He eyebrows,Junmei’s scorpion has drawn a worry,The heart is also blurred in an instant。

Just when I have this idea in Oujing,The ambulance parked in front of Ning Feifei.,Ning Feifei quickly sent a ambulance,Wang Hao also went to the car,The car is very fast。
Ou Jing, stupid standing in place,Looking at Ning Feifei was pulled away by the ambulance。
what happened?
Isn’t it still good in the morning??
He is not too much to think about,Turning to the road,Block a taxi immediately sit up,“master,quick,Maternal and Child Health Hospital。”
This is the address of the hospital he listened to Wang Hao.,Ning Feifei wants to go to this hospital,Although not the best hospital,But the operation is special,He checked,It is very professional。
“master,Trouble more trouble。”
Ou Jingqi keeps the driver。
The driver listened to this,I want to refute one sentence“Do you want to live?。”
It can look at the gloomy look of the European,Not angry,A depressed breath spread in the car,How can he say this?。
“gentlemen,I have already stretched into the postal oil box.,This is the fastest speed.,Incurred,Also pay attention to safety.。”
European is close to the lips,It’s better to wait for nonsense.,He tells himself like this。
But he can’t die.,Ning Feifei looks very bad,Is it born??
“A little faster。”
He can’t help but cold。
The driver has seen various shapes,I know that Ou Jing, I must have an urgent matter.,I think about what I want to go.,He smiled and asked:“Have you born your child??”
A prophecy,Ou Jing, slightly tight lip,lightly“Um”A sound。
Driver listening,Laugh:“Then you don’t have to worry,Going to the hospital and there are various inspections,Will n’t be so happy,As I first as my father is like you are in a hurry,My wife is stomach,I can’t wait to transfer her to the hospital.,But to the hospital,I waited for a day, my wife was born.。”
European:“……”Is Ning Feifei’s situation like his wife??
With him proudly:“My wife is a twin,The stomach hurts to be pulled away by the ambulance.。”
“what……Then your wife is fast.,I am really a little faster.。”
Driver does not dare to drag 厥 厥,Carefully driving。
European:“……”Twenty minutes later,Oujing finally arrived at the hospital。
I lost a hundred dollars to the driver,Just hurry to get off the http://www.baoding-machine.cn door。
His heart has never been an urgent expectation like this moment.,Mind is difficult to describe,Cats are uncomfortable。
Go to the hospital,Ou Jing, in order not to let yourself find the West,Directly let the medical tool nurse bring him to OS, find Ning Feifei.。
Ning Feifei is just sent in,Nurses in the medical station remember。
soon,Ou Jingyi was brought to the five floor maternity,He just saw Wang Hao in and the doctor’s theory.,Ning Feifei stands around her,From time to time, go down。
“Doctor,You didn’t say anyone who came to sign before.,This is gone.,How to suddenly find a child father。”
Since she saw Ning Feifei’s day,I haven’t seen Ning Feifei’s friends or family people to take care of her.,Don’t mention his husband.。
The doctor said seriously.:“No family’s signature,We can’t surgically,You hurry http://www.coilnail.cn to find your child’s father to sign,He must recover as soon as possible,Maternal is actually twins,You also know what the child is in the oxygen deficient in the palace.。”
“Ouch,Are you not a difficult person??


