Mo Qingwu’s face was stern when he spoke,No change in expression,But my heart is turbulent,His most beloved son is now hanging by a thread,How could he be indifferent!

“you……You all know?”Mo Ziqin’s complexion changed,Actually the second brother was injured,He deliberately concealed his father and mother,Just afraid they are worried,But I didn’t expect my father to know。
Mo Ziqin glanced at his third brother with some doubts,I thought it was the third brother,But Mo Ziheng waved his hand immediately,The face is also full of surprise,Signaled that he never leaked the least bit of wind。
“You think i’m old,Not useful,I don’t know anything, right??Tell you,I’m not old enough to be confused!”Mo Qingwu snorted coldly,Obviously, I am very dissatisfied with Mo Ziqin deliberately concealing this.。
“dad,I won’t tell you,Actually nothing else,I’m just afraid you are worried……”Mo Ziqin immediately bowed his head,Some cowardly said to his father。
Mo Ziqin is not afraid,I’m the only one afraid of myself。
“dad,You came just right,This little bastard dared to beat your grandson!”Mo Miao was full of joy after seeing his father,Ran over immediately,Crying,“dad,You have to be the master for me!”
she knows,Her dad stomped his feet,People who are shaking three times in the capital,As long as his dad says something,Then Mo Xiaosheng can’t eat it!
“Get out of me!”
But what surprised her was,Mo Qingwu didn’t even look at her,Yelled at her coldly,Just walked past her。
Mo Miao shook her body when she heard this,I thought I heard it wrong,Said to his father in amazement:“dad,you,what did you say?”
“roll!Get out!Take your whole family and let me go!”
Mo Qingwu never turned back,The voice is so deep。
Mo Miao was dumbfounded,Then the eyes blush,Said with a sullen mouth full of grievances:“dad,What’s wrong with you……How did i offend you……”
“Wonderful,okay,Let’s go,Didn’t you see the old man getting angry??!”Sun Jie saw that his father-in-law was angry,Shivered in shock,Hurry up and grab his wife’s hand and drag her to the elevator。
“Second brother is his own son,Am I not his daughter??”Mo Miao wiped his tears and said incomparably wronged,Angry,She knew her father was partial to his son。
Her hatred for her second brother could not help but deepen again,I wish her second brother died immediately!
“okay,Little sister,Didn’t you see the old man getting angry?,You’re still making trouble here,Don’t look at a time occasion!”Mo Ziqin immediately yelled at his sister,Then wave his hand,“obedient,You go back first!”
Mo Miao pointed at Mo Xiaosheng,Scolded:“Little hybrid,I’m never ending with you!”

That eagle looked dumbfounded,I didn’t hear the first half sentence clearly,I heard that I did not eat,It’s weird to think about this person’s name。</p>

on the stage,Su Luo also looked helpless,The scene is simply a mountain whistling a tsunami,There is no way to continue singing。</p>
Last resort,He made a silent gesture,And the magic is,All of a sudden, the scene calms down。</p>
No one is noisy anymore,Become extremely quiet,Needle drop can be heard,Su Luo was also an accident,It seems that the audience in this session is very good。</p>
And the four mentors are confused again,What’s the situation?Why didn’t the noise suddenly stop,I really caught them off guard,Caught off guard。</p>
Familiar music played slowly again,Su Luo breathed a sigh of relief,I opened my mouth and started singing。</p>
“I’m very decent to leave, so I haven’t lived up to these years,A picture of love’s passion and earnest giving,Don’t let obsessions ruin yesterday,I loved you neatly and simply。”</p>
Su Luo just finished singing this sentence,The four tutors who were facing the audience looked at each other,They have vaguely guessed something,Tap the red button on the front of the machine at the same time。</p>
The seats turn them around,Facing the stage,The moment I saw Su Luo,The four mentors all show up,It really looks like this。</p>
Exactly as they guessed,Really the original singer came to the stage of good sound。</p>
Of course it’s not an accident of reminiscence,I haven’t finished singing a song,As a singer, we must respect the stage first,Respect the audience,Second is to respect yourself。</p>
Put the stage first,It is the professional ethics that every singer should implement。</p>
“The most familiar street protagonist has changed,I cried until I was choked with pain。”</p>
“Too late to be vigorous,Keep the dignity of saying goodbye。”</p>
“I love you without regret and respect the end of the story,The breakup should be decent,No one’s sorry。”</p>
“How to owe,I dare to give it to heartbreak。”</p>
“In front of the camera is the former us,Cheering with tears hoarse。”</p>
“I’m very decent to leave, so I haven’t lived up to these years,A picture of love’s passion and earnest giving。”</p>
“Don’t let obsessions ruin yesterday,I loved you,Neat and crisp,Goodbye meet。。。”</p>
A decent end,The audience in the audience began to agitate again,Su Luo quickly made a silent gesture again。</p>

