The quiet hall suddenly sounded screams。
“Mr. Xia,What do you mean?”
Ancient heart,The face is very angry,“I just want to make friends with you.,You don’t want it, even if you are willing.,Why do you want to beaten??”
http://www.skinami.cn Narrate,Surrounded by everyone。
Who is this guy?。
Eat a bear heart leopard?,Dare to do it here。
“What is playing?。”
Summer smiling,Drag again in the arms again,let go,Arms stretch,Constantly fist,Cap Cap, crispy sound。
Stop,This bodyguard has been interrupted,Like a broken doll, the soft is on the ground。
See this scene,The face of someone in the field is uncomfortable。
This is the idea in people’s hearts.。
No one knows,This day, the network manor is not a legal existence.,And the energy of Li Lai is deepened.。
Take a hand,And this guy actually got people on the spot.,simply……act recklessly。
Summer smile and staring in the face of the ancient sky,“Don’t be deep with Laozi,Your small trick,It is an individual to see,Is this not what you want??”
Be discounted,The ancient http://www.lijin-lawyer.cn face has changed the first time.。
He just let the bodyguard provocative,I didn’t expect the other side to be so spicy and decisive.。
Originally thought that the other party is just a role that does not enter the stream,But now I have to reassessment。
At this time,The urgent footsteps came from the outside,Look,More than 20 people in the hall。
Walking in the forefront is a middle-aged year of 40 years old,Alive,Long line,Hold your hands to bring the power of Nobae。See him,Jin You Rong quietly touched the ancient wind,Flashing a surprise in the pupil。
NS491chapter Laozi is going to make trouble today.
In fact, there is no reminder,The ancient wind also knows that these people are the security guards of the manor.。
Now,The angry expression on the face is more。
“what happened?”
For the first http://www.dsilearning.cn middle age, I came to the field.,Look around,The eyes of the pair of people shot are like a knife.,People don’t dare to face。
People who often come here know the middle age,The spokesperson of the Tiandnet Manor,Fangxiong。
Jin Yourong naturally knows each other,Active opening,“Boss,金 傲荣。”
Square nodded,“Flush,Can you tell me what happened??”
“Ah。”Jin Youlong laughs,Then refers to ancient wind in anger,“This is the ancient times of the episode。That is his bodyguard。”
Fang Xiong is a bit amazed,The face is also soft in the face.。
“Boss,it’s him。”Ancient wind pointed to summer,Indignation,“I am just a little small festival with him.,But he did not leave people who gave me.,Also also violated the rules of your estyle,I hope that the boss hosts fairness.。”
Fangxiongawang is hunted to the miserable bodyguard,Then look at the faceless summer,“What he said is fact?”
“Boss,Things are not like this。”

He instead knows the Kowloon Ding internal array,See like nine array,In fact, it is a,Regardless of separation or combination,Can operate alone。

