“Old man,Hurry and give us us,How much is calculated?。”

Hear the other party,Li Hui Feng is a frown。
Especially the other person sitting on a motorcycle,A smoke,Don’t get off the bus,This makes him more other than the other party deliberately。
Liu Zhiming is not concerned with the other party’s tone,But holding a cage,Looking at the Tarna in the inside,The biggest one is more than half a catty,Benefits are more,But obvious is that these are not field rats.,It should be considered a mouse,Pack up,There will be no meat, there will be no meat.。
“This big brother,You have some small,We can’t。”
People before our village will sell it can be received.,How did we get it, http://www.fhlove.cn this will not receive it.?
Is it deliberate bullying??”
Li Hui Feng saw the other party’s speech tone,Directly blocking Liu Zhi Ming,Then laugh:“This big brother,From today,There are no collected fields of other villages.,I am really sorry.,And your nice is too small.,It’s not a dish.。”
“Boy,There is no you talk here.。”
“Feel sorry,I am the boss of the Nabi.,Here is what I said.。”
Li Hui is very calm,At the same time, I also saw that the opponent’s eyes were fierce.。
But for the land in these villages,He is not afraid,His collapsed land is rogue, there is no ten, and there are eight.,If the other party is dry,He dares to let the other parties have a long point of remember。
“it is good,Then you say that we have a few jobs in my brother.,Go directly to catch the field,How is this matter??”
Li Hui is also angry with the opponent’s crime.。
“Big brother,First of all, do you have a contract with me??
And your work is not what I let.?
It’s a voluntary thing to catch a mouse.?
The most important thing is that you have to sell,We have to buy it.,You can’t buy a strong sale.?
You can have a bit robber.。”
Do you mean not to compensate?”
The other party originally intended to let Li Hui’s compensation for three or five hundred,They can also be chic these days.,I didn’t think that Li Hui actually tried to tell them.。
To compensate?
You all go back.,Our numets in these other villages are not,Just before, there is no way to eat this loss.。”
Say,Li Hui Feng prepares to help people killed the fields of other villages and then bury them.。
But Li Hui has just turned,For convenience is not happy。
“Boy,You don’t compensate today,We have rushing from the big old and far from the town of Luoxia Town.,Don’t say anything else,That is, this motorcycle has a dozen pieces.,If you don’t compensate this,Don’t want to go today.。”
In our village,Also want to do?”
Li Hui Feng did not expect the other person to be so arrogant.,But talk about Lu Xia Town,He suddenly remembered what the brothers of the big winter,I don’t know what the brothers have passed.。
“Don’t give http://www.etprj.cn money, you will be able to move.?
Knowledgeable,Otherwise, we will wrap you every day.。”
Chapter 867 Eating
Li Hui is also angry.。