Shen Huan didn’t hesitate after hearing this,Jaw head:“Then please trouble Uncle Shui to let him come over!Can it work?,Let’s watch it again。”

“it is good!”
A smile appeared on Shui Qingshan’s face。
Old classmates have looked for Zhu Mei several times before,I want to ask Zhu Mei to give Xin Changkong a chance,Let him follow Zhu Mei as deputy。
But in the end it was rejected by Zhu Mei。
Because Zhu Mei is a woman,Can’t stand a man with such a bad character。
Even if this person is his own younger brother,Even if Xin Changqing is his friend again。
Now Shen Huan suddenly has a good opportunity here,Shui Qingshan helped out,Of course。
He didn’t just want to help Xin Changkong,Also because Shen Huan really needs a good director and producer。
Xin Changkong once had such a glorious past,Help Shen Huan make a perfect shot《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》Chance of,It will naturally be much bigger!
First406chapter examination
During this time, the tasks of the good master came a little bit frequently。
Shen Huan is afraid of not paying attention,Good master released a mission about Xin Changkong,He will have a headache when it is used or not。
Fortunately,Good master, no convulsions this time。
Xin Changkong neat and tidy,I came to the small noodle shop the next day。

About an hour later,The ferry returned to the coast camp,Dan Dema is currently giving Carlos a big hug。

“Dear friends,I want to kill you!”
“You are actually!”
Carlos was also shocked。
First617chapter Said Fuck Fuck Fucked
? It’s nice to have a local friend。
Although Dan Dema is somewhat unwelcome among the younger generation of night elves in Feathermoon Fortress,But there are so many friends who can’t hold old things。
Such as quartermaster。
Such as quartermaster。
Such as quartermaster。
Shandris.Before the feather moon returns to the feather moon fortress,It stands to reason that the elves will not let Carlos go to the island。
But Dandema leads the way,A dozen clubs followed Carlos and enjoyed an elf-style feast。
“Silithus’s situation is terrible?”

“That won’t work,Your body is like a cow,I didn’t sleep here at all,I’m so sleepy!”Her head shook like a rattle。

One two six、Heroes of Earth
Xiang Qingru rejected my proposal,She looked terrified:“You asked for it last night,I can’t take it anymore,Get a good rest,You are too insecure to sleep at night。”
I thought about it,People have to combine work and rest at work,Didn’t force her,Thoughtful way:“OK then,Give you a day off,Must come with me tomorrow night!”
She happily agreed,After breaking through the relationship with me, she realized that being a woman can be so joyful,Her interest in men and women is not lower than mine。
Suddenly it occurred to him that Song Qi had promised to invite them to dinner,I have a car now,Convenient to and from the city,sidewalk:“Or else,Go to Juxiang Pavilion to order a table,Call all the good sisters in your dorm,Treat you guys to dinner,Then goKsong,Everything is up to you,OK?”
“OK!”Xiang Qingru was very pleasantly surprised,Although she chose to doPFriend,But I’m very considerate to her,So actually we are like real boyfriend and girlfriend,It’s just that she let go of her mind about many women,But happy and happy,She also desperately wants to put our relationship under the sun and accept the envy and blessings of the little sisters。
to be frank,Which girl at HKUST doesn’t want to get involved with me,Even if Xiang Qingru ran to school and shouted that she was my lover,It is estimated that others do not despise her more,But jealous of her!
I drove to the martial arts gym,Accidentally received a call from Pan Yufei on the road,This innocent little beauty ever since I gave her mobile phone,But never contacted me on weekends,Usually the contact is only related to class。
“Hey!Sister Fei,Rare guest!Why do you think of calling me today?”
“Hee hee!I just want to ask after I left yesterday,Are there any bloodshed incidents in your little lovers??”Pan Yufei asked unkindly。
I am also surprised that she saw Fang Xianjing’s words and deeds yesterday,People think she has something to me,Asked:“I was about to ask you,What happened to you yesterday,Nothing happened to us,What are you doing with those two girls?”
Pan Yufei smiled:“Don’t you know that beautiful girls are born enemies?They were hostile to me as soon as they came,I can’t show weakness either,Can I go back without responding??”
I said:“You are happy,But it makes me embarrassed!”
She said:“Is that very temperamental girl in sunglasses your girlfriend??Really looks pretty,I am ashamed!”
I also have some beautiful fantasy about Pan Yufei,Of course he won’t tell her the truth:“Is not,She is my senior sister,Came here to help me,You helped me drive Sun Xiaofang away yesterday,My world is clean。”
Don’t know why,When Pan Yufei heard this, there was a glimmer of joy in her heart,Passed yesterday,My image in her heart has undoubtedly increased a lot,Handsome and rich,Ability best in the school,Who doesn’t like such a man?