Although it is still very rough,Creativity and conception。
At this time,Wang Yixin Road,“Your Kowloon, I know,Even I have seen,Since it is a milestone work,Why don’t you improve upgrade??”
“cough……”Dirie cough,Eyelids,“The design of my array is too complicated.,The refiner is extremely harsh,Previously designed,I think that I will consider,Refining can only find it at all……”Wang Yixin picked up his eyebrows,“so?”
“so……cough,So it is impossible to improve,Unless a new refining material is found,Alternative silver makes a buffer,otherwise……”Wang Yixin is like laughing,“Since you can’t succeed,That’s Human,Whole milestone?”
“this……”I have some ujjuse,Stronger,“I am talking about thinking,Be a way。”
Just finished,Yu Yang can’t hore,“I think it can be used to replace the midst of Silver Sand.,No need to find new materials at all。”
The face is overcast,。
Others are also calculated.,Where is this guy dare to provoke yourself?。
He reveals the color,“Yuyang,are you an idiot,银 沙 确 can independently alternative silver,But how to fuse?
How to connect,How to do fire-filled and fire tin wood?
There is also a mailing method.,How do these nodes comes?,Humph,You a small two-piece TKM,Dare to call me,Idiot。”
After you finish,Feeling,There are many times in my heart.。
Wang Yixin did not speak,But also agree with what he said。
After all, she also saw the Kowloon Ding.。
Anti-view Yuyang,Not an angry,Faint,“The fifth node can save,No need to arrange nine array of law to combine a big array,so……so……so……”He also learns summer,Explore a finger,Mission,Constantly outline。
at the beginning,Dingding still dismissed。
But very quickly,His face has changed。
Stand up after a moment,Look back,Like stupid,not moving at all。
Wang Yuxin next to it also stayed。
Even if you can see it with her level,Yu Yang’s method,seem……feasible?
http://www.xjinsuo.cn finally,Yuyang waved the truth,Faint,“There is also the last few small steps,Then I do not talk about it,Even if it is an idiot,Can also be promoted,Ah,What Hong,What milestone,It’s just complicating simple things.……But it’s a failure、Demagos。”
“you……you……”定 红,Summer blue gluten jump,Both full of blood, like a fire,狠 阳。
“good,very good,I am taught.!”
He bite his teeth to draw a sentence,Step down。
Wang Yixin did not block,Not more than retaining。
Although she cherished,But will not go to the Barnant。
It’s often around you.,I feel enough tolerate。
More thoughts at this moment,Still placed in Yuyang。
“Yuyang,Your thoughts are really high,Great,so amazing。”
Wang Yuxin eyes bright,Surprise color。
Yanyang old face,Sneak over the summer,Dry,“Wang General Management,In fact, this is the idea of Ming Brothers.,He told me……”
http://www.wangxuqing.cnNS3454chapter Buy a house
Wang Yixin is wrong,Summer。

Qinglong Fury http://www.365meiling.cn Road:“Don’t know,You guy has betrayed me thirteen times,I won’t teach you painful lessons,You guy doesn’t have a long memory!”

“Qinglong,You really want to go to Ge Hong Critic!”
“of course!”
Qinglong turned around and left,Suddenly heard the sound of breaking wind behind,Turned around,“Snapped”The sound of,The five fingers of the ancestor Baihu directly inserted into his heart。
“White tiger……you……you……”
The ancestor Baihu said grimly:“Qinglong,You forced me,I have http://www.51knock.cn begged you!”
“Ge Hong,will not……Let you go……”
“Hehe……Do you think I really submit to him,Qilin and I will suck Ge Hong sooner or later!”
“you……You villain……I will never let you go……”
“When you say zombies, I play with you for thousands of years,How can I be a ghost。Didn’t you just forget the thousand years,You saved me thirteen times,Thirteen great favors to me,Then http://www.jllongda.cn fulfill me once,Don’t waste your blood!”
The ancestor of the white tiger showed sharp fangs,Bit into Qinglong’s neck,Qinglong was quickly sucked into a piece of human skin by him。
Baihu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth,Sternly said to the man with the blue dragon in his hand:“Qinglong,I didn’t want to kill you,Know or not!”

After the two calls,The instructor drove a car and went straight to the headquarters,I called Shin Yingjie on the way,Basically clarified the fact that Li Tianzhi escaped from the hospital,He felt this way during the previous call with Gu Ting,It’s just that the other party didn’t say it clearly。

