No redundant,Summer is a madness http://www.gallopoutdoor.cn against him。
See this scene,Wang Fei and others can’t help but,I want to do my hands.,But it stopped by the summer。
Last,He slowly leaned over,The dark scorpion looks straight into the iron,Sigh,“I really can’t understand,How is your idiot?,Your IQ is
Negative number……”
嗤 嗤。
Yunno and other girls can’t help but laugh,Wang Fei and others are also non-private,It is a desirable and drama between the eyes.。
“Bold!”Tie Feng slammed,Summer,“I am Chen Shao.,You dare to hit me……”
Summer was nearly laughed gas,“My courage is bigger than you think.,Do you want to see??”
“There is a kind of you kill me.,Otherwise I will kill you today.。”
Seeing him still grievance,And still so arrogant,Summer smile,Lift your legs is a madness,Suddenly called。
“Chen Shao will not let you go,He is the http://www.nchmyy.cn Suiqiao Master, Su Jiayu……Ah,I must not let you go.……”
Tie Feng still fooling,Rushing in the summer,At the same time, struggle wants to resist,But nothing changed。
“Chen Shaohui will not let me,That is his business,And you have hair relationship?”
Talk,Summer is also in his ribs,踹 铁 青 青 直 直 冷 冷,I can’t even make it up.。
Summer power is not big,Will not let him hurt,But the part of the body is hurting。
After a moment,Tie Feng didn’t dare to put it.,Eye is also from the initial resentment,Arrogant to become a breeze,Don’t dare to look at the summer。
“Say,What is going on。”
“It’s really Chen Shao to let me call you.。”Seeing summer indifference,Hurry,“Not,Original is not me,Is another person,Me,I took the initiative,I am just a
Messenger,In fact, I don’t know Chen Shao.……”
Now now,Tie Feng said。
http://www.zhmsyjzy.cn After he finished just be,Not only quite speechless,It is a group of young girls who are young.。
Recently,Chen Ren is in front of many students.,Natural retaliation,After the phone is called,I will let one of the students stare at the go of summer.。
The student naturally does not dare to violate,After all, the other party is a giants。
But he did not expect,Tie Feng doesn’t know where to get this news,Self-commenting, replacing the student。
Don’t want to revenge, the shame brought to him in the summer.。
He didn’t even eat lunch.,I have been squatting at the school gate……Then,There is no then。
It turns into this model。
“Where is Chen Shao?。”Asked in summer。
“In,In the wood。He,He said……”Tiefeng’s nose,“He said that since he is a school,By pressing the rules of the school,He said that you want to make you a dead dog.,Then throw
In the toilet……”
Summer is happy,“Good,Then I will take you with you.。”I want to talk to more like-minded people《President of the king》,WeChat attention“Reading literature ”,Chatter,Look for oneself~
First1365Chapter Dead end
The left side of Qinghai University East Campus is next to the public toilet,Is a large-scale dense grove。
Here is the students fight,Bubble,Place to address grievances。
At this moment,In the small wood,Chen Renwei stood in the forefront。