“cut,You kid really,Can i make you suffer?Can i take advantage of you?”Yang Feng said immediately,“What is the market price,Just sell as much,Don’t break the rules。”

“Yes,Not needed。Originally we wanted to buy such a good copybook,It costs so much money。”Mugui Calligraphy,“such,I like the one by Zhu Zhishan,Xiao Shen, if you want,Let’s transfer now。”
“Just right,I like Dong Qichang’s《Later》,4000Ten thousand,Mine!”Yang Feng can’t wait。
In the hearts of two people,Shen Huan’s simple image was erected all at once。
But as everyone knows,Shen Huan is really embarrassed。
Is this nonsense??
Both works were written by Shen Huan himself,How could it be sold7000Ten thousand?
And these two are still acquaintances,How embarrassed they are?
If Master Ruan wants to buy,Shen Huan sold him without any psychological pressure。
But the two are very persistent,Shen Huan can only relax,“I think so,Just now because of this game,I won Dashao Ruan500Ten thousand,Let him donate to rural education。If you two really like these two works,Then take it away!7000Wan help me donate it to the mountain school!”
Yang Feng and Mu Guishu were taken aback。
“Shen Huan,You stupid?”Mu Ruru grabbed Shen Huan’s clothes,“It’s rare for two people to take over,What’s wrong with you making a fortune?Donate if you make money,How much money do you have?I have donated enough before,Why don’t you keep it for yourself?”
The little girl crackled and said,Yang Kaixin next to him is also a light fan again and again,“Yes,Shen Huan, it’s good to do good deeds,But there is no need to do my best!”
Yang Kaixin knows more than Mu Ruru。
Lu Xiaofeng has donated enough,But Chu Liuxiang has more than him。
But both of them are Shen Huan。
Has Shen Huan made any money??
Definitely earned,And made a lot。
Compared to his wealth,The proportion of donations is too high,No one in China can match his。

“I like many cats……”Ye Wenwendao。

“Then you help me ask your female colleague、What else do female classmates have,See what kind of cat they like,At that time we will buy a most popular variety。”Fang Haodao。
This is not just keeping pets,This is as a commercial development,In his eyes cats are just a commodity,So it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not,What matters is whether the audience likes it。
“Ok,I will send a WeChat question after I eat。”Ye Wenwendao。
She also knows the importance of things,This is related to Fang Hao’s career,And will Fang Hao’s career succeed?,It’s related to her future happiness,Of course not to be underestimated。
After eating,Ye Wenwen started doing market research。
She has several classmates,And colleagues,I don’t show up much,Now to support Fang Hao’s career,I can only bite the bullet and start an awkward chat in the group。
People who usually don’t show up suddenly show up in the group,It’s actually hard to get a response,but,It’s not the same to open the way with red envelopes。
A few red packets,The popularity immediately became active,A large group of emoticons thanking the boss and wailing of the wrong billion appeared,A group of unfamiliar people started to say hello。
Scientific research shows,There are two reasons for the dead group:One is that no one is driving in the group,One is that no one sends red envelopes in the group。
Don’t be able to do any of the two points,That group will be alive soon。
Ye Wenwen does not have a driver’s license,It’s impossible to drive,So I can only open the way with red envelopes。
Several groups together,Two hundred small red envelopes were sent out,Less than a minute,The total number of people receiving red envelopes exceeds two hundred,There is also a missed opportunity yelling for the wrong hundred million。
The chat messages of each group are instantly99+Up。
then,Ye Wenwen raised this question——I want to keep a cat,But I don’t know what kind of cat is better,Do you have any suggestions?
While asking this question,Also posted photos of more than a dozen breeds of cats。
Got someone else’s red envelope,And it’s not a red envelope for one or two points,On average, one has a few hairs,Of course to answer this question。
Just as if you receive a red envelope in the WeChat group, you must vote for others,This is the basic social courtesy。
quickly,Ye Wenwen got more than two hundred answers,There are many suggestions。

