Luo Qianjin one,Turn followed and anger,I can’t wait to find a slit.。

But see the pattern of summer laughter,Ashamed,I also feel a little funny.,Can only hate the feet,Enery with brittle born。
“What are you laughing laughing,I am a fool,This is the head office.。”
After the end,Turning out to save,How to see a little escape。
“Hey Hey hey,Waiting for me.。”
Luo Qianjin does not care about him,Soon disappeared in the crowd。
“Ugh,Present woman,It’s really a sense of humor.。”
A woman came to the gate of the 堡。
This is a strange woman。
Her five senses is beautiful,Existing oriental charm,There is also the depths of Westerners,Skin is generally white,And her body,I actually wear an ancient palace that hit the snow.。
at this time,Originally coming towards the door of the hustle,Silence,Quiet to the extreme。
Everyone stayed at this stunned,It’s like a woman who came out of the picture.。
Her skin,眸 水,Qiong nose is pretty,Red lip moisture,Three thousand blue silk pour,Beauty suffocating,There is also a born majesty。
Let people only dare to see,Not dare。
She comes,Wan like a queen,When you really describe the Luo Shen。
Far away,皎 皎 太 太 霞 霞,Observe,Shantu Furong out green wave
If close-up is observed,Creating a shock。
Because of each of her eyes,There are two pupils,Removing a mysterious breath。
Just no one can see,Be close to,The two pupils actually have a strange coincidence.。
“I am looking for Thunder,Let him come out to see me。”
She looked at some stupid security guards,Say a little,“That is, my name is Xianti.。”
at the same time。
A black luxury car fly quickly on the streets of Qinghai,Rapidly。
Car rear seat,Sitting with a beautiful woman。
It is Jiang Luo Shen。
Different in the door of the horses,At this moment, Jiang Luo Shen’s neighbor is a fierce cold.,But in the eyes, it flashes a touch of excitement.。
“Happen!You really dare to come to Qinghai……”
Whistle,She is cold and cold,“Where is the woman now??”
A woman at the viking position immediately dialed the phone。
After a moment,She turned her head,Face,“Miss,She did not deliberately hide,Now I have already went to the 堡。”
“Hawthorn??”Jiang Luo Shen whispered,Immediately,“We also go to the hustle。”
I don’t know in summer.,I am a man.。