This really scares Long Mao to death,He thought Xia Jian was going to abolish his leg。Long hair violently crawled on the ground,Kowtowing at Xia Jian:“Boss,I’m wrong,Don’t dare to fool around here in the future,You let me go this time!I don’t need this money”Huang Mao said,Which two hundred dollars have you hurriedly taken out of your pocket,Fearfully handed it over。

Xia Jian took the money from Huang Mao,Asked coldly:“Which village?What is your name?”
“Hejiacun!My name is He Sanshui”Long hair talking,Pointed to a village not far from the road。
Xia Jian raised his head and glanced deliberately,The voice still said coldly:“I know,From today,If you dare to come out and do things on this road,I’ll go to your village to find you”
“Boss,I dare not,Is the boss a railway or a Han road”Tentatively asked。
What shit railway Hanlu,Xia Jian really doesn’t understand these things,He said vaguely:“Eat all”Just this one,Scared Mao Chang almost climbed to the ground。
Xia Jian saw it was almost done,He waved to these people,These bully and fearful guys crawled and hid on the side of the road。
Jump in the car,Xia Jian shouted to the fat man:“Drive!“
“Good come,You sit down“The fat man said happily,The car ran away with a whirr,Xia Jian stretched out his head,Looked back,Nothing unusual,Then feel relieved。
“Damn!You are really a hero today,This road is made by these people so that no one dares to walk the night,I think there should be no problem in broad daylight today,Ever thought,These guys dare to run out and mess around during the day,They deserve it“Fat man driving the car,While laughing happily。
Xia Jian looked back,I saw the fat man’s mouth swelled,He felt a little apologetic,I was so angry just now,A bit heavy。
Seeing Xia Jian did not speak,Fatty dare not speak much,Just keep adding,Let the car run fast。Just ran until the afternoon,The car just entered Chaiyang County。
The fat man parked the car on the side of the road,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“I’m going to the freight company to load the goods in a while,Go straight when you get to the county seat,Let’s don’t do it“
Xia Jian carried the bag,Which two hundred dollars was thrown to the fat man。Fat man sees it,Busy talking:“I can’t charge you anymore,If not for you today,I have lost more than two hundred“
“Take it!It’s not easy for you,Be polite and be careful I beat you“Xia Jian said coldly,He opened the car door and jumped down。
Fat man holding money in his hand,Seeing Xia Jian’s back,One person whispered:“Really a good person,Heroic“
Chaiyang County’s first influence on Xia Jian was a small county similar to Heping City。The building is very old,Not many tall buildings,And the road is very narrow。
Xia Jian first found a restaurant on the roadside,Eat some food first,Then I started looking for a place to stay at night。Many hotels,But he dare not go in。Because of his business, he doesn’t even know the situation now,In case the police issue a general order,Didn’t he throw himself into the net?。

If it is not a special thing in the tire,Ordinary people、Even if it is a peerless master,Must be in the state,Equivalent to the requirements of the palm,I have the opportunity to support the past。