Chapter Eighty Four kill

Li Chenfeng’s loud cries for help startled a large group of people seeking pleasure。
Wei Wuzu, who was originally distributed around to protect the prince, also appeared with loud steps,Enclosed the entire Yueyue Building。
“Is the second son!”
Someone recognized the stumbling figure,It is Wei Feng, the second son of Wei。
Although these people are fake people,But seeing his second son is in danger,These Wei Wu pawns rushed forward to protect。
This scene can make the prince upstairs angry。
I saw a golden bottle was falsely thrown out by the prince,Secretly curse“inability!”
I thought that Luo Wang had sent out killers who were even the best,Winning a mere Wei Feng is just a matter of turning hands,But who would have thought that those wastes could make people come to the Yueyue Tower!
“go!We go down!”
Take the two swordsmen around,Prince Fake quickly walked out of the gate of the Yueyue Tower。
“Second brother?What happened?Why so panic?”The prince went downstairs to see Li Chenfeng with a frightened look,Asked hypocritically。
“Is the net!Qin Guoluo assassin wants to assassinate me!”Li Chenfeng said in a shocked tone。
His voice is loud,Not only the soldiers around you heard,Even the guests who hid in Yingyuelou and did not dare to show their heads heard it。
But I heard it turned out to be the assassin of the net,Suddenly hide deeper one by one,I’m afraid I will be affected。

Dare to take such a big lap,She just wanted to change her name?

Lynn who noticed this,The corners of his mouth twitched subconsciously。
Just such a small thing,Is it so troublesome??
“I understand,Garden,I would like to ask you for your advice from now on。”
Although I was a little dumbfounded,But facing Yuanzi’s expectant look,Lin En still didn’t let her down after all。
Not to mention this is just a small matter,Go deeper,This is also great for Lynn!
After all, after passing this matter,The name between him and Xiaolan has become closer。
Yuanzi did this for herself,Hope it can be changed by the title,Bring her and Lynn closer together。
But if you let her know,To make a small step forward,But it caused the relationship between my girlfriend and Lynn to take a big step forward,I don’t know if she will laugh as happy as she is now。
Forget it,You don’t need to go into details。
After all sometimes,The less you know, the happier you will be, right??
024 Power from money,Xiaolan’s maid outfit!(Seeking collection Seeking recommendation~)
After this episode of renamed,Lynn and Xiaolan and Yuanzi said goodbye to Tsukamoto Sumi。
leave school,The three didn’t waste time,Go straight downstairs to Xiaolan’s house,Which is Lynn’s upcoming Polo Coffee Shop。
“This……This is Polo Coffee Shop?”
Standing in front of Polo Coffee Shop,Xiaolan opened her mouth slightly。
She never thought about it,It’s just a day of schooling,The coffee shop downstairs will change so much!

Jordan shot30It’s rare to lose again,That means he has tried his best,Still unable to lead the team to victory。The paper lineup of the Bulls team,Since Pippen grew up and Rodman joined,Will lead the league by a large margin。

