certainly……This is also too far from the first few wavefronts.,So there is no way to play thisborelated。

But this wave,Distance is enough!
Dream operator thinks like this……The corner of the mouth exposed a cruel smile。
brat……Wait, then,Let you arrive so long,It should also be our time to pay.。
So thinking so,Dreamy waves my arm,and【instruction:Shock wave】Also in the moment of speaking an arm,Sudden effect。
But http://www.igaoer.cn it is getting bigger and bigger in his mouth.,Even when some is a bit。
A finely broken golden is fierce in front of him,Almost a flash of his eyes,And he originally traded in the silver chain of Sabha,Also, this elimination and invisible。
Dream is stunned,I can’t help but blink, my eyes,He clearly saw that the Casha is not what I want to flash.。
Why……A moment in the hair stroke,The fine golden mood seems to be prepared.,It’s so shining in front of you.。
And manipulated Casa,I escaped this wave of fatal murderous palace clear text,There is also a little frivolous at this time.。
Fortunately, he responds fast……Be fooled16age。
He originally did not want to flash meaning,Niu Ge is around.,A dream is not enough。
But just have a moment of these ideas in his heart.,He saw the dream,I suddenly rose a fatal impact wave。
That is joyful in his eyes,The flow rate of time seems to slow down.。
then……Palace Qing Wen did not want,I will hand over my own flash.。
But no matter what to say,Already handed over yourself the strongest waveboofLGDY,But there is no effect that it is expected.。
So the transformation of the situation,Of course, it is in an instant.。
Darkness,Bright reproduction moment,Aun directly opened a big recruit,Then fierceLGDYRear row,FlyLGDYThree people in the back row。
The emperor and Akari are not vague,Follow the output。
Palace Qing Wen did not directly fly back,Oun is very beautiful,Others should have a problem that there should be too big.。
so,He started directly under the protection of the cattle,againstLGDYUeno two people output。
Void fear plus dreams,In the case where there is no big move,These two heroes can only be described in two words。
even thoughLGDYUeno two people,I really want to make a pretty anti-fall before being dead.。
But there is a bullhead in front of Casa,This idea can only be said that it is an idiotic dream.。
First kill http://www.foutj.cn dreams,Taking a workman,Will be a little small flesh, the fear is also slaughtered。
Another battlefield,Also almost about to come to an end。
I have no big tricks,Basically lost threats。
And the fireworks still want to run,But there are three-segment displacement Akarley follow,This is obviously impossible to do things。
Wait until the Palace Qingwen’s Casa arrived,The battle is coming soon。