For Li Tianzhi’s continuous escape,And finally left everyone’s vision,The instructor did not make any comments,What the other party wants,What are you avoiding?,He knows better than others,Comparison,The instructor is more worried about Zhang Zhiqiang,There are two hunters who have not been caught,But at the headquarters,The instructor is still very surprised,Commissioner Bai Xiaojun has already taken people to Shanghai。
I didn’t even see a face,Natural accident,But it makes sense to think carefully,Coordinate http://www.aicq99.cn with colleagues in Shanghai,There is nothing more suitable than Bai Xiaojun’s identity,In addition,Too in a hurry,No delay,Did not bring any evidence,Can only be supplemented by subsequent fax。
The Shanghai capital can only wait for news,The instructor is now most concerned about the two hunters in the blockade,I haven’t caught it till now,Huge hidden danger,Must cut the mess quickly,After a brief exchange of opinions with Gu Ting,The instructor is personally responsible for the arrest,Redeploy manpower,Most of the people in Pok Oi Hospital can be withdrawn,‘Ranger’The main players are,Measure the two hunters with their wings。
In fact, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the instructor basically rejected the practice of arresting Li Tianzhi in the hospital.,Inexplicable remarks also began to emerge,Indistinguishable,The argument of wasting manpower and material resources in vain also points to Bai Xiaojun, who personally arranged the arrest mission of the hospital。
Instructor listen to it,Can only smile,From the perspective of the event as a whole,Whether it’s Zhang Zhiqiang or Li Tianchou,Are all important,Just adjust immediately as the event progresses and changes,Such remarks are tantamount to putting the instructor on the fire。
Resolutely deploy good personnel,Then listen to Geng Hui’s phone report at the scene,The two hunters have not left the blockade,Because I am not familiar with the terrain,Have been going around in the mountains,The search team bit each other several times and exchanged fire,But every time I was cunningly escaped by the other party,The fighting power of these two people is strong,Familiar with mountain combat,Among them is a very high level sniper,So the search team hasn’t done anything yet。
During this process, Xu Wen happened to、Quan Xingguo、’Mane rat’Wait for a few people to report,The instructor gave the command to Xu Wen,Ask them to cooperate with Geng Hui to end the battle in half a day。
Not to mention Xu Wen and others leaving,The instructor will stay and wait for news from Shanghai,Close to 12 noon,The Shanghai capital sent a notice that Zhang Shizong was detained at the airport,Everyone was relieved,The instructors feel a bit unreal,If it wasn’t for Bai Xiaojun,,He wanted to run over to confirm it himself。
Shortly thereafter,The Shanghai capital sent another picture of Zhang Shizong,Front,Two sides,The instructor stared at Zhang Shizong’s five senses for a long time,Although the guy has undergone plastic surgery,The whole appearance is no longer the Zhang Zhiqiang of the year,But the outline is still there,Especially those eyes,Although it looks harmless in the photo,But the fierceness can be hidden,Face up,It will be like a knife。
“it’s him!”The instructor took a sigh of relief,From http://www.leshengwenhua.cn then on, it was the first time that people did things in the territory until now,It’s been seven years,Finally caught,But I didn’t expect it to be so simple,So smooth,If you can go back,Can jump to twenty years ago,Zhang Zhiqiang was a participant in that overseas mission,Can the old case that has been in the dust for a long time be seen again??
Think of these,The instructor’s heart suddenly felt like a heavy plume cloud,Obscure and solemn,Uncomfortable,Restarting old cases is not easy,Involves many clues,Very spicy,Bai Xiaojun rushed to Hudong first this time,Maybe it’s not a bad thing。
Phone ringing,Broke the instructor’s contemplation,Take a look at the phone,Is a strange number,He has a hunch,It should be Li Tianzhi who called,Because of Xu Wenhe‘Mane rat’Privately reported to him what happened in the hospital,He has been http://www.sankikeiso.cn waiting for this call。

I heard Dugu Fengyun’s words,Mo Zizhen’s complexion darkened,Bow your head,Whisper,“Ashamed,Actually, there are only four of them,And our team,There are 23 people in total,And we had wounded two of them with guns while chasing them,But after the fight,Still suffered heavy casualties……All come back alive,But seven or eight people……”