Even martial arts,Initiated,It should also be the beginning of the Chu Deirers.——Four-door、Nine species“Trend”、A sort of“Heart”,Not complete“Buddha’s Palm”。
Also understand,Can only combine!
Well, I’m,It seems that the Buddha Gate,Interpretation of six words true words,Instead, it is——Big husband“Bamboo”,Representative and Buddha;King Kong“Well?”,Representative;Thousand leaf“Audio”,Lotus;If you have a corresponding“Bamboo”,Representing me……
Ten tricks,Former nine tricks, each three strokes correspond to a set of palm,The last trick corresponds to the palm。
The name also makes the Chu Deirers.……
The first trick、The second trick、The third trick……The ninth trick,And the last strike——One of the last move,Not very satisfactory。
On the intensity is still in Chu Deirers“Turtle”Above,However, power is played on a low high,And need“Trend”and“Heart”Cooperation,Naturally,The threshold is higher、The effect is also very large.。
But the Chu Deirers are now“Buddha’s Palm”Comprehension,Almost all the tires“a”Time,Take a closer,And general monk ratio,Absolutely sorghum、Level of holy,But and then left the Saint Catering in the same year.“a”Buddha Gate,It is still very far away.。
Even if the two will be never in terms of skill,Chu Deiren“Buddha’s Palm”Affirmation is also inferior……
even so,This is also what the Chu Deer is currently mastered.,Strongest move——Especially when there is a strong malicious。
Chu Deirers’ awareness gradually wakes up,But just at this time,Suddenly the Chu deer felt a big battle,In the heart,Suddenly Chu Deirens have a kind of hate can’t take the iron gall、Si Lingzhi,All,One pick two urge!
In“Outside”Pity star,“a”After Chuiro said very nice,Light light,Then I directly crush!
Same as the sword,Directly detonated by Chu Deirers——So even if it is deliberate“a”Fighting Holy Spirit,Also instantly infected,If you don’t want to make a burst of trouble。
at this time,Si Lingzhi took a mad smile,Rush……
“Hahaha,Heaven help Laozi!It seems that the thief will make Laozi‘Fighting’Also included in the capsule,Hey-hey……Incidentally, a big beauty and the second night pot……”
The first thing of the four spirits didn’t know what happened.,Just hear the fighting holy spirit,Guess is an accident,So immediately,And let go of garbage words to interfere。
If you guess wrong,Take another turn, running!
Sure enough,I found that the Chu Debans are sitting on the ground、Seven bleeding,The fight is also dead、Has been in five,It seems that it is not available。
However, it is expected to be expected by the first spirit.,Patient star before the serious injury,Actually, the injury is so fast,Can communicate with it!
Only a poor star,Si Ling’s first is to grasp after three or five hundred strokes,Can take it,But if the pity, if you really want to go,He may not stay.。
Thereaway a hundred strokes,After the first advantage of the Singer,I immediately took the opportunity to sneak attack.!
One is to make the poor star,Two……It is also to prevent pity to escape。
Sure enough to protect this kid,Pity star、Disorderly,The first thing of the four spirits also spurts the trash.。
Just in the pity star,The first time, the first time, when it is necessary to attack the Chu Deirers.……
“a”Suddenly extinguished,replaced by,Chu Deirers full of golden,Seven 汩汩 汩汩 汩汩,Also in Jinguang,Go back,Original painful look,Come quiet and peaceful!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 517 Fighting

“If it is a real substance,That is quite troublesome,But this is formed by yin and yang,You can copy it directly in my space.”Spring explanation。