Brother Chao’s unstoppable smile,Looking at Chen Hedao:“you this,Can you squeeze your hair,I covered my eyes。”</p>

Chen Chi Equator:“no way,Set by the director,My Zilong is blind。”</p>
Sitting there, Yao Ze looked helpless,When am i</p>
Set up like this,But for the brothers,He is used to it。</p>
In the first season,I don’t even know how many pots I have carried,Don’t care about this one。</p>
Kaikai came over,Look at the look of the big black cow,Tao:“Whoops,Brother Chen,This look suits you too,Too appropriate。”</p>
Brother Chao moved the horns on Li Chen’s head,Tao:“Bring all the horns,school”</p>
Li Chen disgusted and took off the horns,Tao:“Look at my hair,I tell you,This is definitely a set of washing and cutting。”</p>
The brothers next to me are laughing,Outside the playground,Is densely packed,Tens of thousands of Xingzhou fans。</p>
Brothers out,Waved to the audience,There was a burst of shocking cheers from outside the field.。</p>
Chen Chichi was taken aback,Holding his heart,Pretend to relax,Groan:“Damn,You guys,My heart is not good。”</p>
Zheng Kai took the opportunity to say:“Chen He,Except your waist is not good,Not capable,Now the heart is not good,I asked why you are here?”</p>
Chen He has a chance,Tao:“My brain is so good,I’ll crush you six,Humph,play with me,I will win this issue。”</p>
A few others pouted,At this moment,There was a sudden sound of music in the venue。</p>
Then a figure slowly appeared following the elevator platform,Is a goddessbaby。</p>
Purple hair,Holding a crutch transformed into a staff,There is also a circular design on it,Looks a bit nondescript。</p>
Chicken feet hanging from ears,I wear a golden ring around my neck,It looks very beautiful and refined。</p>

Hwaking’s aunts,Is the most nagging,And it’s also my favorite。

So when a neighbor met her mother Gu Shuiyao who runs almost every day,Specifically asked about this。
Gu Shuiyao readily admitted,The queen of the little girl who won the international award,Is her daughter。
Now the whole community is boiling。
Although each of their families has one or two members of the social elite,But there have never been big stars with them,Especially everyone still lives in the same community。
Besides,Compared to this one8The year-old Venice actress said,What are they?
This little girl is real cowhide!
But Yang Shu’s miracle is not over yet,For months like this,She won the actress of the Busan International Film Festival、Queen of the Edo International Film Festival,As for several domestic awards,She got it in her hands without exception。
Looking at an eight-year-old girl,Frequency of appearance on TV and newspaper,Is almost at the level of the queen of heaven,Which family don’t envy and hate??
therefore,Even if they are not so good father and mother Yang,Have received special respect,Many people saw them,Will greet enthusiastically。
Before,They seem a little indifferent。
After all, Father Yang and Mother Yang,I know at a glance that it’s not a senior person,At best, white-collar workers。
Now they really want to learn everything from them,Even when did theyxxoo,What posture,Inquire about everything you ate beforehand。
Everyone dreams that they can give birth to Yang Shu!
This is not,Original ones20many、30Many hostesses,I don’t like running on weekdays,When I saw Gu Shuiyao running every day,They also followed suit。
Exercise,To give birth to Yang Shu!
Children of the same age,It can be said to have been brutally devastated in the past six months。
Even with good academic performance,Mom and Dad always speak with earnest encouragement every day“You have to learn from Yang Shu,Must work harder”。
Bad grades are terrible,Fried pork with bamboo shoots every day,The difference is that it’s father,Still mother,Or two together。

This is when Wang Yufei used linear algebra to solve the problem last night,Ideas used。