Mo Zizhen lowered his head,Shook his head vigorously,Look sad,Even among the seven or eight people who came back,Most of them are seriously injured,Had it not been for Dugu Fengyun who had taught him about profound arts,,I’m afraid it will be hard for him to get out。
“The abilities of these people are no worse than those of the Sword Master League,So you are not ashamed!”
Dugu Fengyun said in a deep voice,To know,If the group of people who were wiped out by Mo Zizhen were really members of the monastic order,Then their abilities are not much weaker than those of the Sword Master League,Mo Zizhen, ordinary special forces, can do this when they meet them,Is already very rare!
“It would be great if there was help from the Military Intelligence Department!”
Mo Zizhen gritted his teeth hard,Shen Sheng,“This time anyway,I also want to apply for the Military Intelligence Department to send a team with me to guard the border!”
“This is fine,I can tell the people above!”
Dugu Fengyun nodded,Then sigh,Said with great emotion,“Unfortunately,The ability of the current military intelligence department,It’s not what it used to be,And now the entire MI Department itself has become a mess of porridge,It’s really a big joke in the world!”
When Dugu Fengyun said this, he was heartbroken and helpless,Unexpectedly,The trump card teacher that he has worked so hard to build,Someday,Will fall into such a field!
“Chaos into a pot of porridge?why?!”
Mo Zizhen couldn’t help but ask with all his doubts。
“What else,The leader retired,The people below will naturally fight for the upper position!”
Dugu Fengyun shook his head helplessly and sighed,Regarding the current situation of the MI,He is also heartbroken,But he has abdicated,So there is no alternative。
“Fight for the top?!”
A trace of anger flashed across Mo Zizhen’s face,Said coldly,“We are working hard on the front line,They are at home,Fight these things?!”
Dugu Fengyun also shook his head helplessly and sighed,Wave his hand,I’m too lazy to worry about these messy things,Raised his head and asked himself,“I heard that you and the Military Commission will prepare a funeral ceremony for these martyrs this weekend?!”

Kil’jaeden’s conspiracy he is powerless to make。

Even if you have the power to stand on the pinnacle of mankind,Do you show off your incompetent rage in front of your compatriots??
Is it that hard to do something?。
Sorry,It’s so hard。
Not difficult,How can deathwing be desperate to extinction。
Not difficult,Why does Nozdormu become black and eternal。
Not difficult,How could Azeroth have so many disasters。
As the most brilliant pearl of human society,Lordaeron’s future has cast a huge shadow。
This is the pain of the prophet,Carlos clearly understands,I don’t have that power。
The power of the Lich King Ner’zhul is too weird,Lost the shackles of the flesh,Its spiritual power tends to be infinite under the blessing of the Ice Throne,As long as it concentrates,Any place in Azeroth will be under its watch。
Azeroth has no secrets about it。
Maybe Titan’s secret base,For example, places like Ulduar may have a defense mechanism that can block the prying eyes of the Lich King,But what does this mean for humans。
Carlos didn’t want to save Alsace’s fate,But he has no such power,Not even this position。

Same words,Speak in Shen Huan’s mouth,Just a different taste。

Of course Rihanna is more willing to believe Shen Huan’s words,Instead of believing in that crazy woman。
She glared at Miley Cyrus,Then he said to Shen Huan:“You are a goodBOY,I also like watching you play。But you can’t beat our James,After today,You know what is the strongest in the world!”
Rihanna is the hardest fan of LeBron James。
No matter which team James goes to,She will follow closely。
On the basketball court,She is not a queen,But a complete little James。
But Rihanna said so,I offended Elizabeth Olsen next to me。
Although the two are not of the same level,But Elizabeth is not afraid of Rihanna,“You are not right!Obviously Shen Huan is the strongest player in the world!James cannot be better than Shen Huan!”
“Ha ha,It’s just that he didn’t meet James。”Rihanna smiled confidently,“Let’s wait and see!After this game,Will reveal the answer!”
“What if you lose?”Miley Cyrus asked suddenly,“Dare to bet?”
“What to bet?”Rihanna is not afraid of this young girl。
“If you lose, write a song to Shen Huan,Praise his greatness!”Miley Cyrus Road,“If i lose,I also sing a song to praise James!”
“Although our cafes are different,And I also believe that James will win,But I will still bet with you。”Rihanna thought for a while,“I want to convince you to lose,I also want to convince Shen Huan to lose。”
Shen Huan said he was helpless:“Two,How do I feel about the bets related to me,I don’t have any say?”
Rihanna and Miley Cyrus who were diametrically opposed,Hear words“Flutter”Laughed。
“Shen Huan,You are such a funny kid,It’s totally different from how you feel on the court。”Rihanna smiled and bent down,Gave Shen Huan a hug,“Come on!Although you can’t beat James now,But after he retires,NBAIt’s yours!”