He doesn’t need to understand the structure,Anyway, it is formed by yin and yang.,Directly let the space copy the same one.。
And consumption is also much smaller than the manufacturing real material.,I only need to consume a certain yin and yang.。
“This is your space capability?”Glow night asked。
She also impressed the space for the springs.。
“Be right,I can do anything in my space.,Just pay a certain amount of yin and yang according to the difficulty level,However, my space is not strong.,Some special things are copied and will consume huge”Spring explanation。
“Regrettably,It is almost impossible to make items with air.,This comprehensive understanding of the essence of the substance,Otherwise it can be manufactured,But take out the space will collapse”
Big snake pills remember,The eyes were destroyed before the eyes.,But he has disappeared.。
It seems that this is his space.。
This level of recovery,It should not be consumed too much。
“so it is”Hui night nodded。
No wonder that she feels that the whole space is limited to her.,If it is not the spatial power of Spring, it is not strong enough.,She can’t escape at all。
Chapter 17 Scientific endurance
The eyes of the Quan Wei are never have emerged.,It is not surprising to have such a magical ability.。
On the contrary, this double-eyed is a lot in the use of the battle.,There is no powerful attack ability。
Another kind of pupiness is just mimicing others,Spring with the strongest attack of yin and yang five elements,Other use energy movements are not enough。
It is a disadvantage that that moves.,Needge,If she was used by Spring, she was restricted by Spring.,Otherwise it is difficult to move。
“It is indeed very convenient,Now we can create a large number of seal seeds.,Enhance the strength of the reliance”Yu Village said。
When Chakra in Ninja is completely transformed into Xianke Chakra,Will make the strength of the ninja greatly improve。
It is ordinary endure,After entering the cactus mode,Can also have a comparable strength。
“Not so simple,Ninja in compliance with seed conditions,This requires itself to have a huge Chakra.,Reduce the standard,It also requires a stronger control ability,Otherwise it is easy to be natural energy.”Spring said。
“indeed,General Ninja masters the natural energy is really difficult”Yu Village frowning。
“First let the eligible person implant,Then set the limitations of Chakra,Only the standard ninja can go to the sky parliament implantation”Spring said。
“It is best to let Ninja recognize the benefits of Xianke.,This way they have the driving force,No longer attracted to the cultivation of the stem”Big Snake Pill。
“Be right,Before you have accumulated enough Chakra,Try not to cultivate tolerance,And this stage of battle,It is necessary to make up in other aspects,For example, scientific endurance”Spring is watching。
“Scientific endurance?”Yun Village is some unclear。
“so it is,Through rune change manufacturing instrument,Let Ninja can use strong tolerance with its own Chakra,Don’t worry hard”
Big snake pills quickly wanted to understand。
“Be right,This is the purpose of me to study the sealing and styling.,Can have certain combat efforts when Ninja low level”
“But this is not to give up sickness,After implantation of the seal seed,The life of the ninja will grow substantially,It’s not too late to practice.”
“And scientific tolerance,It can also play a strong battle at high levels.,It is a must-have access to the ninja”