“What is Cramer’s Law?”Wang Yufei’s gaze at Han Wenle was obviously a little confused。
“So you are really a primary school student?What kind of village primary school?”Han Wenle’s eyes widened,The hand holding the manuscript paper began to tremble unconsciously。
“what?Yes,Daowang Village Primary School。”Wang Yufei nodded blankly,He could see that Han Wenle seemed surprised at this time,But I don’t understand what this serious male teacher is excited about。
Han Wenle’s mouth twitched unconsciously。
to be frank,He still doesn’t believe in Wang Yufei’s words,But from the current situation,He can’t seem to find any flaws……
Suspicion needs evidence,But as a math teacher,Pay more attention to logic。Judging from his decades of work experience and extremely rigorous logical thinking,It’s unscientific。
“Eh,Old han,You came?Xiaofei,Let me introduce to you,Teacher Han is a third grade math teacher,Also the head of the high school teaching and research team in the school。Old han,This is the kid I told you on WeChat yesterday!”
When Hangeul was still in shock,Han Qian’s voice came from the door。
Early self-study has ten minutes before get out of class ends,But Han Qian thought Wang Yufei was still in the office,Came back early。
The head teacher of the rocket class in key middle schools can be so self-willed,Especially in terms of classroom discipline, I can rest assured。After all, where is the learning atmosphere。According to Han Qian,As the head teacher of the rocket class,Her most important task is——Catch puppies,The idea of strangling these children from the beginning。
“Teacher Han,What’s the origin of this kid??”Han Wenle turned around and asked。
“Lao Guo abducted from Lao Liao。”Han Qian replied cheerfully,Then I asked again:“how?You have tested him?”
“Lao Liao?Liao Cheng?Go to Hope Primary School to teach that?”Han Wenle was stunned。
“Yes!How is this kid?Are you talented in math??”Han Qian asked again。
“More than talent!It’s okay to save the Olympiad at this level.!”Han Wenle answered without hesitation。
“what?Provincial Olympiad?High school?”Han Qian was also stunned。
She really did not expect to get such a high evaluation from Hangeul。
If Wang Yufei can be seen by Han Wenle,,Follow him in school to learn more Han Qian is already very satisfied,Who would have thought that Lao Han would be the provincial math team。
“Yes,Provincial Olympiad!If his mathematics is as strong as geometry,It’s enough to be an Olympics coach!”Han Wenle blinked twice,Said。

After all, this kid has been brought into the sight of many big brothers。

Someone has even asked Wang Yufei’s identity,I heard him here。
This is really embarrassing!
Of course, Ma Huaide is not the only person concerned about Wang Yufei’s lawsuit.。
For example, Xu Qiang, the president of Xingsheng Group, is also watching,Of course there is also the principal Wang of Provincial No.1 Middle School,teachers,And Yuan Jiequan, the admissions teacher of Wudaokou Vocational College。
From the moment Wang Yufei prevented Lin Jun from coming to Taiwan in court,Yuan Jiequan knew that it’s okay to pack or plan,Don’t say Wang Yufei is just a younger sister,Such a student,Even if you have to pack three sisters,I must also study in Huaqing in the future!
Not to mention there is Lu Yuxin!
At the age of sixteen, you can find apples on your ownIOSsystem0dayIf his child missed him,He feels that the leader will never forgive him in this life!
So I called Han Wenle,After confirming Wang Yufei’s next itinerary,,Yuan Jiequan decisively bought a ticket to Sichuan!
Also this day,Xu Ruixuan, who is already thousands of miles away, is taking lessons in the classroom as usual,Halfway through, a well-dressed man in a suit, accompanied by the principal, suddenly visited。
Then he looked at the curious eyes of all the students in the class,Called out。

The man on the side looked pale,Look painful。

“Don’t worry,Sit first,What symptoms,Speak slowly。”Liang Minghui quickly let the couple sit down。
“Doctor Liang,I suddenly got a strange disease some time ago,The back burns like fire,All sweat,Feeling particularly irritable,But I started from under the belly,Keep getting cold again,Just like soaking in cold water,Frequent and urgent urination,and,and……”
The man said he looked at the people around him embarrassedly,He lowered his voice and said to Lao Liang:“And I will have a dream once every three or four days。”
“We saw a lot of doctors in our hometown but were not optimistic,So I came to Heyang for treatment,Inquired,I learned that Je Shan Tang was opening today,We rushed over,Please save my husband。”The woman’s voice is urgent and earnest。
Everyone was surprised when they heard this symptom,Half body hot,Half body cold,They have not even heard of this symptom,I didn’t expect to have such a strange disease。
“Come,Open your mouth, let me see。”
Liang Minghui checked the man’s mouth and began to get his pulse,The complexion is slightly dignified,After a while,Smile,Look quite confident,Chongmo Xiaosheng made a gesture of asking,Motioned him to show this patient too,Then he bowed his head and started writing prescriptions。
After he finishes writing the prescription,Seeing that Mo Xiaosheng had been sitting next to him,,Can’t help but laugh,Said:“what happened,Xiaomo,Why not diagnose,Our discussion is not over yet,You won’t give up。”
The crowd suddenly burst into laughter,But no malice,Because just now Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills have completely convinced them。
“Young man with superb medical skills,But still younger。”
“I have never heard of this strange disease,He can’t watch,It’s normal。”
“Yes,This guy is already very good,So many difficult and complicated diseases can be seen clearly,Already great。”
“Looking at the entire Chinese medicine community,So young so capable,I’m afraid I’ll be alone here!”
Everyone did not hesitate to praise Mo Xiaosheng。
Wei Xu could not help but straighten his chest,Seems to be proud of knowing Mo Xiaosheng。
“How good can it be,Didn’t you lose to my grandpa?。”Liang Luo on the side clenched his fists,Unconvinced。