They each chose a long sword,Gave each other a sword ceremony,Said。

Two fight,Together with the Mu family sword。
This sword is Mu Yingxiong’s father back then,Unknown adoptive father,Mu Long’s Family Swordsmanship,Connotation Haoran,It was Wuming and Mu Yingxiong’s first set of swordsmanship。
Swordsmanship from Mu Family,To inexplicable swordsmanship,One move,The two brothers didn’t use internal force,Instead, they compete with each other by virtue of their superb swordsmanship,Fighting is the comprehension of kendo and the understanding of swordsmanship。
Mu Yingxiong is also proficient in the inexplicable sword tactics,Even the hero sword has two,Back then, Mu Yingxiong and Wuming teamed up to draw out two hero swords and the middle-aged sword master stood in a tie,The inexplicable sword art is also realized from the sword,It’s just that the two brothers have different understandings。
Fight another sword,Both backed three feet at the same time。
“Amin,Look at me,Can you cope with your sky sword”Mu Yingxiong shouted。
“Come on brother”Anonymous did not speak,Instead, he instantly entered the way of the sky sword without self。
Heavenly Sword,Invincible,I want God,My heart。
“The first sword of heaven and earth”Mu Yingming said with a sword。Nameless Providence is like a knife,Respond instantly。
“One sword across the sky、I am the only one、Jiandu Mijin、All around、Swordsman、No hero、Qiyongshanhe、Kill the sword、Leaning against the window、Tongao Sifang、Wan Jian Zang Feng、Sorrow,Mad dragon swallowing sky、Waterless、Sword out will kill”Absolute Sword Seventeen Forms,Mu Yingxiong continuously used,Anonymous resolve one by one。
If the Heavenly Sword is ecstasy,Absolute Sword is Vime。The core of the entire swordsmanship is pride and absoluteness。Extend the personality of swordsmanship to the extreme。
“Stop here,Hitting,I’m afraid we can’t keep our hands”Wuming sees that Mu Yingxiong consumes a lot of skills,Speak up。The nameless realm of swordsmanship may be the same as Mu Yingxiong,But when it comes to the depth of skill,Anonymous is a realm higher than Mu Yingxiong。
Afternoon,Brothers banquet from afternoon,Until the beginning of Hua Deng,Drink like water,You know that the nameless does not drink long,Let alone drunk,But after meeting Mu Yingxiong again,The nameless can’t care about the deadline,Neither of the two brothers worked hard to resolve alcoholism,Drunk directly,Wait for Wuming to wake up,It’s already the next afternoon。

“Eh?and many more!”

“Xu Xuan raised his hand!”
“Xu Xuan, is this defending??”
“Oh, no,He rushed to the basket,He wants to rebound?”
The commentator looked at Xu Xuan in surprise:“Rajon just shot,He was ready to rebound?”
“This boy is so likable.”
And the fans of the Green Army on the sidelines are still cheering on Rondo,They are ready once the goal is not scored,Just booing Xu Xuan and the Knicks.
Basketball is floating in the sky.
This time the iron sound is exceptionally crisp。
The iron basketball just dropped to the front point where Xu Xuan was standing.。
Seeing Xu Xuan who turned around to fight back,The Green Army fans on the field suffocated for a while。
This.Actually didn’t get in?
This is a big space!
“Xu Xuan successfully defended Rajon!He put a lot of pressure on Rajon!”
“My scalp is numb in this show!”
“That is Long Guidance,You put my cannon to try,If you don’t shoot your head through, I live upside down!”
“You said Shi Long, director,Xu Xuan is not that stupid.”

This time it’s his turn to fall.

Because the eagles lost。
Only time left1minute,The score difference is more than two digits.
Although he is extremely、I don’t want to admit it,But the facts cannot be changed。
They lost!
Eagle lost!
Atlanta lost!
Although this is only the first game of the playoffs,But what they thought was sweeping!
But I lost the first game.
Oh my god!
Feel uncomfortable and want to cry!
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First226chapter Record debut!
I’m afraid no one can think of it,The first round of the playoffs between the Eagles and the Pacers will end in the Eagles’ defeat.
When the game is over,Kobe, who was already standing in front of the TV, stared blankly at the group of Pacers players who surrounded Xu Xuan in celebration on the TV.。
Won,The Pacers actually won!