Don’t want to live?”

This statement,Junhong、Ning Yuan、Jun Yuquan is all。
I didn’t expect that in the summer, I will say this.。
“Mr. Xia,What is your meaning??”
Junhong brow big wrinkle。
Summer,“Very normal reasoning,This world is never only you have a smart person.,Invite me to participate in the funeral,No more than two possibilities,Either,Want to explain with me,Either……You want to kill me。”
Junhong’s face is not changed,The pupil in the eyes is not self-contraction。
Just talk,Summer haha smile,“Haha,just kidding,Don’t mind。”
“Father……”Junhong came over,Flashing in the eyes。
“Don’t move。”
Junhong shakes his head,Reproduction low voice command,“See a machine。”
Subsequently followed up。
All the way。
They quickly came to the door of the hall。
Bamboo!The lobby is quiet in a moment.。
I have a look at it.。
But very quickly,Some people will focus on Ningyuan。
Many people can’t cover up the color of the face。
Time,The changes in the epoch will naturally have also attracted the attention of the major families in the capital.。
A young man named Ning Yuan settled in the Times Group。
He actually has a shares of a total of hundreds of people in an epoch.。
Later after fermentation,Truth propagation。
This is called Ningyuan.,It turned out to be the illegitimate child。
His hands in the epistemal shares,It is the legacy that is left to him.。
This news has triggered a huge sensation for a while.。
In fact。
during this time,The dark flow of Beijing,Not just that the summer is killed in the summer.。
But the follow-up changes caused by the monarch。
Just treat other things in the summer,In the city,Ningyuan was pushed to the tips of the wind。
Many people are in secret,Want to get shares in his hand。
But there is no exception being rejected.。
Everyone saw him appearing with the summer.,All exemption,A look of seeing ghosts。
It was glanced by an extremely powerful gaze.,Ningyuan’s face is not self-ban。
Reflected in the past,Suddenly I feel a trembled particle。
These people are eye-catching,Breathing long,Torque high drum……His strength is also good,But I still see so many experts in China for the first time.。
Within the field。

Wang Youcai said,Whether the two traffic policemen agree,He took out his cell phone and called Wang Youdao.。Wang Youcai is not stupid,He knows the seriousness of this,So he won’t be able to ask the second brother。

