooth progress of the election。That is, the materials he compiled,Let Xiaoding see,Stimulated,Caused the abortion of our first child……”
This is the first time Jiang Fan told Peng Changyi about this。
Peng Changyi was surprised,Then gritted his teeth and said:“Fucking damn!I don’t believe he is really spotless,So clean that you can’t find any stains?”
Jiang Fan said:“That’s not,My principle is to do nothing,The general direction is to remain stable,So many people,One or two of the Yin family can’t really overcome the big wave,Work doesn’t matter,You don’t do it, some people do it,There will be such discordant people in any level of leadership。Say again,Lang Zhu has had too many ups and downs in politics in recent years,Always indulged in political struggle,A lot of work that should be done was delayed,It was originally a very vibrant place,In the past ten years,Hardly developed,Has been at a standstill。The current situation is,You don’t develop、Not going forward,Just behind,Just regress,Will be thrown away elsewhere。and so,No matter what he did before,As long as he doesn’t have trouble,Stop making trouble,I can tolerate it,Won’t be troubled with him。So what you just said is right,As long as the leaders of the party and government are united,Tie the fence,Dingo can’t get in。”

Toast to sorrow:“no, I’m fine!If it’s not you,I’m determined to fail the mission and be hanged back,Why are you so embarrassed to take this best trophy??”

Xu Xuxu gave Du Jueming a glance,Let you pick first and leave the good things to others,Humph,Fairy dissatisfaction。
However, Xu Xuxu did not speak out to stop Du Jueming from planning.,Instead, he said to a toast:“Amin said to you,You just take it,That robe belongs to me!”
A toast to dispel their sorrows and gratefully glanced at the two of them,Excited:“I’m not welcome!”
Turn around:“I have taken this weapon,I don’t want the remaining trophies,Just divide the money between you two!”
Xu Xuxu pursed his lips and smiled,“Amin,I don’t need other things,You can sell it for money。”
Du Jueming said it was very difficult to understand,These moccasins have good properties?
“Xu Xu,Don’t you want these deerskin boots?Good properties?”
Xu Xuxu rolled his eyes at Du Jueming,“Not good looking!Doesn’t match my fairy temperament!”
alright,What you say。
“Then you take4gold,Other things are mine。”
Xu Xuxu originally wanted to decline again,I don’t know what I suddenly thought of,Hehe smiled,No more rejection。
After dividing the spoils,The three of them entered the lobby again to find Lin Zhennan。
Maybe because the preconditions are met?
Lin Zhennan, who had been silent before, finally spoke,“Thank you three for helping me with the Lin family,I am grateful,Be careful,Disrespect。”
After that, I took out three pieces of gold from my sleeve,Into the hands of the three。
【system hint:You got50gold】
Good guy,This character is not finished yet,Most of the rewards are up?

Rumors about Yu Jie,She seems to have heard a few words,But her nature is not good, she didn’t even put it in her ears,I didn’t worry about it,Listen to Yu Jie calmly say these now,I admire her for not being surprised。

“Sister Yu,Don’t take these gossips to your heart。”
Yu Jie sneered:“If i care about these,I’ve died eight times in Za Maokeng。”
Yes,The humiliation of Yu Jie,I am afraid it is unbearable for ordinary people。
She looks pretty,Strong business ability,Not humble or overbearing,Long-term interviews with city leaders,Can sing and dance,There are good network resources at the upper level and a social circle that is difficult for ordinary reporters to reach,More rumors are normal。Because the mouth grows on someone else’s body,How to say that everything is controlled by others,The parties cannot control。
Figure this out,Yu Jie was relieved,It’s just that she’s more out of place in the unit。
See her not talking,Yu Jie said:“I can see,You are not a man of right and wrong,I like you。”Yu Jie is very sincere。
“Thank you sister Yu,you flatter me。”Xia Jihan said politely。
In Xia Jihan’s impression,Yu Jie has no friends at work,Rarely even talk to people,I’m afraid the Secretary is the one she talks the most,She might not say hello when she walks across,Her arrogance naturally drew endless discussions。
At work,In this department,She writes the most,The most published manuscripts,But the bonus every time I get is definitely the least,There are always reasons to restrict her,To this,She doesn’t care,I never told the leader because of this,Called over。
According to Shan Yong,She has a good family background and a good material foundation,It can be said that she doesn’t care about these little money。The unit has weddings and funerals,She’s all followers,Never attend this kind of event,Even if the leader has something,She also arrived alone early,The survivors left with various reasons,But there are these entertainment outside the unit,She must be there every time,And generous,Others follow50Yuan time,She has long since followed100Yuan,other people100Yuan Shi,She already200Yuan,Her maverick style,I was jealous of my colleagues。But she doesn’t want to change for anyone。
This is Yu Jie。
Yu Jie really broke her own rules today,Actually said so much to this half-baked colleague,This is unique in the unit。But she likes this little colleague very much,It’s different from others,Restrained、Low-key、diligent、Steadfast。
now,Be able to do your job well,Such young people are no longer seen in the work unit。