No redundant,Summer is a madness http://www.gallopoutdoor.cn against him。
See this scene,Wang Fei and others can’t help but,I want to do my hands.,But it stopped by the summer。
Last,He slowly leaned over,The dark scorpion looks straight into the iron,Sigh,“I really can’t understand,How is your idiot?,Your IQ is
Negative number……”
嗤 嗤。
Yunno and other girls can’t help but laugh,Wang Fei and others are also non-private,It is a desirable and drama between the eyes.。
“Bold!”Tie Feng slammed,Summer,“I am Chen Shao.,You dare to hit me……”
Summer was nearly laughed gas,“My courage is bigger than you think.,Do you want to see??”
“There is a kind of you kill me.,Otherwise I will kill you today.。”
Seeing him still grievance,And still so arrogant,Summer smile,Lift your legs is a madness,Suddenly called。
“Chen Shao will not let you go,He is the http://www.nchmyy.cn Suiqiao Master, Su Jiayu……Ah,I must not let you go.……”
Tie Feng still fooling,Rushing in the summer,At the same time, struggle wants to resist,But nothing changed。
“Chen Shaohui will not let me,That is his business,And you have hair relationship?”
Talk,Summer is also in his ribs,踹 铁 青 青 直 直 冷 冷,I can’t even make it up.。
Summer power is not big,Will not let him hurt,But the part of the body is hurting。
After a moment,Tie Feng didn’t dare to put it.,Eye is also from the initial resentment,Arrogant to become a breeze,Don’t dare to look at the summer。
“Say,What is going on。”
“It’s really Chen Shao to let me call you.。”Seeing summer indifference,Hurry,“Not,Original is not me,Is another person,Me,I took the initiative,I am just a
Messenger,In fact, I don’t know Chen Shao.……”
Now now,Tie Feng said。
http://www.zhmsyjzy.cn After he finished just be,Not only quite speechless,It is a group of young girls who are young.。
Recently,Chen Ren is in front of many students.,Natural retaliation,After the phone is called,I will let one of the students stare at the go of summer.。
The student naturally does not dare to violate,After all, the other party is a giants。
But he did not expect,Tie Feng doesn’t know where to get this news,Self-commenting, replacing the student。
Don’t want to revenge, the shame brought to him in the summer.。
He didn’t even eat lunch.,I have been squatting at the school gate……Then,There is no then。
It turns into this model。
“Where is Chen Shao?。”Asked in summer。
“In,In the wood。He,He said……”Tiefeng’s nose,“He said that since he is a school,By pressing the rules of the school,He said that you want to make you a dead dog.,Then throw
In the toilet……”
Summer is happy,“Good,Then I will take you with you.。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1365Chapter Dead end
The left side of Qinghai University East Campus is next to the public toilet,Is a large-scale dense grove。
Here is the students fight,Bubble,Place to address grievances。
At this moment,In the small wood,Chen Renwei stood in the forefront。

He felt that the stone had a strange feeling http://www.shfeilei.cn when he started,Take out a bright flashlight and shine it,Glowing。

“Little brother,I will pay two million for you,How about you let me。In this way, your stone bet will win him http://www.yesdance.cn 600,000!”
Master Kai Shi said this,Everyone was in an uproar,I’m all curious about what good baby is hidden in this rough stone。
Ruan Tian’s face is even greener,Secretly feel something is wrong,Originally prepared for the battle easily and I felt very tight。
Chen Xiu praised with his thumb:“Your old man has good eyesight,But i don’t plan to sell。Please be lighter。”
Master Kaishi said helplessly:“I have never opened such a baby a few times in my life,I really need to pay more attention!”
The skin is being rubbed off a little bit,All the colors are seen inside but it is still full of small cracks。
Ruan Tian is happy,Is it because Mr. Kaishi also missed,Still a fault!
“It’s a color change!”
Suddenly an onlooker jeweler yelled!
This voice,Immediately attracted everyone’s attention to the stone!

certainly……This is also too far from the first few wavefronts.,So there is no way to play thisborelated。