The phone went through soon,Wang Youdao asked softly on the phone:“what’s up?”
“I drove on Yongkang Road and was checked,You know i don’t have any proof,You figure it out!”Wang Youcai said that he put Wang Youdao into the army。He has no alternative。
Wang Youdao on the phone cursed coldly:“You’re such a bastard!”Wang Youdao hung up after cursing。
“Put the car on the side and wait,Don’t affect other people’s passage”Another traffic policeman said,Command Wang Youcai drove the car to the side of the direct road。
These two often check the car,When they found that there was nothing in this car,They also understand what this is all about。Since they said they should be delivered by family members,Then they just wait。
quickly,One of the traffic police’s phones rang,After he answered the phone, he whispered to Wang Youcai:“Take away everything in your car,Then give us a key to the car。There is nothing wrong with you here,Remember this matter not to talk nonsense”
Wang Youcai smiled,No more words。He knew,Can have such a processing result,Already very good。If this is for someone else,Scrapped vehicles is another matter,The most important thing is that he still drives without a license。
Fortunately, there is nothing in the car。But Wang Youcai checked the car again,After confirmation,He patted the front of the jeep,Quite emotionally:“Old boy,You are willing to rest”
Wang Youcai finished,Turn your head sharply and leave。One of the traffic police whispered to Wang Youcai:“Hurry up to take a test!It’s very good now”
Wang Youcai smiled,So he took things and walked quickly。He hates Xia Jian so much,Maybe he or his men called the police,Otherwise his car won’t be taken away。
This is just great,Wang Youcai without a car,Suddenly felt that it was difficult for me to move。The key is what to do when you come and go in the mountains?
Wang Youcai put all this resentment on Xia Jian’s head,He warned himself silently,Do not avenge the non-gentleman。
Just as Wang Youcai is like a bereaved dog,When I went http://www.bfe to the small clinic, feeling unhappy。His phone rang。He saw that the second brother was calling,So I quickly connected。

The mad king is ashamed and angry,At the same time surprised again,The other party actually ambushed people here?No need to think,The previous subordinate designation is over。This time it was taken home,Both sides are dead,It’s better to put on a cushion。The mad king suddenly became fierce,Roar,“Grass mud horse,get out!”Grit your teeth at the same time,The man who fell straight on the roadside。

The man on the ground is naturally Li Tianchou,He is only ten meters away from the mad king,The other party rushed like crazy,Amazing。Just unfortunate,Li Tianchou has prepared a relatively complete brick for him,Luck at this time,And he is not in a hurry,He knew Wu Fang in the haystack had something to say。
Zhu Lei and the others who have been surrounded are obviously surprised,They heard Wu Fang’s voice first,Immediately afterwards, he found that Li Tianchou fell on the ground and his condition was unknown.,I didn’t expect the two to come back so quickly,And somehow both fell here。
But the crazy king is actually very dangerous。Everyone yelled and rushed up,But suddenly I was dumbfounded,Because Li Tianchou sat up from the ground with a grunt,Immediately turned into a squat position,Seems ready to pounce at any time。It doesn’t matter if you look like this,Everyone was relieved。
“I told you to cross。”A loud drink in the grass,Wu Fang really couldn’t stand his temper,Hands together,Five or six bricks fly out all over the sky,He hit the mad king all the time,A cobblestone hit the mad king’s jaw head-on,He screamed strangely, squirting out a mouthful of blood and white teeth,“I’m a grassy horse, Lingfeng!”Although his mouth has leaked,But this sentence is full of anger and resentment。
Everyone naturally doesn’t know who he is scolding,It’s just that he has a brain problem,And I can hear that the mad king has no confidence at this moment,Wu Fang’s second blow to him just now was very heavy,Zhu Lei even feels that the mad king will die。But what is surprising is that the opponent is super tough,Hit again,He still staggered without falling。
The Mad King’s eyes are wide,It looks surprisingly bright in the night,Grumbling in my throat for a long time,Suddenly let out a terrible howl,Like a dying wolf, desperately rushing towards Li Tianchou。This fatal blow is expected,Also unexpected,Most people did not expect,The mad king will have such amazing energy and explosive power in the last moments。
“I have no stones……”Wu Fang was only half shouting, and he closed his mouth in surprise。
Because the mad king just started,Li Tianchou, who was squatting on the ground, suddenly jumped up like lightning,Slipped in front of the opponent like an instant displacement,At the same time, the left hand raised without warning,The seemingly inadvertent action contains a very strong momentum,Crackle,Powder and pieces flying across,The slab in his hand has been firmly patted on the face of the mad king。
No screams and screams,I didn’t even hear a hum,The body of the mad king fell to the ground like a torn sack,Very strong,But just smashed the dust on the ground,No sound。The surrounding air instantly solidified,No one said anything,I don’t know if I recall the tragic moment just now,Still sighing, the lingering mad king ended up playing like this。
The noise not far away awakened everyone,Wu Fang was the first to react,He shouted,“I’m so stunned,Your boss is seriously injured,There is a sack over there。Those who are active dare to move quickly,Carry this dead man away first。”
Zhu Lei immediately realized the big troubles that followed,He quickly ordered everyone to act separately as Wu Fang said,He and Broad Bean helped Li Tianchou, whose face was like golden paper,He had just used his last remaining strength with a full blow,I can’t even speak at the moment,Consciousness is already very vague;Xiao Liu and Xiao Huo go check that sack,Zhang Wen pushed the motorcycle that fell on the side of the road,Put the body of the mad king in the back seat,Whistling and galloping away。
“what would you do?”Zhu Lei only took two steps,Suddenly remembered Wu Fang who was still lying in the haystack。
“leave me alone,This guy won’t last long。”Wu Fang pointed at Li Tianchou with his finger,Looks very anxious。Although Zhu Lei didn’t understand what happened,But he can guess that the other party should have helped a lot at night,So his attitude has changed significantly,“Let’s go together,I’ll carry you。”
Wu Fang waved his hand straight,“That’s too late,Don’t chirp,I must be fine。You guys go quickly,Hurry up。”
Zhu Lei wants to persuade you,But there is always such a lingering vigilance in my heart that makes him finally give up this idea,After all, it’s not clear what kind of relationship is between him and Li Tianchou.,To ensure safety, it’s better not to insist。Maybe you can find a doctor to treat him immediately.,“Then you hide yourself,I’ll arrange for someone to come to you later。”
“I said,No need to。”Wu Fang stared,“Get out。”

