In the last sentence,Cui Bi said a word,This gang finally understands how Gao Bi wants to play.。

If I won,Redemption bonds are naturally no。If you lose,Bought a bond,You can also retrieve the Golden Buddha to visit。But there is a premise,Golden Buddha’s gold,Quantity is not unlimited,Until the time,That is sorry,The rest of Laozi is not responsible.。
Quite“limited liability company”the meaning of。
So I want to board the ship.,Have to hurry,Limited life circle!
Otherwise, when the ship turned over, you will die.,I can also get back this money earlier.。
“And ah,If you win Jinyang Fresh,Jinyang’s land,It is estimated that there will be a lot of noord.。At the time,These land will recover national,Redistribution。
For those who bought the bond support God,Of course, it also has a priority allocation.,You said yes.?”
Gao Baoyi slowly helped Cui to add a sentence,Immediately waive,Signature each other。
These words,It turned out in the big majestic temple,Gao Bao said similar,However, these people in these people are not serious.。Today, the same words, Gao Bo Yi said.,Heard the ears,That feels, I have different times.!
At that time,Just feel Gao Bo Yi in the empty glove of white wolf,Their family is bigger,Not at all。
Now it seems,Gao Bao is a bamboo,The card in your hand has not finished,I am still the pressure of the mountain here.。Buy bonds now“Boat”,Why not?
Gao Bo Yi played this game,It’s a bit similar to future generations.“Financial insurance”。
This“Financial insurance”Woolen cloth,Double function with disease insurance and financial management。Means of,Inside the money,Time is reached later,Even this bare can also take it back。
If you encounter a disease,Can also claim!
This is the same,After changing the bond with food,It will be able to return to this year after a few years.。And once Gao Bi is winning,Immediately enjoy the war bonus on the side of Jinyang?
Even if you fail,There is also a big golden Buddha to debut,Why not?
“Kings,We don’t have so much food,Can you have anything else??”
The words of the Qinghe Cui said.,This is not only to hear it to Gao Baoyi.,More people say that there is such a doubtful person in my heart.。
“other things,According to the current rice, it is also a matter.。In order to win the prosperity of Jinyang Liu Town,The king is coming, don’t refuse,As long as it is useful,All accept!”
Gao Bao said the intermediary。
“it is good,We are in Fuyang Zheng’s decision to buy bonds,Specific amount,Tomorrow, send people back to Chu Wang,how?”
“Our Thai Goats also bought。”
“We must also buy in Boling Cui’s Nature.,This Chu king is as confused.。”
At the scene, the representatives of the family have hit a chicken blood.,One of them stands out,Expressing the conditions that is willing to accept Gao Boyi,Don’t bargain,Yang Wei, who can’t help but look at the cold eye, feel the complexity。
I don’t want to go to the ship one by one.,Now I know that I have to come.,Turn horse compromise!Yang Wei can imagine,If a war is unfavorable?,These people may also be with paragraphs them and,Will not follow the Gao Baoyi road to black。
“Allocate,Now everyone is also a boat.。I can give you a bottom now.。I am a boat.,That is big and wide,Never sink。
Don’t look at it, they come to them.,As long as we are united, there is no heart,This is a barbarian can’t win.。”
Gao Bao is vowed to chest a chest。
NS920chapter A very magnificent plan
Send the last guest to the door,Gao Biyi grows up。
Overall situation!
Unless the ditch,otherwise,This battle will win!
The war never didn’t take a group of people on both sides.,That is the street fight。 War involves the side of the side,In fact, from Jinyang’s lack of food,The win-negative balance has been tilted towards the sky here.。Nowadays, Gao Bo Yi has united all the family, but it can be said that this is not done.!
Have these people join,All kinds of intelligence,Will continue to gather in his hand,Various materials,Send the source to Yucheng,Various military needs,Armed new army will continue!
The less you go back,The stronger the power here is!As long as you are in the battlefield,As long as you don’t have false,Victory!
The final consumption is also expensive to kill Jinyang.。
“Good performance today is good,I am worried that you cut people.。”