But this wave,Distance is enough!
Dream operator thinks like this……The corner of the mouth exposed a cruel smile。
brat……Wait, then,Let you arrive so long,It should also be our time to pay.。
So thinking so,Dreamy waves my arm,and【instruction:Shock wave】Also in the moment of speaking an arm,Sudden effect。
But http://www.igaoer.cn it is getting bigger and bigger in his mouth.,Even when some is a bit。
A finely broken golden is fierce in front of him,Almost a flash of his eyes,And he originally traded in the silver chain of Sabha,Also, this elimination and invisible。
Dream is stunned,I can’t help but blink, my eyes,He clearly saw that the Casha is not what I want to flash.。
Why……A moment in the hair stroke,The fine golden mood seems to be prepared.,It’s so shining in front of you.。
And manipulated Casa,I escaped this wave of fatal murderous palace clear text,There is also a little frivolous at this time.。
Fortunately, he responds fast……Be fooled16age。
He originally did not want to flash meaning,Niu Ge is around.,A dream is not enough。
But just have a moment of these ideas in his heart.,He saw the dream,I suddenly rose a fatal impact wave。
That is joyful in his eyes,The flow rate of time seems to slow down.。
then……Palace Qing Wen did not want,I will hand over my own flash.。
But no matter what to say,Already handed over yourself the strongest waveboofLGDY,But there is no effect that it is expected.。
So the transformation of the situation,Of course, it is in an instant.。
Darkness,Bright reproduction moment,Aun directly opened a big recruit,Then fierceLGDYRear row,FlyLGDYThree people in the back row。
The emperor and Akari are not vague,Follow the output。
Palace Qing Wen did not directly fly back,Oun is very beautiful,Others should have a problem that there should be too big.。
so,He started directly under the protection of the cattle,againstLGDYUeno two people output。
Void fear plus dreams,In the case where there is no big move,These two heroes can only be described in two words。
even thoughLGDYUeno two people,I really want to make a pretty anti-fall before being dead.。
But there is a bullhead in front of Casa,This idea can only be said that it is an idiotic dream.。
First kill http://www.foutj.cn dreams,Taking a workman,Will be a little small flesh, the fear is also slaughtered。
Another battlefield,Also almost about to come to an end。
I have no big tricks,Basically lost threats。
And the fireworks still want to run,But there are three-segment displacement Akarley follow,This is obviously impossible to do things。
Wait until the Palace Qingwen’s Casa arrived,The battle is coming soon。

Luo Qianjin one,Turn followed and anger,I can’t wait to find a slit.。

But see the pattern of summer laughter,Ashamed,I also feel a little funny.,Can only hate the feet,Enery with brittle born。
“What are you laughing laughing,I am a fool,This is the head office.。”
After the end,Turning out to save,How to see a little escape。
“Hey Hey hey,Waiting for me.。”
Luo Qianjin does not care about him,Soon disappeared in the crowd。
“Ugh,Present woman,It’s really a sense of humor.。”
A woman came to the gate of the 堡。
This is a strange woman。
Her five senses is beautiful,Existing oriental charm,There is also the depths of http://www.fqrvtu.cn Westerners,Skin is generally white,And her body,I actually wear an ancient palace that hit the snow.。
at this time,Originally coming towards the door of the hustle,Silence,Quiet to the extreme。
Everyone stayed at this stunned,It’s like a woman who came out of the picture.。
Her skin,眸 水,Qiong nose is pretty,Red lip moisture,Three thousand blue silk pour,Beauty suffocating,There is also a born majesty。
Let people only dare to see,Not dare。
She comes,Wan like a queen,When you really describe the Luo Shen。
Far away,皎 皎 太 太 霞 霞,Observe,Shantu Furong out green wave
If close-up is observed,Creating a shock。
Because of each of her eyes,There are two pupils,Removing a mysterious breath。
Just no one can see,Be close to,The two pupils actually have a strange coincidence.。
“I am looking for Thunder,Let him come out to see me。”
She looked at some stupid security guards,Say a little,“That is, my name is Xianti.。”
at the same time。
A black luxury car fly quickly on the streets of Qinghai,Rapidly。
Car rear seat,Sitting with a beautiful woman。
It is Jiang Luo Shen。
Different in the door of the horses,At this moment, Jiang Luo Shen’s neighbor is a fierce cold.,But in the eyes, it flashes a touch of excitement.。
“Happen!You really dare to come to Qinghai……”
Whistle,She is cold and cold,“Where is the woman now??”
A woman at the viking position immediately dialed the phone。
After a moment,She turned her head,Face,“Miss,She did not deliberately http://www.zqzhongxin.cn hide,Now I have already went to the 堡。”
“Hawthorn??”Jiang Luo Shen whispered,Immediately,“We also go to the hustle。”
I don’t know in summer.,I am a man.。

