He Jiayi,I have a lot of time to answer.:“Generally,If you want to make an integrated restructuring,First of all, companies need to integrate financial integration,As long as you have a finance,The integration is stable.。

http://www.emkir.cn Just listening to Zhixiong,Delong’s financial assets have owed hundreds of billions of foreign debts.?”
Wang traffic nodded:“11812100 million,But don’t worry,I have already raised money.,Waiting for the company,These debts will be clear immediately。”
He Jie smiled:“In fact, it is not necessary.,I have heard of the situation of Durong.,The reason why the creditor is collectively debated to Delong,Mainly, Durong’s trouble is too big.,Credit bankruptcy,The creditor worried that the money was drifting,So I will come to debt。
But Tiansheng didn’t,Tiangheng’s reputation is very strong,Don’t worry about this。
Now Tiansheng took over these assets,I can use the reputation of Tiansheng,Revlect credit,Cuise’s concerns。
Just communicate with the creditant,Give a reasonable interest,I believe there will be many people who http://www.stdz158.cn are willing to give up debt.,Continue to entrust the company to help financial management。”
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Wang Liu’s eyes bright,Don’t say,It’s really like this。
Durong’s problem has long been there.,There are also many people who have exposed these years.,Creditors can’t do it at all,There are fewer little hearts that should be a bit spectrum.。
But until now I will start collective debt,Mainly because of the king,I have a thorough out of the crisis,Credit bankruptcy。
And Tiansheng does not have this problem in this area,After picking up these assets,Can fully use the reputation of Tiansheng,Raise credit。
Before the creditors, they dared to entrust the money to Delong financial management.,It is to earn some money.,Now there is Tian Sheng taken,There is a reputation of Tiangheng,Absolutely more secure than Deron。
Just give some interest,There are absolutely many creditors will choose to continue to put the money in their financial management.。
Thus,He has to pay more than a lot of debts.,Even all don’t need it.。
That is equivalent to,His minimum is only required788100 million,You can take over Delong this tens of billions of assets.。
This is cheap.!
The king is dark in the heart,Look at He Jieyi’s eyes are also very kind.,Sure enough, as he expected,He Jiayi’s ability is really good,I will leave a lot of money for one.。
“After integrating finance,What do you do?”
He Jiayi:“Integrated business chain,Crack the same business in these institutions,Enter a unified standard,This can improve internal synergy efficiency,Can also avoid internal consumption,lower the transaction cost,Further, enhance the company’s overall market competitiveness。”
Wang traffic nodded:“and then?”
“Then integrate the management and business strategy.,This is the last step,It is also a deeper integration,Involving a wide range、Far-reaching。
Put the company from the strategy to capital、From culture to team、From product to marketing,All of the links are all screwed into a rope,Release the vitality of the company,If you operate it in the future, you can do it half of it.。”
He Jiayi talks,Tell the voice,Another sound,road:“certainly,Many benefits of integration,Behoovence,It is also difficult to operate.。
One accidentally touching the interests of other shareholders or management,If the integration is not good,Working in the work in the future,Even Yang Fengyin violates,Even deliberately with you,It is not possible to cause more time to practice.。
so,If you want to make this step integration,The king is best careful。”
Wang smiles and sways:“do not,I don’t have this piece of material.,Professional things are still handed over to the professional people.。”
Said to see He Jiayi,Wang Flow:“Old Week should be told you.?This time I succumb these financial assets,I am going to enter the financial industry to try water.,But there is still a shortcomibility of human hand。
How about it,Is there interest to join Tiansheng,Come and help me?”
Just now, he really wants to test the He Jiayi.,Although he knows that he is good,But how much is it?,Can you compete for this position?,Still the most http://www.eversmiling.com.cn secure。
After all, so many industries are integrated together,The potential is not small,Operate,Financial giants developed into antiques in the future。
Such an important industry,Of course, I have to find a person who has the ability to operate.。
And He Jiayi’s answer is completely conforming to the expectation of the Wang.,So now I finally thrown the olive branch。
“my pleasure。”
He Jiayi has no reason,Slight smile,A bite promised。
I can sit here today.,He is naturally very interested,Otherwise, it will not hear Zhou Zhixiong after the morning.,In the afternoon, he flew it over.。