It can be said that in terms of the paper lineup,Houston only,Jazz and Lakers can match。
And what is the Atlanta HawksDthing,Such a civilian team without a traditional star actually let Jordan who went all out to lose at home?This is something that Peyton and Camp did not do last year。
Jordan himself is in the absolute spotlight of the current alliance media,He is the facade of the alliance,Countless people will analyze his every move,And this loss directly caused a large number of commentators to criticize Jordan.。
Next angry Jordan and the Bulls he leads,Prove what is a true historical team,What is a championship team。
Three consecutive victories,Massacre。Wilkens and Uncle Mu were sacrificed in blood by Jordan,As a sacrifice to the Eastern Conference finals。
The picture of Jordan riding Uncle Mu has become an enduring scene in the history of NBA,And he cut the ball in the next three games31Minute,37Minute,29Minute。The difference between these three games is20Minute,9Minute,15Minute,The Bulls have won Atlanta in three games44Minute!
This is in the current rhythm of the game,In the playoffs, bloody woodland slaughter!
Michael Jordan proved that sentence,As long as Jordan wants to score,No one in the league can stop him。
Jordan and the Eagles have just come to an end。
The other two teams reached the tiebreak!
Houston and the Jazz!
Heat and Knicks!
First of all, this round of the series between the Heat and the Knicks was unexpected by everyone.,Heat’s performance in the regular season,The tacit understanding of their Big Three is enough to prove that they are the best team in the East except for the Bulls.,none of them。
Depth of their lineup,Pat Riley’s tactical formation as a head coach,Are the second in the east,Except the bull,The other teams’ paper lineups are far behind。
Especially Ewing of the Knicks,This season’s performance in the regular season is quite poor,Although won the best team three,But everyone understands that Ewing has slipped from a dominant superstar to an ordinary inside all-star,His body has declined severely over the years,He never has the same dominance as before。

For ordinary people,Tens of millions,It may be wealth that you can’t struggle for a lifetime!

But for a rent collector like Chu Yi,Just charge a day or two for rent,There are tens of millions!
and so,Tens of millions in interest,Chu Yi really doesn’t care!
“I……”Sun Min cried and said,“Such a large transfer,I really don’t have permission to operate!”
“is it?”Chu Yi sneered again,“In that case,Then give me back both cards!”
“Yes!Yes!”Sun Min quickly handed back both bank cards,It’s like something very hot,“Mr. Chu,you……Don’t transfer?”
“You don’t have permission,I can’t turn it!”Chu Yi said directly,“Look back,I will go directly to the head office in your magic capital area!”
Sun Min、Cai Xiulian was so scared that she sat on the ground again。
After Chu Yi left。
Sun Min hurriedly called his immediate supervisor。
Sun Min’s boss is surnamed Chen Mingrui,Is the vice president of the magic city。
Chen Rui is sleeping right now,The wine I drank last night hasn’t fully woken up yet。I saw Sun Min’s call,He picked it up impatiently,Ask directly:“what’s up?”
“President Chen,When i work in the morning,Accidentally offended a big customer!”Sun Minliandao。
“Offended a big customer?”In Chen Rui’s voice,With some wine,It’s just a little bit,“Xiaosun,How many times have I warned you?We are the service industry,Correct service attitude!Offend big customers,Would seriously damage the image of our first bank!——okay,I won’t say much about you!I know this!If you receive any complaints,I will help you keep things down!So be it!”
“Thank you President Chen!”Sun Min repeatedly thanked,Then said again,“but,The client I offended this time is a bit big……”
“How big is it?”Chen Rui was slightly taken aback。
“He is in our bank,Have one billion cash deposits!and,He seems to be going to transfer all the deposits!”
“what!?”Chen Ruiyi listen,Screamed out of fright,The wine is gone,“What kind of client are you offending??What is his name?”

Cheng Long felt guilty,This Li Qingqiu,Now holding on to my biggest handle,Indeed he has much more chips than himself。

“what the hell do you want。”
Li Qingqiu took the cigarette from Cheng Long’s mouth,Pinch with fingers,Bounced on Cheng Long again。
Suddenly, Mars ironed Cheng Long’s clothes out a few holes。
In Thai City,Do it for another person,He is already a pool of flesh now。
“my thoughts,I told you when I came,I’m here to discuss business with you。”
“Hand over the Lin Group,Use this contract,For your daughter’s life,how about it?”
Cheng Long gritted his teeth with hatred。
“did not expect,The biggest businessman in South City,To be able to do such a dirty business。”
Li Qingqiu smiled。
“You look at me too high,Before I became a businessman,Bastard than you。”
Cheng Long now wants to break Li Qingqiu into pieces!
“Give you time to consider,I don’t want to wait for a while,I just let them do it。”
Li Qingqiu sat casually on a chair on the side,Cocked Erlang’s legs。
Cheng Long gritted his teeth,What this means is,He can do it at any time。
Fucking despicable!
Cheng Long bent down,Pick up a pen from the table,Flipped over the contract。
It’s all bad terms!
There is no way,Cheng Long turned directly to the last page,Signed his name。