Summer just talk,Other party。

“and,You should not have such a big hostility for me.,I and ask you,You have returned to China,How many times I have seen it??”
Summer brows。
Some unclear。
The other party continued,“I mean,Not a Bi Bao Bottom,Wearing white clothes,White yarn cover,Have you seen a few times。”
“Ten times。”
Summer has not given the exact answer,He also can’t remember himself.。
The other party loudly,The sound http://www.jzessz.cn is a little bit。
“Ten times……You have determined that ten times,Are it a Jihu bottle??”
Summer is now,Swirring the shock。
“The first time I return to Mountain Cemetery,it’s me。”
She reveals a smile,Appreciate the color of the summer face,Also,“That old,also me……”
I heard this sentence,Summer restrained。
The idea in my mind is even in a flash.。
“So I don’t understand,Why have you had such a big hostility?,Only do you do things for me??”
Not waiting for summer,She continued to smile and struck the flower and Fangxiang.。
Two little girls still have no movement。
The eyes of help look at the summer。
Summer fierce,Forcibly squeeze your smile,I nodded。
This moment of summer,Really cut an unable to describe anger and weakness。
Even if the other party has no hostility,People who don’t hurt http://www.muers.cn here……
Situation is strong。
It is died by people。
He can’t do it hard.。
Have to retreat!
At this time,Fangxiang and Xiaohua have been careful to go to the other side。
She smiles two girls,“You are called Fangxiang,A small flower,Right。”
Fangxiang and small flowers don’t speak,Just nod。
“Do not be afraid,I don’t eat people again.,Are you so afraid of me??”

In the last sentence,Cui Bi said a word,This gang finally understands how Gao Bi wants to play.。

If I won,Redemption bonds are naturally no。If you lose,Bought a bond,You can also retrieve the Golden Buddha to visit。But there is a premise,Golden Buddha’s gold,Quantity is not unlimited,Until the time,That is sorry,The rest of Laozi is not responsible.。
Quite“limited liability company”the meaning of。
So I want to board the ship.,Have to hurry,Limited life circle!
Otherwise, when the ship turned over, you will die.,I can also get back this money earlier.。
“And ah,If you win Jinyang Fresh,Jinyang’s land,It is estimated that there will be a lot of noord.。At the time,These land will recover national,Redistribution。
For those who bought the bond support God,Of course, it also has a priority allocation.,You said yes.?”
Gao Baoyi slowly helped Cui to add a sentence,Immediately waive,Signature each other。
These words,It turned out in the big majestic temple,Gao Bao said similar,However, these people in these people are not serious.。Today, the same words, Gao Bo Yi said.,Heard the ears,That feels, I have different times.!
At that time,Just feel Gao Bo Yi in the empty glove of white wolf,Their family is bigger,Not at all。
Now it seems,Gao Bao is a bamboo,The card in your hand has not finished,I am still the pressure of the mountain here.。Buy bonds now“Boat”,Why not?
Gao Bo Yi played this game,It’s a bit similar to future generations.“Financial insurance”。
This“Financial insurance”Woolen cloth,Double function with disease insurance and financial management。Means of,Inside the money,Time is reached later,Even this bare can also take it back。
If you encounter a disease,Can also claim!
This is the same,After changing the bond with food,It will be able to return to this year after a few years.。And once Gao Bi is winning,Immediately enjoy the war bonus on the side of Jinyang?
Even if you fail,There is also a big golden Buddha to debut,Why not?
“Kings,We don’t http://www.lyrczp.cn have so much food,Can you have anything else??”
The words of the Qinghe Cui said.,This is not only to hear it to Gao Baoyi.,More people say that there is such a doubtful person in my heart.。
“other things,According to the current rice, it is also a matter.。In order to win the prosperity of Jinyang Liu Town,The king is coming, don’t refuse,As long as it is useful,All accept!”
Gao Bao said the intermediary。
“it is good,We are in Fuyang Zheng’s decision to buy bonds,Specific amount,Tomorrow, send people back to Chu Wang,how?”
“Our Thai Goats also bought。”
“We must also buy in Boling Cui’s Nature.,This Chu king is as confused.。”
At the scene, the representatives of the family have hit a chicken blood.,One of them stands out,Expressing the conditions that is willing to accept Gao Boyi,Don’t bargain,Yang http://www.minghaorun.cn Wei, who can’t help but look at the cold eye, feel the complexity。
I don’t want to go to the ship one by one.,Now I know that I have to come.,Turn horse compromise!Yang Wei can imagine,If a war is unfavorable?,These people may also be with paragraphs them and,Will not follow the Gao Baoyi road to black。
“Allocate,Now everyone is also a boat.。I can give you a bottom now.。I am a boat.,That is big and wide,Never sink。
Don’t look at it, they come to them.,As long as we are united, there is no heart,This is a barbarian can’t win.。”
Gao Bao is vowed to chest a chest。
NS920chapter A very magnificent plan
Send the last guest to the door,Gao Biyi grows up。
Overall situation!
Unless the ditch,otherwise,This battle will win!
The war never didn’t take a group of people on both sides.,That is the street fight。
http://www.hzaipeng.cn War involves the side of the side,In fact, from Jinyang’s lack of food,The win-negative balance has been tilted towards the sky here.。Nowadays, Gao Bo Yi has united all the family, but it can be said that this is not done.!
Have these people join,All kinds of intelligence,Will continue to gather in his hand,Various materials,Send the source to Yucheng,Various military needs,Armed new army will continue!
The less you go back,The stronger the power here is!As long as you are in the battlefield,As long as you don’t have false,Victory!
The final consumption is also expensive to kill Jinyang.。
“Good performance today is good,I am worried that you cut people.。”