At that time, the Huajun got a giant and labor in the work of the law.,But one is a two-year-old Six suspicion.:“Do you have a chance??”

“commander,I just started to be a chance.,Later, I have the opportunity, I can’t go.。”
“Because I knew the middle of the way that Huajun specially built secret airports for Americans.,This airport is very large,Mooring at least 50 fighters,So I left the map and facilities of this airport.。”
“Where is this airport??”
“In the mountains of Guizhou。”
“Guizhou!Are you detected to be specified??”
“Yes,I have detected the specific location,But this airport is now not put into use.,It is estimated that you have to wait for three months.。”
“Three months later, the US military fighter will here!you sure?”
“I am uncertainty,But this airport is indeed built.,And used for two years,All facilities are also the most advanced,Designer is American。”
If the three ends, if it is true,This is indeed very important information,Because the multi-party intelligence shows that the US military is likely to attack Japanese local,But because the US military base is far from Japan(At that time, the US military has not occupied the Mariana Islands.),If you take off from China, you can realize bombing.。
Qi Rui, will definitely bring interested intelligence that can cause Junjun.,Thinking is to go, this is the most appropriate。
“You draw the airport position,I will send people to verify。”
“commander,I feel that I should wait for the American fighter to blow up,Otherwise, those fighters will also be moored in other places.。”Now Rui Rui is the time to stay in Nanjing,Also through the identity of San Tail, You Feng, the status of two US pilots.。
“We will study discuss,Your current task is to immediately hand down the airport position and facility immediately.!!”
Is there any of this airport??have,The scale is also enough,Qi Rui knows that Americans will not use it.,They did intend to have a plan in the first two years.,But now there is no such necessary,Now Americans’ airports are in India,Want to bomb Japan,Will take off from India,Come on China,This airport will not be used for the time being.。
Rui Rui said that there is another reason this is a US pilot.,The two American pilots driving the fighters were shot in China.,The pilot is captured after feeding,Say some intelligence that is related to the US fighters may meet American pilots?。
Three tail You Feng went to take a shower,Then change the vendors,He quickly painted the airport and the main facilities.,And made a label。
Junjun Six also sent the information personnel to verify this airport.,It is indeed the same as the three ends,This new airport is not officially put into use.,If the US military fighter used this airport,Then they can implement bombing of Japan.。
Jun Liu is also immediately reported this situation.,Please show what to do next,That is, asking is to blow up in advance or wait for the US military fighter to fry。
When waiting for a reply,畑畑 三 三 佑 丰 办 办,Ask:“Three tails!I have already reported the emperor of the emperor.,Your Majesty is very annoyed,He asked those treasures, you know where?”
“Tibet in a town near Xi’an a year ago,At that time, I listened to Jiang Xing to say that it was going to Chongqing.。” “The emperor hopes that you can wear sin to find this batch of treasures.!”
“commander!This batch of treasures should have handed over Chongqing.,We want to get it again.!”Niwar is grateful!Rudely。
NS802chapter Seventy-sixth
畑 畑 想 想 想 想 想 理 理 理 理 理 理 理,Want to get this batch of treasures,I am afraid that only attacking Chongqing is likely。
“never mind,Hell to rest well.,I will notify you if there is news.。”
“commander,I heard that the killing god action group is very rampant.,Is it really a point??”
“Can I still make them so arrogant?,I can use the way.,No matter whether it is a killing, it is or the killing of the god action group, even if they can’t touch their shadows.,They are playing a shot for a place,Especially the killing action team,Today is still in Wuhan,I ran to Xuzhou to kill people the next day.,On the third day, I may appear in Hefei or Zhengzhou.,Occupy area is nervous,They went to destroy our intelligence station contact in the enemy.。”
“commander,If there is an opportunity to make our people mix into the killing group,Because only this is likely to eliminate them。”
“We have thought about any way.,Want to mix into the killing action group,It is impossible at all.,Because it is difficult to enter the killing of the gods,The team members of the Killing Action Group are selected from the temporary group.,So I want to enter the group,Then you must enter the trump first.。”
“Yes,How much I know now, a little killing a group。”
“you understand?What do you know??”


不过不能当着这么多人的面动手。 “哼。”
想到这里,光头眼冒狠色,咬牙道,“这最后一局,I want to add。”
Summer,“How much?”
“One hundred and fifty thousand!”
Voice is just,The whole game is a silence。
Summer face has changed,Of course it is intentional,“这……Too much.。”
“Less code nonsense。”The eye of the bald head is filled with blood color,http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cnSummer,“I also said before your special code.,No upper limit,Don’t talk to yourself。”
After the end,的 直 directly。
Summer scorpion flashed a wipe,Go to Su Xiaodue,Low voice,“No need to cover up,Directly win。Two hands,Let them look at what is master。”
Su Xiaoxiao nodded,Pakistan,She can’t help but I have long.。
At this time,The bald head has already been out,But there is no such blow ball as before,But the abnormality is careful。
After the kick,White motherball sticker on the table,Forming a border。
And his strength is not playing,Only one red ball was opened。
Trip to Su Xiaoxi。
Welcome everyone’s gaze,苏小小走至台球桌前。

Xia Jian hung up the phone,Start clothes。Tie Li asked unwillingly:“You go,When did you comeGZCity!”Strong women also have a tender side,Tie Li said,Eyes are turning red again。

