Micro fative man,Anger。

Look at it,I only see a white suit,Golder glasses,Five-aerative and handsome man,Faced smiling looking at them,Although I laugh,But that smile,Just like ice,Let people cool down。
“Under this world,You are too big, it’s too big.。”
Thundering looks at the two people。
“Humph!You best don’t intervene this matter,This is not what you can manage.。”
The micro-fat man’s words are rushing to Rayling。
“Oh!Tell you said,Why can’t I manage??”
Rayling passed,Can’t help the pair of painful。
Look at the exquisite face,He slightly,I asked very gentlemanly:“Miss,Are you OK?”
Lu Si shakes his head,Grateful to see him,“thanks!I am fine.。”
“Think,Think,Are you OK!”
Le Yuli saw the moment of Lu Si,Feel at your heart.。
Lu Siped a dry lip,Anticipate:“Gather,quick,Boiler,A will have a http://www.mosashop.cn consciously taken away。
He was sent into a room,You are going to find him。”
Le Yu is a glimpse,Mu Zi??
She is anxious,Dedicated to the room,This matter is imagined。
Mu Zihao was also designed。
Lu Si referred to the direction of himself ran.,Panting:“Turn from here,On the left side,I didn’t see which one of the rooms.。”
Le Yu is worried about her,“Think,And you,how about you!”
Lu Si looked at Lei Ling,I pulled his hand:“gentlemen,You save people to save,Help me a busy?
One of my brothers were brought to the room.,I have a bad premonition,Help,Ok??”
Rayling looked at her arm,Smile:“I am a businessman.,Trading from doing loss。”
“what would you like?”
Lu Si asked,Now calling a call, it is too late.。
“Give me the woman。”
Just in the Siji’s voice,Le Yu’s back,There are also two men http://www.ruishi8.cn who have two suit.。
Le Yu, quickly dialed Lu Haozheng,But after two times,The phone has not been connected yet,Just grab it by a man behind him.,Be on the ground,Fell,The screen is instantaneous spider web,Thorough black screen。
“Hey!Le Yu。
what happened?”
Lu Hao in that headband,But there is no sound。
He looked at the phone,Is it wrong??
European:“They have already explained things.,It is Lu Haokai to make them do this.,The auction will start,First pass。”
Lu Haozheng,“go,Eternal heart this evening,I must get。”