“Old man,Hurry and give us us,How much is calculated?。”

Hear the other party,Li Hui Feng is a frown。
Especially the other person sitting on a motorcycle,A smoke,Don’t get off the bus,This makes him more other than the other party deliberately。
Liu Zhiming is not concerned with the other party’s tone,But holding a cage,Looking at the Tarna in the inside,The biggest one is more than half a catty,Benefits are more,But obvious is that these are not field rats.,It should be considered a mouse,Pack up,There will be no meat, there will be no meat.。
“This big brother,You have some small,We can’t。”
People before our village will sell it can be received.,How did we get it, http://www.fhlove.cn this will not receive it.?
Is it deliberate bullying??”
Li Hui Feng saw the other party’s speech tone,Directly blocking Liu Zhi Ming,Then laugh:“This big brother,From today,There are no collected fields of other villages.,I am really sorry.,And your nice is too small.,It’s not a dish.。”
“Boy,There is no you talk here.。”
“Feel sorry,I am the boss of the Nabi.,Here is what I said.。”
Li Hui is very calm,At the same time, I also saw that the opponent’s eyes were fierce.。
But for the land in these villages,He is not afraid,His collapsed land is rogue, there is no ten, and there are eight.,If the other party is dry,He dares to let the other parties have a long point of remember。
“it is good,Then you say that we have a few jobs in my brother.,Go directly to catch the field,How is this matter??”
Li Hui is also angry with the opponent’s crime.。
“Big brother,First of all, do you have a contract with me??
And your work is not what I let.?
It’s a voluntary thing to catch a mouse.?
The most important thing is that you have to sell,We have to buy it.,You can’t buy a strong sale.?
You can have a bit robber.。”
Do you mean not to compensate?”
The other party originally intended to let Li Hui’s compensation for three or five hundred,They can also be chic these days.,I didn’t think that Li Hui actually tried to tell them.。
To compensate?
You all go back.,Our numets in these other villages are not,Just before, there is no way to eat this loss.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng prepares to help people killed the fields of other villages and then bury them.。
But Li Hui has just turned,For convenience is not happy。
“Boy,You don’t compensate today,We have rushing from the big old and far from the town of Luoxia Town.,Don’t say anything else,That is, this motorcycle has a dozen pieces.,If you don’t compensate this,Don’t want to go today.。”
In our village,Also want to do?”
Li Hui Feng did not expect the other person to be so arrogant.,But talk about Lu Xia Town,He suddenly remembered what the brothers of the big winter,I don’t know what the brothers have passed.。
“Don’t give http://www.etprj.cn money, you will be able to move.?
Knowledgeable,Otherwise, we will wrap you every day.。”
Chapter 867 Eating
Li Hui is also angry.。

