He felt that the stone had a strange feeling http://www.shfeilei.cn when he started,Take out a bright flashlight and shine it,Glowing。

“Little brother,I will pay two million for you,How about you let me。In this way, your stone bet will win him http://www.yesdance.cn 600,000!”
Master Kai Shi said this,Everyone was in an uproar,I’m all curious about what good baby is hidden in this rough stone。
Ruan Tian’s face is even greener,Secretly feel something is wrong,Originally prepared for the battle easily and I felt very tight。
Chen Xiu praised with his thumb:“Your old man has good eyesight,But i don’t plan to sell。Please be lighter。”
Master Kaishi said helplessly:“I have never opened such a baby a few times in my life,I really need to pay more attention!”
The skin is being rubbed off a little bit,All the colors are seen inside but it is still full of small cracks。
Ruan Tian is happy,Is it because Mr. Kaishi also missed,Still a fault!
“It’s a color change!”
Suddenly an onlooker jeweler yelled!
This voice,Immediately attracted everyone’s attention to the stone!