He eyebrows,Junmei’s scorpion has drawn a worry,The heart is also blurred in an instant。

Just when I have this idea in Oujing,The ambulance parked in front of Ning Feifei.,Ning Feifei quickly sent a ambulance,Wang Hao also went to the car,The car is very fast。
Ou Jing, stupid standing in place,Looking at Ning Feifei was pulled away by the ambulance。
what happened?
Isn’t it still good in the morning??
He is not too much to think about,Turning to the road,Block a taxi immediately sit up,“master,quick,Maternal and Child Health Hospital。”
This is the address of the hospital he listened to Wang Hao.,Ning Feifei wants to go to this hospital,Although not the best hospital,But the operation is special,He checked,It is very professional。
“master,Trouble more trouble。”
Ou Jingqi keeps the driver。
The driver listened to this,I want to refute one sentence“Do you want to live?。”
It can look at the gloomy look of the European,Not angry,A depressed breath spread in the car,How can he say this?。
“gentlemen,I have already stretched into the postal oil box.,This is the fastest speed.,Incurred,Also pay attention to safety.。”
European is close to the lips,It’s better to wait for nonsense.,He tells himself like this。
But he can’t die.,Ning Feifei looks very bad,Is it born??
“A little faster。”
He can’t help but cold。
The driver has seen various shapes,I know that Ou Jing, I must have an urgent matter.,I think about what I want to go.,He smiled and asked:“Have you born your child??”
A prophecy,Ou Jing, slightly tight lip,lightly“Um”A sound。
Driver listening,Laugh:“Then you don’t have to worry,Going to the hospital and there are various inspections,Will n’t be so happy,As I first as my father is like you are in a hurry,My wife is stomach,I can’t wait to transfer her to the hospital.,But to the hospital,I waited for a day, my wife was born.。”
European:“……”Is Ning Feifei’s situation like his wife??
With him proudly:“My wife is a twin,The stomach hurts to be pulled away by the ambulance.。”
“what……Then your wife is fast.,I am really a little faster.。”
Driver does not dare to drag 厥 厥,Carefully driving。
European:“……”Twenty minutes later,Oujing finally arrived at the hospital。
I lost a hundred dollars to the driver,Just hurry to get off the http://www.baoding-machine.cn door。
His heart has never been an urgent expectation like this moment.,Mind is difficult to describe,Cats are uncomfortable。
Go to the hospital,Ou Jing, in order not to let yourself find the West,Directly let the medical tool nurse bring him to OS, find Ning Feifei.。
Ning Feifei is just sent in,Nurses in the medical station remember。
soon,Ou Jingyi was brought to the five floor maternity,He just saw Wang Hao in and the doctor’s theory.,Ning Feifei stands around her,From time to time, go down。
“Doctor,You didn’t say anyone who came to sign before.,This is gone.,How to suddenly find a child father。”
Since she saw Ning Feifei’s day,I haven’t seen Ning Feifei’s friends or family people to take care of her.,Don’t mention his husband.。
The doctor said seriously.:“No family’s signature,We can’t surgically,You hurry http://www.coilnail.cn to find your child’s father to sign,He must recover as soon as possible,Maternal is actually twins,You also know what the child is in the oxygen deficient in the palace.。”
“Ouch,Are you not a difficult person??