He Jiayi,I have a lot of time to answer.:“Generally,If you want to make an integrated restructuring,First of all, companies need to integrate financial integration,As long as you have a finance,The integration is stable.。

http://www.emkir.cn Just listening to Zhixiong,Delong’s financial assets have owed hundreds of billions of foreign debts.?”
Wang traffic nodded:“11812100 million,But don’t worry,I have already raised money.,Waiting for the company,These debts will be clear immediately。”
He Jie smiled:“In fact, it is not necessary.,I have heard of the situation of Durong.,The reason why the creditor is collectively debated to Delong,Mainly, Durong’s trouble is too big.,Credit bankruptcy,The creditor worried that the money was drifting,So I will come to debt。
But Tiansheng didn’t,Tiangheng’s reputation is very strong,Don’t worry about this。
Now Tiansheng took over these assets,I can use the reputation of Tiansheng,Revlect credit,Cuise’s concerns。
Just communicate with the creditant,Give a reasonable interest,I believe there will be many people who http://www.stdz158.cn are willing to give up debt.,Continue to entrust the company to help financial management。”
NS536chapter Welcome
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,Don’t say,It’s really like this。
Durong’s problem has long been there.,There are also many people who have exposed these years.,Creditors can’t do it at all,There are fewer little hearts that should be a bit spectrum.。
But until now I will start collective debt,Mainly because of the king,I have a thorough out of the crisis,Credit bankruptcy。
And Tiansheng does not have this problem in this area,After picking up these assets,Can fully use the reputation of Tiansheng,Raise credit。
Before the creditors, they dared to entrust the money to Delong financial management.,It is to earn some money.,Now there is Tian Sheng taken,There is a reputation of Tiangheng,Absolutely more secure than Deron。
Just give some interest,There are absolutely many creditors will choose to continue to put the money in their financial management.。
Thus,He has to pay more than a lot of debts.,Even all don’t need it.。
That is equivalent to,His minimum is only required788100 million,You can take over Delong this tens of billions of assets.。
This is cheap.!
The king is dark in the heart,Look at He Jieyi’s eyes are also very kind.,Sure enough, as he expected,He Jiayi’s ability is really good,I will leave a lot of money for one.。
“After integrating finance,What do you do?”
He Jiayi:“Integrated business chain,Crack the same business in these institutions,Enter a unified standard,This can improve internal synergy efficiency,Can also avoid internal consumption,lower the transaction cost,Further, enhance the company’s overall market competitiveness。”
Wang traffic nodded:“and then?”
“Then integrate the management and business strategy.,This is the last step,It is also a deeper integration,Involving a wide range、Far-reaching。
Put the company from the strategy to capital、From culture to team、From product to marketing,All of the links are all screwed into a rope,Release the vitality of the company,If you operate it in the future, you can do it half of it.。”
He Jiayi talks,Tell the voice,Another sound,road:“certainly,Many benefits of integration,Behoovence,It is also difficult to operate.。
One accidentally touching the interests of other shareholders or management,If the integration is not good,Working in the work in the future,Even Yang Fengyin violates,Even deliberately with you,It is not possible to cause more time to practice.。
so,If you want to make this step integration,The king is best careful。”
Wang smiles and sways:“do not,I don’t have this piece of material.,Professional things are still handed over to the professional people.。”
Said to see He Jiayi,Wang Flow:“Old Week should be told you.?This time I succumb these financial assets,I am going to enter the financial industry to try water.,But there is still a shortcomibility of human hand。
How about it,Is there interest to join Tiansheng,Come and help me?”
Just now, he really wants to test the He Jiayi.,Although he knows that he is good,But how much is it?,Can you compete for this position?,Still the most http://www.eversmiling.com.cn secure。
After all, so many industries are integrated together,The potential is not small,Operate,Financial giants developed into antiques in the future。
Such an important industry,Of course, I have to find a person who has the ability to operate.。
And He Jiayi’s answer is completely conforming to the expectation of the Wang.,So now I finally thrown the olive branch。
“my pleasure。”
He Jiayi has no reason,Slight smile,A bite promised。
I can sit here today.,He is naturally very interested,Otherwise, it will not hear Zhou Zhixiong after the morning.,In the afternoon, he flew it over.。