At the same time, there is the follow-up monitoring of the spherical scientific ninja in the sky,No matter where Naruto escapes,Those three Force Warriors will find。

Do not destroy the sphere in the sky,Naruto’s location will always be exposed,But stop and destroy the world,The three force samurai immediately following will follow。
When Naruto didn’t know what to do,Suddenly a black arrow crossed the ball in the sky,Destroyed the orb。
The clown exclaimed。
Look in the direction where the arrow came,What appeared in front of Naruto was a pink and tender Susano。
“Yan Dun·Add earth life!”
Condense the black flames into the shape of an arrow on the bow and arrow,The pink Susanoh fired three arrows at the same time,Quite accurately hits the three force samurai behind Naruto。
The arrow passes through the chest of the Force Warrior,Immediately turned into black flames and burned。
“People over there come here!”
Susanoh disappeared,The woman who opened the space-time tunnel with the eyes of reincarnation called to Naruto。
Naruto, who had no time to think about it, ran over immediately。
“Thanks a lot。”
“no need to thank me.Naruto。”

Chapter Fifty kill him

Three punches and two feet,All those little brothers fell to the ground。
——Pop pop!
Chen Fei applauded,Came over。
No wonder Chen Biao is not an opponent at all,This Qin Shi is really good。
Estimated to be in South City,Also one of the best。
If you can use such people for yourself,That is in other areas,Is also a great help。
Can recruit such talents into one’s own ranks,So Chen Biao’s injury,I can think of another way。
“Little brother is good,Now i can give you two choices。”
Chen Fei said。
“One,Die here,two,Come help me。”
Qin Shi Wenyan,Smile indifferently。
“These two options,You seem unworthy。”

Mo Xiaosheng has an ominous premonition in his heart,I wanted to tell Li Qianhui to go down。

“Niche,Don’t be nervous,My people have come to survey in advance,No danger!”Li Qianhui said nonchalantly。
As one of the three masters in Beijing,The name is not covered,Out of caution,I did send someone to survey the surrounding area before,But what he didn’t know was,The Zhang family had already guarded against him,So I bought the hotel long ago,Hid people into the hotel。
“Brother Li,I’ll go down!”
Mo Xiaosheng will raise his foot and walk outside,But suddenly there was a mess of footsteps outside,Then a bunch of strong figures,The man in the black special uniform rushed in quickly,Mostly foreigners,Among them are several very strong black men,Almost all of them have a handful of white USM9Military dagger,Several of them even held U.S. cavalry knives。
A group of people rushed in without saying anything,The sullen face rushed towards Mo Xiaosheng and the others quickly,There was not even a single sound。
“Brother Li,Be careful!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s face suddenly changed,Things are not as simple as it seems,No wonder Nangong Yunxi hurried away just now。
Talking room,He has rushed to Li Qianhui,Protecting Li Qianhui behind,At the same time he suddenly picked up a chair,Threw it towards the crowd。
The chair smashed into the crowd with the sound of howling。
That group of people didn’t even hide,Still rushed over quickly,One of the black men saw the chair flying towards him,Subconsciously crank your head up a block,I thought I could keep the chair from flying,But to his surprise,Mo Xiaosheng’s strength is very impressive,Heavy solid wood chair“boom”Hit him,“Click”Bang,His whole arm suddenly fractured,He felt as if he was hit by a boulder,Black eyes,“Puff”Fell to the ground。
But a black man fell,There are still dozens of people,This group of people rushed to the table in the blink of an eye。
“Mr. Mo, stand back!”
Ming Cheng coldly shouted to Mo Xiaosheng,Then grab a pair of chopsticks on the table and step on the table to push hard,Suddenly flew towards the crowd,From the sky,A chopstick stuck in the eye of a strong man。
“what!”The strong man screamed,In this severe pain, he still slashed the dagger,Take it straight under the ribs。
But Ming Cheng is extremely fast,Pin his arm with his left arm,Slam the right elbow,“Click”Bang,He scrapped his arm,Then kicked away。
Several foreigners around have seen their skills,Change course immediately,Surrounded him。
Not afraid of danger,One to many,Never let go,Three punches and two kicks can destroy a person。