Xia Jian touched her head and said:“you’re so dumb!If you miss me, you won’t come to Bucheon to find me!Anyway phone you have,Isn’t it very simple?”
“Well!I will come anytime,Don’t tell me you don’t know me then”Tie Li said,Got up and kissed Xia Jian on the face。
Everything is ready,Just when Xia Jian was going downstairs,Gu Yue called,Without waiting for Gu Yue to speak first,Xia Jian told Gu Yue about the phone call by Wang Lin just now。
Gu Yue was stunned on the phone for a while and said:“Ok!Then you go first,I asked Xiaoting to buy you something to eat on the road,Give the room key directly to Xiaoting,I can’t come out,I won’t give you away”
Tie Li heard that Gu Yue wouldn’t come to send Xia Jian,She clamored to send Xia Jian off,This makes Xia Jian very embarrassed,Because he knows,Xiaoting is Gu Yue’s hardcore driver,I will tell Gu Yue about everything。In fact, Xia Jian still knows what women think。
“I’ll see you off,Do you feel embarrassed?”Cleverly found this problem,Asked in a low voice。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“You can send it to the gate of your home,Don’t take another step。What is the relationship between Xiaoting and Gu Yue,You are clear。I’m leaving,No need to embarrass between you”
“Ok!I’ll listen to you”Tie Li’s eyes are red,Said a little choked。Women are like this,Sentimentality,Maybe it’s their nature。
At the gate of the community,There happened to be a taxi parked there,In order to reduce Tie Li’s injury, Xia Jian,So he got in,Chao Tieli waved his hand and said:“Let’s go back!Come and play when you have time”After speaking, the driver immediately started the car。
When Xia Jian looks back,,Tie Li covered her mouth with her hand,Painful expression。Suddenly it rained in the sky,The drizzle fell,Hit the glass window。
The driver’s radio is on,A beautiful song《snowman》Infected with a tough guy like Xia Jian,He suddenly felt,The separation between people is also a pain。
When he arrived at Gu Yue’s apartment,Xiaoting has parked the car under the unit door,Xia Jian said nothing,Go upstairs and pack my salute,When he opens the trunk,He was a little stunned,Reserve something delicious,It can be said that it has everything。
“ This is arranged by Mr. Gu,She’s not coming out。Because the quarrel with dad was very fierce last night,If I run out to give you a gift today,May intensify the conflict between father and daughter”Xiaoting stands behind Xia Jian,Speak softly。
Close the trunk,Xia Jian grew up and asked in one breath:“What the hell is going on?”

Micro fative man,Anger。

Look at it,I only see a white suit,Golder glasses,Five-aerative and handsome man,Faced smiling looking at them,Although I laugh,But that smile,Just like ice,Let people cool down。
“Under this world,You are too big, it’s too big.。”
Thundering looks at the two people。
“Humph!You best don’t intervene this matter,This is not what you can manage.。”
The micro-fat man’s words are rushing to Rayling。
“Oh!Tell you said,Why can’t I manage??”
Rayling passed,Can’t help the pair of painful。
Look at the exquisite face,He slightly,I asked very gentlemanly:“Miss,Are you OK?”
Lu Si shakes his head,Grateful to see him,“thanks!I am fine.。”
“Think,Think,Are you OK!”
Le Yuli saw the moment of Lu Si,Feel at your heart.。
Lu Siped a dry lip,Anticipate:“Gather,quick,Boiler,A will have a consciously taken away。
He was sent into a room,You are going to find him。”
Le Yu is a glimpse,Mu Zi??
She is anxious,Dedicated to the room,This matter is imagined。
Mu Zihao was also designed。
Lu Si referred to the direction of himself ran.,Panting:“Turn from here,On the left side,I didn’t see which one of the rooms.。”
Le Yu is worried about her,“Think,And you,how about you!”
Lu Si looked at Lei Ling,I pulled his hand:“gentlemen,You save people to save,Help me a busy?
One of my brothers were brought to the room.,I have a bad premonition,Help,Ok??”
Rayling looked at her arm,Smile:“I am a businessman.,Trading from doing loss。”
“what would you like?”
Lu Si asked,Now calling a call, it is too late.。
“Give me the woman。”
Just in the Siji’s voice,Le Yu’s back,There are also two men who have two suit.。
Le Yu, quickly dialed Lu Haozheng,But after two times,The phone has not been connected yet,Just grab it by a man behind him.,Be on the ground,Fell,The screen is instantaneous spider web,Thorough black screen。
“Hey!Le Yu。
what happened?”
Lu Hao in that headband,But there is no sound。
He looked at the phone,Is it wrong??
European:“They have already explained things.,It is Lu Haokai to make them do this.,The auction will start,First pass。”
Lu Haozheng,“go,Eternal heart this evening,I must get。”