A group of suspicious red halves appeared on the face of the squat,“Let it go,Don’t you go to the cafe??I go with you。”

“good!”Lu Yuli hooks the lips,Follow her rhythm of footsteps。
Xunzi Xu sent a message to Du Xin,Let him wait a moment,Or find a place to sit down and take a break.,She and Lu Qi will have to go back.。
Du Xin naturally agreed,Because,Because the two have been in love with love,His days is much better.。
What is the working person??high salary,Again,Who doesn’t love this??
子 对 对 市 is very familiar,After all, I grow up here.,The whole company is not familiar with,But where is the street, where is it clear?。
The surrounding business http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn district is mature,There is a very good street behind the hospital.,Collect all merchants,Famous caféH.XJust on this street。
There are not many people in the morning.,Sit on the window of the window。
Surprised atmosphere,Their two also chose to sit down the window.。
Two people sit down,子 扫 码 点 单,She presided into a cup of coffee,And Lu Yuli has a wound,Can’t drink brunette drinks,Give him a cup of hot milk。
Lu Yuli’s intention is not a coffee,Instead, I want to accompany myself to sit in the cafe.。
Yesterday and my daughter will be a blindle.,Daughter gave him a diary。
original,子 写 写 日,One of them wants to sit with him to drink coffee.。
Although he can’t drink coffee now,But he can accompany her to pick up the coffee shop.,After waiting for him, he can drink coffee.,Will
Come once again with her。
http://www.xiaomendun.cn 子 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有 有,He will accompany her for a piece.,Go to her dreams。
When the daughter handed the delicate light pink notebook to him,Daughter said:“dad ,This is a mother’s diary。”
He shook his hand at the time.,Some dare not look,I am afraid to see the sentence of swallows hate him.,Will let him lose the final courage。
But he thinks more,Open,Merely,Are his name,Heart thinking,Are his shadow,This diary,Only her dreams and happiness,There is no reason to hate him.。
Such a scorpion,Give him all your love,He is really happy!
子 看 外 外,People come to the street,Extra comfort,The delicate small porcelain spoon is gently stirred with coffee,I tasted a lot,Flavored。
May be the people sitting opposite,It may be that she has had such a wish.,When you think about him,Will I want to fantasize and go some places,What will they do after you go??They will also be like other couples,Take the octopus small mealball together,Eating ice cream together,Eating sweet marshmallows together,Sitting together and drinking coffee chat together,Go to make a ship together,She remembers a lot of thinking and
What he did together。
At that time although stupid,It is also happy。
“Lin Fei,After we get married later,Do you go abroad??”Girl sitting behind them suddenly opening。
“昕 昕,Where do you want to go??”Boy is smiling。
Girl smiling sweet answer:“There are a lot of places I want to go.,I thought about it later.,You should say that you are willing to be willing.?”
“Unwilling。”The boy’s voice suddenly somewhat indifferent。
Lu Lanqi did not listen to the habit of the wall,do not know why,This moment is actually taking the ear seriously.。
Boy:“Because I am coming over and breaking up today.?”
Lu Yuli and the blindle heard this sentence,At the same time also feel awkward,They both behind them have a flower stand.。
Flower stand on green lush。
Girl sound line:“We are all getting married.,Why do you want to break up with me?,How do you let me explain my parents??How do you have to explain your parents??”
Boy is laughing:“Your parents added a lot of gift money to 500,000,I am an ordinary office worker.,I have so much money.。”“昕 昕,I think of our things very long.,Long time,very nice。But your mom and dad are very stubborn.,My mom and dad are forced to quarrel every night.,I am a wife is for happiness.,Is for happiness,It is for a home,Not
It is because of debt, noisy every day.。”
“If it is such a marriage,I would rather not。”
“sorry,昕 昕,No matter how we love,After all, it was defeated by reality.,I really can’t get so much money.。”
girl:“Then you can sell the house.,Don’t you say love??Sell the house,Don’t you have money to love me??”
“Ha ha……”Boy is laughing:“How much is the house?,House sold,Where is my parents??Where are you marry me??”