Qin Liang nodded immediately,Express promise。

Priority。Once he figured out the dealer’s situation,He will take immediate action against the dealer,At that time,He really can’t let himself be a little distracted,and so,No matter what happens to him and Xiaodie in the end?Where did she develop,It’s not that he wants to consider now,Things to decide!
“OK then,I’m waiting for you。”
Fluttershy nodded solemnly and agreed。
In this sentence of her,Contains a lot of meaning,This has many meanings,Qin Liang understands。
“correct,Finished dinner in a while,I’m going out to work,if convenient,I’ll come to see you again tomorrow,If you can’t come,I will call you too。”
Qin Liang took the opportunity to get out!He still has business to do,I can’t be trapped in Xiaodie’s gentle village every day,if that’s the case,This will never be done!And I have been with Xiaodie for a long time,It’s likely to kill his fighting spirit,Let his heart soften。
And when fighting the dealer,If it is in this state,Will bring you great danger。
The dealer is a very powerful opponent,Probably quite difficult to deal with,So Qin Liang can’t take this risk!
“You work during the day,I can come back at night,Can’t help but sleep?Moreover,You don’t rest,Others have to rest too。”
Fluttershy said stubbornly。
“Let me see the situation,If I can come back to you,I’ll be back。”
Qin Liang had to give a perfunctory answer。
“Do you need help??If you need help,I can arrange for you to be able to follow you……”
Fluttershy hesitated,Still have the courage to say。
“Ha ha……You still have this ability?I’m curious……How many helpers can you arrange for me??”

Qin Liang said funny。

“It’s okay,The twelve sisters in front can be ignored,The thirteen sisters listen well,I made a decision;Transferred the honorable title of Dragon Soul 13th Sister to Xiaoyun。”
Shen Ruoxi said seriously。
“This can have!Then Xiaoxue became the 14th Sister of Dragon Soul naturally.!Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang said with joy,This group is gone!A good group of dragon soul fighters,It must be organized like a gang of gangs!originally“Shen Jiamei”Actually, I have already committed a taboo,But over time, regardless of the crowd outside,Or the girls from the Shen family are all used to it,So that’s it,Better now!even“Dragon Soul Thirteen Sisters,Fourteen sisters”Called out!If this is to let the generals of the base and those staff members know,I don’t know if I will vomit blood for three liters and die……
“According to your logic,,Ruoxi is the 12th Sister of the Dragon Soul?”
Song Min asked carefully。
“amount……This one,I didn’t say!”
Qin Liang immediately shirk the responsibility,He also dare not recite this pot,In case Shen Ruoxi doesn’t like being“Twelve sisters”What!
“I’m talking about Xiaoyun and Xiaoxue here,What does it have to do with me?Don’t bother me,Please Minmin。”
Shen Ruoxi’s awkward answer。
“Oh,Then if I didn’t ask anything。”
Song Min said helplessly。
“I can bet!If the two new nicknames of Xiaoyun and Xiaoxue are passed out,It will be hot immediately!Soon everyone will call them both like this。”
Murong Shan said confidently。
“I think so。”
Chen Hao also smiled and agreed。
“This nickname is good,Spread it out,I have no opinion,Hehe。”
Qin Liang immediately agreed,Maybe he thinks this is fun,So he didn’t care about his dragon soul warrior being like this“Alternative”What’s wrong with his nickname。
。Nine Heavens God Emperor

Qiangzi interrupted this meaningless conversation with a smile,Yang Zhi is incurable,Why did he still say?As long as he feels happy……

Chapter three thousand nine hundred and seventy three Harder than military training
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Chapter three thousand nine hundred and seventy three Harder than military training
“Damn!Has the grass on this island grown so high?!”
The sisters of the Shen family who came ashore stood on the first hillside on the shore,Facing the weeds that suddenly appeared in front of us, taller than people,Shen Ruoxue exclaimed in surprise。
“We all stand still,let me try。”
Liu Xiaoyun is talking,I walked into the grass in front of me alone,Everyone can’t see her in a blink of an eye。
“Can we see me outside?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s voice came from the grass。
“can not see!”